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I'm gonna die...

It originated from The Imageboard That Must Not Be Named. Further explanation is unnecessary.

  • "Get out KS devs" is usually a stock response when anyone decides to talk about it on the image board of its origin.
  • HNNNG!
  • After a large number of commenters spammed the above in response to one too many cute pictures, several moderators said that anyone commenting with "a certain onomatopoeia" would be banned. This, of course, led to several comments of "A CERTAIN ONOMATOPOEIA!"
  • "Am I popular poplar yet?
  • "Gimme the chocolate, Hisao!" [1]
  • On the Shimmie site, "Lilly is too classy for X." X being anything ranging from arguments to silly acts.
  • Also, her rivalry with Shizune: "Who's there? ... No answer, must be that deaf bitch."
    • Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when, late in Lilly's route, this essentially happens when Shizune gives Lilly the folder that she asked Misha to retrieve, and the two reconcile.
  • Rin in a tin bin. That makes me grin.
  • Rin is hugging you.
    • Became an Ascended Meme in the full version when Rin actually does this in her route (the first pic, that is).
  • "The problem is in your pants".
  • "Why does she need glasses if she's deaf?"
  • On the on-site image gallery, all anonymous users have the name Shiina "Misha" Mikado. It has thus become common for users to call out Misha for saying something stupid/irrelevant/etc, followed by "Wait, I'm Misha." This is a reference to her Third Person Person tendencies when translating for Shizune.
  • And everyone lived happily ever after. Except for Rin, who dies of breast cancer.
  • Misha is fat.
  • "Anal."
    • Related: Emi's path.
    • Lemons.
    • Gloves in the shed.
    • Just about everything about Emi's anal scene[2]
  • Lilly, in fanart, is often portrayed as a young Lady Drunk or a Bottle Fairy. When it's revealed that she's half-Scottish, the comparisons to another visually-impaired Scottish alcoholic are inevitable.
  • In the options menu, there is an option to disable the sex scenes, in case you'd rather enjoy the "PG-13" version of the work. It's common for some people to quip "I don't get why we have to disable the sex scenes. Aren't they all disabled anyway?" [3]
  • Psychic Spies.
  • It's Fukin' Lilly!
  • The loss of sex drive often caused by this Visual Novel has been diagnosed as "Katawa Dick Syndrome," or KDS for short.
  • The word "Din" by virtue of being an uncommon word.
  • "crapawa shitjo is not a game." [4]
  • Kenji's freaking out face is hilariously memetic enough to be photoshopped onto the other girls as a joke. Same with Emi's anal face.
  • Rumba Rumba Rumba Rumba Rumba [5]
  • This video (by Pimmy, one of the artists that worked on KS) is veritable Fountain of Memes:
  • "Oh God Mah Drills!"
  • "Healthy adolescent sex drive" [6]
  1. A fancomic originating on 4Chan that shows a member's initial thoughts and such, until he literally falls in love with Hanako. For lack of a better phrase, shit gets real.
  2. Emi calls Hisao out to a shed, supposedly to get some gloves. Once there, she reveals that she doesn't wear any, and Hisao discovers a tube of lemon-flavored personal lubricant. They then experiment with anal sex, with awkward results, and decide not to try it again
  3. Because the main characters all have physical disabilities, so yes, the sex scenes are all "disabled".
  4. Used by some people who, unfamiliar with visual novels, don't think they're games
  5. Katawa Crash, a game very loosely based on this Visual Novel and the Spiritual Successor of NANACA†CRASH!! brought up Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei rap version of Kuusou Rumba.
  6. When it turns out that Lilly, the resident Yamato Nadeshiko, greatly enjoys sex, she says she has this when Hisao suggests she's "dirty-minded", and it's often brought up regarding her