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  • In the first episode, when Luke tries to flirt with Jessie he puts his hand on her back and starts to lower it right before Jessie grabs his hand and stops him.
    • Luke actually did it in the Opening Sequence!
  • "You don't even want to know what she did to my Build-A-Baboon. Now he'll NEVER have children!"
  • "As long as he doesn't touch my end zone."
  • Both Luke and Tony seemed pretty eager to go to Jessie's room...
  • When Jessie says "somebody pinch me" (or something to that effect), Luke reaches out towards her butt and says, "I'm on it." She turns around and grabs his wrist before he can do anything, though.
    • And just in case it seemed subtle, as she stops him, Jesse specifically warns him not to pinch "it."
  • "All day, you've been trying to get with this."
  • "Now go up there and kick some asteroid."
    • Ravi then says something similar in ep. 3: "A pain in the asshram." (Refering to the landlady who would later take away his pet lizard.)
  • "Do you have an off switch?"
    • "Yeah. You wanna try and find it?"
  • "Pepper spray? Is this for victim of a salt?"
  • "My parents say the stork brought me, but seventh graders have a more interesting theory!"
  • "I need to have 'the talk' with him (Mr. Kipling)."
    • "As soon as someone decides to have 'the talk' with me."
    • Also from that episode, Mr. Kipling is wrapped around Bertram's leg. Jessie offers to remove him but Bertram says the little guy is growing on him.
  • "I know where you can both put it." Jessie even scolds him for that one.
  • "They're called tools." "You guys are the tools."
  • "Back the truck up!" Said by Zuri of all people!
  • "Would you like to see a picture of my lizard?"