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    • “Her name is Koko. She is loco. I said ‘Oh no!’”
    • On guard duty, Lehm is talking with Jonah, and is about to explain why an unrivaled, fearless soldier like him is doing with a girl like Koko, and as he's building up to his punchline of her skills, they run into a sleepwalking Koko. Lehm's train of thought is derailed.
    • When going to see an Army Colonel to convince him to cancel the order for 15 Hind-Ds, Valmet is frantic and worried about Koko's safety, after Tojo reveals that the rival arms dealer is a former intelligence officer with his own mercs. Tojo is nonplussed.

    Tojo: "Hey, what about protecting me?"
    Valmet: "No. My life is only for Koko."
    Tojo: "Seriously? What if we're up against Colonel Matrix?

    Valmet: I'd leave you and run. *laughs girlishly*

    • The absentmindedness of Dr Miami and the exasperation of Mokoena trying to keep up with her.
    • Jonah comes to call Valmet for breakfast... and she tosses him a rubber knife and "suggests" they spar for warming up (this is after Valmet's been doing handstands and several hundred one-arm pushups at high speed). Jonah's reaction says it all, and that's before Valmet hilariously curbstomps him, while lecturing on the mistakes he's making. It ends with a worn out Jonah tossed over Valmet's shoulder, with her casually carrying him to breakfast and continuing her lecture.
    • Valmet nearly crushing a man's cheeks in Heathrow Airport. Also is a CMOA too.
    • Koko's unusual pose upon finding out that another arms dealer is out outmaneuvering her in London. Her team certainly found it amusing.
    • Valmet skipping R across the water like a stone after he tried to feel her up. Made especially amusing by Tojo and Lutz's commentary.