King's Quest/Awesome

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  • Moment of Awesome meets Awesome Moment of Crowning in King's Quest I Quest for The Crown.
  • The sorcerer duel between Graham and Mordak in King's Quest V Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder. It's impressive, but the fact Graham is no wizard (that's his son's department) just makes the fact he pulled it off even cooler.
  • King's Quest VI Heir Today Gone Tomorrow: Challenging Death. First, Alex literally throws down the gauntlet. Death accepts the challenge, laying out that he has heard every tale that could come from mortal lips, and finishing with "Make me cry." Then, Alexander takes out the Beast's mirror and...
    • The Golden Ending - Awesome Moment of Crowning, everyone shows up to the wedding, the music is just as cheerful and celebratory as it should be, and it ends with Jollo dancing and performing tricks for an appreciative crowd. It's hard not to cheer.
  • The AGD Interactive Remake of King's Quest II Romancing the Throne outdid themselves with the Air Gem tests. In order to get the magical gem, the Cloud spirit subjects Graham to relive an incident in his childhood, starting things on a lighter note. Then, it takes a spectacularly nasty turn penciling in a "missing scene" from King's Quest III to Heir Is Human where The Father, head of the Black Cloak, puts The Final Temptation in front of Graham at his bleakest hour, and plays it for all the gut-wrenching power it deserves. The third test centers around the controversial Mask of Eternity, as an aged Graham can choose to make the game's protagonist his heir - as Alexander rules the Green Isles, and Rosella is implied to have moved to Etheria with Edgar. Quest Studios (the composers) also use Awesome Music on these scenes, weaving in the Leitmotifs of King's Quest III and King's Quest: Mask of Eternity.
    • AGD also pulls several Moments of Awesome in their game ending. The wedding is not as simple as it was in the original game, and more an homage to the one depicted in KQ6. You also get the Friendly Neighborhood Vampire Count Caldaur reclaiming his rule over Kolyma and officiating, cameos from everyone (including the Dev team and THE GODDAMN BATMAN!), AND a wicked sword brawl to expose and banish your Evil Chancellor - but not before he sets up a curse that explain the other games.
  • My favorite moment is in King's Quest VI. Alexander has completely trashed Alhazred's plans, breaking up his sham wedding, exposing him for the corrupt, amoral asshole he is, and chasing him up to the tower where he has Cassima bound. Alex disposes of the genie (either by killing him or taking control of him). Alhazred, finally out of mooks, draws his sword, at which point Alexander grabs a heavy ceremonial sword, and, despite the fact that it's absolutely not a fighting weapon and he's outmatched, he managed to hold off Alhazred for quite a while. Then, when Alexander is just about out of strength, Cassima escapes her bonds and distracts Alhazred by stabbing him in the shoulder, at which point Alexander takes advantage of the distraction to clock Alhazred with the flat of the heavy sword. Even in victory, he spares the life of his enemy. The whole scene is epic awesome as far as I'm concerned.