Kana Ueda

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One of the up and coming rising seiyuus in the business. Kana Ueda's forte is her high, cheery and upbeat voice, but she can soften it whenever necessary, so either she gets a teenage girl (possibly Tsundere) role or a Loli role. At first gaining notice as Rin Tohsaka, she continued to build up her record from then on. She also sings.

She's a friend of Kaori Shimizu and has several occasions of working together in the same series. She's also Shizuka Itou's drinking buddy. Oh, and she's not related with another veteran seiyuu named Yuji Ueda.

Also, apparently tech-savvy and a game fan and despite being Japanese... she owns an Xbox 360 (even though that system doesn't do well in Japan!) and loves Halo 3. Apparently Microsoft got a wind of her liking to that Microsoft held an event where online Halo 3 players get to meet Kana Ueda online and fight against her. She's said to be a good player, but of course some people managed to frag her anyway.

Also, she is or was a reserve officer in the JMSDF.

Kana Ueda has performed in the following roles: