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John Layfield was a professional wrestler, who wrestled in the WWE from the mid-90s, up until 2009, when he announced his retirement after Wrestlemania XXV.

Outside the ring, he is a successful stock broker and a financial analyst, first for MSNBC, and later, Fox News Channel. He wrote a book called "Have More Money Now" (released in 2003), which is about him being involved in the stock market trade. And he also has a (mostly) political podcast, The John Layfield Show.

You can learn more about his career at The Other Wiki.

John Bradshaw Layfield provides examples of the following tropes:

JBL: I wanna slap that smile right off his face. He hasn't busted a grape. He comes here, calling himself MVP, dressed like a Bud Light can, stole that outfit from a damn Power Ranger, and he walks around strutting IN A RING THAT I'VE BLED, SWEAT, AND BUSTED MY ASS IN!