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    This page claims that the story has two protagonists. By the dictionary definition of "protagonist", at least one of those claims must be wrong. Which if either of the identified characters is the protagonist? Is the other character who is identified as a "main protagonist" (which by the way, is redundant) actually a deuteragonist or merely a Major Character? Somebody who is familiar with this work needs to correct the descriptions.


    Koko Hekmatyar

    The main protagonist of Jormungand, Koko is a young woman who's a member of HCLI's Europe/Africa Shipping Division - aka, an arms dealer. She travels the world with her team of mercenary bodyguards, and while she's a shrewd negotiator and businesswoman, she can also be rather childish at times.

    Jonah, aka Jonathan Mark/Mar

    The other main protagonist, Jonah is a Child Soldier from West Asia recruited by Koko to join her team, which causes a certain unease as many of Koko's bodyguards have been on the opposing sides of child soldiers. Hates guns and arms dealers, and ironically is working for an arms dealer. As time goes by, he's becoming something of a mascot/surrogate younger brother to Koko's team.

    • Adorkable: Don't ask Jonah about math and science. He's got no problem with English.
    • Badass Adorable: He once wiped out a team of adult soldiers all by himself, before being subdued by Chiquita.
    • Book Dumb: When it comes to math, science, and other educational matters, Jonah is hopeless. It isn't really his fault, as being a Child Soldier meant he missed lots of school, and Koko's team are trying to home school him.
    • Dark and Troubled Past
    • Leeroy Jenkins: Has a certain tendency to go charging head-on into enemy fire. Lehm is working on getting it out of him.
    • The Stoic: A boy of few words.
      • Not So Stoic: He's the opposite of Koko; he keeps a stoic mask on around her, but can also laugh and be a kid, which is prominently seen early in Episode 9.
    • White-Haired Pretty Boy: Jonah clearly.
    • The Watson: Jonah plays this role, allowing Koko to explain her paradigm.


    The oldest member of the team and an ex-Delta Force operator, Lehm is the unofficial and de facto leader of Koko's bodyguards. He has excellent tactical planning and his leadership is unquestioned, and he's the Cold Sniper of the team. Prior to the start of the series, Lehm was married to Chiquita, the leader of Kasper's bodyguards.

    • Battle Couple: Used to be part of one with Chiquita, way back when they were Floyd Hekmatyar's bodyguards.
    • Cold Sniper: Lehm's primary role, though he's also a good marksman with pistol and assault rifle. Interestingly, he's cold when on the scope; when he's not sniping, he's a rather approachable person.
    • Combat Pragmatist: Lehm's guiding principle. He doesn't believe in fighting on the enemy's terms.
    • Sergeant Rock: What his role is, more or less.
    • Old Soldier: Oldest member of Koko's bodyguards, and pretty much the leader figure among them.
    • Would Hit a Girl: As the Orchestra arc shows, Lehm has no problems with shooting anyone who's a threat, even Chinatsu.
    • Yanks With Tanks: Was a former Delta Force operator, and saw action in Somalia in the early 1990s, amongst other places.

    Valmet, aka Major Sophia Velmer

    A former Finnish Army officer with the Finnish Rapid Deployment Force, Valmet is the group's CQC expert. A good shot with a rifle, but CQC is where she really shines: Valmet is considered unbeatable when it comes to knife fighting.

    Tojo aka Akihiko Tojo

    A former JGSDF soldier with the Ministry of Defense's black ops unit called SR Team. Tojo was originally recruited to HCLI by Kasper, before joining Koko's team. Serves as a communications and intel specialist.

    • Kaiju Defense Force: Where Tojo came from before being recruited by Kasper (His first HCLI employer) and Koko.


    A former Italian Army Bersaglieri soldier and a veteran of the Bosnian Wars, R appears to be both a communications specialist and shooter.

    • The Casanova: Claims to have a woman in every port and makes a pass at Valmet during some downtime.
    • New Roman Legions: Formerly a member of the Bersaglieri, a mechanized light infantry corps of the Italian Army.


    A bespectacled former soldier with the US Army's 20th Engineer Brigade of the XVIII Airborne Corps and veteran of the First Gulf War, Wiley serves as a commo specialist and as a spotter for Lutz.


    Formerly a sniper for the LAPD SWAT Team, Lutz is the Friendly Sniper to Lehm's Cold Sniper.

    • Friendly Sniper: Well, compared to Lehm, anyhow.
    • Wouldn't Hit a Girl: Hesitates to fire on Chinatsu and tries to disable her weapons; he's partially successful. He goes through a bit of angst on whether he did the right thing. Justified in that his whole paradigm as a SWAT Team sniper was on taking out criminals and terrorists, not teenaged girls.


    Formerly a driver for a mafia group, Ugo serves as the resident Badass Driver. He's also quite attached to the cars he drives.


    Formerly a soldier with an Asian army (so far not stated), Mao was the Sole Survivor of an accident that wiped out his artillery unit. Primarily serves as a shooter.

    Kasper Hekmatyar

    Koko's elder brother, who likes teasing her. At the same time he also seems to care deeply about her; a number of Koko's bodyguards (particularly Jonah) were recruited by Kasper and sent to Koko.


    Kasper's right hand woman, and the leader of his team - who, in comparison to Koko's crew - appear more like a conventional special forces team. Prior to the start of the series, Chiquita used to be married to Lehm. And then they got a divorce.

    • Battle Couple: Used to be part of one with Lehm, way back when they were Floyd Hekmatyar's bodyguards.

    Floyd Hekmatyar

    Little is known about him, except that he's known in the business world for heading HCLI. Floyd is also the father of Kasper and Koko, and Lehm and Chiquita were formerly his bodyguards before they left to lead the bodyguard teams for his children.


    Mr. Curry

    President and owner of CCAT, and a rival of sorts to HCLI.


    A woman who likes knives. A lot. Far too many knives to be sane. And considers herself a rival to Valmet.


    The Only Sane Man (more or less) of the CCAT trio.



    A loudmouthed and uncouth CIA agent, who is chasing Koko so that he can take over her operation and divert her earnings to the CIA.


    One of the CIA's assets based in South Africa.

    Daxinghai Company

    Chan Guoming

    Formerly a Major in the People's Liberation Army, Chan is running Daxinghai as a PLA-allied company to counter the influence of HCLI.

    Karen Lo

    Chan's Sexy Secretary and Hypercompetent Sidekick, who can actually give Valmet a run for her money. She's formerly an officer in the PLA with the rank of Lieutenant.

    • Chinese With Chopper Support: Karen had served in the PLA Ground Force as with the rank of Lieutenant. The show/manga doesn't make it clear if she's a 2nd/1st Lieutenant.
    • Foil: To Valmet. She fights with a similar gunkata style and swears revenge for her defeat and the deaths of her subordinates. Valmet notes that she's exactly how she used to be ages ago.
    • Sexy Secretary: How she initially appears.
    • Stocking Filler: Wears garter stockings.



    One of the surviving members of Orchestra, a criminal/terrorist group.