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Justice League and the follow-up Unlimited series include so many of these moments, and some of them so blatant, that one almost has to wonder if the censors were paying attention at all (or maybe they were feeling lenient). As time went on, the show was moved to a late primetime slot and the show became more obviously for older audiences in contrast to the more child-friendly (sort of) Teen Titans, leading to a lot more direct crap getting past the radar. For whatever reason, most of these involved Hawkgirl and Flash.

  • In "Hearts and Minds" Hawk Girl and Green Lantern have the following exchange:

Hawk Girl: So do you sleep better now.
Green Lantern: You know I do.

    • GL's tone was more then a little amorous.
  • "Injustice for All" had a rather humorous exchange between the Flash and Hawkgirl:

Flash: ...That's right, fastest man alive!
Hawkgirl: Which probably explains why you can't get a date.

  • Basically the same joke in reverse: reporter Linda Park reveals her Flash-fangirl side in "Flash and Substance" when, describing him in glowing terms, compares Flash to "like, the whole track team at once." On the air.
  • In "Fury", where a deranged Amazon attempts to commit Gendercide:

Wonder Woman: [Men] can't possibly be that essential to your life.
Hawkgirl: Don't knock it until you try it, Princess.

  • A delightful exchange between fire-type villains Firefly and Volcana in "Only a Dream".

Volcana: That's your flame thrower?
Firefly: Wait'll you see how I use it.
(Makes a brief and crappy show of it before getting shot at and running back inside. He stands before Volcana looking ashamed and she pats him comfortingly.)
Volcana: It's okay sweetie.
(She immediately torches up the place while Firefly watches with raised flamethrower.)
Firefly: I think I'm in love. (shoots a burst of fire from his gun on the last word)

    • Made even better when you consider Volcana is voiced by Peri Gilpin, who plays the rather promiscuous Roz on Frasier. She even talks to Firefly like Roz would talk to Frasier or Niles.
  • Similar to one of the Teen Titans examples, in "The Savage Time" when the team is thrown into a pile while riding alternate-Bruce Wayne's rocket train (long story), the following exchange occurs:

Hawkgirl:: ... Whose hand is that?
Flash: (pulling his hand from what appears to be her breasts) Sorry!

  • Speaking of which, one of the New Gods in "Twilight" evidently slaps Wonder Woman's ass just off-screen to provoke her into chasing him.
  • Then in "Hearts and Minds", Hawkgirl slaps Green Lantern's ass on-screen, to punctuate her encouragement that he resume his training in his Psychoactive Powers. Considering that earlier, Katma Tui blatantly called his power loss "emerald impotence", (even Flash had to leave the room after hearing that one) GL probably needed the reassurance.
    • Katma Tui's discussion with Stewart is even worse because they were more than teacher and student. She even asks him if he still snores.
  • In the episode "A Better World", a conversation between the Alternate Universe versions of Hawkgirl and Green Lantern ends with Hawkgirl asking if he sleeps better, and Green Lantern replying, "You know I do."
  • Huntress confronting The Question after a theft in "Question Authority", and, wanting some alone time with him, taking the computer disk he has just stolen and tucking it into her Trouser Space, complete with closeup as she does!

Question: Uh... Dinner? And a movie?
Huntress: It's a start... (cue trouser space)

  • In "Maid of Honor", Princess Audrey, trying to get Wonder Woman to go clubbing: "I'm a world class party girl. I intend to go out with a bang. Several, if it can be arranged." It's like they're not even trying. (To say nothing of the Les Yay between Audrey and Diana.)

Maid: Are you certain the wine is all you require, your highness?

    • The following exchange, also from this episode:

Diana: I won't let you hurt Audrey.
Savage: Hurt her? I love her. I've never met a woman who can do the things for me that she can.
Diana: I don't need to hear this.
Savage: I meant make me a member of the royal family.

    • And yet another from this episode, while they're clubbing, Diana approaches Audrey, who is standing with 4 buff, shirtless "hunk" type guys. Audrey says "Look, party favors!" then offers 2 to Diana, and suggests they "go to the VIP room".
  • At the end of "Double Date", after The Question confesses that he helped Huntress because he likes her, Huntress then drags him by his tie off screen to "thank" him. Two guesses what happened. Black Canary knew:

Black Canary: I'm sorry, but...ew.

    • The best part? Question has no idea what's happening. Implying that this is the night he lost something... important.
    • "Double Date" has a second, blatant one; grotesque Politically-Incorrect Villain Mandragora, while being guarded in a safehouse as a witness, hits on Black Canary while eating (and then licking) a plate of Freudian Oysters, telling an enraged Green Arrow to run off and fetch more oysters while he stays with GA's girlfriend since he likes them "sweet and juicy". Really, words don't do justice to how sleazy the scene is.
    • Pretty much everything in "Double Date" is filled with blatant sexual innuendo. It's like they didn't even care if they got caught.
    • "Double Date" was written by Gail Simone. It was obvious this was an episode for the older fans from that fact alone.
  • Like BC has room to talk -- her character design has to be the most obvious Fan Service of the series. Her initial conversation/sparring session with Green Arrow in "The Cat and the Canary" -- sans jacket -- is jaw-dropping, all blonde hair and curves flattening on the mat. She lets him get on top of her and pin her arms behind her back, to convince him to do her a favor. Really, any episode with Canary or Roulette in it is made for fanservice.
    • Speaking of that scene:

Black Canary: Are you happy punching the bag or do you want to go a few rounds with me?
Green Arrow: (Blank Stare)

Black Canary: I am talking about sparring.

Green Arrow: That'd be nice too.

    • Plus, Green Arrow brings up the subject of "coffee" to her at the end of the episode
    • Of course, prior to this Green Arrow already had Black Canary on the brain. One look was the reason he stayed in the League, and she's noticed him checking her out. For example, when he and Supergirl are talking about dreams:

Green Arrow: I don't know, I've had some dreams that felt pretty real. *looks over at Black Canary* There was this one the other night...

    • Let's put it this way: Batman the Animated Series used her basic design for a prostitute. No more need be said.
    • Later in "The Cat and the Canary", a ticket scalper solicits her as a prostitute. They're expensive tickets. Fortunately Ollie foots the bill.
  • Zatanna could give Black Canary a run for her money in the Fan Service department. Of course ...
  • And then there was the time Vixen ambushed Green Lantern by pulling him into a side room with hope for some alone time. (Remember that Vixen is voiced by Gina Torres, who... well, I'll be in my bunk.

Green Lantern: Don't sneak up on me like that! Do you know what this ring could do to you?

Vixen: Promises, promises.

  • In "Secret Society", as the team starts in-fighting, Hawkgirl nearly calls Wonder Woman a stuck-up bitch but is cut short.
    • Likewise in Part 2, some of The Shade's goons from the last episode are seen walking out of a seedy-looking club with loud music, explaining they only got out because one guy's mom put up bail. "How's she gonna pay it all back?" "Eh, she'll just have to keep dancing for a few more years." Yes, folks, we just got a strip club on Cartoon Network.
  • In "The Balance", Hermes delivers to Wonder Woman a message from Zeus to invade Tartarus.

Wonder Woman: He's telling me to go to--
Hermes: Basically.

    • Don't forget when Hermes accidentally gives Diana the wrong message: "For a good time, call Podemanus...?"

Hermes: I think I've got a shot; it's her cell number.

    • Earlier, the villain of the episode, a ghost trapped in a mirror, is lecturing his student on proper potion-making:

Felix Faust: Tala, you've come a long way since my untimely demise, but the student, however gifted, still has much to learn from the teacher.
Tala: *flirtatiously* Maybe I wouldn't if we'd spent more time on curriculum, and less time- *cut off by her potion exploding*

    • Later in the same episode, the ladies are deep in Tartarus:

Hawkgirl: ... You haven't even broken a sweat.
Wonder Woman: What? I do sweat.
Hawkgirl: Oh please, you practically glow. I wouldn't be surprised if you never have to... (cutoff)


Grodd: I'm not some monkey in a cage throwing--
Tala: Shh!

      • Hell, Grodd is practically a walking example of Getting Crap Past the Radar, what with his preference for human women. He's so into them he took his gorilla lover and made her into a human just to suit his particular fetish.
      • And in "A Better World," after breaking out of the Justice Lords' holding cells:

Superman: I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready to kick some serious-- (Flash interrupts)

  • Similarly to the above scene with Diana and Hermes, after Braniac captures Superman in "Twilight" and attempts to convince him that Evil Feels Good, Superman gives him this response;

Braniac: I am Krypton.
Superman: You're a perversion, dishonoring the very memory of my father and all my people.
Braniac: And this is your final decision?
Superman: Read my lips. Go to- (cutoff)

Braniac: Unfortunate, but predictable.


Ichthultu: Speak to me, child of Thanagar.
Hawkgirl: Nothing to say. I have a gesture for you, but my hands are tied.

  • In "Hunter's Moon", Hawkgirl and Vixen have a conversation about Green Lantern, and both of them mention that they've seen the inside of his underwear drawer.
  • There's a scene in "Epilogue" where Waller tries to explain that she obtained Batman's DNA (for one of her late genetics experiments) from blood he left at the scene of a fight. Judging by her face, you almost get the feeling she phrased it like this on purpose:

Waller: Bruce's DNA was easy enough to obtain: he left it all over town.
(cut to Terry giving Waller an awkward stare.)
Waller: Not remotely what I meant.

    • Given that Terry had by that time read up about Bruce's old playboy act, this is getting crap past and yet another way of hooking the Batman Beyond series to the older shows one more time, AS the fat lady (Waller) is singing.
  • In "I Am Legion", Hawkgirl on Flash gazing at his new crush Fire (talking to her gal-pal Ice): "You'd probably be wasting your time anyway. I hear she's, y'know... [long, Flash-panicking pause] Brazilian."
  • In "Shadow of the Hawk", while visiting an archaeological dig the day after their first date, Carter Hall tells Hawkgirl that he misses the dress she wore. Hawkgirl replies, "You didn't miss it last night."
  • And we can't forget "Grudge Match" when Huntress is on the phone with The Question and she tries to have phone sex:

Huntress: So... What are you wearing?
Question: (sigh) Blue overcoat. Fedora.
Huntress: You really stink at this.
Question: ... Orange socks?

    • A few fanmade images of certain content seem to lampshade this scene by showing Huntress be surprised at a pantsless Question - or rather, by the fact his manhood is also sporting a small overcoat and fedora of its own!
    • "Keep her busy so I can take her from behind!"
    • "I know your kind, Roulette! You like to watch..."
    • "I do fine on my own"

Fire: "I did what?"

Wonder Woman: "I know how you feel"

    • When Roulette and Sonar are beaten, Roulette is tossed face down on Sonar's lap...
    • About a metric ton of Male Gaze shots.
    • Before Black Canary and Huntress have their Rocky shot ending, they take off their jacket and belt, respectively.
      • To be fair, it's a utility belt full of weapons.
  • "The Great Brain Robbery": The Freaky Friday Flip-suffering Flash is implied to have sex with supervillain Tala while in Lex Luthor's body. Quoth the Flash after Tala pulls him aside (off camera) to "rest": "Hey. That's not restful." She also implies he's better than Lex because he's warm and giving (and enthusiastic). (There's also a strong implication that Tala had previously slept with Grodd, who is a sapient gorilla).
    • No wonder she chose Lex then. By human standards, gorillas are awfully underequipped in a certain manner.
    • Creators kinda tried to deny that Flash and Tala had sex in that scene (after talk arose about moral implications of such act), but how else could you interpret Tala's words afterwards:

You're so different, so attentive, so caring, so enthusiastic... I like it.

    • Note also her apparent disappointment upon Lex's return.
    • Still regarding Tala's relationship with Grodd, we have this wonderful line delivered by the gorilla:

Ah, Tala. I so miss bending you to my will.

  • Who can forget the Grand Finale close-up of Luthor's rapturous face as he exclaims "Brainiac, I'm coming!" Also, "I want to merge with you again!" Hell, the entire Brainiac/Luthor relationship has more Ho Yay than you can shake a stick at.
  • And there is also the exchange between Green Lantern and Flash after the latter appears in a commercial for a power bar ("Eclipsed"). The Flash uses the money he receives to buy (of all things) a van:

Lantern: Why do you need a van... wait, I don't wanna know.

  • The Atom. In Wonder Woman's cleavage. That is all. ("Dark Heart")
    • Also from--
    • NO! That is all!
  • The episode "Knight of Shadows" included Wonder Woman and Flash rescuing a magazine publisher who was very obviously a No Celebrities Were Harmed Hugh Hefner at his Totally not-Playboy mansion. Wondy gets propositioned, and Flash insists he buys the magazines For The Articles.
    • They could have stopped at putting a Playboy mansion in this, but no. They had to take it further by showing us the Hefner Captain Ersatz' bed room. His bed has a... manly shape to it. Of course, we only got to see this because Wonder Woman wanted to see Hefner's stone. She meant the Philosopher's Stone. He thought she wanted to see something else...
  • A more serious example, thanks to careful editing, is the scene where Aquaman cuts off his own arm and they blatantly say that he did it! ("The Enemy Below") Also, "A Better World": parallel Superman glaring at Lex Luthor with glowing eyes as he decides that he's tired of playing the hero, when the camera cuts away to Batman, who suddenly asks Wonder Woman if she smells something burning...
  • This exchange from "Hereafter":

Wonder Woman: You're no Superman.
Lobo: The ladies say different.

  • During the episodes where the timelines were getting mixed up(specifically "The Once and Future Thing Part Two: Time, Warped"), after The Green Lantern met his son Warhawk:

Lantern: Your mother...who is she?
Warhawk: Kinda obvious, don't you think?
(Bruce) Batman: Even if it wasn't...leave it be, there are things about your future you shouldn't want to know.
(Terry) Batman: Believe me, you really don't.

(Static comes in)

Static: Shayera was one cranky pregnant lady - although to be fair, if I laid an egg that size...

[GL's eyes bulge]

Warhawk: He's kidding, dad.

  • In the episode "Flash and Substance", Captain Boomerang complains to Mirror Master, "You just pull another mirror out of your blinkin' arsenal." Even better, his Aussie accent makes the "r" almost inaudible.
    • In the comics, at least, Cap is half-Australian, so even with the R in it doesn't really change the meaning as far as he's concerned.
    • Then there's the opening scene:

Captain Cold: The way people tell it, you'd think the Flash shoved my cold gun--

  • Non-sex example: The orbit-to-surface energy weapon on the Watchtower satellite was once named in dialog as the "Binary Fusion Generator".
  • Then there's the Corrupt Corporate Executive villain of "Metamorphosis" who seems to love his daughter just a little too much...He goes to visit her in her apartment like he's picking her up for a date (bringing flowers, making a last minute hair and breath check) and then later when they hug, he appears to smell her hair.
    • And then there's the fact he tries to kill her boyfriend, turns him into a super-powered freak and then when he himself gets turned into a gigantic mutant monster, the first thing he does is go after his daughter and carry her off like King Kong.
    • He also tries to kill Green Lantern for consoling his daughter with a hug. A subtle addition is his face that, despite its relative shapelessness as a blob, conveys the disgust and anger of a scorned lover when he is mistaken by his daughter to be Rex. I think with three comments, and all the evidence given, we can say this is completely intentional. Probably one of the creepiest things in the DCAU for this troper.
  • The opening scene of "Wild Cards" is a shot of the Watchtower with audio of Hawkgirl and Green Lantern looking for something (turns out they're financial records).

Shayera: Uh-huh... that's it... right there.
John: No, it's not.
Shayera: I think I would know.
John: Really?

    • And then a little later in the episode, when the Royal Flush Gang are getting their intro, the camera is poised right at Queen's crotch for a good 2 seconds. Yikes!
    • Joker isn't exactly subtle about his feelings towards Batman in this gem:

Joker: Zoom in, I want a nice shot of Batman! Lower, LOWER!

    • At the end of the episode, an injured John is laying in bed (shirtless and possibly naked) and ends the UST between he and Hawkgirl by removing her mask with the romance and slow intensity most movies would use to remove the woman's shirt and passionately kiss her. Black out and cut back to Las Vegas where an old lady (who's been at the slot machine the whole episode) hits the jackpot and exclaims "Finally!" just to let the audience know, yes, GL and Hawkgirl will now bone.

Old Woman: . . . well its about time! *cue jackpot sound* (subtle)

      • It's also a reference to fans going berserk over the tension between the two being resolved.
  • In the final part of "Starcrossed", during the final battle between Green Lantern and Katar Hol Hro Talak in "Starcrossed", John tells Talak to "Kiss my axe! He did make an axe with his ring, but the delivery of the line sounds so much like "ass" that many fans think that's actually what he said.
    • In the same episode, Martian Manhunter delves deep into Kragger (Hro Talak's right hand man)'s head. the first thing he sees is a destroyed statue of Hawkgirl (Talak's fiance, last they knew), followed by a statue of the man right beside Talak, so close they could make a doorway between their legs. Bruce Timm states this was intentional.
  • In "Fearful Symmetry", upon finding out about Galatea, Green Arrow notes that she is identical to Supergirl, just more "mature." The camera is centered squarely on Galatea's chest.
  • All of this and no mention of the implied pedophilia in "Wild Cards"? The claim apparently carries enough weight to persuade Harley that the Joker sees Ace as a bit more than "just a kid."
    • Implied!? it was a plot point.
    • Don't forget that Joker gets like that about all his new horrible death-and-pain dealing devices. He's not even interested in Harley that way on a basic level, he just enjoys having an accomplice. Ace is his new Ace in the hole. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
      • We were all provided a Male Gaze of Queen, from The Joker's POV. The fact that she is a teen also comes close to crossing the line into Ephebophile.
  • When the Question decrypted some Cadmus files in "Question Authority", there appears to be one titled 'BRAZILBOYZ'. I'm sure that's...perfectly innocent. Yes.
  • The episode "This Little Piggy" has a pretty good one, right before Circe turns Wonder Woman into a pig.

Circe: "When I'm done with you, Hippolyta won't want you for a daughter, and your pointy eared boyfriend here won't want you for anything."

    • The commentary is even funnier as the producers point out how Bruce is nicer to Diana when she's a pig than when she's a person, especially since they note this during the scene where he's petting her. Diana would've had a fit if she knew.
  • In "Ultimatum", Batman says "Mine are bigger than yours." to Amanda Waller. Of course, he was talking about how he had Superman and Aquaman on his side while she just had Mooks.
    • The fact that he gives a (rather forced-looking) grin when he says it doesn't help. This is Batman, after all.
  • Only sex-related, but this troper noticed something on "This Little Piggy". Wonder Woman is looking wistfully at the couples out on the town, and as her eyes move from one couple to the next, they also just happen to be following two men walking together at the same time.
    • Similarly, Batman's famous nightclub blues ballad includes one quick shot of the audience. Comprised entirely of male couples. It appears Batman sang the blues at a gay club.
      • This troper thinks that Circe might've just wanted an all-male audience for vanity's sake. That being said...I prefer the above explanation.
  • How about in "Paradise Lost" with the blatant, in-your-face rape imagery?
  • In the episode "Hawk and Dove"...

Dove: Why don't you calm down, and I'll let you go.
Goon: Why don't you kiss my ah-AACK! (Hawk punches him)

  • Let's not forget about "Chaos at the Earth's Core", where S.T.R.I.P.E utters "this is a load of crabcakes". A very moderate example, but an example all the same.
  • In "Secret Society" Shade remarks "this just gets better and better" upon seeing Giganta grow in order to break through a wall. He's standing at her feet, looking up, and she's wearing a short dress.
    • In "To Another Shore", a similar occurence happens. Giganta, Heatwave, and some other guys are out on a mission. At one point the group starts to walk off, with Giganta still in her giant form. Heatwave walks underneath her, and they actually make a point of showing him briefly stopping and looking up as he does so!
    • In the same episode, Grodd mentions how bad decisions can come from of 'one of those moods that you get in from time to time'. Giganta replies "I hear that!", which is out-of-the-blue enough to make one suspect that she's actually talking about something a little different...
    • Wonder Woman: "Men! Unless you do it yourself, it doesn't count." Oh Wondy, you really have no idea do you?
  • There's this exchange between Deadshot and Wonder Woman in "The Enemy Below":

Deadshot: Why would a hired gun try to shoot somebody? Could it be someone paid me to?
Wonder Woman: Who?
Deadshot: Oh, come on, babe. You know I can't tell you that. Professional ethics.
[cue Male Gaze]
Deadshot: But, then again, if you make it worth my while...
Batman: I'll take it from here.
[Deadshot gets dragged off by Batman]

  • A reporter rudely calls out Wonder Woman on her choice of clothes ("Eclipsed"):

Godfrey: Role model? Look, I've seen showgirls with more modesty than this so-called Wonder Woman.
[Wonder Woman breaks the television]
Wonder Woman: I will not tolerate this!
Green Lantern: Princess, I don't like Godfrey any more than you do, but in this country the man's entitled to his opinion. However bone-headed it is.
The Flash: Democracy in action. Hey, didn't the Greeks invent that?
[Woman Woman glares and goes over to check her reflection]
Wonder Woman: And what's wrong with the way I dress?!
The Flash: [to Green Lantern] Uh... You wanna take that?

  • In "The Balance," in the scene where the League's magical members are freaking out, record and reverse Zatanna's backwards ramblings. She's saying "All is lost! Faust sits on the throne of Hell!" And other than it being reversed, it's in no way censored.
    • And let us not forget, from the same episode, Flash announcing to the entire lunchroom: "I had dinner with two women at the same time. Cause I'm a stud~!"
      • ...and then accidentally squelching his hand into a plate of mashed potatoes, standing there awkwardly with white gunk all over his hands, and then licking it off.
  • In "Ancient History", when Vixen and Hawk Girl are teasing each other back and forth while exercising, Vixen comments that Hawk Girl should stop lifting weights or she'll start getting bulky. Hawk Girl replies that she's just trying to maintain her girlish figure, then trails of grumbling "My girlish, girlish figure..." while the camera centers on her chest.