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    If Funimation is doing a dub starring Kappei Yamaguchi instead of The Ocean Group, they'll hire this guy.

    Yup, Jerry Jewell is the voice behind Shinichi "Jimmy" Kudo in Case Closed, who is previously voiced by Kappei-kun. Other notable characters from him include Kyo Sohma in Fruits Basket, Akito Hayama in Kodocha, Barry the Chopper/Number 66 in Fullmetal Alchemist, Suzaku and Jin in Yu Yu Hakusho, Rin Tsuchimi in SHUFFLE!!, Claire Stanfield in Baccano!!, and Happiness Bunny in Crayon Shin-chan.

    Also the current voice of Kaworu Nagisa in Rebuild of Evangelion. Has been playing a lot of bishonen villains since Yu Yu Hakusho even to this day. He's now slated to play Russia in Axis Powers Hetalia. He's also a good singer, as proven when he sang the ending for the dub of Dragonball Z Kai.

    Not to be confused with Geri Jewell.

    Notable roles from Jerry Jewell: