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Even for a Radar page, one Troper believes that the content is uncomfortably lewd. YMMV.

Now for something a little more... intimate.

KaBlam!! has many of these. Considering what channel it was on and the producers' previous show, you could see it coming.

Henry and June

  • Let's start with the fact that the leads are named for a controversially smutty writer and his sexually adventurous wife and work backwards from there.
  • In "Won't Stick to Most Dental Work!", due to Henry leaving the show, June wanted to change the show a little. And so, in a very sexy dress, she says that she wanted to make the show a little more "intimate". With a sly smile on her face. Hearing it come from a ten-year-old girl (who at the time was voiced by a sixteen-year-old girl) is the scary part.
  • In the episode "A Nut in Every Bite!", June suggests for Henry to take his relationship with Dawn a bit further. Henry just stares at her.
  • In the pilot episode, "Your Real Best Friend", there's a scene where the duo are stuffing their faces with watermelon to then spit it out like bullets. After they gulp them down, we see their large stomachs, however June's drawn like she has very large breasts.
  • In "Cramming Cartoons Since 1697" (or something like that), when Henry introduces his mom, he says, "Here's the lady who made me what I am today!"
    • In the same episode, June's dad says, "I feel like a horse's patootie!"
  • In the episode, "Tastes Like Paper!", the duo tried making the show more action filled. However, since their bodies are drawn as adults (their heads are still kids), June's new breasts are two times the size of her head.
  • In "E Pluribus KaBlam!, the duo are getting massages. Both are completely nude, except for some towels carefully placed. It mainly gets past the radar because they aren't the same gender.
    • Wouldn't being different genders make them being naked together much worse?
      • Yes. Yes, it would. Apparently the radar wasn't just a little off that day, but broken entirely.
  • In "I Just Don't Get It!", there was a scene where the duo got their clothes washed (accidentally) with disappearing ink. As they became more nude with their clothes disappearing, rather suggestive music was playing in the background.
  • June sometimes referred to Henry as Henroid. Say it out loud. Think about it.
  • In "Get Sam Donaldson's Mystery Bag!", there's a scene where Henry and June are fighting in giant robots. When they make up, they hug...then Henry's robot goes on top of June's robot...
  • In "Money Train 2" the viewer of the month(a convict has "tattoos he can't show on tv"

Action League NOW

  • In an Action League Now short, Stinky Diver got eaten by a dog. The episode ended with a cliffhanger. In the next part, Stinky is alive, and gives hints that he came out along with the dog's #2.
  • At one point, Stinky Diver got away with calling all of * NSYNC "tossers".

Life with Loopy

  • In the Life with Loopy episode "Mother nature Bowl-Off", there's a scene when Loopy and Mother Nature are bowling that shows the score card with insults written on it. One clearly says, "Loopy SUX".
    • It's not that it's bad, but the censors (and some parents) don't like that.
  • In "Mister Macho", Larry uses the politically incorrect term, "midget".

Sniz And Fondue

  • In a Sniz and Fondue short, Fondue wants to be a fashion designer and shows Sniz his designs. One of them shows a woman Funny Animal (which is what everyone in the short is) with a fish on each breast. And no, this one wasn't televised on Nicktoons. Not even by itself.
    • Another design has two ferret/cat things (whatever they are), one female and one male, sharing the same pair of pants. They have large grins on their faces, and a heart drawn above them.
    • In the same short, Sniz slaps his butt at Fondue.
    • Same short. During the advertisements for "Sniz Jeans", the announcer says, "Sniz Jeans: What your buttox was AS-king for." The accent was quite heavy on the first syllable of "Asking".
  • The name of this segment is an example of Getting Crap Past the Radar. "Sniz" is slang for the female genitals, and yes it was in use before the show was made.
    • * waves bye to childhood*


  • In one "Race Rabbit" short, there's a button on the control panel that says "Sexy Music."
  • Not sure if it counts, but in the main title, there's a scene where some UFOs are attacking the US Capitol. Kinda makes you wonder why Nicktoons didn't cut it for the post-9/11 reruns.
  • In the original Jetcat comic, Melanie calls Todd a "sex maniac".
  • In the one shot short "Fuzzball" Fuzzball says "I'm stuck here like a dingle berry"