John Huston

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    John Huston in 1972, playing Noah Cross in Chinatown.

    John Huston (1906-1987) was an American director and screenwriter who made films in a variety of genres across a long-spanning career. His films tended to match his own personality -- tough, stylish, always with a bit of a threatening edge. He worked as a writer-for-hire before breaking into directing with the noir classic The Maltese Falcon; other noteworthy films he made include The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (for which he won two Oscars), Key Largo, The Asphalt Jungle,The African Queen, Beat the Devil (as you can see, he worked well with Humphrey Bogart), The Man Who Would Be King, Prizzi's Honor, and Wise Blood.

    He was also a well-regarded, Oscar-nominated actor, most notably as the Complete Monster Noah Cross in Chinatown.

    He was the son of Walter Huston, and the father of Anjelica, Tony and Danny Huston.