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An anime studio responsible for many popular anime series and adaptations of three Key Visual Arts visual novels: AIR, Kanon, and Clannad (although these were all also separately adapted by Toei Animation). Held to high regard for their usually good animation quality, as well as almost disturbingly realistic backgrounds and the generous use of little touches to spice up the character animation. They also know how to tug at viewers' heartstrings, and never let go. Their shows tend to be huge commercial successes, with Haruhi Suzumiya, Lucky Star, and K-On! leading the pack so far.

In 2007, the firing of Yutaka Yamamoto led to lots of people resigning after Lucky Star's original run and creating another studio called Ordet, who made the Black Rock Shooter anime. But that's another story.

For a greater overview of their complete work (they've been around since 1981) see this entry on ANN..

Kyoto Animation has produced the following TV series
They have also produced the following feature-length films
  • Munto: Tenjoubito to Akutobito Saigo no Tatakai (April 18, 2009)
  • The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (February 6, 2010)
  • K-On! (December 3, 2011)

They have also provided artwork for a small handful of video games, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters.

Future projects include:

  • Chuu-ni Byou Demo Koi ga Shitai![1] — TV series based on a romance novel by Torako that was one of the honorable mentions in the novel category of the first Kyoto Animation Awards. It's currently "in the works."

No, they didn't make the Little Busters! anime.

  1. Even If I've Got Eight-Grade-itis, I Want to Fall in Love! (Chuuni-byou refers to a Japanese real-life variant of I Just Want to Be Special that purports that adolescents wish they could lead fantastic anime-esque lives.)