King of the Hill/Fridge

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Fridge Brilliance

  • On King of the Hill, Dale is obsessed with conspiracy theories about aliens, the government, etc. Everyone dismisses Dale as a kook. Recently, I realized something. The characters of King of the Hill once made a cameo appearance on The Simpsons. Therefore, they must live in the same universe. In another episode of The Simpsons, Homer meets Mulder and Scully from The X-Files. In other words, King Of The Hill exists in the same universe as The X-Files. So Dale could be right about everything!
    • Though if you take that in, it becomes Fridge Horror since Homer Simpson appeared in the Family Guy episode PTV at the end of the intro, meaning that King of the Hill would be in the same universe as Western Animation/Family Guy. It's... odd... thinking that a "regular" series could be in the same universe as the wacky Family Guy, and even worse seeing Peter Griffin's crimes throughout the show's run. Sure, from the FG side, his "crimes" are funny if you like the "random" humor, but imagine a person like Peter, especially him from the later seasons, in King of the Hill... he'd be a Complete Monster whose very appearance would shift the show into Nightmare Fuel. -- User:Great Pikmin Fan.
    • Confirming the initial fridge brilliance: Due to Stewie's mucking about with time travel, Western Animation/Family Guy and American Dad are in the same universe, by way of a cameo by Roger. By extension, that means that King Of The Hill and American Dad are in the same verse as well and that verse is occupied by a known alien (Roger). In other words, at the very least, Dale is right about there being aliens.

Fridge Horror

  • With the naivety of Hank and Peggy about drugs, prostitution, and other vices of the world, it's a lucky thing Bobby is more streetsmart by comparison or else he'd probably get into way more trouble than he usually does.
    • Also, just imagine if Hank and Bobbies personalities were reversed.Bobby would make less friends and Hank would get into a lot of trouble.
  • In "Druggie Business" Hank tries asking questions to potential employees about religion. Peggy stops him to tell him that is wrong but the next day he asks people if they would eat with Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha. It sounds like he found a new way to secretly discriminate against potential employees.
    • If you're not Christian then this was horrifying the instant it came out of his mouth, not just when thinking on it after the fact. (Leaving it here though since maybe it was a fridge thing for the majority.)