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  • The girls from K-On! seem to appreciate each other's cuteness quite a bit, which leads to a lot of displays of admiration and even regular spontaneous outbursts of affection.
    • Rather subtle, but Mio sometimes seems to have a thing for pretty ladies.
    • Yamanaka-sensei also at times seems ... rather interested in the girls. Especially Mio.
      • More like she likes to force them into cosplay. They end up liking it (even Mio).
    • And Mugi, in turn, seems to like Yamanaka-sensei quite a bit.
      • It's not specifically Sawako; she just likes when "two girls bond together" (in her own words). Also, she doesn't disagree with girl's love as long as both "express interest".
    • After Azusa joins the band, Yui seems to become extremely fond of her and hugs her a lot. It's an affectionate bunch, all right.
      • Yui is just like that, no sexual implications here... until ep. 12, when she tries to kiss Azusa.
    • Don't forget that when Azusa looks at their past performance in chapter 10 of volume 2; she even gets a Nosebleed from Mio's Panty Shot
    • The girls also seem to get sensual pleasure from Mio and Azusa's Moe responses, so they often try to provoke them.
      • Concerning those two. For Valentine's day, Azusa thought about giving Mio some chocolate before giving a Suspiciously Specific Denial to Ui. Note that in Japan, Valentine's Day is a day reserved for girls to give chocolates to the boys they like.
    • Ui and Yui may also take their admiration for each other a bit far, especially in the Christmas Episode. Since it's between sisters it is likely innocent, but that won't stop the yuri fan boys/girls.
    • In the manga, the student council president turns out to be very smitten with Mio.
    • Hopefully you're used to it by now because the Les Yay gets maxed out as far as it can go without a wedding in the Romeo and Juliet chapter of the manga (Or rather, the Romio and Jurietsu chapter....it's a pun, guess who the leading roles are) and the episode of the anime that follows. Complete with personality reversal.
    • Then there's the chapter where Azusa and Mugi are alone in the clubroom which just dripped with UST well... some kind of tension.
    • The time when Mugi and Ritsu hit the town with just the two of them has "DATE" written all over it.