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  • Gorillaz's Murdoc rapidly grew out of Woobie status of any kind, but in his preteen days, he definitely fell into this category. According to Rise of the Ogre, he was a horrible child, but given that he was a victim of Financial Abuse and public humiliation by his father, suffered regular beatings from his brother, and claims to have lost his virginity at the age of nine, and it's horribly possible that he's not making that up, you can't help but pity him. His pitiable status resurfaces a little in his Pirate Radio broadcasts, during which he's perpetually drunk and rambling about how lonely he is.
  • Donato from Gian-Carlo Menotti's opera, Maria Golovin. He's a young man, blind from war, living with his mother and building birdcages. He's very lonely and he falls in love with a woman who lodges with them. Then he becomes fearful and jealous and has outbursts of anger, culminating in him grabbing a gun with the intent of shooting her.
  • Eminem's stage persona definitely comes off as one of these, and the man himself has not had an easy life. Sure, he threatens to kill his wife repeatedly, but there's no doubt that his life has sucked.