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    OUTRAGEOUS! John DiMaggio has his own page now!?

    Well, yes. Yes he does.

    John DiMaggio is in basically every single current Western cartoon imaginable -- moreso than his Futurama co-star Billy West. You can easily spot his work by his Guttural Growler Large Ham nature.

    And as the photo proves, he is not a pseudonym of Peter Cullen.

    Has a Twitter account.

    Some of his most notable roles include:

    John DiMaggio provides examples of:

    • Beware the Nice Ones: A YouTube video circulated a few years ago of John tossing a violent drunk out of a bar. He's normally a nice guy, but he's scary when he loses his temper. Don't mess with a Joisey boy...
    • The Big Guy: Plays a lot of these.
    • Guttural Growler: Almost all of his roles are like this.
    • Hey, It's That Voice!: If you've heard enough of his work, it's usually fairly easy to spot John in most of his roles. Rule of thumb is, "If a character sounds even a little bit like Bender from Futurama, then it's John DiMaggio voicing him."
    • Ink Suit Actor: The writers of Kim Possible created the character of "Motor Ed" so that John could "be himself." Similarly, he also looks somewhat like Marcus Fenix.
      • Word of God says they made Human!Bender exactly like John - both in looks and personality.
    • Name's the Same: He's not to be confused with baseball legend "Joltin' Joe" DiMaggio.
    • Talking to Himself: Once in a while, he voices enough roles on Futurama to have a conversation with himself, although not nearly as much as Billy West does.
      • Also in Final Fantasy X, where he voices both the characters Wakka and Kimahri.