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  • The music for the 2000 Forgotten Realms RPG Icewind Dale. Sadly forgotten, it had an amazing soundtrack, even for the tiny village you start in.
    • This troper remembers. The main menu music still gives me the shivers.
    • This troper not only remembers, he has it on his computer. The best part is the starting town piece, Easthaven in Peace, and its later, darker counterpart, Easthaven in Pieces. The main theme, Stark Waste, is pretty cool, too.
  • Anything created by Jeremy Soule ever. Total Annihilation, and especially its spiritual sequel Supreme Commander. (Already mentioned; Dawn of War.) Company of Heroes has some especially good stuff.
    • He did the music for zOMG!, which for a game in which you kill animated plungers with jewelry, has some really cool music. this theme is a particularly epic example, though there are many others. (This troper loves the Village Green (Gnome Mans Land) theme, and the Barton Sewers/Undersea Cliffs theme.) Keep in mind this is music playing while you beat up Lawn Gnomes and Sand Castles. Doesn't make it any less awesome though.
      • This song in particular. Might just be the most awesome song this troper heard out of the game's soundtrack. Fitting, considering it's played during the endboss battle with Labtech X and his Sealab X.
  • Soule's also the main composer for The Elder Scrolls series, starting from the third game. And yes, his work in those games is awesome, too.
    • The Skyrim theme would be the most triumphant example.
  • Guild Wars deserves a mention if only for Tome of Rubicon.
    • Actually the entire soundtrack of Eye of the North deserves mention.
  • The score of Neverwinter Nights and its sequel just goes from one Crowning Music of Awesome to another.
    • Similar to the Perfect Dark example above, one of Neverwinter Nights's most awesome tracks plays during the autorun menu.
    • Then there's my favorite from HOTU [1]
  • The martial music for Supreme Commander is also epic. Especially Bellum Infinitus, Risk Relief and Victory and The Future Battlefield.
  • And let's not forget Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and its sequel. Especially the Space Marine theme.
    • And then there's the Chaos Theme. This music has to be responsible for creating at least some villains out there. It is one of the best in the game (subjective of course).
  • And Soule has even made his own OC Remix of Terra's theme from FFVI.
  • Secret of Evermore, which may have been his first game, was by and far little besides ambient noise...Except for the credits.
  • Even his scores for the freaking Harry Potter games have shades of this. Just think about that: even when he's working for insubstantial cash-in games, he belts out great stuff.
  • Total Annihilation. Just... Total Annihilation (try a few different tracks. Some of them, e.g. Futile Attempt, are slow and haunting. Others, such as The March Unto Death, Fire and Ice, and Brutal Battle are war music if I ever heard it).
  • This troper does not believe that you all forgot to include the epic soundtrack of Prey!
  • He's also been confirmed as the composer for Duke Nukem Forever's soundtrack. If it ever comes out..
    • DNF is coming in 2011. No info on the composer.
  • WHAT?! Not even one word on the one of the biggest ear worms of all time? Then let it be know that Jeremy Soule is responsible for Dungeon Siege theme, and rest of it awesome soundtrack.
  • Gaia Online's MMO zOMG! had some pretty awesome tracks, like Village Greens Frenzy.
  • Even a few of his tracks from A Series of Unfortunate Events video game are pretty interesting. They can all be found here [dead link].