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Jimmy Two-Shoes manages to get quite a bit by. Canadian Values Dissonance aside, what do you expect from a "kids" cartoon set in Hell? Also, outside of Canada, it's aired on Disney XD.

  • Most blatantly, the fact the Miseryville is very obviously Hell. Essentially how they get away with it is simply just by not calling it Hell.
  • The character names taken from Biblical names adds to this even more. Lucius from Lucifer, Beezy from Beezlebub, Jez from Jezebel, etc...
  • This Running Gag from The Big Drip (which may count as subversion since the censors actually did pick up on it, and decide not to air the episode in the United States);

(to Beezy) You pee sitting down?

  • "Nobody likes a sore Heinous!"
  • "I'm eating carpet! I do that all the time!"
  • From the same episode, Beezy mentions that he has a pillow "conveniently" shaped like Heloise. Make of that what you will.
  • Samy's superhero outfit at the end of The Terrific Trio. Just... DAMN. "Freaky Foursome Baby!"
  • From The Big Date:

Samy: (to Lucius) Gee, sir, I'm flattered, but now's really not the time for pillow talk...

  • Speaking of Samy, you can catch him doing about two seconds of what's very obviously a strip tease in Catalogue of Misery
  • The season 2 episode Heads Will Roll got away with not only actually showing Heloise bleeding, but Dr. Scientist crossdressing as a disguise using eyeballs for fake breasts. And one even falls out of his shirt. And as if that wasn't enough, Dorkus crossdresses in Zombie Pickle. He even asks Jimmy not to tell Heloise.
  • Then there's this exchange from I Married a Weavil:

Beezy: I tried mailing myself out of town.
Jimmy: Not enough postage?
Beezy: Apparently my package looked suspicious.

  • Also worth mentioning, the episode ends with Beezy being married to a MALE Weavil.
  • Some of the female background characters have four breasts.
  • In Samy's New Gig, there's a scene of split-second images of Lucius wearing different wigs. One of them includes him wearing what appears to be a condom on his head. No, seriously.
  • In The Product Tester, Lucius threatens to take away Jimmy and Beezy's Utility belts, stating they'll lose their "You Know What"'s.

Jimmy: (with a distressed look to the camera) Not our You-Know-Whats!

  • In Heloise's Secret Admirer, Heloise says to Peep (a pickpocket with a crush on her) "I'm not interested in your junk!"
  • A Hair Brained Idea features... well, what do these look like to you?. The context doesn't help much either. Okay, they're actually just hair, but they're INSIDE OF LUCIUS'S HEAD...
  • In Rear Pickle, Mrs. Gerkin keeps a still-beating human heart hanging in her closet.

Mrs. Gerkin: That's just a mysterious thumping heart I keep in the closet in case company comes by!

  • "No one can resist a giant Jimmy!"
  • In "The Big Date" Heloise rips off a waitress' skin and WEARS IT AS A SUIT for a disguise.
  • In "A Hair-Brained Idea" an evil Jimmy rips off a monsters skin revealing muscle and organs.
  • A large part of the episode "Ghost Smashers" has to do with Beezy having to eat the ghost of his uneaten pizza crust, to help him Jimmy rips apart the ghost and shoves it into Beezys mouth while the ghost is still conscious.
  • In "Catalog of misery" in order to make a dinner out of two corn kernels he draws a male face on one and a female face on the other, pretends to make them kiss and then throws them into the box they came in, after the box shakes a little tons of popcorn flies out.
  • This little quote from "Heloise's Big Secret" "I've got a feeling, a Jimmy feeling and it's not the itchy underwear."
  • The episode "Spring Broke" has some pretty violent scenes in it.
    • For one Beezy has his face torn off.
    • Also both Jimmy and Beezy get one of their arms torn off. With some visible meat and bone.
  • In "The Mysterious Mr.Ten" Beezy eats a flashlight and light shines out of his eyes nose ears and NIPPLES.
  • In "The Hooded Chicken" Beezy impersonates a panda to trick Heloise and does a fairly racist accent while doing it. like saying "preez" instead of please for example.