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To recap: It's a kids' show about a guy who is trying to get laid. The fact that this show exists is already getting crap past the radar. At times, one has to wonder if this was even intended to be a children's show, given the premise and the high amount of Parental Bonuses. Here are some more specific examples, though:


Farrah Fawcett: "I can't remember the last time I was blindfolded... * sly grin* oh wait... yes I can.... heehee! Oops!"

  • It's blatantly implied that Johnny is not a virgin. When a group of island natives decide to offer him to their volcano as a virgin sacrifice he mumbles, "Virgin?" while cocking an eyebrow, and after they toss him in... the volcano rejects him and destroys the entire island in disgust.
    • Shortly afterwards, Johnny lands on an island of handsome men who invite Johnny to come swim with them hinting a possible homosexual interest in Johnny.
  • In another episode he asks a farm girl whether she will go roll around in the hay with him; at that point she slaps him.
    • " Soo I was wondering, you wouldn't happen to be hiding any gorillas underneath them clothes, would ya?"
    • "Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, let's roll in the hay..."
  • Definitely "Date With an Antelope" would seem more at home as a short on Adult Swim.
  • From "Johnny Meets Donny Osmond":

Mean Babysitter: 'Course, I have a little help from Mr. Leatherstrap, and his roommate, Mr. Hickory Stick. They speak the kids' language!
Bunny Bravo: We'll call you.
Johnny: Call her what?
Bunny Bravo: Johnny!
Johnny: 'Cause I can think of a few things.

  • The episode Johnny Goes to Hollywood from the 2004 series, which aired in September 2004, appears to be an excellent example of this trope. Not to mention the Deconstruction of Hollywood as well, and Hey, It's That Guy! moments (lampshaded by the caption for Jessica Biel on screen). The episode is an entire Lampshade Hanging on Hollywood clichés.
  • Carl is the perfect example of Ambiguously Gay. He is constantly seen around Johnny and stole him from being married to a forest woman. Carl kisses Johnny in another episode (although it was to resuscitate him after drowning). He doesn't appear to show interest in any women (except for Helga in "To Helga and Back") and even dressed like a woman in one episode so he could pretend to be Johnny's date.
  • "Do the monkey with me". Well, we know it's referring to the dance, but it was at least once used as a pickup line.
  • " You're pretty, I'm pretty, how about we go home and... stare at each other?
  • "Momma warned me about women like you! ... I was hoping she was right!" (while chained to a table)
  • When told he had eight seconds left to live and to use that time wisely, Johnny pulls out a mag and turns to the centerfold. Cue Credits.
  • In one episode, Johnny and Carl disguise themselves as women to hide from a gangster at a beauty paegent, and Johnny of course tries to romance one of the women whilst in disguise and she blows a kiss at him
  • Johnny (to a woman he's trying to seduce) "Say ah...You smell kinda pretty. Wanna smell me?"