Jelly Jamm

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From left to right: Goomo, Bello, Rita, Ongo and Mina.

Jelly Jamm is a 3D CG animated series aimed at young children aged 4-7. It focuses on the adventures of five friends, Bello, Mina, Rita, Ongo and Goomo. These five friends live on the planet of Jammbo, the planet where all music in the universe originates. This makes music a major theme on the show: every episode includes a dance number, and there is music constantly playing in Jammbo (in fact, if the music ever stops, TIME ITSELF freezes.)

It is produced by Vodka and 737SHAKER CAPITAL, two Spanish companies based in Madrid and Segovia. It is, however, made for an English speaking audience. In the UK, it airs on Cartoon Network's pre-K block "Cartoonito".

Tropes used in Jelly Jamm include: