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There's a reason this show's G rating didn't keep.


Let's Play Reading Books

  • Quack-Quack and Mr. Cat are shown looking at dirty magazines. Yes, the pictures are actually shown on-screen.
  • At the end of the episode, after Mr. Cat has been beaten into shapeshifting into a book, Kaeloo decides to read him to her other friends. As soon as she opens him, the screen goes black, coupled by a gasp and somewhat excited-sounding "Mr. CAT!". The original French version has her exclaiming "Ooh la la!". Both versions heavily imply she saw his goods, and that she likes what she sees. Given that in the English dub, she was re-written as male until the 11th episode...

Let's Play Hopscotch

  • This little gem, after Quack-Quack's underpants are flung from his offscreen position and onto Stumpy's head.

Kaeloo: [Dreamily, eyes sparkling] Ooohhh! Quack-Quack is showing us the path!

  • Then there's the suspiciously-shaped spiky object illustrated as a torture device.

Let's Play Cops and Robbers

  • Mr. Cat talking to Stumpy about being a police assistant.

Mr. Cat: [About assistants in cop movies] Yeah, but he's always the one to question the strippers.


Let's Play Simon Says

  • Mr. Cat tells Quack-Quack to take off his underwear, complete with upbeat music and a disgusted reaction from Mr. Cat. It turns out Quack-Quack is wearing a diaper underneath, which Mr. Cat laughs at once he gets the courage to actually look in his direction.

Let's Play Happy Rotter

  • Stumpy refers to the part of a documentary he expects a pair of crepidula to start mating on-screen as the "interesting bit". This is followed by a Head-Tiltingly Kinky moment when one of the crepidula changes sex from male to female.
  • When Kaeloo is trying to find Mr. Cat, who is under an invisibility spell, the impact of his strikes on her rear seem less like kicks than pinches.

Let's Play Peace Man

  • Mr. Cat drops what seems to be a Cluster F-Bomb over a (malfunctioning) microphone.

Let's Play House

  • Mr. Cat pins Kaeloo to a couch arm and rubs his groin against hers suggestively before turning the lights off, declaring that he is "exercising his marital rights" before a comical honking sound effect is played while he moves forth slightly, bearing a cheeky grin. At this moment, Kaeloo reacts angrily.

Let's Play Baby-Sitting

  • Stumpy asks Kaeloo to be "lovers" with Mr. Cat so they can produce a baby. Kaeloo, having just given him the (incomplete) "talk", likely knows all about how reproduction works, and she agrees to do this. When she and Mr. Cat are on a date later on in the episode, she makes a blatant attempt to seduce him, which ends in Mr. Cat pretty much attempting to force himself on her with a crazed, hungry look in his eyes. Thankfully, nothing actually happens.

Let's Play Air Pockets

  • When Mr. Cat is role-playing as a pilot:

Mr. Cat: [Rubbing joystick whilst looking lustfully at Kaeloo] Want to see how I operate my joystick?


Let's Play Treasure Hunt

  • Stumpy expresses disgust upon seeing Quack-Quack with yoghurt dribbling from his beak.

Stumpy: You look like a sicko when you do that!


Let's Play Time Travel

  • When listing serial killers, Mr. Cat describes Bad Kaeloo as Bad Kaeloo the cat castrator.
  • Stumpy telling Quack-Quack not to get "too excited" about his(Stumpy's) new tongue piercing.

Let's Play Art Class

  • Mr. Cat calls the curator of the Smileyland museum and asks for finger food and pole dancers for the opening night.

Let's Play Streetball

  • Mr. Cat's positioning of a giant syringe full of white liquid.
  • The rap music video spoof at the end. Look at Kaeloo's dance moves.