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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has way more Ho Yay than is normal for a shounen series. Some of the more egregious examples (such as when Joseph and Avdol were magnetized, and when Narancia heard Mista saying "Giorno, not so hard") are often played for comedy's sake, and the Ho Yay is sometimes lampshaded by the characters in the situation.

  • And Part 6 is absolutely filled to the brim with Les Yay.
  • In general: Most of Dio's men towards Dio. 99.9% of the cast agrees that the man's got some serious chawryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyysma.

Phantom Blood

  • Dio declares that he plans to live gorgeously forever in the body of the only man he has ever respected. Also counts as major Foe Yay.

Battle Tendency

  • Messina (or was it Loggins?) saying that Caesar was worse than a girl when it comes to Joseph.
  • Wham and ACDC giving Joseph their Wedding Rings of Death.

Stardust Crusaders

  • Jotaro and Kakyoin pretty much made CLAMP to be the way they are today.
  • Bast magnetizing Joseph and Avdul together, especially when Avdul tries to slide off only to get caught by the neighborhood kids with his head stuck to Joseph's belt area.
  • Polnareff and Avdul's questionable poses in certain artbook scans.
  • This:

Hol Horse: There's no way your sword can beat my gun.
Polnareff: Oh, what's that? You say I can beat your bum? Oh, you're into that stuff!


Diamond is Unbreakable

  • But of course! How about the scene where Yoshikage Kira walks into the bathroom while Hayato's bathing? Or even any piece of official art involving Kira and his stand Killer Queen for the matter.
  • There's another piece of official art that has Killer Queen and The World dancing together in a rather provocative manner. And considering that their owners are both male...

Golden Wind

Stone Ocean

  • Pretty much everybody is Les Yay towards Jolyne. Doesn't help that Annasui was originally going to be a girl.
  • Back to Ho Yay, Enrico Pucci can't help but be affected by Dio's gravity.

Steel Ball Run