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Lute Hende

Lute Hende I

The primary protagonist of the story. Graduated dead last from the Knight Academy.

Tropes he exhibits include:
  • Accidental Pornomancer: He was told by his mother to never touch any woman with his hands until he was a man, but she never told him why. He eventually finds out that the reason for that was because he is half-incubus and has a magic power in his hands that can arouse any woman he touches; even succubi like Shamsiel are vulnerable to it. This coupled with a multitude of circumstances, leads him to being this.
  • Achievements in Ignorance: Much of the things he accomplishes are thanks to the help of others or things even he is not aware of. And sometimes such factors help him without his knowledge, such as Shamsiel secretly spying on Lute's enemies and protecting him when necessary such as in Boan or Vunderbalt. But then, there's one case where he pulls off a task that is nothing short of a miracle: He beat Gladys in a chess duel while suffering from the effects of laxatives he had unknowingly ingested. The laxatives distracted him so much that he was forced to make all his moves super fast and without any thought, but still he achieved a victory that would ultimately lead to him saving the kingdom and later even ended with him ascending to the throne as a king in 2 routes!
  • Almighty Janitor: He graduated at the lowest rank in his class at the Royal Knight's Academy. (His scores were supposedly so low they set records.) However, it turns out he is half-incubus which he got from his father, and this means he is of the highest rank of demon (even if he's only half). In fact, he wasn't even fully aware of his powers in most of the routes. Sure he used them, but not quite knowing the truth behind them. In Shamsiel's route, when his true powers fully awaken, he is able to withstand attacks from Bobon who had stolen god-like devil powers, and even obliterate him in a single shot. In the Harem Route, Lute rises up the ranks to High Commander and even King, all while for the most part maintaining the same modesty and (low) skill levels he had had when he graduated last from the Knight's Academy.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Almost all the girls he loves, love him back for reasons relating to this:
    • Shamsiel was the first person to actually show him any kindness in the whole story. He never forgets this regardless of the route.
    • |Isis falls in love with him in her route because of how well he treats her compared to Motaire and how he saves her life many times, even bringing her out of her Despair Event Horizon. She also falls in love with him in the Harem route, because not only was he performing things even Motaire wouldn't have been able to do, he remained modest and is still nicer to her than any other before.
    • Roxanne falls for him because he actually shows her love and affection that her previous husband (the Prefect of Boan), had long denied her.
    • Gladys was a bit skeptical at first, but he was very honest and open toward her, even when they were on opposing sides.
    • Luceria had had few friends, but she came to love Lute, because of how kindly he treated others including Gladys (whom she saw as a surrogate elder sister) and herself.
    • Emeralia falls for Lute technically after her first time with him. The reason was because he managed to overcome her magic, AND he goes out of his way to make her feel good. It overwhelms her with pleasure she had never experienced before. The High Heel Face Turn doesn't fully sink in until later, but once it does... It leads to her finally experiencing genuine happiness and expressing her true emotions freely.
  • Be Yourself: He invokes this with just about everyone he meets, especially with women.
  • Berserk Button: Shockingly, he has one! Most of the time, he's a kind-hearted, patient, and tolerant man, but...Never... Ever... Ever... Ever... Ever... Ever... EVER!!! Insult, take for granted, or (especially) harm a woman, ESPECIALLY if he has feelings for said woman.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Lute is usually a very calm and laid-back individual. However, even his patience has limits, such as one morning where Motaire barged into his room to try and start crap with him, and Isis began arguing loudly with him. Lute warned them both to calm down, lest he get angry at them both, because he had just barely woken up and was supposedly needing to get ready to go speak with the King. Both Isis and Motaire were surprised by this, and actually heed his warning. Isis even later admits being impressed by his maturity in said situation. Another time, was during Shamsiel's Route when Bobon took god-like demonic power and nearly killed Shamsiel. When Lute saw her hurt, it became personal and once his memories awaken, he promptly obliterates Bobon.
  • Blinding Bangs: His red hair is always covering his eyes.
  • Born Lucky: It's assumed in-universe this was why Lute manages to be so successful yet otherwise seem so unimpressive to most characters. In truth he osto a degree, but it is more of him being in the right place at the right time rather than good things just happening to him by chance. He does get external, secret help from Shamsiel. Admittedly, one of his biggest accomplishments: Beating Gladys in chess for their duel. Was pretty much pure luck, which even he admits and tried to convince everyone of, because during said chess game, he was suffering from a case of massive diarrhea thanks to eating a pie Van Cwan had had laced with laxatives. Miraculously, not only did he manage to win the game without even thinking about it, but he managed to hold it in until after the game was over.
  • Cameo Prop: He and several of the other characters appear on posters and merchandise in the anime adaptation of "Mankitsu Happening". Especially notable are a few posters of the scene from the KF anime when Lute first grabs onto Shamsiel's breast for the very first time.
  • Camp Cook: During he and Isis' forest expedition, the rest of their troops abandon them and take most of their supplies and equipment. However, despite scoring dead last in all classes at the Knight's Academy, he actually DID do well in field survival and cooking, so he takes on this role for them. In fact, later in the expedition, Isis even admits that Prince Bobon, Motaire, and even she supposedly did worse in these areas than Lute. This leads her to believe that the someone may have deliberately changed his or their scores, whether out of spite against him or because political reason. Either way, Lute's skills in this help start to demonstrate that maybe he isn't as useless as she first assumed.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: He's very honest and straightforward with those he's around, especially the women, and yes he has an obvious thing for breasts, but he still treats them as people.
  • Conveniently an Orphan: Averted. Both of his parents are dead, but he is an adult by the time the story begins.
  • Covert Pervert: Inverted. He's pretty honest about everything. However, he at least has SOME tact about it.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Lute has more going for him than meets the eye, being very witty and sharp-minded. Easily able to see and understand meanings where most other people who waste their time turning their noses up: at whatever displeases to them fail to see.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He never really knew his father who had died when he was little and is hinted to have been an incubus, and his mother raised him herself while telling him to never touch others, especially women with his hands until he was grown up, and she ended up dying just after managing to pay his tuition to the Knight's Academy. Which during his attendance, he was mocked, rejected, and belittled by all his peers and teachers, even before graduating dead last in his class.
  • Disappeared Dad: It's stated his father had died when he was very young.
  • Dude, Where's My Reward?: When the Prefect of Boan and Madoise order him to exorcise the succubus that had been terrorizing the region, he asks them for a reward since they wouldn't give an order if there was no chance of success. They say they'll talk about it after (they expected him to die, so they promised him anything). He befriends Shamsiel and goes to collect his "reward". (He wanted a castle and to be able to eat white bread every day.) They deny him of both, saying he didn't actually "exorcise" the demon AND that a verbal contract means nothing. But, rather than give him nothing, they DO decide to reward him by having him act as Roxanne's bodyguard. It was a trap, but Lute accepts and it works out for him anyway!
  • Eating the Eye Candy: He does it with pretty much every female character he meets at least once.
  • Fearless Fool: Lute is sometimes called this by those he meets. For his part, he DOES experience fear, but there are situations when others seem to think someone like him should be afraid, but he doesn't. He equates this more to him not fully realizing the severity of such situations given his laid-back nature rather than him being brave or actually fearless.
  • Fiery Redhead: He's a mostly laid-back individual, and he doesn't have much of a temper. However, when it comes to something he's actually passionate about such as boobs, he's second to none.
  • Forgotten First Meeting: It's implied that Shamsiel has known Lute and his family since before he was born, but was never formally introduced until years later during their first night in Boan together... When she takes his virginity. Later on in her route, Lute remembered meeting her back when he was only 2 or 3, and in said memory it confirms she met him when he was even smaller. Seen here.
  • Genius Ditz: Lute Hende both figuratively and sometimes literally trails into genius territories only to fall back into stupidity. More often then not he's usually pretty quick to piece together patterns and evidence of individual persona. Be it ascertaining of personal involvement in something obvious, secretive and/or larcenous only to second guess himself later and put it out of his mind.
  • Graceful Loser: They call him a loser, and such, but he never really gives a crap about it, and generally makes the most of things.
  • Horny Devil: It is revealed that he is half-human, half-demon, specifically, he is half-Incubus. He may not have literal horns like Shamsiel, but he does get horny quite often.
  • H-Game POV Character: Lute is an extremely idealistic example of a Type III A. His endings tend to end with him in Type I territory, though a few have shades of Type II A.
  • Handsome Lech: He comes off as one in the anime adaptation due to most of his backstory and characterization not making it in.
  • Heroic RROD: Almost fatally, happens 3 times to Lute in the entire story. First was during his first time with Shamsiel, which was also his first time ever with a woman, so given his inexperience she almost killed him. The second time was when Lute was with Emeralia for the first time (with her), although her objective was to enslave him with her magic, Lute actually loses consciousness for a brief instant, but once more thanks to being half-incubus he manages to stay strong, and then using a Split Seed, he turns the tables on her and overwhelms her instead. Lastly, happens when Lute is with Princess Luceria (alone and again when Emeralia joins, depending on route choices), thanks to Luceria's half-nymph body, she was almost as lethal as Shamsiel, and he even blacked out for a few quick seconds, but still he persevered thanks to his half-incubus nature.
  • Heroic BSOD: The closest times he gets to this are: In Isis' route, when he hears about how he is actually a half-demon, and they revere him as their "king". He doesn't quite believe them or accept it, but at the end of the route, when he is forced to flee, he has no choice but to accept it, but it is thanks mostly to Isis' refusal to leave him that he avoids breaking. Also, in her route, when Isis was suffering from a deadly fever, Lute was desperately trying to help her, but his efforts seemed pointless, until he remembered the demons and sought their aid, which led to him being able to successfully cure and save her life. In Luceria and the Harem route, there are a few moments. First is when dueling Gladys, it wasn't so much out of despair, but his mind was shut off to the whole situation, because all thought about was not crapping his pants (he'd been secretly fed laxatives). Next, is when he is notified of the death of the King, because he had just been told he would be inheriting the throne, but now he was gone, and Lute had even started seeing the King as a father figure of sorts to him. Lastly, although he doesn't quite cross the threshold, he's more sad about not being able to see the women he loved one last time, instead of just being sad to die.
  • Hidden Depths: What so many people fail to realize (himself included half the time) is that there are so many good qualities to Lute that next to no one really ever notices. His calm, cool and collected demeanor enables for better rational though than those of narrow mindedness born of their own station in life. Being open, honest and of a pure mindset, he has no ego to exploit and while also being a bit of a sexual deviant. He's not the type to be bribed or bullied into corruption or selfish action like so many others around him. Lute is also astonishingly perceptive of his surroundings, almost easily able to read people like an open book from simple exchanges of words or observation of actions.
  • Humble Hero: Through his entire story regardless of the route, he remains completely humble the entire time. Never once does he flaunt his rank or accomplishments in the faces of others unless you count him doing it jokingly. He even discusses this at times with others, especially with Shamsiel, and is always pointing out that it is mostly thanks to her actions that he was able to get to where he is. She believes he is a big deal, but admits that his modesty is one of reasons she loves him so much.
  • Impersonation Gambit: In both the anime and visual novel, he pulls one of these off perfectly by disguising himself as the Prefect of Boan, and exposes as well as prevents Prince Bobon's conspiracy to revolt against the crown.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Like you wouldn't believe, even Isis comments that Lute's kindness and compassion for others is the only inhuman thing about him. See Hidden Depths above for greater details.
  • Ki Attacks: In Shamsiel's route, he reawakens to his true memories and nature, and unleashes the power of his "Hallowed Hands" onto Bobon, which basically employs this. He completely obliterates Bobon in a single shot.
  • King Incognito: Even he didn't know... At first, and depending on the route, sometimes he never realizes it at all. He's the son of a human woman and a male demon, specifically an incubus that was the former king of all demons in the world. As such, he inherited the title with the sign of it being the form of his possession of the "Hallowed Hands" power. He was raised at first among the demons in the demon temple, but then when his father passed away, his mother brought him back to raise him as a normal human, even warning him not to touch others (especially women) with his hands until he was grown up. Eventually, he finds out in Shamsiel's and Isis' routes. A few hints are dropped in the other routes, but it never really goes any deeper. After their first night together, Shamsiel had recognized him, but she never goes out of her way to reveal it to him, because she wanted to honor the wishes of his parents and let him have the options of living as he chose, even if that meant without her. In the anime version, none of this is ever mentioned, except that Shamsiel claims Lute had been "reborn as a...", and then a glowing mark appears on his hand, but that's as far as it goes.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Seeing as most of the story is told from Lute's perspective or with him narrating, it comes with the territory. One of the better moments of this is during the epilogue of Isis' route during which Lute recalls all that had happened after they fled, and then he thinks to himself "That expedition into the woods may have been some fated plot to join our hearts together...but we simply live for each others' happiness now."
  • Lover Tug of War: In the Harem route's ending, he's almost yanked apart and/or suffocated by his girls fighting over him. It got to where they all had to come to certain arrangements to share time with him: Every morning they all bath together, and take turns giving him a boobjob. Every meal (rotating shifts daily), 2 of them would be on "Drink Duty", which is where they allow Lute to drink from their lactating breasts (despite none ever being impregnated or giving birth before). Then, they would have "exercises" together, which another 2 would be in charge of each day. Then, they would all have one on one times scattered throughout the remainder of the days, such as how anytime Lute and Isis were said to be alone "on duty" together, they'd basically spend the whole time having sex, to the point where Lute forgets that Isis is supposed to be his bodyguard and what she's even supposed to protect him from anyway. End of the day? Split seeds, and group orgies abound between them and Lute(s). Throughout all this, it never fully stops them from being jealous of the others and possessive of Lute.
  • Master of Disguise: Related to the impersonation gambit, when he disguises himself as the Prefect of Boan, he looks and sounds EXACTLY like him, and this happens in both the visual novel AND anime.
  • Living Aphrodisiac: His half-incubus status grants him magical hands, known as "Hallowed Hands" in-universe, and they work to where, any woman he touches with his hands, especially on their breasts, will become extremely aroused and feel great pleasure because of it. Even Shamsiel is vulnerable to this power.
  • Magnetic Hero: While initially seen as the lowest form of gutter trash in the kingdom even by others who aren't much better off. As the story goes on and people get to know him better he really shows why he's the hero of the story. Shamsiel's becoming a loyal acolyte, Roxanne's giving him her undying love, the guardsmen of Boan revering him like a warrior saint, the normally bitchy Isis mellowing out after an assignment or two with him. Again when and after he'd bested the unbeatable Gladys in chess of all things, bonus points for making her fall for him afterwards. Having the three old bastards who hassled him earlier for being the lowest rank graduate acknowledge him as and after doing what they could not. Even the King himself took a shine to Lute upon their first meeting. Lute might not think of himself highly but the steady fanbase he's garnered for himself speaks otherwise.
  • Making Love in All the Wrong Places: In a married woman's bedroom, in the married woman's husband's bedroom, on horseback (but that was just hands), on the side of a road (in broad daylight), in a Church (also during daylight hours), in a dungeon, in a river (in a mystical forest), in the Princess' Private Garden (in broad daylight), in the royal audience chamber (basically the throne room), and in a swimming/bathing pool. How does he never get caught? Truthfully, he does get caught a few times, but it usually isn't until after-the-fact, OR it is thanks to Shamsiel using her magic to create barriers that prevent anyone outside from hearing or reaching wherever Lute and whoever he is with until after they are finished.
  • Mark of the Beast or Birthmark of Destiny: On Lute's hands, there is usually nothing unusual to see, BUT when his powers of the "Hallowed Hands" awaken, there are marks that appear on them which do not disappear, and make it instantly recognizable that he is demonic (even if only half).
  • Me's a Crowd: Compliments of Split Seeds he receives from Shamsiel. They can only be used during sexual intercourse, and are dangerous for normal humans to use.
  • Missing Mom: His mother is deceased and only make an voice-only appearance in-game.
  • Mr. Exposition: Considering the Visual Novel is told from Lute's POV, this comes naturally. Interestingly, it helps show just how much more Lute actually knows about the world and things around him than most other characters initially think.
  • Nice Guy: He's a calm and laid-back person, he doesn't see the point in getting mad or upset about small stuff so he's generally very nice to everyone. Some even comment it seeming "inhuman" with how "humane" he treats others.
  • Oblivious to Love: Despite being a pretty good judge of character otherwise, he is unable to deduce that Emeralia is attracted to him after just seeing him looking at him with a lustful face, finding it weird only.
  • Our Demons Are Different: Lute is half-demon, specifically he is half-incubus thanks to his father being an Incubus aka a "Hallowed demon" which is the highest rank of demon in their world. Succubi, which are the 2nd highest ranking demons, are said to serve the hallowed demons. He was raised as a human by his mother to protect him, and has all sorts of special powers because of it. Such powers include, being immune/resistant to succubus, nymph, and witch magic, being able to activate or affect demonic relics and entities (such as the Guardian Tree and temple), he is also able to induce sleep in people (as seen with Isis), kill fish by simply putting his hands in water near them, and (most obviously) is that it causes extreme arousal in women he touches, especially on their breasts.
  • Potty Emergency: Compliments of Wam Crayon secretly having the Chef make him a pie laced with laxatives which he served on the morning of Lute's chess duel with Gladys.
  • The Pornomancer: Him being the protagonist of a visual novel known as "Funbag Fantasy", it should be no surprise. Except that the reason for him being this is actually justified in-story with him being a half-human half-incubus hybrid with magic powers especially in his hands that make his touch extremely arousing for women, to the point that his mother warned him to never even touch a woman in any way until he was all grown up. See Accidental Pornomancer above.
  • Too Good for This Sinful Earth: Dangerously near played straight, Lute is hands down one of the only few good, honest and chivalrous individuals not bogged down by their own personal baggage and/or boisterously rotten personalities in the universe.
  • Rags to Royalty: His story is sort of this, but at the same time isn't. Hear me out... He wasn't exactly poor to begin with, his family was living modestly (although they could afford at least 1 maid), but his mother ended up working herself to death to get the money for his 5-year tuition at the Royal Knight Academy. This was basically like guaranteeing him a decent career no matter what (even if he would've lived in Boan forever). On the other hand, he ends up going from basically the lowest graduate in the Royal Knight Academy's history to either: Prefect of Boan in Roxanne's Route's ending, King of Demons in Shamsiel's Route's ending (that was by birthright though so it's ambiguous if it counts as this), or King of Edelland in both Luceria's and the Harem Route.
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: How everybody treats him being assigned to Boan, which has a fame of being an horrible place.
  • Reassignment Backfire: What actually happens when he is resignated to the boonies, his subordinating a succubus and exposing a major conspiracy between Prince Bobon and The Prefect of Boan got him a Rank Up by the good king Lord Hagel I. Much to the dismay of Rubin von Bernstein.
  • Real Men Cook: Of all the courses he took at the knight's academy: cooking, field survival, and camping were the only things he was actually good at. In fact, he was even better than Bobon, Motaire, and Isis at them, but the faculty still gave him the worst marks... Deliberately.
  • Roaring Rampage of Rescue: Hilariously done in Isis' route by Lute, after having just taken her virginity. Isis was prepping to cut Lute's head off, but suddenly the demons ambushed her and took her to their village. Lute makes his way there and sees them suspending her over a pot and fire, implying their intentions were to cook and eat her. Lute knew he had pretty much no shot at actually fighting them, so he tried to sneak in, but he was spotted, drops all pretext, and goes charging in screaming and shaking his fists at them. It... works? Sort of. His charge did nothing, but the demons listened to him and released Isis, because they knew who and what he truly was.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: This is reflected greatly in the epilogue of the Harem Route where he becomes king and has appointed: Emeralia as the new Prime Minister, Gladys is the new High Commander of the military, General Felzen retains his (fairly new) promotion as the Commander of the Guard, Motaire is made Captain of Royal Knights, Isis stays his personal bodyguard (meaning she is the KING's personal guard by then), Roxanne, Luceria, and Shamsiel are both his wives and political advisers. All of whom are quite skilled in and happy with their jobs. Another way this applies to Lute is the fact that he is half-incubus which is the highest class of demon in their world, so technically speaking he is actually the King of Demons, but this (title/rank) only comes into play in Shamsiel's route. That said, in the Harem Route ending, he technically does a huge favor for all the demon races via his removal of the Demon Execution Order, allowing demons to marry and thus live among humans peacefully.
  • Sword and Sorcerer: He is a swordsman and Shamsiel has several magic powers.
  • Their First Time: In both the anime and visual novel (regardless of the route), his first time is with Shamsiel in Boan when he "exorcises" her.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: In both the anime and visual novel his favorite food is... Bread. White bread especially, for whatever reason. His favorite drink? Milk!
  • Underestimating Badassery: What a lot of people tend to do whenever they first meet with this guy. Only few individuals with any sense to notice his underlying gifts were Shamsiel, King Hagel and probably Luceria. Prime Minister Rubin was the biggest dope of all who fell prey to this trope, Repeatedly. Sending him on all these impossible missions hoping he'd fumble and croak only to thrive and gain new insight into his own capabilities every time, even gaining some staunch allies while furthering his own influence within the kingdoms politics. The generals Zant, Schlamm and Felzin are just as guilty in this as they'd taken some bad advice from Guam Loin in hiring assassins who Lute dispatches with the utmost ease; while in his sleep at least anyway. Emeralia also counts since she was initially put up to seduce lute with her sex magic, only for her to succumb to his underlying machismo instead (with some help from Shamsiel of coarse).
  • Undying Loyalty: Lute is very loyal to his comrades, his kingdom, his family, and his loved ones. It's part of the reason why many of the women who DO fall in love with him, do so.
  • Unfit for Greatness: He himself, thinks he is this. Initially. One reason is because, he doesn't really care about being a big-shot or having power or status above others. All he cares about is mostly simple things and is content to making the most of just about any situation he's in. As time goes on, he starts moving up the ranks and people start recognizing his secret badassitude, but he still thinks he's this trope. Why? Because he feels like he only got where he got thanks to a mix of luck as well as Shamsiel's help. He maintains his modesty and feels like he didn't do hardly anything. However, Shamsiel points out that greatness isn't always about doing major things by one's self, and in fact, she actually contributes greatly to push him to want and do more.
  • Visual Innuendo: Lute's sword's hilt. It's almost a running gag. Watch the anime and pay close attention to how it almost always looks as though it's pointing to/from a specific area of his body then remember what one actually does with a sword. Seriously. Look at his image, it's even happening there!
  • X Marks the Spot: There are special marks that appear on his hands when his power is fully activated, it marks him as being a demon (in possession of the Hallowed Hand), so if said symbols are ever exposed to others, they would instantly know he is of demonic nature, which by law means he would be killed. For the record, said marks are NOT x's.
  • Zero Effort Boss He wins some considerably difficult battles, challenges, and other situations he gets into with almost no effort on his part. He admits this and thus never even attempts to make it seem like he actually did anything.

Shamsiel Sahar

A succubus demon-girl that falls in love with Lute Hende after he survives a night in bed with her. She had been attacking townsmen in Boan at the start of the story. She amuses herself by taunting (practically) everything, and although she doesn’t let it show right away, she has a deep concern for Lute, and constantly worries about him.


Voiced by: Miyu Inoue aka Kanematsu Yuka (JP)

Tropes she exhibits include:

  • Absolute Cleavage: Her outfit leaves little to the imagination, but justified with her being a succubus, which preys on men by seducing them through strictly sexual means
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: Near the start of Luceria and the Harem Route, during the 1st night in Vunderbalt, Lute presents her with a gift he had requested and received from the King while at the capital: a bra. It was of the highest quality make, and made of pure silk. Shamsiel had been joking when she first asked for it, but was deeply touched upon recieving it, because it was the first time a human had ever given her a present. She then tries it on and well...
  • Badass in Distress Most of the time, Shamsiel is easiest the most powerful person in any room she enters (Lute has powers, but doesn't realize it for the most part). Two primary instances of her experiencing this: First is during her route when she is unable to vanquish "Hyper Bobon" by herself, and Lute has to remember and awaken his own demonic powers to stop Bobon and protect her. The second time is during the Harem route, and has to do with how the Prime Minister had used magical barriers on both his room and the dungeon which hadn't been set up specifically to stop HER, these made it impossible for her to spy on the Prime Minister or rescue Lute by herself when he was framed for killing the King. Instead, she ended up seeking help from Roxanne, Isis, Luceria, and Gladys in order to rescue Lute and take down the Prime Minister.
  • Break The Cutie: Majority of her appearance times, she is pretty much always upbeat and cheerfully teasing Lute or anyone else she's talking to. However, there's a point in the Harem Route where she loses that almost entirely: She had left Lute to sleep the night the king had told him that he was going to be his appointed successor. During her absence, the king was murdered and Lute was framed as well as imprisoned for committing it. By the time she figured out what had happened, Lute was locked in the dungeon and a barrier around it prevented her from breaking him out on her own. Eventually, she recruits the aid of Roxanne, Isis, Luceria, Gladys, and even the 3 generals to help her to rescue Lute from his execution. During most of the scenes, she claims to be standing in for Lute amongst them and even makes jokes to tease the girls. However, on the night before his scheduled execution, Shamsiel goes off by herself, and finally shows just how worried and hard the whole situation had hit her. In tears, she quietly apologizes for failing Lute by letting this happen to him and not being there when he needed her, despite all her claims to being his true wife, and she promises to save Lute before his execution, no matter what.
  • Berserk Button: She doesn't like it when people constantly belittle or act mean toward Lute, and even offers to devour them, and in the case of the generals' assassins, she actually does it. She also doesn't like it whenever Lute seems to be holding other girls in higher regards than herself, which was particularly evident with Luceria who is revealed to be half-nymph and therefore demonic like herself.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In her route, she saves Lute from the guards that the Prime Minister sent to kill Lute. In Isis' route, she saves Lute and Isis from Motaire by making the floor collapse beneath him, and then she flies them out of the capital to the border of Boan so they can escape. Then, in her biggest BDH moment, when Lute is about to be executed by the Prime Minister, she appears to him and stops him by transforming all the Royal Guards' swords into carrots.
  • Bodyguarding a Badass She's this for Lute pretty much the entire story.
  • Breast Expansion Happens in both the anime and the visual novel, and both times were due to her entering a church. However, in the Visual Novel, it is permanent, whereas in the anime it is not.
  • Blatant Lies: While she gloats that she doesn't lie and always tells the truth... Yeah, not always. She tends to say such things jokingly and no one is ever quite able to prove one way or the other, such as when she says she doesn't attack others after siding with Lute, but there were at least 2 instances where she DID attack others. It was on Lute's behalf, but he still didn't actually order her or even know she did so until afterwards.
  • But Not Too Bi: She's a succubus, so she prefers to attack men. She even states that she doesn't like women (as a "food source" for herself) in the visual novel, but that doesn't stop her from complimenting as well as spying on the other girls Lute spends time with and sometimes offering to join in, and even going as far as doing so in the Harem ending.
  • Bully Hunter: She's not very fond of people who disrespect or continuously mock Lute. He tells her not to bother attacking them since he doesn't care if they treat him like that, but a few times... She takes matters into her own hands.
  • Cameo: She and many of the characters appear on posters and merchandise in the anime adaptation of "Mankitsu Happening" including her being on the cover of a manga book being read by a character in one of the trailers. Shamsiel also happens to be the one to appear the most in said cameos overall with several posters including a few featuring a screenshot from the KF anime of Lute grabbing her breast for the first time. It's kind of funny when you realize said images are supposedly decorating the walls of a regular manga shop, NOT an adult shop or anything like that.
  • Coitus Uninterruptus: She uses her magic a few times to create barriers that prevent outsiders from interrupting Lute and whoever he is getting intimate with. Whether it's her or another woman, but most of the time, she's secretly watching.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl Surprisingly enough... or not! She usually doesn't actually care if Lute is sleeping with women besides her, in fact, she teases him about it almost constantly, and even helps him out with doing so in a few instances. However, at the same time, she repeatedly asserts herself to him that SHE is to be his "true wife" no matter what, and he does marry her in both her own and the Harem route, with the latter he had changed the law on killing demons to do so. With that being said, there is at least one genuine instance of her showing jealousy towards Princess Luceria. The reason for this was because Shamsiel could smell that Luceria was as she puts it, "like her", and as it turns out, while Luceria isn't actually a demon. She IS half-nymph which apparently means her body IS indeed similar, and she can be just as deadly as that of a succubus in bed, so for all intents and purposes, this means Shamsiel saw Luceria as her only legitimate rival for Lute's love. However, she actually forgoes this in any route where she isn't the one Lute chooses. See.. I Just Want My Beloved to Be Happy below.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Cute? Definitely. Monster? She's a high-class demon, so she can be at times just ask her victims aside from Lute... Oh wait!.
  • Cute Little Fangs: She sports them well, and they're a nice reminder that she's not human. She's a succubus, and make no mistake: If you do anything to insult her or otherwise piss her off... She. will. EAT YOU UP!
  • Death by Sex: Happens to most of her "victims". Lute is the only man to survive an actual night with her due to his half-incubus nature.
  • Did You Just Have Sex?: She calls Lute out on this a few times, usually to tease him about it, but she even ends up getting jealous a couple times.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: After she and Lute's first night together where he survives sex with her, this happens. Although in the anime it stays at this level, in the Visual Novel, she becomes his wife in some of the routes.
  • Early Bird Cameo: In the anime adaptation, she's the first character to appear. Seconds before it shows her devouring a man in Boan.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: While not so much evil, she's still a member of a demonic race, but there are lines even she wouldn't cross. Such as taking people hostage like the Prime Minister or having thugs bind and try to drown someone (Lute in her route).
  • Erotic Eating: In just about every sense, but given her status as a succubus, it's no surprise. She even tries feeding Lute directly from her mouth as he eats breakfast as an excuse to kiss him.
  • Eyes of Gold: She has gorgeous golden eyes that also glow in the dark, making them Glowing Eyes of Doom too.
  • Fate Worse Than Death: Being a succubus, those whom she engages in intercourse with die when she "drains" them. An in-story example is what happened to the assassins. Lute may have been the one to knock them out, but it was Shamsiel who took it upon herself to reduce them to shriveled husks and then toss them out the window when she was done.
  • Feminine Women Can Cook: She is able to cook, though her species don't feeds using food at all.
  • Fiery Redhead: Though she may not have the temper of most examples of this, anyone who knows even a little about her, knows she has a burning passionate side. She's very outgoing, she'll always speak her mind, and she could care less who knows it.
  • Forgotten First Meeting: It's implied that Shamsiel has known Lute and his family since before he was born, but was never formally introduced until years later during their first night in Boan together... When she takes his virginity. Later on in her route, Lute remembered meeting her back when he was only 2 or 3, and in said memory it confirms she met him when he was even smaller. There is actually official art from an art book for the series that confirms this, seen Here
  • Gondor Calls For Aid: In the Harem Route, when Lute is framed, imprisoned, and sentenced to death, Shamsiel is unable to rescue him alone, so she recruits the help of the other women Lute loved to help her. For her part, Shamsiel was actually the one who sets the whole rescue mission in motion when she sees Roxanne outside the castle, and gets the idea of her standing in for the princess. Which in turn allows her to send the princess to go to meet Gladys to get all the help and planning necessary to save Lute, and it pays off!
  • Good Adultery, Bad Adultery: For her, she mostly doesn't care if Lute sleeps with other women (and it doesn't matter about those women's situations either whether they're spoken for or not). In fact, she helps him out a few times with such situations. The only time she kind of actually cared was when Lute was with Princess Luceria, because Shamsiel sensed that she was of (half)demonic origins and her body was kind like that of a Succubus.
  • Good All Along: After their first night, she becomes Lute's friend and first lover despite being a man-killing super natural creature. Some of the routes make a few hints now and then as though she wasn't being as honest or loyal to Lute as it seems, but these always turned out to just be red herrings, and that she was always going to be loving and loyal to Lute no matter what happened or who he chose to be with, even if it wasn't always her. It pays off big time in the true canon, harem route, because in that one she finally becomes able to live out in the open and marry Lute freely when he becomes king.
  • Hidden Depths: At first you're busy looking at her gorgeous body, then you either... well... DIE! Thanks to her sucking you dry. OR you get to know her and find out she has a Hidden Heart of Gold on top of being very intelligent, wise, and powerful too.
  • Horny Devil: Make no mistake, she's a succubus. So her interests, hobbies, thoughts, and desires have one thing in common. Of course, she DOES have actual horns, wings, and a tail.
  • Hot Witch: Being a succubus, she has an array of magical powers such as flight, being able to change weapons into carrots, able to kill human men by draining their life force aside from Lute, warping long distances quickly, able to lift large amounts of weight, can phase through walls and the floor, and can even become invisible to anyone she wants and control who is able to see her at will.
  • Happiness in Slavery: After their first night together, she joyfully declares herself to be Lute's sex slave in the anime adaptation, although she calls herself a concubine in the visual novel. It changes later depending on the route.
  • Heroic Comedic Sociopath: After she falls in love with Lute, she generally listens to what he says, but that doesn't mean she fully changes who she is. For instance: During the night when Lute was attacked by assassins D and E, Lute knocks them out in his sleep. Then, Shamsiel has this playful little exchange: "Maybe I should eat 'em." (Lute snores) "What do you think, Lute?" (Lute snores again) "Ohhh, you think I should eat them too? You're right they're bad, and they need to be smitten." (Lute still snoring) "Alright! Bon Appetite!" The next day their bodies are found shriveled up and tossed outside Lute's window a few stories above the ground.
  • Interspecies Romance: Her being a succubus, which is a class of demon, and Lute being human. Sort of. It turns out he's half-incubus.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy In the routes where the player don't chooses her, she basically ends up doing this. In Roxanne's she at least comes back to visit Lute occasionally, but in Isis' route she returns to the capital, and in Luceria's route, despite Lute promising to make her his true wife, when she witnesses the King declaring him his heir and allowing him to marry Princess Luceria, she concedes and after a short farewell, disappears.
  • It's All My Fault: She blamed herself for what happened with Lute getting framed and imprisoned for the murder of King Hagel in the Harem Route. It is for that reason she suffers a Break The Cutie moment where she starts crying about the situation when she's alone after setting up the plan to rescue him. When she finally rescues Lute and frees him, she apologizes, and then he forgives and thanks her.
  • Joined Your Party: She's the first woman Lute meets that by the true ending, becomes a member of Lute's harem of lovers/wives. She is in fact one of the 3 of the 6 that he actually DOES marry by the epilogue. Lute was pretty surprised when he first met her in Boan, and even more shocked when she declared that she would stay with him.
  • Killed Off for Real: Happens to Assassin D and E when she drains them dry.
  • Ki Attacks: Her magic takes all manner of forms, but when she and Lute are confronting "Hyper Devil Bobon" at the end of her route, she uses energy blasts to try and defeat him, but they have no effect. Bobon then uses his own on her, which nearly kill her. Lute then retaliates with his own awakened "Hallowed Hand" powers, which obliterate Bobon in one shot.
  • King Incognito: At first, when she sees Lute in Boan, she didn't recognize him, but after their night together, she realizes who he is, as the son of the last Demon King, but decides not to fully disclose this information to him unless one chooses her route, why? It was because she felt it was her duty as not only a succubus who were SUPPOSED to serve the incubuses, but also as a way of honoring the wishes of Lute's parents who wanted him to be able to freely choose and live his life as he wanted to, even if that meant him choosing someone else over her. Good news is, she becomes one of his wives and stays with him in the Harem Ending which is the true, canon ending.
  • Living Aphrodisiac: She's a succubus, so it's very hard to resist her, and very easy to be ensnared by her.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: She's a su-ccu-bu-s, so of course she's this.
  • Made of Iron: Not in the way of being actually durable...unless you count in the bedroom, but her demonic powers allow her to phase through solid objects including bullets, but apart from magic or magic objects, she is near-invulnerable to everything.
  • Matchmaker Crush: In a few of the routes, she helps Lute out with his other love interests even though she loves him too. In Roxanne's route, she uses magic to keep people from interrupting and catching Lute and Roxanne together privately. In Isis' route, she may not have helped Lute so much with getting together, but she helped the two of them escape the capital together and then left them alone to live happily together. In Luceria's route, she actually helped Lute out with getting together with Princess Luceria, but leaves when you choose the Princess over her.
  • Moment Killer: Almost immediately after every. single. touching moment Lute has with any other girl besides her, the second he's alone she will almost always appear from nowhere to playfully tease him about what just happened. That said, she tends to use this to lead into having her own moments with him as well. In fact, she also inverts this trope sometimes for the benefit of Lute's other love interests when she uses her magic to prevent outsiders from disturbing Lute and whoever he's currently being intimate with.
  • Ms. Exposition: She's been around for a long time, she has a lot of experience and skills thanks to that, and is also very wise, and Dangerously Genre Savvy yet her playful nature tends to make others forget this about her. Well, that and the fact that apart from Lute and other demons, any other humans that see her tend to be her "meals" who don't exactly get the chance to talk after encountering her. She knew Lute's true identity and parentage, she knew about the demon forest and temples, she is able to read people EXTREMELY well, and knows a lot of useful magic.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She is notably most interested in sex than other potential love interests and her costume is much more skimpy.
  • My Sensors Indicate You Want to Tap That: She can read Lute like a book, and openly teases him about it, but at the same time, he knows she has feelings for him too, which she teases him about too.
  • Nominal Hero: She is killing innocent human beings without any provocation at the start of the story. Long story short, being devoted to Lute is the only thing that separates her from an actual villain.
  • Not So Abandoned Building: Just because you can't see, hear, or sense her, doesn't necessarily mean she isn't around. Her powers make her able to reveal herself to anyone she wants, anywhere, anytime, and she takes full advantage of that fact. She can even control how many people in a crowd can see her or not.
  • No Angels: According to her, the idea that demons can't enter Churches and holy places is a load of crap. However, while she DOES enter such places and even engages in sex a few times in said places with Lute, one has to wonder if there might be SOME truth behind it. The logic being that if going in a Church didn't affect her at all, why then did her breasts suddenly increase in size (permanently in the Visual Novel) from repeated trips into one? So it DOES have effects, but not how we'd expect.
  • No Range Like Point-Blank Range: During the climax of the Harem Route, she and Gladys had confronted the Prime Minister in his personal room. When Shamsiel appeared, she caught him by surprise so he panicked and started shooting his gun that he had at her. Except that with her powers, she made it so the bullets phased right through her and missed until he used up all his ammo. A feat, she teasingly points out to him by saying "Zero points!"
  • Nice All Along: Initially, she seemingly wanted to kill Lute during their first meeting in Boan, but after their night together she chooses to stay by his side. There are some scenes in some of the routes that might be interpreted as her possibly going against Lute, but in actuality, she's one of the nicest people in the entire story. Lute even thinks that she acts more humanely toward him than lots of the others he knows. When she said she'd stay with him, she MEANT it.
  • Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: Most of the time we see her, we're either too busy laughing along with (or at) her jokes and playful antics or we're distracted by her hotness. But, there are a few moments in both the anime and visual novel where she reminds us just what she as a succubus (2nd highest class of demon) is capable of doing to the average person. Especially men.
  • Obviously Evil: Her horns, bat wings, and golden-colored orbits easily give away she is up to no good.
  • Our Demons Are Different: She's a succubus, which according to her is near the top of the demon hierarchy. However, aside from her near-insatiable sexual hunger, she acts more humanely toward Lute than probably anyone else.
  • Oh Crap: Most if not everyone she comes in contact with has this sort of reaction when they first see her. It's not like there isn't good reason for it, but still.
  • Opera Gloves: They're pretty close to being Detached Sleeves, except that they extend to her hands and are similar to Fingerless Gloves.
  • Pep Talker: Whenever Lute seems to be feeling down or unworthy of praise, Shamsiel will almost always appear to say or do something to cheer him on and up. A prime example is this quote by her: "But you made me fall in love with you. It's not all about doing things alone. Inspiring people to help you is a big part of your strength." Another funny one is following Lute being told he will be the King's successor to the throne. Lute wondered what people would call him since he felt "King Lute the 1st" was lame. Without missing a beat she responds, "Penis the 1st", which he doesn't like but was appreciative of the joke to lighten things up.
  • Perky Female Minion: At times, she comes across as this to Lute.
  • Pool Scene: In the epilogue of the Harem route, all the girls and Lute have this together. Apparently it's part of their daily routine, and it even starts out as Non-Nude Bathing, but seems more so Lute has clothes to rip off of them.
  • The Pornomancer: Zigzagged. SHE is a succubus, and thus she has little to no interest in women as far as wanting to "feed" on them. Having said that, she DOES at the very least acknowledge when other women are attractive in some way or another, especially as far as comparing boobs goes. There's also the fact that since she's a succubus, she makes it pretty clear that she can pursue and ensnare any man she wants with literally lethal results of success. Having said that, after her first night with Lute (which is supposedly the first and only time a man had survived being with her), she decides to stay with him from then on rather than feed on other men, because as she puts it: his "tastes" the best.
  • Quirky but Competent: Her personality, attitude, and disposition makes her seem mostly carefree and fun-loving, but when the time comes, she is more than capable of handling nearly any situation with ease. Thanks in part due to both her powers and the amount of experience she has had since she has lived a lot longer than most if not all other characters we meet directly in the story.
  • Royal Blood: As a succubus, her species is apparently the 2nd highest ranking class of demon. To the point where she even makes the claim that it puts her ABOVE the other women Lute knows, such as Isis (a daughter of nobility) or even Princess Luceria.
  • Roaring Rampage of Rescue: In her route, after Bobon seizes god-like devil powers, Shamsiel tries to stop him on her own, but fails and is nearly killed by him. This leads to Lute awakening the dormant powers of the demon king as well as his memories of having known Shamsiel from when he was little, pulls this and then proceeds to obliterate Bobon in a single shot to keep Shamsiel and the world safe.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: Lute is definitely smart, though unskilled in most areas. Meanwhile, Shamsiel is an energetic succubus with an insatiable appetite for fun... and Lute.
  • Sex Face Turn: She is pretty much a remorseless murderer, but stops (mostly) killing people after Lute has sex with her.
  • She's Got Legs: She sure does! Her being a succubus and all, it's no surprise. She wears a pair of high-heeled, dark purple, zip-up boots with the zipper seemingly always partially opened. She also wears light purple, thigh-high stockings with garter straps connecting them to the rest of her outfit.
  • Single Target Sexuality: After that first night with Lute, she claims that she will only ever do anything sexual with him ever. That's not to say she wouldn't use her powers on those who wronged or attempted to harm Lute, such as Motaire back in Boan or the assassins sent by the generals.
  • Sleep Cute: In the anime, the night before his duel with Gladys, and after having sex with Isis, we see Lute and Shamsiel asleep together in bed with him sleeping with his arms out and his mouth wide open with drool, while she is gently cuddling with him.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Done playfully for the most part, but zigzagged since in some routes it is hinted that she has known Lute and his family since he was a child... interpret that how you will.
  • Stripperiffic: Her outfits are this... Justified, given she's a succubus. Lute even mistakes her for a "cute prostitute" the first time he sees her, much to her delight at being called "cute".
  • Supporting Harem: Depending on which route you pick, determines her role in this to Lute.
  • Serenade Your Lover: In the harem route, she hums a lullaby to Lute after he is exhausted from an inauguration party held in his honor in the capital. Especially touching when she actually turns down an offer of intercourse despite him being worn out. She also does it in her own route after pulling Lute from the river and killing the soldiers that tried to kill Lute. She revives him and feeds him, and hums a lullaby for him to rest to. Special note is that both times the songs are different, but each were former lullabies that Lute's mother used to sing to him.
  • Tenchi Solution: She manages to get her own singular route and ending where she ends up together with Lute, but the True Canon ending is the Harem Ending. In it, Lute marries Shamsiel, Roxanne, and Princess Luceria. As for Isis, Gladys, and Emeralia, he doesn't marry them, but they act as though they basically are.
  • Troll: She absolutely loves messing around with people. During the story, she has many moments where she teases Lute, but most of the time she does it playfully. For example, when Lute is wondering what the people would call him if he became king, she says (without missing a beat), "Penis the First". The only times she actually trolls someone in a serious manner were in situations where she was getting back at those who were constantly belittling Lute, OR later on when she reveals herself to the other women Lute loves besides her, she teased them as well as kept reminding them that no matter what happens, SHE was to be Lute's "True Wife".
  • Their First Time: She is the one who takes Lute's virginity.
  • Unfit for Greatness: Inverted, every time Lute says something about how he doesn't feel worthy of the recognition, prestige, or rise in rank for something he was part of, he points out how most of it was either a fluke or it was thanks to others, especially Shamsiel, and yet each time he DOES say that, Shamsiel always tells him to accept it and keep working to move forward and continue on. One could say that it was thanks to her that he ever got anywhere at all in anything. (Again, he knows this, so he is both humble and grateful towards her for it.)
    • Interestingly enough, Shamsiel actually has a more direct version of this trope applied to herself during a few of the routes, ESPECIALLY the Harem route. For you see, thanks to the Demon Execution Order, it was forbidden by law for humans and demons to marry (unless they did so in secret such as King Hagel and Luceria's mother who was a nymph). Shamsiel however, would never be able to do like that, because succubus can't pass themselves off as humans due to their demonic features: horns, tail, wings, and fangs. So... She secretly knew deep down that she could never be able to be Lute's wife (or queen). However, this gets bypassed in hers AND the Harem Route, because in her route, Lute's half-demon nature awakens and he decides to stay with her in the demon forest as the demon king with her as his wife and queen. In the Harem Route, she had kept pushing for him to aspire for more, even possibly becoming king someday, and if he did so, he would make her his queen/true wife. Lute went along with this, but after being framed for the King's murder, Shamsiel chastised herself for failing to protect him from the Prime Minister's conspiracies. She felt that deep down maybe Lute wasn't serious about making her his queen when he became king, and that she would remain simply as his concubine forever, but it still made her happy to hear it anyway. Then, after the climax of the Harem Route, Lute is cleared of all crimes and set to become the next king, which he does. First order of business he did was to get rid of the Demon Execution Order and marry Shamsiel (along with Luceria and Roxanne, but you get the idea).
  • Villain Protagonist: She's a demon who preys on innocent men. The only reason she isn't an outright bad guy is because her loyalty to Lute ensures she will side with him.
  • X Marks the Hero: She initially didn't recognize Lute, but after their first time together, she knew exactly who and what he truly was, so she then pledges herself to him forever.
  • You Taste Delicious: She says this about Lute. Inverted though, in the case of Assassins D and E. She had sucked them dry after their failed attempt to attack and for saying insults about Lute. The next day, when Lute figures out what she did, she says that they tasted awful, to the point that she thought she might get a stomach ache because of them.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: Happens in 2 of the routes. Isis and Shamsiel's have Lute going into a magic forest that turns out to be a sort of safe haven for Demons of various kinds. On his journey, Lute discovers 2 temples said to have been built by the demons. The first is actually a decoy built with a Guardian Tree over it that is meant to lure any humans seeking power into a trap since the Guardian Tree only listens to those in possession of the "Hallowed Hands" demonic power. The 2nd temple which is farther in, is much more elaborate, and the throne can magically grant any who sits upon it a god-like demonic power including the "Hallowed Hands". In Isis' route, they reach the 2nd temple, but when they find nothing in it (Lute doesn't sit on the throne), they decide to return to the capital to report on their expedition. Afterward, the Prime Minister secretly questions Isis on Lute's suspicious abilities and then declares Lute a "devil" that must be executed immediately. Isis goes to warn Lute, but they are stopped from escaping until Shamsiel intervenes and warps them to Boan. From there, Shamsiel tells them they can't come back to the kingdom ever again and must flee. They do. In Shamsiel's route, they return to the capital BEFORE reaching the 2nd temple, but the Prime Minister is again suspicious of Lute so he sends him out again with thugs to secretly kill him. It fails thanks to Shamsiel coming to his aid and killing the thugs. They make their way to the 2nd temple, but find that Bobon had gotten there and stolen the power of the temple. They fight, but Shamsiel gets injured and Lute in turn awakens not only his memories but his true powers and kills Bobon. Afterward, the crests of the Hallowed Demons remain visible on his hands which meant he would no longer be able to live among humans anymore, which was something Shamsiel hadn't wanted for him since she would have rather he be able to live how he wanted. In the case of that route though, what he "wanted" was to be with her, so he stays in the demon woods with her forever.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Type A - Thigh-highs with garter straps.

Isis Petrovna Elenskaya

Royal Knight and Bodyguard.

The top female graduate from the Royal Knight's Academy, and the number 2 overall graduate from the class that Lute was part of. Although she seems cold and mean, she is actually a very affectionate girl who cannot hide her true emotions toward those she loves.


Voiced by: Alice Sakurai (JP)

Tropes exhibited by her include:

  • Absolute Cleavage: Three words: See her image?
  • A-Cup Angst: Inverted. As the only female Royal Knight, she feels very conscious of her body since apparently, her fellow royal knights (minus her fiance Motaire) as well as their leader and higher ranked Royal Knights all make comments about her large breasts, and some even make attempts to cop feels, much to her displeasure. Hence, she wonders if it would have been better if they were smaller. Lute however, tells her that he thinks she is fine as is, and that they suit her well. She then thanks him.
  • Action Girl: She was the number 2 graduate of her class from the Royal Knight's Academy AND the top female graduate overall! More impressive is that she seemingly got to where she was on her own, because unlike Motaire who had been taught by Gladys, the daughter of the top knight in the kingdom, she learned entirely on her own.
  • Actually Pretty Funny: She winds up on both sides of this at one point. In the Harem route, when Lute is on his way to duel Gladys in chess, everyone is telling him "You're gonna lose!", "This is the end for you!", or "Not if, WHEN you lose..." So Lute asks Isis if/when he loses, that she grant him a last request of pressing her boobs into his face after his execution. She refuses of course, but later on, when Lute surprisingly WINS the duel and returns, he tells Isis she can forget about the "Boob thing", to which she basically calls him a jackass for mentioning. General Felzen, who was with him asked Lute what they were talking about, and when Lute explained, Felzen started laughing (a first time for him to be laughing when Lute's involved). Later on in the same route, Isis had become Lute's personal guard, and was with him one morning. It was the night after a celebratory banquet held in Lute's honor. During which, Motaire had been thrown out of the party for trying to strangle Lute. The next morning, Emeralia visits Lute and tells him that later that day, he was scheduled to meet with Motaire's father. Lute asks what the meeting would be about, and Emeralia just said it was to meet and discuss economic stuff. Lute jokingly says, "Phew, that's a relief. I was worried he was going to ask me to marry his son or something." Isis who was in the room, laughs loudly upon hearing that, but quickly straightened up when Emeralia turned to her.
  • Adaptational Villainy: In the anime, she appears to have replaced Emeralia in terms of being an agent working for the Prime Minister. However, after she has sex with Lute and he wins the chess duel with Gladys, she seems to have had a High Heel Face Turn.
  • Alpha Bitch: Comes with being the hottest girl at the academy, as well as (second) best in the field of it's many, many policies. How can you not tell by the way she dismisses and berates Lute or anybody else below her station? She eventually grows out of it after some humbling experiences.
  • Ambiguously Bi: It depends on how you look at it... In the Harem Route's epilogue, Isis has become a part of Lute's harem of lovers. During the events that we see, she and the other girls take turns giving Lute boobjobs each morning apparently, and they actually apparently help each other improve their techniques. In Isis' case, it goes even further when she and Gladys rub their boobs together on Lute's shaft as a "commemoration" for his graduation from the Royal Knight Academy. But wait, there's more, because shortly after, the other girls team up to "punish" Gladys for setting that up, and during that, Isis took it upon herself to suck (and yes drink from) Gladys' boob. Later that night, the girls engaged in a group orgy with Lute (using split seeds), and while he was having sex with Isis from behind, Princess Luceria got beneath her and sucked on her boobs (yes drinking from her as well) which she clearly enjoyed, so again, depends on how you look at it.
  • Apologizes a Lot: Happens during the Harem route a bunch, once you become High Commander, Isis can't stop apologizing to Lute for how she treated him back at the Royal Knight's Academy or during the beginning of this story. She can't quite understand that Lute already forgave her for all that because he wasn't bothered by her or anyone teasing him or anything like that. She also kept apologizing for sometimes letting herself address Lute in an informal manner or saying things out of line to him since by then he outranked her as the highest military leader in the kingdom 2nd only to the King and maybe the Prime Minister. Again though, Lute tells her that he doesn't mind stuff like that, much less coming from her since he likes her, she reminds him though that she still had to be careful about it in order to avoid sounding informal in front of others such as officials or politicians she could get in trouble with.
  • Badass Cape: Though we never see it on her, but she does give it to Lute to keep him warm during her route. So, we can assume it was one given her badassness.
  • Badass in Distress: She was the top female graduate from the Knight's Academy, and 2nd overall only to Motaire, her fiance. However, in her route she becomes this several times, and justified since she gets more or less thrown into a situation that leaves her quite out of her element. For starters... She's sent out on practically a suicide mission to a mysterious forest, her troops all ditch her (aside from Lute), she's left to fend for herself without much experience in field survival training (Lute helps her out), she gets stung by a Sexipede (after ignoring Lute's warnings), and gets molested by a magic tree whose sap induces extreme sexual arousal (that costs her her virginity) and a life-threatening fever, and the fever came AFTER being almost cooked alive and eaten by demons had Lute not intervened and convinced the demons to release her.
  • Bathing Beauty: In her own route as well as the harem one, but when it happens in her own route, she is bathing in a river in a forest, and she is wearing only her panties. Lute goes to check on her and is in awe at her beauty, she notices his presence and calls him out on it. She tells him to bring her her clothes and well... Lute finds out the reason she had told him she was taking a bath was, because she was trying to lure him to having sex with her.
  • Berserk Button: At first it is towards Lute for being the lowest graduate from the Knight's Academy, but after she starts falling for him later on, it changes to anyone trying to harm or act meanly toward Lute. She's also not very fond of Droit and Aristera, but that's sort of justified since they were 2 of the girls Motaire regularly cheated on her with. In the Harem Route, she also doesn't exactly get along with Shamsiel at first because she didn't like the idea of trusting a demon, but there was also the fact that Shamsiel would pick on her for having been the only woman in Lute's secret group of rescuers that hadn't actually had sex with him before. Additionally meaning she was the only Virgin in their midst as well, so you can bet Shamsiel teased her about that too, but for her part, Shamsiel was doing it just to ease the tension/anxiety of everyone worrying about Lute's fate).
  • Big Fancy Sword: Isis wields a 2-handed long-sword which she is seen carrying with her just about everywhere. She's quite skilled with it too since she was the 2nd highest graduate of her class, AND the fact that in Luceria and the Harem routes, she becomes Lute's (who by then was the High Commander and later king) personal bodyguard, which says a LOT. In the Harem route, they also say that by the epilogue, she's become an expert at handling Lute's sword as well...
  • Bodyguard Crush: In the harem and Luceria routes, she voluntarily becomes Lute's personal bodyguard, after seeing how brilliant he actually is, especially compared to her fiance Motaire. In both routes, she develops feelings for Lute, hence this, but in Luceria's route she misses her chance. Thankfully though, she doesn't miss in the Harem Route which is the true canon ending, so she ends up happily becoming one of Lute's harem of brides/lovers}}.
  • Bodyguarding a Badass: In the Harem and Luceria routes, Isis eventually comes to see Lute as a very capable and important person (to the kingdom and herself), so she volunteers to become his personal bodyguard. In Luceria's route, she cries at Lute's and Luceria's wedding (hints point to it being out of a sense of missing her chance with him), but it is likely she stays as his bodyguard anyway. In the Harem route, she stays fully devoted and protective of him to the end (and beyond). In the epilogue, it's said that she DOES remain his personal bodyguard, but anytime the 2 were alone (on duty) together, they basically just spent the whole time having sex. To the point where Lute forgets what she was supposed to protect him from. "The Witches" she says... Referring to the others in Lute's harem. Truth be told, if Lute's true powers were to awaken he'd be nearly invincible. Hence the "badass" part of this trope.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Isis winds up experiencing a version of this a number of times... In her own route, toward the beginning, she begins arguing with Lute in the forest and her actions attract an insect known as a Sexipede that proceeds to sting her in her breasts. The venom can be deadly if not extracted, but in order to do so, Lute had to grope and milk her breasts which causes her to become uncontrollably aroused. Once the effects of the venom wear off, she is very angry about him being the first man to not only see, but also touch her breasts. Later on in her route, she and Lute are investigating a tree that turns out to be a magical guardian tree, and it winds up ensnaring her in vines and molests her for a bit, smearing its sap all over her body and in her mouth. Lute manages to free her, but the sap acts as a powerful aphrodisiac that causes her to become uncontrollably aroused, to an even greater degree than the first time. Lute does try to calm her down with talking, but it doesn't work, and so she has sex with him. Losing her Virginity, and once again, immediately after they finish, she is absolutely PISSED at him for not trying harder to stop her without taking her virginity. In the anime, there is a scene where Wank Con had sought to poison Lute's wine, but Shamsiel discovers this and replaces the poison with a powerful aphrodisiac. She was hoping Lute would drink it, but Isis winds up drinking it instead, and so she has sex with him until it wears off, but unlike the Visual Novel, she wasn't angry with him afterwards. Also, depending on how you see her character's portrayal and actions in the anime, this may have caused a combination High Heel Face Turn and Sex Face Turn given how nicely she acts toward Lute after that.
  • Break The Cutie: Happens, big time in her own route. See Despair Event Horizon below...
  • The Cameo: She and many of the characters appear on posters and merchandise in the anime adaptation of "Mankitsu Happening". It's kind of funny when you realize said images are supposedly decorating the walls of a regular manga shop, NOT an adult shop or anything like that.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Happens to her in Luceria route when it is revealed that she cried at Lute's and Luceria's wedding. Compare to what happens in the Harem route where she finally DOES say it.
  • Career Versus Man: At the end of her route, she and Lute make it back to the capital safely and are set to be rewarded by the king, but the Prime Minister has Isis speak to him in private. Their talk regards Lute's strange abilities he had displayed during their trip such as being able to activate the demon temples, killing fish with just putting his hand in water, and being revered by demons. The Prime Minister accuses Lute of being the "devil" which the demons spoke of and orders her to kill him. She agrees (she was lying), and leaves. Outside she encounters Motaire who was also told to kill Lute, but she refuses his help. Instead, she goes and warns Lute to escape otherwise the Royal Guards would kill him. They are brought to the front of the castle by Shamsiel, but Lute tries to convince Isis to stay behind, otherwise she'd be throwing away her future as a Royal Knight. Isis tearfully tells him that she could care less about that and she was going to stay with him no matter what. They then flee the country together, so ultimately she chose her man... Over her (kind of sad) career and arranged marriage to her cheating, abusive, jerkass (ex-)boyfriend.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: She has quite a few moments of this: Early on, she was this toward Motaire, but he didn't care at all. Since he claimed to not feel any sort of attraction toward her at all, he would cheat on her with other girls, and she knew about it. In her route, she dreamed about calling Motaire out on this, and then dumping him. Then in Luceria's and the Harem route, she comes to develop respect and admiration for Lute, that turns to a friendship, and then love. Although she doesn't fully declare it to him until the end, she DOES have moments where she shows jealousy toward other girls getting close to Lute, particularly the 2 groupies... Understandable since they used to be with Motaire... Her ex-fiance.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: She delivers some during the Harem Route, after Lute was imprisoned for supposedly murdering the King, Isis was put under house arrest with Princess Luceria for trying to prove his innocence. At one point Motaire shows up and during their conversation, Isis reveals that she was in love with Lute with all her heart, and that she was breaking off her engagement to Motaire, and if he had any problems, "he could just keeping f-cking those 2 sluts, Aristera and Droit".
  • Comforting Comforter: See You Must Be Cold below...
  • Compressed Adaptation: Her role is very compact in the anime versus the visual novel. In the anime, she seems to have replaced (and at least somewhat inherited) the combined roles of Motaire, Emeralia, and even herself from the visual novel. What does that mean? Well... she's taking orders from the Prime Minister in secret and passing along messages from him to Bran Prawn (both of whom are villains... even referring to the Prime Minister as "my lord"), SHE was top of their knight class (no mention of Motaire or of her being engaged at all), and the one time she gets a sex scene in the anime, it's a combination of several scenes and elements from the various scenes of her route (modified of course), as well as mixing in bits from other plots in the story such as Jon Cron trying to "poison" Lute before the duel. Instead, she ingests a powerful aphrodisiac and sleeps with Lute. After that, all we see is her cheerfully celebrating his victory over Gladys, nothing else to go by.
  • Covert Pervert: In a few of the routes where she warms up to Lute, she sometimes makes jokes to him, or misinterprets his jokes as serious and actually offers to accept his joking advances as real, only to usually withdraw bashfully the next moment.
  • Complaining About Rescues They Don't Like: In her route, she does this a couple times. The first 2 times were justified a bit since.... On the one hand, if Lute hadn't extracted the poison she got from the Sexipede, she may have died, and the thing with the Guardian Trees sap caused HER to lose control so she practically forced him into taking her virginity. On the other hand, she still blames him both times. She also doesn't initially acknowledge him for sharing his cooked food with her despite him actually knowing MORE about field survival and cooking than her. Then, when he rescues her from the demons who were going to cook and eat her, she blushes, but tells him she doesn't plan on thanking him. He tells her it was fine since he just did it of his own free will. After that is when she finally starts thanking him for helping her.
  • Chekhov's Gun: It's only ever mentioned in her own route, but she has a special locket/pendant she received from (and is a memento of) her grandmother. Apparently, when it's held up to the moonlight, it will display the image of "her prince" within it. She seemingly lost it early on in the route when she was being attacked by the Guardian tree, but on the return trip, Lute finds it. He doesn't immediately return it due to her being asleep at the time, so He forgets about it for a little while, but returns it to her when they finally reach the capital and complete the journey. It comes into play after Isis had met with the Prime Minister and called Lute a demon and ordered her to kill him immediately. She pulls it out and accidentally drops it. It opens and activates to reveal... Lute's image. It's not so much the pendant itself that matters, but it's that extra push it gives Isis that leads her to choosing to stay with Lute over anything/anyone else in the world.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: She is very cute and very clumsy as revealed in the royal guard path.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: It is revealed that her family had defected from a snowy kingdom in the northeast, and her siblings had all died from the plague, so she was pushed toward entering the Royal Knight's Academy. She worked hard and eventually graduated as the top female graduate of her class, and 2nd overall. She was also set up in an arranged marriage to Motaire as the last hope for her family's survival and prosperity, but despite trying her hardest to make it work between them,he belittles her and cheats on her with other women. That said, in the harem route, she breaks off the engagement with Motaire to be with Lute who becomes the new king.
  • Dead Siblings: We find out that her family had defected from the snowy kingdom of Ostacia in the northeast, and her siblings had all died from the plague.
  • Defeat by Modesty: There's a couple of examples, especially in her own route. You could say that everytime she and Lute had sex or engaged in a sexual act, that he defeats her in it due to her inexperience, and the fact that she's taking on someone who is secretly half-incubus which even though neither of them were aware of, still means SHE as a normal human woman is practically challenging The Pornomancer at what he does best. The very last time we see them making love on-screen in her route, they were having a "contest" where Lute would "attack her weakpoints" and she would try not to let them arouse her, eventually however they both end up dropping the pretense and choose to just enjoy the sensations, but afterward, she happily tells Lute that she lost.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Technically speaking. In her route, Lute "defeats" her by getting her to let go of her negative feelings and persona that had been plaguing her due to her miserable engagement to Motaire. After a number of incidents, Lute finally wins her over... Kinda literally in a sense, due to her challenging Lute to a sexual-based contest of each others' weak points. By the time all is said and done, she admits defeat to him, and it's also obvious that she had fallen in love with him. In the Harem route however, it's not even actually HER defeats that get her to befriend and later fall in love with Lute. Lute defeating Gladys and rising in the ranks while maintaining kindness and harboring no grudges against her or anyone else. Plus, there were numerous occasions where Motaire was "defeated" in his efforts to try and convince people that he was superior to Lute, and each time he fails, Isis became more and more aware of how much of a better man Lute was instead.
  • Demoted To Extra: In the anime adaptation her role is very compressed. On top of having almost no development or screentime, she gets only one sex scene that seemingly combines some elements from all over her own route and other pieces of the story.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Her route is brimming with moments where she is experiencing this. Starting from the top, when she is assigned to investigate the demon woods, she is fearful that it will be a suicide mission. She tries to talk to Motaire the night before leaving, but he tells her if she died then that was all she was worth. He tells her that he has no interest in her as a woman, that even if she survives he will likely call off the engagement, and that he doesn't care if she dies. All this before he leaves her alone and in tears as he goes off to cheat on her with his groupies. She mumbles that all she had wanted was for him to hold her, and if that was how he saw her, she would be happy to die... Then on the mission, she and Lute are abandoned by all their other troops, but instead of going back to resupply and report this (which would have been the smart thing), she presses onward knowing she had poor experience/skill in field survival, cooking, and camping. Lute stays and helps her on the way, but she doesn't acknowledge him. Lute even ends up saving her life multiple times from things within the forest such as a Sexipede, the Guardian Tree, demons trying to cook and eat her, and then a deadly fever she catches. Each time Lute saves her, she questions why she survived and why he didn't leave her to just die already. It's especially obvious how broken she was was during the fever, when she was deliriously speaking in her sleep as though she were talking to Motaire and having a breakdown from his cruel comments at the start of the route. Once she recovers from it, she comes out of her depression and begins acting genuinely happy and appreciative toward Lute, which evolves into an unbreakable bond of trust, loyalty, and love which, (if you finish her route) leads her to stay with him forever no matter what.
  • Driven to Suicide: Almost... See Death Seeker below.
  • Death Seeker: With how Motaire speaks to and treats her, especially at the start of her route, she isn't so much driven to suicide, so much as she had been given what was widely considered to be a suicide mission to explore the demon woods, and she was so depressed thanks to Motaire that she actually said she would be glad to die on the mission. Meaning she had the opportunity die. It explains a lot of her behavior during said mission such as: Not returning to the capital to replenish her troops' numbers, resupply, and report the rest of her team (apart from Lute) deserting. Her insistence on continuing the mission knowing she had little supplies, equipment, and her being poorly prepared for field survival or even cooking. Also, how she carelessly ignored Lute's warnings regarding Sexipedes, demons, and the guardian tree. Then, pushing her body recklessly while suffering from a fever that could have (and almost did) kill her. THANKFULLY, Lute stays with her the whole way and comes to her aid whenever she gets into trouble, and because of this, he manages to bring her out of her self-destructive funk.
  • Entitled to Have You: In the epilogue of the Harem Route, she says that because she is Lute's bodyguard, his body is hers.
  • Family Honor: Her family are defected nobles from a snowy northern kingdom, and all of her siblings died from the plague. Leaving her as her family's last hope for surviving. Her father managed to make ends meet for the most part, but he had Isis attend the Royal Knight's Academy as well as had her set in an arranged marriage to Motaire who comes from an extremely wealthy family. She feels quite alone being the only woman among the Royal knights, because the others tend to just talk about her breasts (even her commanding officer is always trying to cop a feel), and the fact that despite knowing Motaire cheats on her with other women. She at least tried to make things work between them, but Motaire couldn't care less no matter how much she tries. Why does she bother? This. She gets better though once she finally ditches him. However, in her route she basically casts everything aside (including this), and flees the kingdom in order to stay with Lute whom she had fallen in love with by the end. On the other hand, in the Harem Route which is the canon route, she gets quite a considerable upgrade in this since she first becomes Lute's personal bodyguard when he was made the High Commander (aka the top military rank in the kingdom), and keeps her job as his PERSONAL bodyguard even when he becomes King. Quite a step up I'd say.
  • Feminine Women Can Cook: At the beginning of her route, she couldn't. It's revealed that she, Motaire, and Prince Bobon were all terrible at cooking, camping, and field survival. In time though, she realizes that Lute actually IS good at cooking, camping, and field survival, and eventually she starts learning from watching him.In the epilogue though, we see that she at least tries to cook, but she still (humorously) makes minor mistakes.
  • Fingerless Gloves: She's one of the few in the story to even wear actual gloves, but hers are this.
  • "Glad to Be Alive" Sex: Engages in this in her route after Lute manages to cure her near-fatal fever she caught from the sap of the Guardian Tree. One could also say that in the epilogue of the Harem Route, she has nothing BUT this with Lute every day, because she is so happy to be with him after having helped save his life.
  • Gondor Calls For Aid: In the Harem Route, when Lute is framed, imprisoned, and sentenced to death, Shamsiel is unable to rescue him alone, so she recruits the help of the other women Lute loved. In Isis' case, she had been kept under house arrest with Princess Luceria for her attempting to investigate the crime on her own. But, when Shamsiel appeared with Roxanne, they came up with the plan to have Roxanne pose as the Princess staying in her room, while Shamsiel actually brought her to seek Gladys' help in Vunderbalt. Meanwhile, Isis was to stay in the princess' room to help cover for their deception, and had she not been there to help, Motaire may have exposed them.
  • Good Adultery, Bad Adultery: Motaire likes to fool around with many girls. She knew this even before they were engaged in an arranged marriage by their parents. She thought them being betrothed would mean he would stop, but he didn't. In her route, Motaire basically tells her that she meant nothing to him and whether she died or not on the mission, he was likely going to call off their engagement soon anyway. Still, on the trip, she gets stung by a Sexipede which leads to Lute having to "suck out the poison" from her breasts, so he was the first man to see, let alone touch her bare breasts. Later on, she gets caught by the Guardian Tree and exposed it its sap which sends her body into an uncontrollable heat so she gives up her Virginity to Lute, much to her dismay and anger afterwards. HOWEVER, in the final 3rd of her route, after a series of events where she is saved by Lute (in more ways than one), she falls in love with him and willingly seeks him out and they make love at least two more times by the end of the trip. Whether that counts or not is a little sketchy since upon her falling in love with Lute, she states her intentions of calling things off with Motaire once they get home. In the Harem Route, it's a little different, because over the course of the entire route, she never once has sex with Lute (not a single H-scene for her), yet she still falls in love with him, but different from her route. Upon this happening, she declares that she will NEVER have sex with Motaire, and was intending on calling off their engagement herself, which she later does. In the epilogue to the Harem Route, she has officially called off her arranged marriage to Motaire and became one of Lute's wives/lovers.
  • Good People Have Good Sex: In her route, Isis at first has 2 sexual... "incidents" with Lute, and though she was under the influence of venom and sap that had powerful aphrodisiac qualities which honestly made her thoroughly enjoy it, she was VERY pissed off when they'd finished each time. However, after a while and a few close calls on her part, Lute not only gets her to like him, but she falls in love with him, and they make love at least 2 more times by the end of the route (Once, she was secretly luring him into having sex with her as she bathed in a river, and the next time was initially played up to be "Training to overcome one's Weaknesses", but they both ended up dropping the charade and just enjoying themselves thoroughly. The epilogue of Isis' route has them flee the kingdom together and living modestly deep in the countryside somewhere, and yes they continue to have sex pretty frequently. In fact, Isis even actually proposed to Lute after about a year together during sex, and he accepted. In the Harem Route, Isis is the only one to not have sex with Lute even once during the entire route until the epilogue set a year later, but by then it's said that she is a member of his harem of wives/lovers and they have lots of loving and passionate sex pretty much daily. A fact that she and the other girls in the harem make NO attempts to hide. The Anime Adaptation has only 1 sex scene for Isis, and although she was seemingly taking orders from the Prime Minister to be Lute's bodyguard, AND the fact that she was under the influence of an aphrodisiac thanks to Shamsiel... She pretty much threw herself at Lute, and from what we see later on, she must've greatly enjoyed it, because she seemed to have undergone some kind of either High Heel Face Turn or Sex Face Turn when next we see her, because of how kindly she was acting toward Lute (including blushing as she poured him drinks.
  • Good All Along: See Hidden Heart of Gold below.
  • Happily Arranged Marriage: Inverted. So much when it comes to her arranged engagement to Motaire. SHE had at least attempted to make things try to work out between them, but Motaire could've cared less about her, instead choosing to cheat on her, treat her poorly, and say to her face that he didn't care if she lived or died, and either way, he was likely going to call off the engagement anyway.
  • Happiness in Slavery: Played with. In her own route, she ends up falling in love with Lute overtime, and during one of the times they have sex, Lute decides to tease her a bit and make her say that she would be his "slave" if he made her feel good or if he would go easy on her. Eventually, she admitted defeat, although it's obvious that neither side was going to take it too seriously. In the Harem route, she develops feelings for him as well, but it initially starts out as admiration, so she becomes his personal body guard. Not really a slave or servant-esque job, but when Lute makes a few jokes such as having her "warm his bed with him", she misses the joke and replies seriously (though bashfully) that she would comply if he ordered her. Which Lute would of course turn down, but he admitted that her responses were unexpected. In the epilogue, she becomes a member of Lute's harem of wives/lovers, so again it doesn't mean she sees herself as his "slave", but she's still willing to do whatever he asks of her, and she couldn't be happier for it.
  • Heartbroken Badass: Thanks to how badly Motaire treats her, especially in her own route. She gets better thanks to Lute.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: When she finally drops the "mask" of her being the tough-as-nails, duty-bound, never-back-down, cocky, high class, ice queen knight, Isis is a very kind and gentle person. By the very end of her route, she has come to love Lute so much that she made herself enemies with the entire kingdom to be with him forever. Similarly she almost gets imprisoned and is under threat of execution in the climax of the Harem route, but thanks to her and the efforts of the other women in love with Lute, they are able to clear his name and when he becomes the new king, she becomes a part of his harem. Also, earlier on in the story, when she shows up, sure she acts rude at first, but whenever she seems to go too far, she apologizes and even sometimes corrects Motaire when he seems to be going to far.
  • Honor Before Reason: Her route is gushing with this at first in a very bad way. When she and Lute first start out on their mission, their troops were very skeptical of the situation, but she kept pushing them forward with zero accommodations. It leads to 2 dead, and her threatening the rest to try and get them to stay in the forest. Naturally, they ditch her and Lute while they're sleeping and go AWOL. They even took most of the supplies and equipment with them. Does this stop her? Nope. She keeps going on her nigh-suicidal drive to continue the mission. Lute stays with her, though, and after a series of events with Lute helping save her life (mostly from her own Death Seeker ways), she falls in love with him by the end of the route, and at the end of it, when Lute is being set up for execution by the Prime Minister, she chooses to protect Lute and flee with him rather than kill him or leave him.
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her...: It goes both ways. In Shamsiel's route, she and Lute return to the capital midway and her fever returns, so she is unable to set out again. She was intending to have Motaire apologize and force him to start treating her better, but she was unable to do anything. Lute is told to set out once again, but before he leaves, he confronts Motaire and basically says this to him. Sadly it didn't seem to have any effect on him. Then, alternatively... in the Harem route, she falls in love with Lute and near the end, Motaire comes to her and they are discussing Lute. She slaps him when he accuses Lute of treason and basically says this.
  • Ice Queen: Due to some Blue Blood arrogance early on. Ironic, since she's from a family of defected/displaced foreign nobles. She was also trying desperately to get a relationship with Motaire off the ground since they were set up in an arranged marriage by their parents, despite it being a lost cause and she was trying to hide the frustrations. In actuality, she's secretly quite the Fragile Flower by the time the story starts because of all this.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: She thaws out considerably in her route, especially after Lute saves her life multiple times, and how not once does he do so because he expects anything from her in return. He did it simply because he wanted to. Also due to how Lute treats her with more consideration and decency than Motaire ever did. She defrosts in a different way in the Harem Route, via seeing Lute's competence as a leader, maturity, and wisdom especially in long-term military and political matters. By the end of Luceria or the Harem routes, she has come to greatly respect as well as love him, even becoming his personal bodyguard.
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her...: Both ways for her, depending on the route. In her own route, she comes to love Lute after he saves her from her despair over Motaire, and when Lute's life is in danger due to his half-demon heritage, she doesn't hesitate to cast off her old life in favor of staying with him forever, though they are forced to flee the kingdom, she vows to never let anyone hurt him. In Shamsiel's route, they return to the capital early, and Isis had been talking about how she intended to force Motaire to apologize and start treating her right, but her fever comes back. Lute is meanwhile being sent back out again, but before he leaves he more or less says this to Motaire about Isis, but unfortunately, hints point to it not setting in. Lastly, in the Harem route, Isis falls in love with Lute after she finally realizes how capable he is at being a leader compared to Motaire, so whenever people try to speak ill of or threaten Lute, she steps in and protects him, even going as far as becoming his personal bodyguard.
  • I Just Want My Beloved to Be Happy: In the Luceria route's ending, it is implied that she had already fallen for Lute by the end, but in the actual ending, when Lute marries Luceria, it's stated that she cries throughout it. Also happens in Shamsiel's ending, when Lute and Isis go back to the capital, she keeps talking about Motaire and how she intends on forcing him to start treating her right, meaning she wanted him back. Lute is understandably is upset given all he went through for her to that point, but he still helps her. Lute even pulls an "If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her..." on Motaire, telling him to treat her well.
  • Nicknaming the Enemy: Despite them both regularly being around and being used to cheat on her by Motaire, neither Aristera nor Droit know her real name. Instead, they refer to Isis as "Miss Big Scary Knight". Isis in turn refers to them as sluts and harlots.
  • I Will Protect Him: Gender flipped with her becoming Lute's bodyguard. She pulls this straight up at the end of her own route when Motaire and the Prime Minister want Lute dead. She refuses to ever leave him.
  • I Have You Now, My Pretty: In the Visual Novel during her expedition through the Gripon Woods, she and Lute come across 2 demon temples. At the first one they find, she gets caught and trapped by the mystical guardian tree. The tree then uses its vines to... smear its sticky sap onto her body as well as in her mouth. It was actually just about to take one step further... inward. But thankfully, Lute manages to stop it and force the tree to release her. After that, she's left to deal with the "immediate side-effects" of the sap.
  • Improbable Antidote: In the anime, she ends up drinking wine that was laced with a powerful aphrodisiac (instead of a poison thanks to Shamsiel), and when Lute asks if there was a cure for it. Shamsiel responds, "If she's f---ed good and hard it'll go away. Lute. You should do her." He does, and it works.
  • Intimate Healing: Of the Kiss of Life variation: In her route, she catches a deadly fever from being exposed to the sap of the Guardian Tree, so Lute had to seek out the aid of demons to help cure her. They assist him in getting the cure, but she was too weakened to take it on her own, so in order to give it to her, he takes it into his mouth and kisses her to force-feed to her. It works, and it turns out she was awake during it!
  • Insatiable Newlyweds: At first, all she wanted was to be happy with Motaire, her fiance, but their arranged marriage meant nothing to him, so he just kept on cheating on her with other women. In her own route, she and Lute end up fleeing the kingdom and settling down somewhere deep in the countryside living modestly together. It's hinted that they were going at it pretty much every day, and around a year later, Isis even proposed to Lute during sex even though he had already been planning on doing so once he could afford a ring. The epilogue of her route implies that once they were actually married, it's gone from "almost" to definitely every night for them. Alternatively, in the Harem route, she doesn't have sex with Lute a single time during the story, despite her falling in love with him. However, the epilogue of said route, (which is the true canon route) has Isis become a member of Lute's harem of wives/lovers, and although she is one of the ones he didn't actually marry, she acts as though they are. It's said that they have sex on a daily basis at least a few times, and even further details say that whenever she and Lute are "on duty" alone together, that they spend all that time having sex too.
  • Kick the Dog: She does this a bit with Lute initially. But it's later revealed that the reason for this is a mix of her own pride AND the fact that she is on the receiving end of this in her arranged marriage to Motaire. She gets him back in a most epic fashion during the Harem route. She ends up volunteering to become Lute's personal body guard, even defending him from Motaire on a few occasions, including threatening to kill him (Motaire) if he continued to disrespect Lute. Then, during the climax of the route, when Lute is imprisoned falsely, Motaire goes to check on the Princess, and when he accuses Lute of murder in front of her, she slaps him hard then delivers a crushing Reason You Suck Speech that includes her professing her love for Lute and ends on her saying that "when/if he dies tomorrow, you'll (Motaire) be as good as dead to me too".
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Lute pulls this in the epilogue of her route. He felt that their journey into the forest was a "fated plot to join their hearts", but even so, the 2 of them were going to live happily for/with each other for the rest of their lives.
  • Love Across Battlelines: In her route, she comes to the realization that Lute is actually a demon, which according to their kingdom's laws means he is an enemy of the state, but when it came to her being ordered to execute him herself, she defects and chooses to escape with him. From there, they flee the country and abandon their previous lives as knights, choosing to live moderately deep in the countryside together. She even proposes to him (during sex) after a few months living together, again even knowing he's of demonic heritage.
  • Love Makes You Crazy: Or rather lust induced from the aphrodisiac she drinks in the anime, or the sexipede's sting and the sap of the Guardian Tree... THAT makes her crazy. Thankfully, Lute manages to "cure" her each time.
  • Making a Spectacle of Yourself: After getting over her fever from the Guardian Tree Sap, a day or so later, she and Lute had traveled deeper into the forest, but upon stopping to set up camp, she let Lute know she was going to rinse off in the river nearby. Lute was curious as to why she would announce it to him, so he went to investigate, and upon seeing her, he was amazed by how gorgeous her nude body was. She calls him out on peeping and tries to have him bring her her clothes... One thing leads to another and before you know it, they're making love standing in the river. During this, Lute questions her repeatedly and eventually gets her to admit she had intentionally been luring him to do this with her.
  • Making Love in All the Wrong Places: Let's see... There's the fact that she had originally been saving herself for Motaire, but a sting from Sexipede's and groping from Lute ruined that for her. Then there was getting nearly raped by the Guardian tree and having its sap cover her body and being forced to drink some of it, which leads to her going into a state of sexual arousal that ends up causing her to lose control and have sex with Lute, thus she loses her virginity (outside of a demon temple). A few days later, she and Lute stop to set up camp, and she goes to wash herself in the river nearby. Lute suspects she was hoping he would follow her (and she was), so they end up making love on the edge of a river... in a magical demon filled forest. The next day, they make love once more out in the open in the demon forest. Eventually they return to the capital together, and all signs hint to the fact that although she hadn't called off her engagement to Motaire yet, she was going to spend the night together with Lute in his new room in the palace, except this time there was an interruption that forced them both to flee the kingdom instead.
  • Matchmaker Crush: In Luceria's route, Isis had come to love Lute, but at the same time, she never actually declared it to him. Instead, she met with the King one night and told him about how Lute and Luceria were in love, and the King then went to Lute's room and discovered Luceria had sneaked in after hours on her own, which was something her mother had done when she had fallen in love with him. Thus, he acknowledged and approved of their love and formally announced not only their marriage but also that Lute would become the next king. In the end, Isis ends up crying her eyes out at their wedding over her missed chance at love with Lute. It works out better in the Harem route for both though.
  • Mistreated Bride: She was in an arranged marriage to Motaire. She tried desperately to make it work between them, but he treats her like crap. He cheats on her with other girls, and in her route, he tells her he has no feelings of attraction toward her whatsoever, he says to her face that if she were to die on a mission then that's all she was worth, she starts to cry from him saying all this to her, and he mocks her. He tells her that he fully intends to break off the engagement with her, because he has the right do so, and then he walks off with his groupies leaving her alone... Jeez, someone give her a hug. Icing on the cake? When she and Lute return to the capital after completing the mission, he tells her he lost a bet that she wouldn't make it back... Ass-hole.
  • Mistreatment Induced Betrayal: Played Straight and Inverted on her part.
    • In the first-half of her route where she, Lute and a small company of soldiers trek into the Demon Woods which is said to be home to monsters, demonic creatures, and followers of the Hallowed Power. Her soldiers were so terrified of the rumors surrounding them (and the reputation that ALL prior expeditions into the forest ended with everyone dying) that they constantly questioned continuing the mission. It doesn't take long for them to get royally fed up with Isis's bitchiness (trying to force a scared person to stay somewhere while threatening them tends to not make one popular). Isis, although a world-class angry bitch in her own right initially, she had decent reason to be this way given her shitty fiance had recently said some downright cruel things to her that put her in a very self-destructive state of mind. That during the first night out, they flat out abandoned her and Lute alone in the woods either out of a combination of fear and spite.
    • Furthermore, in her own route, toward the start of it, Motaire says some very cruel things to her, such as telling her that he didn't value her much less feel anything toward her except that he wanted to call off their engagement upon her return... IF she returned. Over the course of her route, she develops feelings for and then falls in love with Lute, who not only stayed with her on the mission when everyone else left, but saved her life in multiple ways AND treated her far better than anyone else, especially Motaire. Thus it's no surprise that at the end when the Prime Minister tries to order her to execute Lute simply because he was supposedly (and he actually IS, but still) a hallowed demon, she instead goes to warn Lute and the two of them flee the kingdom together.
    • Then, during the Harem Route where Lute had been accused of treason by the Prime Minister and sentenced to death from a crime he didn't commit. When approached by Motaire; who was among the first to eagerly flat out invest in Lute's guilt in the deed. She gave him a slap in the face and a well-deserved verbal middle finger after all the abuse he put her through during their initial nuptials; what with him being a cheating bastard in spite of him supposed to being her fiance, a tool of a man motivated by vanity and an all around self absorbed nitwit who cannot see obvious truths over his own ego. All this on top of jailing the man she came to respect, admire, and love most? In all honesty it was kinda asked for.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Zigzagged somewhat. In her route, she runs into some problems when she gets stung by a Sexipede and later attacked by the Guardian Tree. Both incidents end up having her exposed to powerful aphrodisiac-esque substances that require irregular treatments to cure them. The Sexipede sting required Lute to grope and milk her breasts, and the Guardian Tree drove her so wild with lust that she ended up giving up her Virginity to Lute. During the heat of the moment, she was actually pretty into it, but the second they finished both times, she was FURIOUS, and had it not been for a few interruptions each time, she would have very likely killed Lute.
  • Outlaw Couple: In her route's epilogue, she and Lute were forced to flee the Kingdom of Edelland since his identity as a demon is revealed, so they cast off their pasts as knights to live modestly in isolation deep in the countryside. After a year of this, Isis took the leap to propose to Lute... during sex. He said yes obviously. In fact, he was going to propose to her soon anyway, except he had been saving up to buy a ring for her.]] She just wound up beating him to it. The ceremony itself was just them and a priest.
  • Quiet Desperation: Poor Isis has this happen to her a lot. In her route, after getting a brutal Reason You Suck Speech from Motaire, she's left silently weeping about how all she had wanted was for him to just hold her in his arms, but he wouldn't even do THAT for her. Later in her route, it takes on a more comedic twist when she winds up under the influence of a Sexipede sting and later the Guardian Tree's sap, she's so aroused she loses control of herself, even at the cost of her virginity. In Luceria's route's ending, it was hinted that she had fallen in love with Lute by the end, but since he married Luceria, she was left crying at the wedding over her missed chance. In the Harem route, this doesn't exactly come up, unless you count her whispering about wanting to be with Lute.
    • The anime adaptation goes a bit closer to how things played out in her route. In that, she ends up under the influence of an aphrodisiac and the H-scene that follows seems to mix in elements of the scenes from her route. That said, this trope applies to when they start out since she tries to quietly deal with it herself, but when Lute asks her what's wrong, she loses control.
  • Rags to Riches/Rags to Royalty: Isis' family was originally nobles from another country that defected to Edelland. All of her other siblings died of the plague, and her father became a prefect to make ends meet. Her father was also the one who helped set her up in an arranged marriage/engagement to Motaire with the idea being that marrying him would mean she was marrying into wealth. She also entered the Royal Knight's Academy and graduated 2nd highest in her class overall and the top female graduate in the history of the academy. By that point, she was basically set for life... Or so you'd think, except that Motaire wasn't attracted to her at all for some reason, so he mistreated and cheated on her, even making it clear that he would likely call off the engagement at some point, since it was his right to do so. Also, her achievements as a Royal Knight's Academy graduate too came with problems for her since the other royal knights, including her commanders spoke of and even tried to cop feels of her breasts which made things difficult for her... The trope more or less comes to fruition thanks to Lute in 2 routes:
    • First off, despite her having her own route, it actually inverts this trope, because she and Lute end up becoming fugitives by the end and are forced to flee the kingdom, thanks to the Prime Minister. From then on they live modestly deep in the countryside of another nation. However, if you want to get technical about it, then technically, Isis marrying Lute in the route means she had married the king of all demons since Lute is a half-human half-inccubus, but neither of them knew that for sure, and couldn't care less anyway.
    • The 2 routes that actually DO see things pay off, are Luceria's and the Harem route. In both of those routes, she takes on the job of becoming Lute's personal bodyguard. Lute in those routes becomes the High Commander, and later the King. Therefore, her status as a knight definitely went up. Especially in the Harem route where she actually becomes a member of (King) Lute's harem of wives/lovers.
  • Ready for Lovemaking: Happens to her several times:
    • Firstly, in her own route, it happens when she gets stung by a Sexipede, then when she gets exposed to the sap of the Guardian Tree (which causes her to forsaking her Virginity), and then later in the route, she stealthily lures Lute to have sex with her as she was bathing in the river, and then one more time the next day under the excuse of wanting to "conquer their weak points" together.
    • In the Harem Route, she seemingly drops hints at a few points that she would be interested, but it never goes anywhere during the route's events. However, in the epilogue, she becomes one of Lute's wives/lovers and it's implied that they are having sex every day as often as they can. As soon as he wakes up, during their morning bath, during meals, when they're on duty together, exercise, celebrating anniversaries (ANY excuse), and of course at the end of each night.
    • Lastly is the anime adaptation where she ends up ingesting a powerful aphrodisiac that Shamsiel had meant for Lute. She had tried to fight off her urges, but quickly succumbed to them and practically threw herself at Lute.
  • Road Trip Romance: Her route is this. Combined with elements of rescue romance.
  • Reason You Suck Speech: She gives a few, and gets a few. Motaire delivers most if not ALL of them to her. Including a very brutal one at the start of her route. However, she turns around and gives him a few good ones during her's and the Harem route.
  • Rescue Sex: Happens to her in a more literal sense twice in her route. The first time was after she was stung by a sexipede, and Lute was trying to... extract the venom from her breasts to save her life. The second time is after she gets molested by the Guardian tree's vines, and the sap makes her so aroused that she gives Lute her virginity. She is very angry immediately following both cases.
  • Sex Face Turn: In the Anime Adaptation, she is shown to be working under orders for the Prime Minister instead of Motaire or Emeralia who don't appear at all. For most of her times shown, she is rather unhappy having to be around Lute, but then she drinks wine laced with a strong aphrodisiac from Shamsiel and next thing we see, she is literally hunched over Lute on the bed begging him to make love to her. He obliges of course, and then the next time we see her is following Lute's victory over Gladys in a chess duel. There, she is shown sitting beside him, pouring wine for him, and giggling happily while looking at him.
    • It's arguable whether this happened in her route of the Visual novel since she wasn't actually evil, so it was more of her coming around to loving him over Motaire rather than her turning from good to evil. Even then, it wasn't the sex that actually led her to choose Lute either, but it sure did cement her transformation of character.
  • Sexless Marriage: Arranged marriage to Motaire, for her part, she would be happy if they could make it work, hell, she would be happy if he would only hold her. He on the other hand, cheats on her with at least 2 other girls. She knows about them, and thought that after getting engaged, he may stop fooling around. He doesn't.
  • She's Got Legs: They pretty much all do, but her legs are especially noticeable.
  • Sleeps with Everyone but You: There are 2 cases of this for Isis: 1st is her fiance Motaire. They were engaged in an arranged marriage for who knows how long, but before and during that time, Motaire was sleeping around with other women, especially his groupies, Aristera and Droit. Never once did he even touch Isis. He says it was because he was never attracted to her in any way as a woman. Eventually, she dumps him in favor of Lute in her, Luceria's, and the Harem Routes. In the Harem Route in particular is the 2nd case of this for her. During the full course of the story, Lute has sex with literally every other female character introduced on-screen at least once (even Aristera and Droit together, but just once) except for Isis. Even though she had fallen in love with him by the end, she never quite seizes the opportunities and remains a virgin to the end. (A fact that Shamsiel knowingly teases her about when they actually meet and talk.) That being said, by the time of the epilogue to the Harem Route (the canon ending), a year has passed and she has become one of Lute's harem of lovers. In her particular case, it's said that anytime she and Lute were on duty alone, they'd basically spend the whole time having sex, and that's on top of having sex pretty much every day anyway, so by then she had looooooong since given her virginity to Lute... off-screen.
  • So Beautiful It's a Curse: She says that the Royal Guard is pretty much a "man's world", because all members are men aside from her, and they (even their commanding officer, but never Motaire) are always talking about her breasts or trying to cop a feel. She wonders if it would have been better if they were smaller, but Lute tells her that they suit her. To which she playfully calls him a perv.
  • Suck Out the Poison: Lute does this to her, despite her protests, when she is stung by a sexipede, and again... sort of... After she gets exposed to the sap of the Guardian Tree.
  • Survivor Guilt: She has a bad case of it in her own route initially. See Death Seeker or Despair Event Horizon above.
  • Talking in Your Sleep: She does this twice in her own route. First is after she gets the antidote for her fever from Lute. The way she spoke, Lute assumed she was referring to Motaire about his cheating on her. The second time came a day or so later when she had fallen asleep while keeping watch for the night, she called Lute a pervert, so he was about to prank her by splashing water onto her face, but then she thanked him in her sleep, so he let her sleep.
  • Talking in Bed: Does this with Lute after spending the afternoon "training to overcome each others' weaknesses". They talked about their training results, as well as her admiration for Gladys Wackenheim of the rebel army, her family's past and her decision to call off her arranged marriage to Motaire.
  • Teacher-Student Romance: Somewhat in her's and the Harem route, where she teaches swordplay to Lute. It isn't why she falls in love with him, but it does help develop their bond.
  • Tenchi Solution: She manages to get her own singular route and ending where she ends up together with Lute, but the True Canon ending is the Harem Ending. In it, Lute marries Shamsiel, Roxanne, and Princess Luceria. As for Isis, Gladys, and Emeralia, he doesn't marry them, but they act as though they basically are.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Her jerkass attitude get less and less abrasive towards Lute as he proves his worth.
  • Token Wholesome: Though not all chaste, her default costume exposes the less of her skin of all female characters, with Emeralia coming in close second, thanks to body stocking covering much of her body and only really the upper part of her beasts being shown.
  • Tsundere: In her or the harem route, she starts out flat out despising him, but through the course of the story, she eventually warms up to him, and becomes this for a little while, but then moves to openly loving him.
  • Victim Falls For Rapist: Now hold on, I know what that sounds like, but let me explain: technically speaking, it happens in her route. When she is stung by a Sexipede, Lute ends up having to squeeze and grope her breasts to get the venom out. That was the first time any man had seen, much less touched her bare breasts. She was outraged. Later on, she gets captured and exposed to the sap of the Guardian Tree, which acts as a very powerful aphrodisiac. This causes her to abandon all reason, despite Lute attempting to calm her down by talking, they wind up having sex, which costs her her virginity. Afterward, she was furious at what happened, and even attempted to kill Lute, but was interrupted. As time goes on, she comes to love Lute, but not because they had sex that time or anything. She did occasionally make a point of calling him a molester or pervert, but it was more in a joking/teasing manner.
  • When It All Began: Lute reveals to Isis that he developed his large breasts fetish upon meeting her back at the Royal Knight's Academy. It led him to asking her out many times during their training in the Royal Knight's Academy, but back then, she turned him down every single time. Interestingly, until he met her, Lute was told by his mother to never touch others with his hands ESPECIALLY women, so he hadn't thought of it UNTIL meeting her.
  • When She Smiles: When she finally lets a genuine smile show, it's very pretty.
  • You Must Be Cold: In her route, after Lute is able to cure her fever, she rests for the next day. All the while Lute keeps tending to her, but by that night, he was starting to grow tired. He starts to doze off, but then he feels something on his shoulders. He wakes up and realizes a cape had been placed on him (by Isis). They talk and she seems to be recovering fine, so he fixes her some dinner, and afterward she returns to sleeping, but before she does, she hands the cape to him again so he can keep warm.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Type B - Over-the-Knees with tights underneath and boots.

Gladys Von Wackenheim

True Warrior by day, nympho by night

Her father was the best royal knight in the kingdom, but he defected to a rebel movement which she took over after he passed away. It's said that her skills are unmatched in both swordplay and chess. Since her father had always wanted a son, she referred to herself as such. She likes men with a sense of humor, but hates skirt-chasers.


Voiced by: Yuki Sakata (JP)

Tropes exhibited by her include:

  • Action Girlfriend: To Lute. Should the situation call for it, she is second to none in swordplay. Although she declares herself more of an action wife to him, even if he doesn't actually marry her officially.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: She took over the rebel armies after her father passed away, and is widely regarded as the best swordsman in the kingdom, if not the world. In the Harem ending, after Lute becomes the new king, she is made High Commander.
  • Anti-Villain: Initially, she is the leader of a rebellion movement in opposition to the kingdom, but it turns out that she and her father were never actually against the reform movements the king was trying to initiate to begin with. They actually support it, but they also realized that the King was too hasty in trying to implement it at the start, and it was leading to rebel movements. So rather than let all the spread out rebel factions bring chaos to the kingdom, her father and then she, took it upon themselves to gather all the rebels from across the kingdom into one group and assume command of it to prevent anarchy from breaking out, which would have opened the kingdom up to foreign invasion.
  • Badass Cape: See her image? Complete with cool shoulder armor.
  • Badass Damsel Zigzagged, following her defeat by Lute in a duel she surrendered to the king's forces and was imprisoned in the dungeon. Lute then visits her in her cell and they have another "duel", after which, she is released from her cell, but willingly stays as his captive until after Lute secures her and her subordinates' safety at the capitol, after which she is released. Later on, she saves Lute's life just before the Prime Minister executes him.
  • Benevolent Boss: It's mentioned many times that her subordinates all look up to and respect her, and her actions support this such as when Lute defeats her in the duel, she offers herself up without any struggle after ensuring that her forces won't be executed regardless of what became of her. It is also noted that this trait was shared by her father before her as the previous rebel leader, and it is for this reason that they gathered all the rebel forces under their command to begin with in order to avoid unnecessary and uncontrolled bloodshed in a very large gambit.
  • Berserk Button: Go ahead, mock or threaten Lute in front of her. Ask Motaire what happens. Or worse yet, try to actually kill Lute. Go ahead, ask Prince Bobon or the Prime Minister...Oh wait, you can't.
  • Be Yourself: Both ways. Lute does this for her when they first meet, once she falls in love with him, she doesn't hesitate to say what she wants, when she wants, and to whoever is around when it comes to her relationship with Lute. In fact, this was one of the reasons Lute likes her, because she saw things as they were. A trait which he felt showed just how fit she was to be both a leader AND a lover.
  • Big Damn Heroes: When Lute is about to be executed by the Prime Minister, she is the one who steps in and blocks his sword before he can harm Lute.
  • Big Sister Mentor: She was this to Princess Luceria, that is... Until her father defected to take control of all the rebel factions breaking out, and she went with him. However, after the rebellion is quelled thanks to Lute in the Harem route, she seems to act this way once more when Luceria meets with her to come up with a plan to rescue Lute from being executed for being framed as the King's killer.
  • Bodyguard Crush: Not in the same way as Isis, because she never actually becomes his official bodyguard, but she DOES proclaim it her duty to protect him as his self-proclaimed true wife.
  • Brutal Honesty: Once she falls for Lute, she says or does whatever she wants around him, and she doesn't care who else is around. She even pulls this on Motaire, by revealing that back when he used to be her pupil, she knew he had lusted for her body, she remarked that she would never allow him to touch her because she was with Lute.
  • The Cameo: She and many of the characters appear on posters and merchandise in the anime adaptation of "Mankitsu Happening". It's kind of funny when you realize said images are supposedly decorating the walls of a regular manga shop, NOT an adult shop or anything like that.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: She admits that she had admired Lute from the start, but it isn't until he finally bests her in both chess and in bed that she declares herself to be his woman.
  • The Chessmaster: In both a literal and figurative sense. For the literal, it was said that aside from her father, nobody could beat her in actual chess... Until Lute comes along. As for figuratively, she and her father knew that the King had been moving too quick in his initial efforts to change his kingdom's politics from nobles governing territories to knights. Her father defected to unite all the rebel cells across the kingdom under his authority in an effort to contain the chaos. When her father passed away, she takes control of the rebels, and follows his plan awaiting the arrival of a general whom she could trust to not execute her subordinates if they surrendered and would allow the meritocracy to develop more naturally overtime.
  • Combat Stilettos: Her iron boots have high heels, but they never seem to slow her down or hinder her in any way. In fact, she might be the fastest runner even with them on.
  • Comically Missing the Point: Mistakes Isis and Motaire coughing in annoyance at her public doting flirting with Lute for actual coughing;
  • Cool Big Sis: Not by blood, but Gladys was like this with Princess Luceria, which is really nice considering how few people she was allowed to come in contact with growing up). One could also possibly say this about Motaire, though he was more of a pupil.
  • Covert Pervert: Initially, but after Lute converts her, the "covert" part goes out the window.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Not as dark as others, but the King had tried to initiate political reform in the kingdom from a system of Nobles to a meritocracy with knights in charge, but was too fast initially, so her father the former top knight in the kingdom (or ever according to some), took it upon himself to defect and take command of all the scattered rebel movements to unite them and avoid widespread chaos across the kingdom as well as likely invasion from foreign powers that may have taken advantage of it. Due to his want for a son, she referred to herself as such, even after he died. Then, she took over command of the rebels and did everything to keep control of the situation until someone would finally come along that would allow the rebels to surrender without executing them. Which could have backfired drastically had it not been for Lute.
  • Death Glare: When she gets mad, it's said her eyes are so piercing they could cut glass! If you are on the wrong end of her death glare, chances are... You're seconds away from death. Bobon and the Prime Minister tried to execute Lute, her beloved. What do you think happened to them for their trouble? Bobon was gutted like a pig and the Prime Minister got shorter.
  • Detached Sleeves: They're pretty close to being Opera Gloves, except that they don't extend to her hands.
  • Did not get the Guy: Zigzagged. She and Emeralia are the only 2 girls Lute loves that do not get their own individual routes. That said, they both end up becoming part of Lute's harem in the Harem route's ending which is considered the canon ending so they DO get to be with him along with the others, although he doesn't marry them all yet.
  • Divided We Fall: Part of the reason her father and then she gathered and assumed command of the anti-meritocracy rebels in the kingdom was to keep the various groups from getting out of control and leading to anarchy, which would then have lead to the likely chance that foreign powers would invade and conquer the kingdom amidst the turmoil.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: She can be quite good at barking orders at times... As Motaire finds out hilariously, and even when she's supposedly their prisoner she's doing this.
  • Entitled to Have You: She feels that because she is the strongest and best knight in the kingdom (or as she puts it, the best woman in the world), along with how she had been defeated by him not once but twice, she believes that that makes him the best man in the world and that HE is the only man worthy of her and she is the most worthy of being Lute's true wife. To be fair, Lute himself thinks very highly of her, admitting that she (even at her young age) matches her incredible father in every way, and that she had such a strong aura about her that could even best Felzen. Such a powerful existence didn't come along often, and there were very few if any women like her.
  • Erotic Eating: The morning after she is defeated by Lute (twice), and after showing him a good morning, when they are eating breakfast she volunteers to be the poison checker, because she didn't want to risk becoming a widow at her age. She then takes it upon herself to perform the wifely duty of feeding him, which includes feeding him straight from her mouth, which actually leads to their first real kiss.
  • Face Death with Dignity: In both the anime and visual novel, when she gets defeated in her chess duel with Lute, she very calmly and confidently admits her defeat and surrenders peacefully. The only thing she asked was that Lute not imprison or harm her subordinates, which he promises, and keeps his word about.
  • Fake Defector: It was part of a plan, begun by her father to assume command of all the rebel factions in the kingdom in order to avoid anarchy from breaking out, which in turn would have opened the kingdom to foreign powers taking advantage and conquering it. She assumes command after he passed away.
  • Fantastic Racism: After meeting Shamsiel in the Harem Route, she is the one who is most prone to pointing out that Shamsiel is a demon so she can't be considered Lute's true wife. Although it isn't so much that she's being racist to all demons, she's just using it as an excuse to assert her own claim at being Lute's true wife of them all.
  • Follow in My Footsteps: Her father was thought to be the greatest knight of his generation, even after defecting to take lead of the Rebel movement, he was still seen as the best. When he passed away, she took over leading the rebels, and her renown and skill as a knight rivaled if not surpassed that of her father's. She also agreed to honor his goal to lead the rebel movement until they could properly surrender to the King with the promise that the rebels wouldn't be executed and the political movement would be allowed to change more naturally overtime rather than abruptly.
  • Four-Star Badass: She's a nigh-unstoppable mix of brains, wisdom, speed, skill, and beauty. However, she's still vulnerable to special cases of extremely good luck, and she's also inexperienced in the bedroom initially. Still, she is held in high regard by all in the kingdom, if not world, just as her father before her and technically speaking they were both the highest ranking leaders of the rebellion in Vunderbalt. It is likely for these reasons, that in the Harem Route's epilogue, Lute makes Gladys the High Commander which is essentially the highest military rank in the kingdom.
  • Girls Need Role Models: A tough case to be honest. (And yes, she's a female character in a fantasy nukige game, but hear me out.) Let's see... Well, she's the daughter of the former most skilled and all-around best knight in the kingdom (if not world), but she refers to herself as though she's his "son" to the point that only those who've met her directly or know her name are aware of her being a woman. Her attire is quite revealing (though it might be a tactical choice). However, there's more to her than that: She's a master swordsman and chess player. She trained Motaire in both, and he graduated top of his class at the Royal Knight's Academy, and even HE still admits to never beating her in either (a fact she claims is partially thanks to him ogling her cleavage, but also thanks to her being so awesome, so perhaps her outfit does work strategically afterall). She's very smart, wise, and skilled in political and military matters as well, what with her taking over the rebellion forces in Vunderbalt after her father died. She's also widely respected across the continent to the point that both Isis and Princess Luceria look up to her. Isis had never met her, but wanted to be like her, and in the end Isis was able to work hard to become the 2nd highest ranked graduate of her class behind only Motaire, AND she was the top female graduate to date! She and her father had defected to gather and lead the rebels in order to ensure that anarchy wouldn't break out or that foreign powers wouldn't be able to invade the kingdom amidst the chaos. She maintained a stalemate with the King's forces despite all the advantages she had, because she was actually waiting for someone to come along to be more open to negotiations so that the rebels could rejoin the kingdom, but not be executed. Which, thanks to Lute, DOES happen, so her rebellion was a success. Princess Luceria had seen Gladys as a surrogate big sister, and was very worried when she had defected, but upon her capture and pardon thanks to Lute, the next time they meet, it was like old times and they were happy to be reunited (although the circumstances weren't so good since this was during Lute's wrongful imprisonment). One other good thing about her is that after she declares her love to Lute, she proves her devotion time and again, as well as her strong take-no-crap-from-anyone demeanor regarding herself or her man.
  • Genre Savvy: She's long since known the Prime Minister has it out for her (just as he had hated her father before her), so she knows to be on guard when it comes to him. She even figured he would probably try doing something to Lute, so after returning to Vunderbalt, she worked on making arrangements in case it did. (Which it does, and it comes in handy.) She was also smart enough to see how Lan Lauwn was trying to play both her rebels and the King's forces into wiping each other out, so she didn't fall for it.
  • "Glad to Be Alive" Sex: Engages in this in routes with her after Lute manages to best her in chess and in bed the first time. Afterwards, she happily proclaims her love for him as well as her desire to bear his children.
  • Gondor Calls For Aid: In the Harem Route, after Lute is framed, imprisoned, and sentenced to die for murdering the King, Shamsiel seeks out the aid of the other women Lute loved to help her save him. In Gladys' case, Shamsiel had brought Luceria to Vunderbalt to inform Gladys of the situation, and from there they came up with a plan to rescue Lute, which thanks to their combined efforts, paid off.
  • Graceful Ladies Like Purple: Much of her attire is purple, as is her hair. It isn't used the same as with Roxanne, but Gladys is certainly a graceful woman in her own ways.
  • Graceful Loser: As mentioned in Face Death with Dignity, she acknowledged her loss to Lute with honor and dignity, but later on, she challenges Lute to a 2nd duel... A duel of who could make who orgasm first, but she was defeated in that as well, but again she accepted her defeat with grace. In fact, as it turns out, she made that 2nd challenge because she wanted him to claim her virginity deliberately, and since he exceeded all expectations, she not only accepted her defeat, but also swore her Undying Loyalty and eternal love to him. Declaring herself from that point forward to be "his woman".
  • Hot-Blooded: She is even more this than General Felzen. She is extremely passionate in (pretty much) everything she does or says, and if you piss her off, you're probably too busy being dead to read this.
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Him...: Once she is defeated by Lute in chess and sex, she declares her eternal love and unyielding devotion to him. She tells this to just about everyone around her. If you even speak about Lute negatively and she hears of it, you WILL suffer her wrath. God help you if you try to do something worse to Lute... Bobon and Rubin found this out the hard way for framing, imprisoning, and attempting to execute Lute.
  • I Just Want My Beloved to Be Happy: This happens when you choose the Luceria route, she will concede and even send gifts to the wedding, but then if you go the Harem route, she zigzags this, because she allows Lute to officially marry Shamsiel, Luceria, and Roxanne at the end, but she still refers to herself as his wife, nonetheless. It helps that she's not the only one who does this, and the rest of the girls share him.
  • Iron Lady: Considering how people from all sides of the political and social spectrums in their kingdom all revere her, she is definitely this.
  • I Will Protect Him: Gender flipped with her becoming Lute's woman, she declares that she would make the entire world her enemy if necessary for the sake of protecting Lute.
  • Jerkass Facade: She takes over leadership of the rebels in Vunderbalt after her father dies, so as far as the rest of the kingdom knew, she was a traitor just like him. Except that neither of them actually were, and it was all part of a gambit to protect the kingdom.
  • Knew It All Along: In the Harem route, after Lute is framed for murdering the king, and Shamsiel and Luceria contact her, she admits that she knew the Prime Minister was likely to try something sneaky, so she had actually been preparing for said situation already, just in case.
  • Killed to Uphold the Masquerade: Averted.One Cquann attempts to kill her after her imprisonment in the dungeon at night, but what he didn't know was that Lute had already let her go and she was sleeping with him in his bedroom. This in turn allows her to provide a witness account of his sabotaging the King's forces as a spy, which leads to Wone Crann committing suicide to cover up the fact that he was under orders. Not long after, she is taken to the capital as a prisoner, and the Prime Minister sought her to be executed, secretly because she AND her late father were both threats to his schemes, but Lute is able to keep her safe from execution and she was sent back to Vunderbalt. In the Harem route, when the Prime Minister's plans are exposed, he tried to have Lute, Gladys, and Emeralia killed in the hope of being able to cover up his crimes, but fails and ends up getting executed himself.
  • Lovable Alpha Bitch: Aside from Shamsiel, Gladys is the one who pushes for being declared Lute's wife moreso than the rest, although NONE of the others are willing to yield to either of them in that sense. It's also ironic since Lute doesn't actually marry her officially. She just acts as though he does in the ending.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Even as the head of a rebellion against the King, all across the land, people can't help but praise her and her late father for being such outstanding individuals, whether in swordplay, chess, or political reform movements. Even the Prime Minister acknowledges her... though he saw her as more of a possible threat to his own plans, so he tried using Pan Con to manipulate her to be his pawn to force her rebels and the King's forces into a battle. She chose not to do so, and this pays off later on when Lute comes along, because she had known full-well what Baun Clon had been sent to do and her mission that she inherited from her father was successfully completed when Lute defeated her and promised not to execute any of the other rebels.
  • My Fist Forgives You: Inverted. When Felzen, Motaire, and she are about to execute the Prime Minister, he begs to be spared on the grounds that his life was crucial for the kingdom...Nope. He then says they must spare him because Lute was a merciful and forgiving man. True... Except that 'she wasn't, so the 3 of them promptly execute him.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: She's the leader of a rebel movement in Vunderbalt, but she's actually doing it as part of a plan begun by her father to protect the kingdom, from internal and external conflict. One could argue the plan is rather amoral as it led to the death of the commanders preceding Lute.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Given to Motaire twice when he spoke ill of her man, Lute. She also helped capture Bobon and then kill the Prime Minister.
  • Off with His Head: What she does to the Prime Minister at the end of the Harem Route.
  • Order Versus Chaos: The reason she and her father had defected? It was to gather all the scattered rebel cells that were against the knighted meritocracy into one place rather than let them operate separately which would have likely led to anarchy and foreign invasion.
  • Pick on Someone Your Own Size: During the ending of the Harem Route, when the Prime Minister is trying to get away with executing Lute, Gladys arrives just in time to stop him, and then she proceeds to help in bringing him down.
  • Raised as the Opposite Gender: Her father had always wanted a son, so for a long time she referred to herself as such. Only those who actually knew her were aware of her actually being a woman, and even then she addressed herself in a masculine manner. Although you likely wouldn't know that by looking at her outfit. Also, it actually DOES work to her advantage, since Lute was completely unaware of her real identity until she reveals it directly to him.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Her eyes are piercing and deep red. If you piss her off, you're basically seconds away from death.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: From the start, her family was very close to the King and his family, but when his political reforms were moving too quickly initially, her father defected, gathered all the rebel cells under his command, and basically made it a standoff with the king's forces for years, until his passing and she assumed command.
  • Samus Is a Girl: She refers to herself in a masculine manner to the point that many people thought she was the Duke of Wackenheim's son. However, those who actually know her or have encountered her before know otherwise. However, with how she dresses, one may wonder if its a case of hiding in plain sight either way for her since she made it all the way into Bustenhalter multiple times without getting caught.
  • Stern Teacher: Toward Motaire when he was a child, she taught him swordplay and chess. It actually paid off since he graduated top of his class at the Knight Academy. {Too bad it gave him an inflated ego, and it was stated during the events of the story, she could still best him in both chess and swordplay, which as she flat out said, he could have learned more from her if he hadn't spent so much time ogling her breasts.
  • Storming the Castle: Once Bobon and Rubin's crimes are exposed thanks to Emeralia's confession, they flee into the castle. Gladys and Felzen then lead all the soldiers and guards in pursuit of them.
  • Stripperiffic: Her outfit is this, but whether she did this intentionally to help her in combat or not is anyone's guess. We at least know it worked on Motaire and (somewhat on) Lute.
  • Talking in Bed: Does this the morning after she sneaks into Lute's room, and performs "wifely duties", she declares both her love for him, and her desire to bear his children.
  • Talking in Your Sleep: On her last night in the capital, Lute has Isis bring her to his room. She was fully ready for sex, except she fell asleep instead, and while she slept she asked Lute to marry her in her sleep.
  • Tenchi Solution: She manages to get her own singular route and ending where she ends up together with Lute, but the True Canon ending is the Harem Ending. In it, Lute marries Shamsiel, Roxanne, and Princess Luceria. As for Isis, Gladys, and Emeralia, he doesn't marry them, but they act as though they basically are.
  • Terrorist Without a Cause: ZigZagged. Technically speaking, her rebellion DOES have a cause, but not quite the one her subordinates think. THEY had originally been scattered groups of people opposed to the king's meritocracy movement vs the noble system of power they had had up to that point, but Gladys and her father took charge of them all and gathered them together as one faction. The reason? It wasn't so they could lead the rebels to bring down the King. It was to keep anarchy from breaking out and to deter foreign powers from trying to take advantage of that chaos had it happened. All the while, they were awaiting someone to come along that they could properly negotiate with in order to surrender while ensuring all her followers' safety from execution. Why? So that the King would be forced to put more effort into moving toward a meritocratic system in a more natural manner rather the abrupt way he had been until then. So the rebellion has no purpose than to act as a deterrent for worse things happening.
  • The Cavalry: She takes this role in the plan to rescue Lute from his execution. Her subordinates lured many of the soldiers to another part of the capital while Shamsiel, Felzen, Isis, and she got to the execution platform and freed Lute and Emeralia.
  • The General's Daughter: She's the daughter of the late, General Wackenheim, who was the best knight in the kingdom (and possibly the world).
  • Their First Time: The first time they're together is in a dungeon with her in chains... Now hang on, SHE had actually challenged him to a "duel" of sorts with whoever orgasming first being the loser. If he won, she would become his woman, if he lost, she would be set free. She loses and declares herself his woman, and swears eternal love and loyalty to him. It's actually after they finish that he realizes he was her first, and she admits had challenged him deliberately for that reason.
  • Trojan Horse: In the Harem Route, thanks to Shamsiel and Luceria seeking out Gladys in Vunderbalt, they manage to come up with a plan to rescue Lute from his wrongful execution. The plan was to have General Schlamm and Zant travel to the capital with special "cargo". Within said cargo, would be Gladys and several of her troops that would act as a diversion once they were inside the city to lure as many of the Royal Guards away from the execution platform as possible. At the same time though, there was also General Felzen who was still in the Capital at the time arranging so that the guards that would inspect the cargo would be those loyal to him, so that they would actually make it into the city. It all goes off perfectly!
  • Tsundere: In the harem and Luceria routes at first, but after a few run-ins with him and following their duels, she falls in love with him.
  • Underboobs: Just look at her outfit, complete with Bare Your Midriff.
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend: After Lute wins her over, and she declares herself "his woman", you would be wise to avoid saying or doing anything negative toward Lute. Motaire tried to shake down Lute and called him inferior to himself. Her response? She commanded him to never talk bad of Lute or act hostile toward him ever again... She also promptly beat the crap out of him. Then, in the Harem Route, the Prime Minister framed Lute for murdering the king, and he and Bobon attempted to execute Lute publicly. Gladys finds out, and what was her response? She and a bunch of her subordinates are smuggled into the town, rescue Lute, expose Bobon and the Prime Minister's treason, and then after a brief chase, captures both and personally executes the Prime Minister!
  • Worthy Opponent: She actually tries to fight Lute fair and square despite having several opportunites of outright killing him since at first he doesn't knows she is the enemy commander but she knows he is her enemy.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Her hair is light purple, and her skin is Ambiguously Brown.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Type B - Over-the-Knees with metal boots up-to-the-knees.

Roxanne De Desir

Wife of the Prefect of Boan. Originally from Shoenburg (like Lute), she lived there until she was 5. She likes hearing things about the capital. She dislikes the cold, lonely nights in Boan.


Voiced by: Itou Hasumi aka Kazuha (JP)

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • Absolute Cleavage: Hers are 2nd biggest in the entire story aside from Princess Luceria.
  • Babies Ever After: In the ending to her route, she is pregnant with Lute's child. In the anime, some hints point to her possibly being pregnant after their last time together.
  • The Cameo: She and many of the characters appear on posters and merchandise in the anime adaptation of "Mankitsu Happening". It's kind of funny when you realize said images are supposedly decorating the walls of a regular manga shop, NOT an adult shop or anything like that.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Starts out like this due to her being married and all...
  • Covert Pervert: Considering how lonely she is, and the nature of her unique breast condition, it's no wonder she fell for Lute so quickly and eagerly.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Her family were only minor nobles, and the man who would end up becoming her husband only sought her hand out of desperation to try and attain any sort of a rise in political or economic status, but when it turned out she had little to offer... He had tried to get a divorce, but she wouldn't allow it, because she wanted to do her best to be a good and devoted wife for her part. So he forces her to sleep in a separate room alone on the opposite end of their castle, he has servants deal with her "condition" in his stead, and it was said that they never once even consummated the marriage. Instead, he took to cheating on her with "smaller", younger women.
  • Driven to Suicide: According to her, before Lute's arrival, she was alone and full of regret. To the point of considering suicide. thankfully, Lute manages to bring her out of this, and she is able to live happily.
  • Family Honor: She may be the daughter of minor nobles, but she isn't about to lose her pride to anyone. Not even her cheating, conspiring, greedy asshole of a husband the Prefect of Boan.
  • "Glad to Be Alive" Sex: Engages in this in her route after Lute manages to stop and expose Prince Bobon's attempted conspiracy with the previous Prefect of Boan.
  • Gondor Calls For Aid: In the Harem Route, when Lute is framed, imprisoned, and sentenced to death, Shamsiel is unable to rescue him alone, so she recruits the help of the other women Lute loved. Roxanne's role in this may seem small, but it is no less critical, and especially fortunate that she visited the capital when she did. Shamsiel sees how her body (especially her breasts) gives her a similar appearance to Princess Luceria, so she appears to Roxanne and brings her to see the Princess and Isis. From there, they have Roxanne stay in the Princess' room as a body double to make the guards think the Princess never left, when in actuality Shamsiel had taken her to Vunderbalt to see Gladys in order to come up with a plan to rescue Lute, and in the end it pays off!
  • Graceful Ladies Like Purple: Her dress is purple and certainly gives a sense of regal elegance... and hotness.
  • Happily Divorced: Sort of. Her ex-husband, the Prefect of Boan was TRYING to divorce her so he could apparently marry a loli, but that never happens. Instead, he has a heart-attack (or stroke) and apparently dies from it, which allows Roxanne to pursue a relationship with Lute. Which works out in hers AND the harem route.
  • I Just Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Happens in the routes aside from her own and the harem routes. She even remarks that she wouldn't blame Lute for moving on from her...
  • I Will Protect Him: Gender flipped with her agreeing to help save Lute in the Harem Route by posing as a doppelganger for the princess while she meets with Gladys to make plans to stop Lute's execution.
  • Just the Way You Are: Lute tells her this is why he loves her. She says the same of him.
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: Happens to her husband, the Prefect of Boan when he catches them in the act in an effort to catch them committing infidelity. He's in the middle of gloating about it, when he suffers a heart attack (or stroke) that renders him comatose and eventually he dies from it.
  • Love Hungry: Her first husband, the Prefect of Boan doesn't care for her at all. She's isolated and lonely, so it's understandable that she takes to Lute so easily even without being slipped aphrodisiacs by her husband in an effort to make her cheat on him.
  • MILF: Everyone, and I mean everyone, who sees her thinks she is this. There's plenty of reasons to think so: Her breasts are huge and she's lactating, she's married (to the shrimp-d_ck idiot that is the Prefect of Boan), and she's in right the age range for it. In fact, she's the eldest, aside from Shamsiel (that's a technicality) of all the women Lute falls in love with. But to everyone's surprises, she ISN'T one. Why? Because, despite all the reasons just said, she has never given birth or even been impregnated before. It's explained that she has a special medical condition that causes the swelling and lactating from her breasts, but again... She has never had children, despite pretty much flat-out saying that she wants to have them. She'd even be willing to have them with her crappy Prefect husband, but the good/bad news for her is he never even touches her. However... She does eventually become one in her route's ending when she becomes pregnant with Lute's child. As far as the anime adaptation goes, there's some hinting toward her possibly becoming pregnant after making love to Lute at the end of the first episode. Lute even said she would make a perfect mother if she ever had children.
  • Non Action Heroine: She has no combat or magical skills,and she's well aware of it, hence her role is entirely nonviolent, but the emphasis here is on non action, as she's still quite skilled at use of personal guile.
  • Nice Girl: She's a very soft spoken and gentle person. Even though she's treated poorly by her husband, she still tries to remain a noble and caring wife.
  • Opera Gloves: They're every close to being Detached Sleeves, except that they extend to her hands and are similar to Fingerless Gloves.
  • Ojou: She's from a lesser noble family, and married to the Prefect of Boan. They aren't royalty, but they are living better than probably anyone else in Boan by the time the story starts. Unlike with husband, she's not snooty or greedy about it. Also (technically speaking) in the Harem Route's ending, she marries Lute, the newly crowned King of Edelland, so she BECOMES royalty in the end.
  • Pity Sex: On the night Lute returns after a 2-day trip to Lingobard, Roxanne had waited up for him, and the second he got out of delivering a message to the Prefect, she takes him to her room. One Thing Led to Another and... he "helps her feel better". She had told him the truth as to why the Prefect had married her, because she was the daughter of nobility but lacked assets for him to use politically, so he stopped caring and never even touches. Also, to be fair... Madoise had been slipping aphrodisiacs into her food each day for a while in order to force her to have relations with Lute.
  • Proper Lady: She certainly is one. Then again, her wanting to be one also causes her a great deal of misery. She had married the Prefect of Boan, because he had sought so hard for her. After they married, he realized she and her family had little wealth and political status to offer to him, so he tried to divorce her. However, she refused to consent to divorcing him, because she decided that she would honor her family and herself by being known as a proper woman and wife. Hence, she stayed married to him even after he did everything to isolate her from him. Then one day...She met Lute.
  • Put on a Bus: After Lute thwarts her husband's plot with Prince Bobon, we don't see her again outside of her own ending which is only available if Lute promises to return at some point. OR, near the last section of the Harem ending, she travels from Boan to the capital, unannounced in an effort to reunite with Lute, only to discover he was imprisoned for murdering the King (which she suspected wasn't true). This works out for her and the others loyal to Lute, because she is able to help cover for the Princess, because of their...similar sizes... as they form a plan to stop Lute's execution.
  • Quiet Desperation: Her husband and Madoise had been conspiring against her by secretly lacing all her meals with Aphrodisiacs while Lute was gone for a few days. Upon his return, he reports to the Prefect and delivers a message to him, the second he leaves their room, she runs up to Lute, takes him by the hand, and leads him to her bedroom. Coitus Ensues, and thanks to Shamsiel keeping the Prefect and Madoise locked in their room, it ends up being Coitus Uninterruptus.
  • Royal Blood: Somewhat. She's the daughter of minor nobility, and it was for that reason that the Prefect of Boan had sought her hand so desperately, but when it turned out her family had little to no assets, they were stuck in a miserable marriage together. In the Harem route, she (along with Shamsiel and Luceria) marries Lute, which technically makes her a queen.
  • Sexless Marriage: Her marriage to the Prefect of Boan was this. Despite every effort she made to try and make things work between them, he never even sleeps in the same wing of their castle much less consummate their marriage. On top of that, it's hinted at that he cheats on her, because he only likes younger women.
  • She's Got Legs: She sure does, and they are quite healthy.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: She's not trained in combat, but she's a fighter nonetheless...She realizes that her husband, the Prefect of Boan had only married her because he thought doing so would grant him wealth or help boost his political standings. However, she and her family have little to offer of either, so he had tried to divorce her. Unfortunately for him, she wasn't about to back down due to her desire to be a known as a proper wife, so she refused to let him divorce her. He took to forcing her to stay in a separate room on the opposite side of their castle and even started cheating on her with loli girls, but still she stayed bound to him in misery. Eventually, she meets Lute and through a series of events, he frees her spirit in just about every way. Prefect Irboyne eventually dies, and Lute has to return to the capital to handle matters following her husband's attempted treason against the King. She promises to wait for him no matter what... Which depending on the route, she does! Rather Unfortunate Implications when you go a route that doesn't end with her. However, she proves her strength once more in the Harem Route when she turns up in the Capital to see Lute. She had come by herself all the way from Boan unannounced (and unescorted?) to visit Lute. Upon her arrival, she hears of Lute's supposed murdering of King Hagel as well as his imprisonment. Shamsiel appears to her and has her act as a stand-in for Princess Luceria as they all made plans and preparations to rescue Lute from his wrongful execution. They succeed! Thanks (in no small part) to her!
  • So Beautiful It's a Curse: More like "So Beautiful It's a Waste!". She's very kind and devoted, as well as really sexy (her breasts even lactate despite never having a baby or being pregnant). However, given how her husband sees her as ugly and calls her fat like a cow... It seems like such a waste and a curse for her. Of course, that's coming from a creepy cheating lolicon, so his opinion doesn't say much.
  • Spanner in the Works: In the Harem Route, Roxanne makes an unannounced visit to Shoenburg at the Lute gets falsely imprisoned. Shamsiel notices her and sees her as the perfect stand-in for Luceria (since their breast sizes are similar) in order to sneak the princess out to get help from Gladys.
  • Talking in Bed: In Boan, before Lute is to return to the capital to testify for thwarting Prince Bobon's attempted coup, they talk, and he promises (unless you don't) to return to her at some point... In her ending he does.
  • Tenchi Solution: She manages to get her own singular route and ending where she ends up together with Lute, but the True Canon ending is the Harem Ending. In it, Lute marries Shamsiel, Roxanne, and Princess Luceria. As for Isis, Gladys, and Emeralia, he doesn't marry them, but they act as though they basically are.
  • Their First Time: The visual novel hints at the Prefect and she never actually consummating their marriage, despite her desiring children and being a devoted wife, he completely disregards her and ignores her, as well as cheats on her, SO one can speculate whether her first time with Lute was her first time ever.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Her husband is pretty underwhelming, while she is straight up drop-dead gorgeous! And no, they most definitely did NOT marry for love. He was desperately trying to use marriage to her to up his political status.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Her 1st husband, the Prefect of Boan had sought her hand in marriage thinking it would get him prestige or riches, but she had little of either, so he wanted a divorce, but she refused to do so willingly. Thus, he wanted to trap her in an instance of infidelity to him. To that end, he had his subordinate give both Lute and her wine with aphrodisiacs in order to get them to copulate. They do, and he was right there waiting for them to catch them in the act. It backfires when he has a heart-attack and Shamsiel presents documents to Lute that tied the Prefect to a conspiracy with Prince Bobon to ignite a revolt. To get even deeper, it is later revealed that said conspiracy was not only piggy-backing off of Gladys' Rebellion in Vunderbalt, but was also being influenced by the Prime Minister.
  • Values Dissonance: Teeeeechnically she and Lute DO commit acts of infidelity together, since she cheats on her husband, the Prefect of Boan, but at the same time, her husband is also cheating on her and was actually TRYING to get her to cheat on him so he could force her to divorce him (he was even cheating on her with a loli). In the end, her and Lute's relationship comes off as more sympathetic than not, so how right or wrong it actually is is up to you.
  • Wife-Basher Basher: Not so much physically, but she's a fighter nonetheless.
  • Your Cheating Heart: It goes both ways, because her husband the Prefect of Boan cheats on her with younger girls. While on the other hand, she ends up cheating on him with Lute, but it is played out more sympathetically, and at the same time, her husband had actually been trying to get her to cheat on him so he could divorce her as part of his plans to betray the kingdom and be part of a rebellion alongside Prince Bobon.
  • You Taste Delicious: At one point, she serves Lute coffee. He thinks it tastes bitter at first, but then she adds some milk, and he thinks it tastes way better thanks to her.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Once the first portion of the story (in Boan with her) is over, Lute returns to the capital to meet with the King, and there he has 3 choices. Return to Boan (if you promised Roxanne you would return, otherwise this option isn't available), get promoted to Commander, or become a Royal Knight. The last 2 lead to 4 other routes with their own endings, but the story sure likes to make you feel a bit guilty for leaving Roxanne behind... Until you get to the final ending when she comes back and is one of the girls married to Lute, and learn that THAT is the true canon ending!

Lady Emeralia

She's watching you.

The Prime Minister's closest subordinate, and private tutor to Princess Luceria.


Voiced by: Asai Harumi aka Momozono Kaoru (JP)

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • Absolute Cleavage: And how.
  • Ambiguously Bi: A comment of her about admiring the way the princess have sex implies she is also attracted to her.
  • All Women Are Lustful: Zigzagged. She is called and treated like this by the Prime Minister, her own father, much to her irritation. She hates having to use her magic and (especially) her body, to cast spells on men to enslave them to her (or rather, the Prime Minister's) will. That being said, when she was with Lute, he was able to overcome her magic and turn the tables on her, and it was the first time she felt happy to be with a man. Later on, after her High Heel Face Turn, whenever she is with Lute, she has so much... enthusiasm that she almost puts Shamsiel to shame...Almost.
  • Be a Whore to Get Your Man: Emeralia kinda invokes this on Princess Luceria. In the way that, Princess Luceria had actually confided in Emeralia that she wished for Lute to be the man she would relinquish her virginity to. Emeralia in turn uses this information somewhat set Lute up in a "trap" under the orders of the Prime Minister, but at the same time, actually does act to support them being together. Thus Emeralia tells Luceria that she needed to be proactive and make efforts to be "available" to him. Emeralia even teaches her some "techniques" that would help with that. It works since Luceria does end up falling in love with Lute for real as well as the 2 of them having sex, but then again, it works on both of them, since they BOTH end up becoming parts of Lute's Harem in the true canon ending, though Lute only actually marries Luceria, Roxanne, and Shamsiel, not Gladys, Isis, or Emeralia.
  • Blatant Lies: Emeralia can fool others pretty well, but Lute sees right through her for the most part, and tries to get her to open up to her true feelings which even she was impressed by. However, that doesn't stop him from diving headfirst into a few setups she had arranged. If not for him having a few secrets of his own, he likely wouldn't have overcome her tricks.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: The Prime Minister has her use her magic and body to break and enslave men into doing her, and by extension his bidding. She even tries to induce this on Lute, but it fails.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: After failing to enslave Lute with her body, she starts questioning her actions in support of the Prime Minister, but it isn't until after she frames Lute for murdering the king that she finally has a change of heart and tries to free him. She gets caught and imprisoned along with him, but as she apologizes to him, his words of comfort finally cause her to let go of her usual facade and she starts to cry with genuine emotion for the first time in who knows how long. From that point forward, she starts expressing herself more. Sort of causing this trope to take on a different meaning.
  • Cleavage Window: See her image.
  • Covert Pervert: 95% of the time she has the same stoic look on her face, and in fact she hates men and for good reason, but when she is with Lute, she almost seems like a totally different person with how... enthusiastic she gets.
  • Daddy's Little Villain: Tragically so... Her father, the Prime Minister, had her via a prostitute. The jackass doesn't actually care or acknowledge her in the least, but he uses and abuses her. He forced her to learn magic in order to use it (along with her own body) to enslave various men. He even makes hints that he himself has fornicated with her (to her utter dismay).
  • Deadpan Snarker: See the picture of her? 95% of the time, she has that same deadpan look on her face. That said, she has no snark nor humor to go with it. She just speaks when necessary and only about what is necessary, because she is under orders from the Prime Minister. However, she displays some snark after her first defeat by Lute. Then, at the end of the Harem route, she is a bit more expressive and open with others including snarkiness, though the deadpan is toned down a bit.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Hers is perhaps the saddest of them all...Her mother was a prostitute and her father was the Prime Minister, however, he never acknowledged her as being his daughter in any way, but still uses her to assist him in his schemes. He forces her to use her body and magic spells to enslave men to do her and by extension the Prime Minister's bidding. It's even implied that the Prime Minister himself has molested her.
  • Death Seeker: With all she's been through, and all she is forced to put up with, it's not much of a surprise. In Luceria's route's ending, she was ordered by the Prime Minister to murder the king and frame Lute. She begins heading for the King's bedroom contemplating what would happen... She knew that no matter what, she wouldn't be recognized by her father, the Prime Minister, and he would more likely throw her under the bus if necessary to cover his tracks, so essentially she was marching to her own death not simply to kill the king, although she doesn't get the chance to go through with any of that in said route thanks to Isis being there at the time. But it becomes FAR clearer in the Harem route, where she ends up being an accomplice to the Prime Minister actually murdering the King and then her part in hiding the dagger in Lute's room to frame him. The guilt from this, and the continued mistreatment and still being unacknowledged by the Prime Minister (her biological father), ultimately wears her down. She even tried to go apologize to the Princess who actually figured out the truth pretty quickly, and when she tried to apologize, the Princess said she didn't want an apology, she just wanted Lute back. Ultimately, she couldn't take it anymore so she went to visit Lute in the dungeon very late at night. She spoke with him briefly, and then she made her move to take down the guard using her magic and try to help him escape. Unfortunately, it fails and they are stopped by the Prime Minister and "King" Bobon. At first, they wanted to kill them both on the spot, but Lute manages to trick Bobon into keeping them alive to have them publicly executed together the next day. When the 2 of them are alone in the cell once again, she asks Lute why he stood up for her, and Lute tells her he felt sorry for her. She once more apologized for her failures, and Lute told her that if she had come to free him, she must have been willing to die for him... She doesn't refute that. She tells him that she was fine with dying, even admitting that she was likely going to go to Hell for all her crimes over the years. Lute cheers her up by telling her that if that were the case, he would send an angel or God down to get her if he went to heaven... Lute tells her she doesn't need to sin anymore, and that she's been so strong for getting through all she's been through. Cue the honest and well-deserved water works from her. In essence, it was at that moment that she was finally truly alive once again. It was also what gave her the strength for the next day when they are about to be executed, Lute's allies rescue them both, and she gathers all her courage and openly proclaims the truth about the Prime Minister murdering the King, Bobon's attempted rebellion, and her role in framing Lute. Her actions effectively clear his name, and in the end she is not only forgiven, but is also made the new Prime Minister of the kingdom in place of her father who was executed.
  • Does Not Like Men: She openly admits this. However, she doesn't like when other people bring it, like the Prime Minister eventually does.
  • Did not get the Guy: Zigzagged. She and Gladys are the only 2 girls Lute loves that do not get their own individual routes. That said, they both end up becoming part of Lute's harem in the Harem route's ending which is considered the canon ending so they DO get to be with him along with the others, although he doesn't marry them all yet.
  • Easily Forgiven: In the Harem route, after being freed alongside Lute from their executions, Isis and the others were prepared to punish her for framing Lute, but he intervenes and convinces them to forgive her. Why? Because she's too sexy to execu- Oh! I mean, because she is necessary for overseeing the managerial side of politics. In fact, by the time of the epilogue set 1 year later, she was made the new Prime Minister of the kingdom replacing her father, and is also a member of Lute's personal loving harem.
  • Emotionless Girl: Zigzagged. Of course she has emotions, but thanks to the utter hell she endured being raised (and "raised" is used very very lightly in this case) by the Prime Minister (aka her actual biological father, but he never acknowledges her as his child), she was basically forced to suppress her emotions as a way of coping with what he puts her through and forces her to do for him. Lute is the first and only man she met that was able to not only best her, but actually awakens her previously thought-to-be long since closed off emotions and desires. By the end of the Harem route, she is freed from the Prime Minister's influence and begins to openly express herself more and more.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Zigzagged. She does all sorts of terrible things while taking orders from the Prime Minister, aka her actual biological father. Why? She just wanted him to acknowledge her as his child, but he makes it clear that he would NEVER see her as anything more than a tool or an object for him to use and dispose of at his leisure. It's partially because of that that she eventually has a Mistreatment Induced Betrayal leading to a High Heel Face Turn: for her to side with Lute, the first person to genuinely make her feel good, and see through to her true self. Though the other women are uneasy and distrusting toward her for a while, Lute would personally vouch for her.
  • Face Death with Dignity: See Death Seeker above. When she was going to be executed alongside Lute, she pretty much welcomed it. Even figuring she'd likely go to Hell for all she had done. As she saw it, Hell couldn't have been much worse than what she was already living through under the grip of her father, the Prime Minister. They get rescued at the last second, and she tells everyone the truth about the Prime Minister's crimes, Bobon's attempted rebellion, and her own part in framing Lute. When all is said and done, Bobon and the Prime Minister get executed by General Felzen, Gladys, and Motaire. As for her, Gladys told her that they would leave her punishment up to Lute, and she calmly said she was ready to face execution for her crimes. Lute however, had forgiven her by then and said that they would need her knowledge in political management for when he would become king, so they keep her alive, and by the time of year later, Lute was king, and Emeralia was the new Prime Minister.
  • Good All Along: Even SHE was kinda surprised when Lute pointed it out to her. She had been acting under orders from the Prime Minister to support his schemes she lost touch with her own emotions, until then.
  • "Glad to Be Alive" Sex: Engages in this during the epilogue of the Harem route, but so did the others.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: It takes a while, but it comes out by the end.
  • High Heel Face Turn: Though not completely after the first round, she does give up information to Lute she otherwise wouldn't have, and it at least plants the seeds of doubt in her actions following the Prime Minister's orders. Her more complete betrayal of the Prime Minister occurs in the Harem Route, in which we learn she is actually a bastard daughter of one of his concubines, and she eventually attempts to free Lute before the Prime Minister can execute him because her guilt in helping frame him for murder overcomes her. It fails and she winds up in the same cell as Lute, but her face turn is completed. She is rewarded in the harem ending by becoming one of Lute's "wives" and taking the late Prime Minister's job.
  • Honey Trap: Her main function as Bernstein's assistant is to seduce men so the prime-minister can get what he wants.
  • Hot Teacher: She is Princess Luceria's private teacher/tutor, and she is pretty and curvaceous.
  • I Just Want My Beloved to Be Happy: In the Harem route, following her aiding the Prime Minister to frame Lute for murdering the king, she ends up feeling more and more guilty as time goes on. Eventually, she has a Heel Realization and goes to try to break Lute out of the dungeon, even using her magic to do so. When Lute asks her why she was doing it, she declares that she had made a mistake in framing him, the one most worthy to be king, and as long as he were to escape and survive, she wouldn't care what happened to her.
  • In Love with the Mark: She is entrusted with trying to get rid of Lute, first by trying to enslave him and later by outright trying to kill him using Luceria as a tool for it. Lute's powers allows him to overcome those traps and what happens is that Emeralia begins to feel attracted by him.
  • It's All My Fault: Near the end of the Harem Route, she is racked with guilt about helping the Prime Minister frame Lute and murder King Hagel I, so she tries to free Lute from the dungeon, knowing she could/would likely be executed for it. She gets caught and thrown in the cell along with Lute. She confesses her regrets for ever helping the Prime Minister and all her crimes against Lute. He forgives her, and tells her she doesn't need to sin anymore. He tells her that she's been so strong up till then... Cue the much needed and deserved water-works from her.
  • I Will Protect Him: Gender flipped with her taking it upon herself to try and free Lute from the dungeon after realizing her mistake of framing him for the King's murder.
  • Jerk With a Heart of Gold: She herself isn't actually a jerk, she just follows orders from the Prime Minister that make her SEEM like one. Deep down, she's actually a very nice person, but it takes a while for it to come out.
  • Kick the Dog: The things she is put through thanks to the Prime Minister, aka HER FATHER, are downright cruel. And even after following ALL the orders she receives, he continues to disregard her and never even acknowledges her as his daughter, so it's no surprise she has a High Heel Face Turn in the end.
  • Killed to Uphold the Masquerade: In the Harem Route, she at first acts as an accomplice to the Prime Minister murdering the king and framing Lute for it, but she comes to regret it and has a change of heart. At which point she tried to free Lute, but got caught and sentenced to be executed right alongside him for this very reason. During the execution, Gladys and the others managed to put a stop to everything before they could kill Lute, but when Lute asked them to free Emeralia as well, the Prime Minister desperately tried to get someone to kill Emeralia at least to keep her quiet. No one would do it though, and she loudly proclaims everything to the crowds of hers, Bobon's, and the Prime Minister's crimes.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: She hates men for the most part, but when Lute bests her and makes her feel good, she gets quite into it and begins desiring him. Especially apparent in the Epilogue of the Harem Route when she is "waiting for her turn". Hell, with how she acts, you might think her desires rival that of Shamsiel!
  • Matchmaker Crush: After her failed attempt to enslave Lute using her body and sexual magic, she suggests to the Prime Minister that they use Princess Luceria (whose body they both somehow knew had demonic magical properties) to try and either break Lute's mind OR kill him. At the same time though, she found herself developing a desire of her own to want to be with Lute. Nevertheless, the Prime Minister approves the plan and they begin working to get Lute and Luceria closer to one another, using teaching her "swordplay and self-defense" as an excuse to get them to be alone and around one another. Emeralia met and talked with Luceria a few times to seemingly advise her on how to handle herself and her feelings for Lute. In fact, she even took it upon herself to "teach" Luceria a technique or two of her own. The final outcome depends on the route: Luceria's route ends with Lute marrying Luceria and the other women Lute loved were left out, including Emeralia. However, in the Harem route, Emeralia even personally JOINS their... "lessons" and helps take things even further between them. Then the climax of the Harem Route happens, and after that all of the women in love with Lute (Emeralia included), become part of a small harem of wives/lovers to him.
  • Magnificent Bastard: She's nowhere as close as Gladys in this, but at the same time she kind of is considered one. Literally in fact since her mother was some concubine of the Prime Minister, and he definitely never married or even acknowledged either of them. But she doesn't fully become one until probably the very end of the Harem Route where she has her High Heel Face Turn and is appointed the new Prime Minister of Edelland serving under the new King, Lute Hende I. Her knowledge of the managerial side of the kingdom's politics makes her a big help to Lute's rule overall. Plus with her evil father dead, she's finally free to live life as she wants.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Her reason for turning against the Prime Minister in favor of Lute is because the Prime Minister, her own father, doesn't acknowledge her as anything more than a disposable tool, let alone as his daughter. Whereas Lute is nothing but kind to her even knowing she was working for the Prime Minister.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: In the Harem Route, after Bernstein murders Hagel, he orders Emeralia to frame Lute by planting the knife in his room. She did so and realized what she had done, she had betrayed the one man who ever showed her any kindness and who she started falling for. Emeralia then attempted to free Lute from the dungeon, but gets caught.
  • My Master, Right or Wrong: She's this way toward her master, the Prime Minister. It was due mostly to him being her biological father, and she was trying to get even a little acknowledgement from him, but deep down she knew he'd never change. Yet she still followed his orders. Why? She was too broken by him to care. However, in the Harem Route, she is able to free herself from the Prime Minister's control and seek out her own desires thanks to Lute.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: She helps set Lute up with Princess Luceria. It was supposed to be a trap, but both in Luceria's and in the Harem Route, it pays off for Lute and he becomes King. Lute even thanks Emeralia for doing so in the Harem Route when they were imprisoned together.
  • Not So Stoic: While attempting to enslave Lute, he uses a Split Seed on himself to... get reinforcements... which, combined with him being half-incubus, allows him to overpower her, and she in turn takes quite an enthusiastic approach to the situation. Lute notices it was almost as though she were an entirely different person. Afterwards, she goes back to her usual stoic self, but after that, she begins becoming less stoic, especially noticeable in the Harem route epilogue when she even laughs and makes jokes with the others.
  • Of Corsets Sexy: Hers is actually rather simple. See her image.
  • Parental Abandonment: Her father, the Prime Minister, refuses to acknowledge her as his daughter, but still forces her to obey his commands, which include things from conspiring against the king, attempting to poison or kill people, and even using her own body and magic to enslave men for the Prime Minister, but again. He still makes it clear that he can/will/does throw her away like a piece of trash without a second thought.
  • Parental Incest: Her father implies it and Emeralia's comments about it later outright confirms she had sexual encounters with him.
  • Quiet Desperation: Considering all she goes through. She was forced to close off her emotions as a means of coping with it, but then when Lute finally breaks through her emotional barriers during their first sexual encounter, she becomes so enveloped in pleasure that she partakes of this, until finally admits that the Prime Minister had ordered her to try and enslave him with her magic. This trope also comes back during the epilogue of the Harem route, because she tries to play it cool while waiting her turn, but the other girls jump in front of her until she couldn't stand it anymore.
  • Rivals Team Up: In the Harem Route's epilogue, she has become a member of Lute's harem of wives/lovers, but they all keep vying for more of Lute's attention over one another. It got to the point where they came up with schedules for who would get to do what with him each day, even though he still makes love to them all a couple times each day. One particular case was when Isis and Gladys had met up with Lute on their own to have sex with him to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of his graduation from the Royal Knight's Academy. After they finish, Luceria and Emeralia find them all there, and she proposes that they need to punish the one responsible for taking liberties with Lute "out of turn", and so she and the others "punish" Gladys who was the supposed mastermind of it.
  • Sex Face Turn: She had been sent by the Prime Minister to try and do this to Lute in order to enslave him with her magic spells, but he not only negates it. He ends up reversing the outcome so that she ends up making the turn for him, although she doesn't fully make the turn until after she ends up framing him for murdering the king... Which she deeply regretted, but still, it was their first time truly together that started her on the path.
  • Sexy Secretary: Serves as this to the Prime-Minister.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: She's highly educated (she's even the private teacher/tutor to Princess Luceria), she's skilled in magic and seduction/manipulation, she knows enough about the administrative side of politics to be appointed the next Prime Minister of the kingdom after her father was executed for treason, and yes, she wears glasses.
  • The Stoic: Has a deadpan facial expression almost constantly? Check. Wears Stoic Spectacles? Check. Acts like an Emotionless Girl (or rather is an emotionally repressed girl? Check... Her run-ins with Lute help change her for the better, especially in the Harem route, when she has a High Heel Face Turn and becomes a member of his personal harem at the very end.
  • Stoic Spectacles: Hers double as Sexy Spectacles.
  • Tenchi Solution: She never manages to get her own singular route and ending where she ends up together with Lute, but the True Canon ending is the Harem Ending. In it, Lute marries Shamsiel, Roxanne, and Princess Luceria. As for Isis, Gladys, and Emeralia, he doesn't marry them, but they act as though they basically are.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: As mentioned in Tenchi Solution above, she never gets her own singular route where only she ends up together with Lute, but at the same time, it might be better for her that she ended up as part of Lute's harem in the true canon ending, because yes she isn't alone with Lute, but then she now at least has no reason to feel so alone or depressed anymore thanks to Lute and the other wives/lovers.
  • Undying Loyalty: At first, she was seemingly completely this to the Prime Minister, but after her defeat by Lute, she starts caring more for him than obeying the Prime Minister, even leading to a High Heel Face Turn thanks to a Mistreatment Induced Betrayal. By the epilogue of the Harem Route, she and the others in Lute's harem of wives/lovers have become this wholeheartedly to Lute.
  • Victim Falls For Rapist: She begins to develop feelings for Lute after he rapes her when she tries to put him under a mind control spell.
  • "Well Done, Daughter" Girl: Screw the "Well Done..." part of this trope. Emeralia straight up HATES the things she has to go through to "please" her biological father, the Prime Minister. All she wanted was to actually be acknowledged as his daughter, but that never happens. He even berates her when she calls him "father" accidentally. Thankfully though, she eventually gets over this and is able to get on with her life in peace... Somewhat thanks to her moving on, but extra help comes when her "father" gets executed for treason via decapitation.
  • When She Smiles: She has a very pleasant smile when she shows her true emotions and true happiness. It only shows up when she's with Lute.
  • Worthy Opponent: Following her failed attempt to break/subjugate Lute on her own, she saw Lute as a far more capable man than she initially thought. Granted she still acted under the orders of the Prime Minister, but she started to work against him even slightly to help Lute out, such as setting him up with Princess Luceria, helping push the 2 to getting closer (although she didn't really need to DO all that much), and she also helped cover up for Lute surviving being with Luceria to keep the Prime Minister from doing anything more direct. Eventually, she first betrays Lute by helping the Prime Minister frame Lute for murdering the King, but she eventually finds herself racked with guilt and sorrow which leads her to turn on the Prime Minister and she attempts to free Lute from his prison. They chat shortly, and then she makes up her mind that he was DEFINITELY the one worthy of her help, so she took down the guard and tried to get Lute to escape, but both end up caught. Lute manages to convince the Prime Minister and Bobon to not kill them on the spot and leave them to be executed the next day. Once the two are alone again, Emeralia confesses all her regrets and apologizes to Lute. He forgives her, and she questions how he could be so kind. He responds that perhaps he's just dumb, which she angrily rebukes saying he is NOTHING of the sort and that he had suspected her from the very beginning. Eventually she apologizes once more, and Lute tells her that she doesn't need to sin anymore, even complimenting her strength for enduring all the torment over the years... Cue the waterworks. Not just anyone could have done what Lute did that for her, by allowing her to finally let go and feel her true emotions after who knows how long.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Hers is light pink.

Luceria von Diamante

They're real.

Princess of the Edelland Kingdom. She is Prince Bobon's step-sister.


Voiced by: Fujimora Yukina aka Konoha (JP)

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • Absolute Cleavage: Look at her picture. Seems about right.
  • Attractiveness Isolation: She's a princess, she's very pretty, but her contact with others is kept to a minimum.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness: She's drop-dead gorgeous, and as sweet as can be.
  • Be a Whore to Get Your Man: In her route, from her lessons in swordplay and self-defense with Lute and Emeralia. This leads to her actively seeking Lute out at night, and they are discovered by the King who gives them his blessings for them to marry, which Lute does. Done somewhat in the Harem route, because she still goes and seek out Lute to have sex with him in his room at night, but things don't quite play out as well that time since her father was being murdered around that time. Still, by the epilogue of the route, she and the others are all with Lute, and she, Roxanne, and Shamsiel are all married to him.
  • Berserk Button: Much to everyone's surprise, she has one. It is when people trash-talk, belittle, or falsely accuse Lute that her temper finally flares up.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: She starts out very shy and bashful around Lute. But after spending some time with him to learn swordplay, she starts being more forward with others. To the point of seeking out Lute in his bedroom at night on her own.
  • Corrupt the Cutie: Lute sort of does this to her, under the pretext of teaching her swordplay and self-defense. That said, the Prime Minister and Emeralia were setting him up with her deliberately for this purpose, hoping it might lead to Lute dying or his mind breaking, thanks to Luceria being half-nymph. However, as far as corrupting her is concerned, Lute's actions do more to make her sexually active than actual corruption, and even then, she's only sexual with/toward Lute, and he takes responsibility for it in both hers and the Harem route.
  • Covert Pervert: To the point that even she didn't know about it. It's revealed that she is actually half-nymph and so her body has special properties similar to a succubus' and almost just as lethal.
  • Death by Sex: Unintentionally and unwittingly for her part. She is half-nymph and thus her body has similar properties to that of a succubus, but she was never aware of this fact. However, the Prime Minister had known, so he attempted to manipulate her and Lute into having sex, in the hopes that if they were to, it would kill Lute. Thankfully though, with some help from Shamsiel, and his own half-incubus status, Lute is able to survive.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: She may a princess, but having to grow up alongside Prince Bobon must have been hell. That's not all though, because she is only Bobon's half-sister, since her mother was the King's 2nd wife. In fact, her mother was actually a member of the demon race: a nymph. Which had been kept secret from everyone due to a law in the kingdom to hunt down and kill all demons. Regardless, her father still loved and married her mother, making her his queen, but kept the truth a secret. When Luceria was born, she was half-human half-nymph which could have been very dangerous for them all if the truth were discovered. Thus, the King never told her about her being half-nymph nor her mother's secret. She was raised in a part of the palace that few were allowed to enter or be around her, so she had few friends of her own. She did manage to become friends and form a sisterly sort of relationship with Gladys Von Wackenheim, at least until Gladys and her father had had to defect to assume command of the rebel movement against the meritocracy the king had been trying to implement too rapidly. After that, the only other person she could interact with were her parents, her brother, and Emeralia her private/personal teacher. A year before the events of the story, her mother passed away, and her father was stricken with grief to the point of seeking to retire from ruling the kingdom, except that he had decided he would and could not trust his son, Bobon to inherit the throne from him, and there were no other heirs to appoint. This left her brother angry at them both, and her father staying in power though not actually desiring to do so. Meanwhile, she was almost completely isolated once more, with the only exception apart from her father being Emeralia, who unknown to her was acting mostly under orders of the Prime Minister.
  • Damsel in Distress: Played with. SHE is never actually the target of anyone. The villain tries to use her for his plans, but it backfires and forces the villain to take more drastic measures. This leads to her father being murdered and her lover (Lute) being framed for it. She goes to try and testify Lute's innocence, but fails since the one she was trying to convince WAS the culprit, and upon figuring that out... They have her put under house arrest in her room. She wasn't kidnapped, she wasn't even their target. If anything, the only "distress" part of this trope comes from how worried she is about Lute being in a dungeon and scheduled for execution. The villains just locked her in her room to cover up what she knew, but even THAT doesn't work on her since Shamsiel approaches her for helping with a plan to rescue Lute. Luceria agrees, and thanks to Isis and Roxanne covering for her, she is able to freely leave her room with Shamsiel and successfully goes to meet with Gladys to form and execute their plans.
  • Fetish Fuel Station Attendant: One look at her image and you don't even need to think about which fetish she embodies.
  • Generation Xerox: A offhand remark by the king says she is as sexually forward as her mother before her.
  • Gilded Cage: She sort of lives in one initially. For most, if not all her life, she wasn't allowed to be around others very often. It was a combination of her status as a princess of course, but also for a reason even she never learned about herself: Her mother was a Nymph, which means SHE as her daughter is half-nymph (half-demonic). Her parents had never told her and did everything to protect her. She turns out fine, but then it becomes literally this during the Harem Route's climax when Lute is framed for murdering her father, the King. When she figured out the Prime Minister and Emeralia were the true culprits, he had her and Isis put under house arrest in her room to keep her from foiling the plan. Thankfully though, Shamsiel and Roxanne are able to help with this.
  • "Glad to Be Alive" Sex: Engages in this during the epilogue of the Harem route, but so did the others.
  • Gondor Calls For Aid: In the Harem Route, when Lute is framed, imprisoned, and sentenced to death, Shamsiel is unable to rescue him alone, so she recruits the help of the other women Lute loved. Princess Luceria's role is that she was approached by Shamsiel, a demon she never met, and entrusting her with taking her to Bustenhalter to seek help from Gladys. Meanwhile, Roxanne and Isis were covering for her, so she was able to come up with a plan to rescue Lute, and her leap of faith pays off!
  • Good Is Not Dumb:Given the fact she could tell right from the off that the Prime Minister and her former teacher Emeralia were the real culprits behind her father's murder? Well... it's no big secret where she gets it from.
  • Halfbreed: She's half-human thanks to her father, King Hagel I, but her mother (the King's 2nd wife) was a Nymph. Which is a species of demon, and therefore means that Luceria is half-nymph and thus half-demon.
  • Horny Devil: Unbeknownst to her, her mother was a nymph and her father is human. Which makes her half-nymph and therefore half-demonic, and it's pretty obvious once she gets a taste she wants more.
  • I Will Protect Him: Gender flipped with her trusting Shamsiel, a demon, to help her and the others to rescue Lute from his wrongful execution.
  • Just a Flesh Wound: She starts training in swordplay and self-defense with Lute, and while he was distracted, she nails him in the gut and knocks him on his ass. He tries to play it off, but she clearly knocked the wind out of him.
  • Killed to Uphold the Masquerade: In the Harem Route, the Prime Minister tries to use her to kill off Lute because he was a threat to the Prime Minister's plans. It backfires, so he takes more drastic measures: He kills the King and frames Lute for it. Luceria almost immediately figured out that not only was this bullsh-t, but also that the Prime Minister and Emeralia were the real culprits. The Prime Minister has her and Isis locked in her room. Later on, when the Prime Minister heard that they were still against him, the Prime Minister remarks that he might have to either eliminate them both or send them far away to keep things covered up. Had it not been for Shamsiel and the others, she might've been next to die.
  • Leitmotif: She's the only character who genuinely HAS one just for her. It's even named "Princess Theme".
  • Living Aphrodisiac: She's pretty attractive already, but throw in the fact that she is half-nymph which means she is similar to a succubus, and thus she is this.
  • Looping Lines: Most of the voiced female characters (at least those who have visuals) have at least 1 H-scene. With that, there's Audio Erotica and Immodest Orgasm Sounds in full swing for this Nukige Visual Novel which is to be expected of course. Each of them also has some instances of let's say... "sexual background noise" that sometimes plays during the scenes when the girl isn't actually saying anything, but acts to maintain the mood. Some of these sound clips are longer than others so it's not always as noticeable, however Princess Luceria has without question the SHORTEST of this sort of clip, so it's more noticeable than the rest, and you can expect to hear it a LOT during her H-scenes.
  • Love At First Sight: While the princess didn't know who Lute was and vice versa when they first met. She admitted to feeling a sudden something for him as he asked for directions since he was late to getting his graduation certificate. This is evident when requesting the new commander to be lenient with Gladys and after which as she asked Emeralia and Rubin Von Bernstein when he'd return.
  • Marshmallow Hell: She is the gatekeeper to the biggest case of this. She's one of 2 women that Lute's been with that actually rendered him unconscious from making love with them. Shamsiel being the other one... It really is true though, Luceria's half-nymph body makes her as lethal as Shamsiel, and had it not been for Lute being Half-Incubus, he very well would have probably died from being with her.
  • More Deadly Than the Male: Between her and her brother, she's actually the more dangerous of the 2. Except that she isn't evil or a spoiled man-child idiot like him, so unless you're her enemy, you've got nothing to worry about. Having said that, the very same reason she's more deadly than her brother is also what makes her dangerous to those she loves as well, thanks to her being (unknowingly) half-human half-nymph.
  • Nice Girl: It's not even fair to try and compare her to her brother in terms of how nice they are. She's as kind, gentle, and sweet as can be. He's a spoiled rotten, pompous, fat, ugly, vulgar, and dimwitted jackass. All that being said, even SHE recognizes how unfit her brother is to be King or have any real authority in any way.
  • Opera Gloves: They're pretty close to being Detached Sleeves, except that they extend to her hands and are similar to Fingerless Gloves.
  • Princess Classic: Surprisingly enough, for a fantasy nukige h-game visual novel, you'll be shocked to know how much she both is and IS NOT this. Sure, she IS a princess: She was born one, dresses as one, is timid/shy, very kind to others, and many consider her the World's Most Beautiful Woman (look at her image and there's no need to guess why). But at the same time, she actually is NOT a Princess Classic simultaneously for a number of reasons: She's only naive/"innocent" initially, and that was thanks to her being raised mostly without much contact with others due to her genealogical origins (she is half-human, half-nymph/demon). She grows up considerably by the end of the story to the point where she takes lessons in swordplay and self defense (though the lessons did get a bit more... "hands on" than she expected), she actively seeks out the man she loves (even in ways that might be seen as scandalous if the public ever found out), and when Lute gets imprisoned falsely, she takes quite a leap of faith to trust a succubus she only just met to try and save "her man". Then she helps formulate a plan to rescue the man she loved, calls the villains (and their Unwitting Pawn) out on their bullsh-t, and effectively earns her happy ending with Lute.
  • Princesses Prefer Pink: See her image.
  • The Quiet One: At first, she's very timid and shy thanks to her sheltered upbringing. She starts coming out of her shell though thanks to her interactions with him. By the time of the climax, she seemingly drops it completely, to where other characters notice an aura of strength and drive about her that none had seen before.
  • Royal Blood: Her father is the King of Edelland. Her mother the late queen, was his second wife, and she was actually a nymph, which is a type of demon. This means Luceria is half-nymph, and it's stated that thanks to this, her body and blood contains magic similar to that of a succubus, which are seen as the 2nd highest type of demon in the demonic hierarchy.
  • Spoiled Sweet: She's as nice as can be to pretty much anybody she meets. She grew up very sheltered, but this was actually due to her being half-nymph from her mother's side, so her father kept her contact with others and the outside world low, and even she was never told exactly why. Still, she's pretty much the opposite of her spoiled rotten, arrogant, incompetent prick of a half-brother, Prince Bobon.
  • Tenchi Solution: She manages to get her own singular route and ending where she ends up together with Lute, but the True Canon ending is the Harem Ending. In it, Lute marries Shamsiel, Roxanne, and Princess Luceria. As for Isis, Gladys, and Emeralia, he doesn't marry them, but they act as though they basically are.
  • Their First Time: She comes to the decision that Lute is the man whom she would give her virginity to, and she confides in Emeralia about this. Emeralia informs the Prime Minister of this, and they use the information to try and manipulate them into going through with it, hoping that her half-nymph body would break Lute's mind if not flat out kill him. They DO have sex, but he does NOT die from it.
  • Third-Person Person: The english translation excludes that from her lines, but she often speaks like that, exposing she has a pretty childish personality.
  • Took A Level In Badass: In a different sort of way in both her own and the harem routes. In both routes, she learns to handle a sword, and take down opponents from Lute, but in her own route this is what gives her the courage to seek Lute out for herself. Even admitting she went to his bedroom after dark, to her own father, which would have been considered very scandalous in the public's eyes. It works out for both of them, but still. Meanwhile, in the harem route, she again seeks Lute out on her own, but this time around, her father doesn't find out, because he was murdered, and Lute was framed for doing so. Upon hearing of this, she immediately sought to prove his innocence by giving testimony that she was with Lute (in his bed) at the time when the king was killed, even if it could have been a great taboo for her to admit it. Then, upon realizing that it was the Prime Minister and Emeralia who were behind it all, she tried to have them arrested, but ended up being put under house arrest in her room along with Isis. During this time, she was approached by Shamsiel for the first time, and offered a chance to be able to help save Lute (quite a bold move considering she was trusting a strange demon she only just met), but thanks to her courage in taking up Shamsiel's offer, she was brought to see Gladys and together they all formed a plan to save Lute from being executed.
  • Tranquil Fury: In the Harem Route after Lute gets framed for Hagel’s murder, Luceria and Isis get put under house arrest. She was well aware that Bernstein was the true culprit, and Emeralia is an accomplice. When Emeralia came by, Luceria calmly tells her to leave as she refuses to associate with her ever again. Luceria gets angry when Emeralia begs for forgiveness, saying she’ll never forgive her for what she did to Lute.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Her mother was actually secretly a nymph, and therefore, she is half-demonic, but not even her father the King ever told her. The Prime Minister and Emeralia found out about this somehow, and using her feelings for Lute combined with the secret magic her body possesses, tried to use her to break and either kill or enslave Lute. Fortunately, it doesn't work, and in fact it brings she and Lute even closer together, much to the Prime Minister's dismay.
  • Villains Act, Heroes React: When the Prime Minister murders her father the King, and then has Emeralia plant the dagger in Lute's room to frame him, and when the Princess was told their cover up story. She knew instantly that it had to have been a lie. Emeralia tried to prevent her from going to see Lute or appeal to the Prime Minister, but she broke out and confronted them. During said confrontation she realized that it had to have been the Prime Minister who had done it and Emeralia was helping since they were clearly not willing to look into ANY of the evidence that she told them that could have actually proven Lute's innocence.
  • World's Most Beautiful Woman: Going by size alone, she has the largest in the whole kingdom (if not world), hence many consider her to be this.
  • Worthy Opponent: Not from her part, but when the Prime Minister and Emeralia are making plans to use Luceria's half-nymph blood to try and break if not kill Lute, the Prime Minister wonders what will happen or what it would mean if Lute were to survive, especially if Emeralia herself was going to assist using her own magic. To which Emeralia responds that it'd mean Lute would be a man of true worth.
  • X Marks the Hero: Inverted. Unlike Lute who is half-human half-incubus, she has no mark on her that would give away her identity as half-human half-nymph, and even she is unaware of her half-demon heritage. That said, Shamsiel is apparently able to tell this about her by her smell. She claims that she smells very similar to a succubus, but she couldn't be one since Succubus have physical traits that give them away.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Type A - Thigh-highs with high heel shoes.

Minor Characters

King Hagel von Diamante I

The King of Edelland. He is the father of Prince Bobon and Princess Luceria. He lives in the royal palace in Shoenburg, the capital city of Edelland. During the time of the story, he has been trying to initiate political reform from a system of (allegedly greedy) nobles ruling territories to that of a Knighted Bureaucracy (a meritocracy) where skilled, educated, and loyal knights would control territories instead.


Voiced by: Atsuya Takizawa (JP)

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Berserk Button: People making inappropriate and rude comments about those of higher positions than themselves, leading him to yell at them.
  • Big Good: Is this overall in the Visual Novel and anime, trying to being positive changes to his kingdom.
  • Catch Phrase: Of sorts. Nearly every conversation he has in the visual novel, starts with him saying something along the lines of "Wooooooah!"
  • Death Flag: It doesn't take long to figure out that Lute would eventually ascend the throne by the end. Some might assume this would mean that the king may turn out Evil All Along, but he doesn't. Instead, you knew he was going to die the second he told Lute his plans to announce him as his successor and then to retire within a year or so, with Lute taking the throne from there. Granted, there were clues before that, but that was pretty much THE death flag that leaves no doubt. Interestingly, he almost died in Luceria's ending, since the Prime Minister ordered Emeralia to go kill him herself, and she seemingly WAS going to, except that Isis was with him, so she had to abort, and then the King with Isis, went to visit Lute, and caught him and Luceria alone in Lute's room together, and it was exactly how it seemed. The King actually accepted them together and declared that Lute would marry Luceria and be his successor that way.
  • Death Glare: Gives a pretty chilling one for such a generally affable individual, but he is more than capable of doing so when someone reeeaaaaly has it coming *cough!*Motaire*cough!*.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: The Prime Minister doesn't care for the King or anything he does, so long as he is able to manipulate him, and control the kingdom from the shadows, he couldn't care less about any of the good the King or anyone else tries to do.
  • Evil Is Deathly Cold: Inverted. When Lute first meets with the King AND the Prime Minister in the same place, he compares how it feels to be in their presence. The Prime Minister he felt, gave him a cold and dark feeling, while the King seemed to light up the room with positive feelings.
  • Found the Killer, Lost the Murderer: In the Harem Route, the Prime Minister murders him and has Emeralia plant the dagger in Lute's room to frame him. It works, and Lute is thrown in the dungeon and sentenced to death... Don't worry, the truth gets revealed by the end.
  • Genre Savvy: He knew about the spy in Vunderbalt, as well as the fact that the Prime Minister was up to something behind his back. Also, given his diatribe with Lute in regards to his conduct with Gladys... lets just say you figure out who Luceria gets her sharp intuition from.
  • Good Is Not Dumb: While coming off as a bit naive, the good king is the furthest thing from a simpleton. Being avid enough to admit he jumped the gun while trying to impart knights as the new upper echelon over the nobility in his kingdom which resulted in its civil strife. Knowing full on that his firstborn son was Unfit for Greatness straight from the getgo. Also being (somewhat) well aware that Rubin was up to no good while in his council. Knowing this didn't save him from dying of coarse but still.
  • Good Is Not Soft: A prime example being how he banned Motaire from the castles inner sanctum for a time. Having grown more than a little fed up with his disrespectfully self-obsessed ravings not only shows his more humble side but demonstrates he's not afraid to dole out a good tongue lashing when it is well and truly deserved.
  • The Good King: All things considered, he's a good king, a reasonable man, and he was making considerable progress in improving things for his kingdom's citizens.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Zigzagged. See Idiot Ball with regards to the Prime Minister.
  • Idiot Ball: He reveals that he knew the Prime Minister was scheming something behind his back all along, but never actually calls him out on it and the Prime Minister eventually murders him via a knife In the Back. Was his reason for not acting before then due to lack of actual proof of the Prime Minister's crimes? Was it because maybe the Prime Minister was possibly holding the secret of his wife and daughter's demonic origins over him? Or was it perhaps because of something to do with Emeralia? We never find out the answer.
  • Interspecies Romance: Secretly, his second wife who is also Luceria's Mother was a Nymph, but that information was kept secret from practically everyone..
  • Just a Few Feet Away: His guards were literally RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR! Yet they didn't hear anything when the King was murdered by the Prime Minister, until he had already made it seem like the King was dead when they got there...
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: When it happens, he's right in the middle of trying to hug the Prime Minister to celebrate their supposed joy with the decision of Lute being the King's successor... And then the dagger is plunged into his back.
  • Killed Off For Real: Sad, but true.The King's death in the Harem Route is permanent, because THAT is the true canon ending for the story. It allows Lute to eventually ascend the throne, but the King had been planning that for him anyway. If nothing else, it was the act that FINALLY led to the Prime Minister and Bobon's ultimate downfalls. Which were also permanent since those were part of the canon ending as well.
  • Like a Son to Me: Hagle made no secret of it. But his admiration for Lute Hende extended well beyond simply being an exemplary knight and loyal vassal in his eyes, The King generally respected and adored him for more than his ability to work wonders through sheer happenstance. So much so that Hagel took it vary harshly when Motaire insulted Lute within earshot of him while bragging about his own accomplishments. More than anyone (save for Shamsiel), he had the most faith in his abilities as his paladin and a person.
  • Nice Guy: Apart from Lute, the King is just about the nicest man in the Visual Novel and Anime.
  • Overprotective Dad: To Luceria, but the reason is because her mother was a nymph, which is of the demon race, and there is an extermination order/law that all demons be hunted and killed. Still, Luceria is born half-human half-nymph, but he never tells her this, and to ensure nobody discovers the truth, he keeps her exposure to others to a minimum.
  • Open-Minded Parent: In Luceria's route, he goes to visit Lute to talk to him about inheriting the throne from him, and finds out that Luceria had gone to Lute's room... on her own... alone... at night... without telling anyone else... How does he react? With laughter and joyful enthusiasm. Why? Well for one, he knows Lute is a trustworthy and good man, but another reason is because Luceria's mother was a nymph and she had done the exact same things as Luceria once she had fallen for the King.
  • Parental Substitute: In Luceria and the Harem routes, he becomes like a father to Lute.
  • Puppet King: Zigzagged. He has the title, the authority, as well as power of his position, but at the same time, the Prime Minister claims to be the one actually ruling the kingdom by manipulating events from the shadows. How far either of them's grasps on things goes is up to speculation, because even if he uses manipulation, the Prime Minister still has to obey the King's will and word. (Even if only on the surface).
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: His subjects utterly adore him (for the most part).
  • Reluctant Ruler: Mixed with Reluctant Retiree. The loss of his 2nd wife: Luceria's biological mother. Took a toll on him, then add on the problems with installing the knight's meritocracy system (including a rebellion headed by his former best general and knight), plus the matter of his daughter (being half-nymph and therefore in danger should that fact be revealed to the public), and you have a man who was seen as a great ruler that WANTS to step down, but can't. Why? There's the Prime Minister secretly manipulating events all across the kingdom. Also, the lack of any (worthy) heir to ascend the throne, because he already decided long ago that Bobon would NEVER be his (appointed) successor.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: It's said that he was actively trying to make the transition from having Nobles in charge of territories, to a meritocracy with knights in place instead, although others assumed was too quick to implement it at first.
  • Sacrificial Lion: In the Harem Route, he was planning to make Lute his successor to the throne. He was going to announce it, and then spend the next year or so showing Lute the ins and outs of the job. After that, he was going to step down and retire, but would have stuck around to help advise Lute when he would take over... Then the Prime Minister heard about this... It pretty much serves to finally bring the Prime Minister into a more direct villainous role, and of course it ends with his downfall once all of Lute's lovers and comrades came to rescue him.
  • Treachery Cover-Up He does it twice. The first time is his marrying of his 2nd wife who was actually a Nymph, a kind of demon, and due to an extermination order/law, could/should have (by law) been executed, but instead he keeps her identity as a nymph a secret from everyone including their own daughter Luceria who was born half-human half-nymph whom he also protected and kept in the dark regarding her half-demon heritage a secret as well. The second time is at the end of the Boan arc when Lute had discovered, exposed, and stopped the conspiracy of Bobon and the Prefect of Boan seeking to start a revolt against the kingdom. He has Bobon deported, and tells Lute to keep quiet about this.
  • Unwitting Pawn Zig-zagged. According to the Prime Minister, he was supposedly this to him, but at the same time, the King was still holding active authority and power over events in the kingdom, as well as his awareness of a traitor in Bustenhalter, AND he also knew that the Prime Minister was plotting against him and especially Lute to some degrees.
  • Where Did We Go Wrong?: With Prince Bobon. It's an absolute mystery trying to figure how someone as rotten as Prince Bobon is related to him or Princess Luceria who turned out fine.

General Felzen

Did I stutter?

General of Edelland's military.


Voiced by: Yukimitsu Koshi (JP)

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Achilles' Heel: Like a great many people of certain status, General Felzen's main character flaw is his pride. The stinging narcissistic ego of the elite initially blinded him to the underlying capability of the failing graduate whom everybody disavowed as a blemish on the academy record. Too late did he and his fellow generals realize how tactile & talented Lute really was when faced with Gladys' ploy to have them all dismissed.
  • Actually Pretty Funny: Following Lute's victory over Gladys, everyone is shocked by Lute's seemingly impossible feat. Including Isis, whom Felzen and Lute encounter upon their return to the Bustenhalter castle with Gladys as their prisoner. Lute makes a reference to a joke request for Isis from before the duel, which was that IF Lute lost the duel and was executed, he wanted Isis to press her boobs into his face after he died as a last request. Isis of course wasn't going to do that, but when they returned victorious, Lute tells her that she could forget about the "boob thing" they'd talked about. Isis blushes and basically calls him a jackass. Felzen gets curious and asks what this supposed "boob thing" they spoke of was. Lute explains, and Felzen actually busts out laughing.
  • Animal Motifs: It's a little hard to name something precise. Looking at his armor you see green scales, so you might say dragons, alligators, turtles, or... Probably any green reptile that can rip somebody's head off is fitting for him.
  • Badass Cape: His comes complete with badass shoulder armor.
  • Bait and Switch: When Felzen corners Bobon after Bernstein’s murder of Hagel is revealed, the fat prince begs for his life by playing the sentimentality card. Felzen comments how Hagel always talked about Bobon to him; specifically about how the fat prince would someday bring ruin to the kingdom. Felzen cuts him down on the spot.
  • Bare Knuckle: He's skilled in many fields including hand to hand combat, and could take pretty much anybody with or without a weapon. He also favors his bare fists when punishing insubordinate troops, such as Motaire.
  • Benevolent Boss: His troops all respect him, and for good reason. That being said, if you upset him or insult him or his comrades, be prepared to face his wrath (and usually fists).
  • Big Brother Instinct: He acts like this after Lute wins him over.
  • Big Damn Heroes: His moment comes in the Harem route. When it comes time for Lute's execution, Felzen had had his loyal followers allow Gladys' troops to be smuggled into the city where they acted as decoys to lure most of the Royal Guards away. Then, as Gladys and Shamsiel freed Lute from his bindings, Felzen and Isis stood in front of the platform to keep anyone who might have tried to stop Gladys at bay. When the treachery of Bobon and the Prime Minister was revealed, Felzen and Gladys lead the troops to storm the castle to capture them. They corner Bobon first, and after some pointless groveling from him, Felzen executes him. Shortly after, Felzen and Gladys corner the Prime Minister, and with some help from Motaire, the 3 of them execute the Prime Minister too.
  • Big Good: Following Lute's victory over Gladys, he becomes one of Lute's biggest supporters. At least, the top male supporter apart from the King.
  • Cool Old Guy: After Lute wins him over, Felzen is very supportive of Lute, even suggesting him to being the King's successor to the throne. Which the King agreed to and eventually DOES do. He even takes it upon himself to beat the crap out of Motaire whenever he catches him disrespecting or attacking Lute. He is also the one who kills Bobon in the Harem Route, and is one of the 3 to slice up the Prime Minister later on in the same route.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Felzen isn't one to mince words. Even to the King, he's said to be very blatant with his opinions, but then, that's something the King actually respects him for.
  • Digging Yourself Deeper: When Wone Qwanne, is accused of overstepping his authority when he arranged and accepted a duel between Gladys and Lute, he points out how he had information linking the 3 generals to hiring assassins to attack Lute. Zant is the first to slip up and basically prove their guilt in doing so, followed by Felzen.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: He's a good commanding officer, and his troops would follow him anywhere. However, if you do something to upset him, he'll get in your face, and give you a good taste of his fist. Just ask Motaire.
  • Easily Forgiven: Lute puts a remarkable amount of faith and trust in him and the other generals. Something even THEY think he's a bit odd for doing. This mostly applies to how he and the other 2 generals had hired assassins to attack Lute in Bustenhalter castle. Sure, they were only meant to test him, but still. The punishment for such an act should have been imprisonment, if not death.
  • Fiery Redhead: Hot-blooded temper? Check. Outgoing attitude? Check. Red hair? Check.
  • Genre Savvy: He knows from experience that the Prime Minister is not to be trusted, and the King had told him that Bobon is not fit to ever rule the kingdom. Both bits of information come in handy since he saves Lute from drinking suspicious wine being offered by the Prime Minister during a banquet, and then when he made preparations to help with a rescue plan to save Lute from wrongful execution at the end of the Harem Route.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Good, obviously. He has one right across his face just below his eyes and over his nose. Helps with showing off how he's more of an aggressive, hands-on kind of military leader.
  • Gondor Calls For Aid: In the Harem Route, when Lute is framed, imprisoned, and sentenced to death, Shamsiel is unable to rescue him alone, so she recruits the help of the other women Lute loved. At the same time though, Felzen, as well as Zant and Schlamm play crucial roles in the plans to save Lute. Felzen had been appointed Commander of the Guards up to that point, so he was able to get those loyal to him among the capital's guards to let Gladys, Zant, Schlamm, and their forces infiltrate the city and reach the execution platform in time to prevent Lute's death.
  • Heel Face Turn: While not a villain, he and the other 2 generals are fairly hard on Lute in the beginning.
  • Hot-Blooded: He is very passionate and forward with others. He doesn't hesitate to voice his opinion on things, and is very dangerous on a normal day, so suffice to say you don't want to piss him off.
  • Hidden Depths: At a glance, you probably just see him as another Drill Sergeant Nasty type of Hot-Blooded Fiery Redhead. And you know what? You're right... Sort of. As it turns out, he's actually a very forthright and bluntly honest individual, because he cares about his subordinates as well as the kingdom's well-being. This led him to clashing with other politicians in the kingdom, most notably the Prime Minister whom he had secretly told the King that he should have removed from office. In retaliation, the Prime Minister began doing everything he could to send Felzen to backwater portions of the kingdom to keep him away from the capital. It wasn't until the Queen passed away that he was finally allowed to return, because she had actually wished for it. That said, the Prime Minister went right back to trying to keep Felzen out of politics or from having any real power to the point of sending him and the other 2 generals to Bustenhalter to deal with Gladys' rebels. This in turn is actually reflected in how excessively irritable Felzen was toward Lute: Sure, Felzen has a temper, but he was more or less venting over his own humiliating circumstances. Hence, after Lute finally wins his support and respect, and then when Lute stands up for him to become the new Commander of the Guards, it actually moves Felzen to tears... Even if he doesn't quite admit it.
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Him Initially, he's one of the many who utterly HATES Lute, but eventually he and the others warm up to him after he does some pretty impressive feats and makes some very cool-headed decisions. At which point, he and the other generals become like much older brothers to Lute. Offering advice, guidance, and yes protection. Rather comically, they say stuff like this to Motaire whenever he gave Lute some crap in their presence. Usually followed by a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • Jerkass: Of the 3 generals, Felzen is the most outspoken amongst them, which gives him a bad reputation among the nobles. He was liked by the King and late Queen, but the Prime Minister hates him, and had him removed from the capital at the first chance he could. He is also pretty harsh on Lute, and had he not been interrupted, might have actually struck Lute down when Lute was eating breakfast. That said, he starts to trust and respect Lute after Lute confides in him about the king's warning of a spy in their midst, and by the end of the story, he is almost like an older brother to Lute.
  • Jerkass Realization: Takes a lot of time and endless infuriation on his part when Lute finds new and amazing ways of pissing Felzen and his fellow general off. But he soon comes to realize two things. A) Lute's not the hairbrained undesirable who flunked out of knight school he and countless other jerks labeled him as, (going so far as to deduce the fact that Prince Butthead actually did worse than him. Only getting out of dead last by someone rigging the grade system in his favor), and B) Motaire wasn't the elite paragon of the illustrious academy of future knights that he'd mistaken him for. That Skill without any real character may as well be the definition of disposable.
  • Jerk With a Heart of Gold: He's tough, he's loud, and he's very forward with everyone about his views this made it to where most of the noble class hate him, but his troops respect and trust him dearly. The King and late queen both think highly of him as well, even with his aggressive attitude.
  • Killed Mid-Sentence: He first does this to Bobon, as he tried to pathetically buy Felzen out and get him to spare him. Not long afterward, he, Gladys, and Motaire all cornered the Prime Minister and pulled this off on him as well.
  • Like a Badass Out of Hell: His men respect him, his enemies crap their pants and RUN FOR THE HILLS! Both are for good reasons: He's an excellent, though forthright and blunt, general. His combat and tactical prowess were only ever 2nd to the late Duke Wackenheim, and his daughter Gladys.
  • Like a Broken Record: With that whole... "Hiring assassins" thing that he and the other 2 generals did to Lute, and how Lute never punished them for it. Lute eventually finally gets him to stop bringing it up, and they're able to move on.
  • Living Lie Detector: In regards to knowing the true character of Bobon and the Prime Minister. Plus after learning of the true persona Lute Hende truly has, Felzen knew full well that the very idea of the former killing the king was a boldfaced lie. Deducing that it was most likely some cockedup scheme perpetrated by the Prime Minister who'd been vying for Baboon to inherit the throne since the Knight Academy.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means "Reliable" and "Enthusiasm". Guess what? He's a trustworthy and efficient general and a very forward person who would never back down from a fight.
  • Mighty Glacier: He's one hell of tough knight, but he's still a bit up in years, so he's not as fast as Gladys or the other knights. That said, if he catches you, he can and will kick your ass!
  • The Neidermeyer: Coming off as a boisterous, loudmouthed, insubordinate and foul tempered braggart who constantly listed the MC's numerous shortcomings while acting like he's without fault. He and the other two old bastards conspired against their former student turned commanding officer at the behaste of their Treacherous Advisor; Glaum Zoin. Thankfully he grew out of this near the middle to end of the story.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: He delivers several to Motaire when he acts disrespectful toward Lute.
  • Old Soldier: He is this, but is the youngest of the 3 generals. The Prime Minister's nickname for he and the other 2 generals is the "3 Old Bastards".
  • Parental Substitute: Of sorts to Lute.
  • Quick Draw Decision: When he saw Lute's moves during his chess match with Gladys, he was in awe at how fast, yet brilliant they all were. To the point where he actually records the whole game to tell others how Lute did it. It was also at this point that Lute managed to fully win him over as an ally.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: He's brash, outspoken, and courageous. He garners great respect from his troops, and is never one to stay behind when there's a battle. Rumor has it that he had actually once taken it upon himself to speak to the king directly about having the Prime Minister dismissed from his position, and this was the spark of his life of being relegated away from the capital.
  • Sand in My Eyes: When the King, Prime Minister, and Lute were discussing the matter of who to make the next Commander of the Guards, Lute nominated Felzen saying he would definitely be best suited to the task, and the fact that he had been sent to nothing but rural positions for the most part until now meant that his talents had been wasted thus far. The Prime Minister tried as best as he could to block this, but the King came to siding with Lute's decision and when he officially appointed Felzen, he gratefully accepted, and as he left the room, he had to wipe his face on his sleeve.
  • Took a Level In Badass: In the harem route, he gets promoted to Commander of the (Royal) Guards in the capital, thanks to Lute, and it is because of this that he is actually able to help contribute greatly later on when Lute was facing execution for a false charge.
  • Took a Level In Kindness: At the start of the story, he's easily one of the biggest or rather loudest characters to openly bash Lute for his low graduating scores from the Royal Knight's Academy. However, after Lute confides in him about a traitor within Bustenhalter, he starts to see Lute in a better light, but then he makes a complete turn to become Lute's ally after he was able to defeat Gladys in their chess duel. From there, the 2 are on very good terms. Felzen even takes it upon himself to kick Motaire's ass a couple times when he'd spoken ill of Lute. Lute even helps get Felzen promoted to become the Commander of the Guards, which Felzen was deeply appreciative of.
  • Unlikely Hero: He and many others thought that Lute was just the lowest scum of the Royal Knights, so it came to a complete shock later on when he manages to pull off some extremely difficult feats. Killing assassins, making very strategic long-term decisions of mercy, besting Gladys in a duel, and even later winning her over as a lover.
  • Victory Gloating: Following Lute's victory over Gladys in their duel, Lute was being both modest and honest when he said that he had no idea how the hell he beat her since he wasn't paying any attention to his moves. On the other hand, Felzen had witnessed the game, so he thought Lute had won entirely via skill, and did pretty much ALL of the bragging about how awesome Lute was during the duel.
  • Work Hard, Play Hard: Felzen is a very aggressive man. He's forthright, stubborn, and has a temper. If he is your friend and you piss him off, he won't mix words and call you out. If you piss him off further, he's likely to kick your ass or kill you. If you're his enemy and you piss him off, you best start running! However, when he is happy or celebrating, he doesn't hold back much there either.

General Zant

Be cautious around women, they may merely be aiming for your prestige.

General of Edelland.


Voiced by: Ranmaru (JP)

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Achilles' Heel: As with Felzen before him, Zant's lack of character perception tends to blind him from the greater qualities within people who're not of his elite ideal. As with a great many before him, Lute Hende was little more than an oversight he'd berate and ignore over someone whose more flash than actual substance like Motaire at first. Even despite the sound logic of the perceived failure's reasons for keeping him and his coworkers over the aide who isn't a fighter, it still takes some sound convincing from the younger of the three to pierce his egocentric judgements.
  • Badass Cape: His is white with gold trim.
  • Big Good: Not as prominently as Felzen, but he eventually becomes a supporter of Lute as well, even personally intervening when Motaire tries to attack him at a formal ball.
  • Digging Yourself Deeper: When One Coin, is accused of overstepping his authority when he arranged and accepted a duel between Gladys and Lute, he points out how he had information linking the 3 generals to hiring assassins to attack Lute. Zant is the first to slip up and basically prove their guilt in doing so.
  • Femme Fatale: Invokes this trope as an warning to Lute. The latter's internal narration speculates if it happened before with him.
  • Genre Savvy: He warns Lute about getting involved with women at the celebratory party in his honor. It is implied that he had been taken advantage of a woman before, so he spoke from experience.
  • Gold Digger: There are indications that he was the victim of one in the past, when he warns Lute to avoid being alone with girls at the celebratory banquet. As Lute puts it, "It seemed like he had been f---ed before, and not in the good way.
  • Gondor Calls For Aid: In the Harem Route, when Lute is framed, imprisoned, and sentenced to death, Shamsiel is unable to rescue him alone, so she recruits the help of the other women Lute loved. At the same time though, Zant, as well as Felzen and Schlamm play crucial roles in the plans to save Lute. Zant's part was to assist in smuggling the "cargo" into the capital. Cargo that concealed Gladys and many of her subordinates so that when the time came, they could launch a surprise attack inside the capital to provide a diversion while Gladys, Zant, Isis, and Shamsiel went to the execution platform directly to free Lute. It pays off!
  • Heel Face Turn: He isn't evil, but he and the other generals were very mean to Lute at the beginning of the story.
  • Ignored Epiphany: When his fellow general points out how abstaining from dismissing them after the treacherous Guam Loin revealed their act of insubordination to their commanding officer was foolish. Zant is initially adamant in holding to that claim even when Both his junior and senior come to grips with the wisdom in his action, acknowledging that their whistle blower wasn't at all fighter and therefore unsuitable to defend the castle. He eventually grows out of his stuffed shirt opinion.
  • Jerkass: He and the other two generals were pretty harsh on Lute at the start of the story. In fact, when they are seeking to test Lute, Zant is the one who contacts and hires the assassins for the job.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: At the banquet being held for Lute, Zant shows up, and after sending Motaire packing, he warns Lute to be very careful of the women in attendance, because many nobles and officials had been introducing their daughters to him all evening. He and Lute both figured the reason for that, was likely on the off chance Lute would be interested in one and end up being married off to one someday. Signs pointed to Zant speaking from experience.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He cares very much for the well being of the kingdom, but treats Lute like utter crap at first. He eventually comes around and even goes to the capital and attends the celebratory ball in Lute's honor where he acknowledges him... indirectly, but Lute understood his good intent and was grateful.
  • The Neidermeyer: Along with Felzen and Schlamm; Only a bit more biting and narcissistic in regards to the vaunted Knight Academy he/they teach at and towards it's (supposed) greatest failure. So much so that he ended up blurting out his guilt in they're hiring of assassins against Lute Hende.
  • Old Soldier: Of the three generals, he is implied to be the middle one in terms of age. The Prime Minister's nickname for the trio is the "3 Old Bastards".
  • Parental Substitute: Of sorts to Lute.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: He's not as physical as Felzen, but when Motaire tries to attack Lute a formal ball, he's immediately on it and has Motaire thrown out.
  • Tender Tears: Both he and Schlamm cried at Lute's wedding/coronation as king to his newfound queen in Luceria.

General Schlamm

Youngsters need to learn respect!

A general of Edellbard, and was a graduate from the very first class at the Royal Knight's Academy.


Voiced by: Dobu Rokuro (JP)

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Achilles' Heel: Like his fellow generals Felzen and Zant, Schlamm's oversized oversight of personal ability clouds his judgement of people. Made especially worse given how particularly old school this guy is. Like most everyone in story, possibly more so given his stone age high standards, he boasts the most backbitten condescending worldview on personal worth. Especially in regards to the hero of the story. Despite this during the Gladys Arc. Schlamm, unlike Zant, has enough sense to admit when he and others were wrong about character depth as his junior points out before the fateful duel.
  • Badass Cape: Wears a white cape with a golden trim.
  • Big Good: Becomes one as part of a Big Damn Heroes moment towards the end of the Harem Route.
  • Brutal Honesty: Tends to give away his true opinions about things after the other generals are finished. Even when that could easily lead to his doom.
  • Genre Savvy: In a world of demons, magic, political strife, and rebellions, one would need to be this to have lasted as long as he has.
  • Gondor Calls For Aid: In the Harem Route, when Lute is framed, imprisoned, and sentenced to death, Shamsiel is unable to rescue him alone, so she recruits the help of the other women Lute loved. At the same time though, Schlamm, as well as Zant and Felzen play crucial roles in the plans to save Lute. Schlamm and Zant's jobs were to help smuggle "cargo" into the capital. Said "cargo" actually had Gladys and some of her subordinates concealed within it, and when the time was right, they busted out Trojan-Horse-Style to provide a diversion while Felzen, Gladys, Isis, and Shamsiel reached the execution platform to free Lute. It pays off!
  • Grumpy Old Man: He wasn't fond of Lute to begin with. He wasn't impressed with any of that year's graduates from the Knight's Academy either. However, after Lute defeats and converts Gladys, he still doesn't really think much of Lute compared to the other 2 generals, but near the very end of the Harem Route, he comes around.
  • Heel Face Turn: He isn't evil, but he's very rude to most people apart from his fellow generals. He also takes the longest to finally acknowledge and start respecting Lute, just in time though...
  • Heel Realization: Again, while not evil; see above. He's a big enough man to admit when his opinions of a first impression have been entirely wrong, siding with General Felzen when the latter realizes (Finally!) that Lute wasn't the failure the academy grading system, which was tampered with for political reasons, had labeled him as. Lamenting how the three were too late to see the truth of their commanders real capability.
  • Jerkass: He is very harsh on the youngsters these days. Not even Motaire and Isis' accomplishments at the Royal Knight's Academy were enough to impress him, so that means he thought VERY little of Lute who was the bottom scoring graduate of the class. He gets better, but it takes him the longest to do so out of the 3 generals.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He is loyal to the kingdom, but he thinks very little of the younger generations, especially Lute. By the end of the Luceria and (especially) the Harem route, he has completely tossed away the "Jerk" part of this trope, following after Felzen and then Zant.
  • The Neidermeyer: While not as outspoken as his fellow Generals; Schlamm possesses the most condescending of tones in regards to those they deem less than dirt.
  • Not So Stoic: At the end of the game when he and his fellow generals sat and ate with King Lute in his quarters, Schlamm would talk up a storm with the lot of them about current events in Boan as well as about old times from a year ago.
  • Old Windbag: He is not very impressed with youngsters these days. After Lute's accomplishments with handling the Vunderbalt Rebellion, he eventually acknowledges and comes to respect him.
  • Old Soldier: He is the oldest of the 3 generals, and was a graduate from the very first class at the Royal Knight's Academy. He doesn't think highly of the latest generation of knights, but warms up to them overtime. The Prime Minister refers to him and the other 2 generals as the "3 Old Bastards".
  • Parental Substitute: Of sorts to Lute.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: He and the other generals played key roles in the plan to save Lute from his execution. Schlamm and Zant were in charge of smuggling Gladys and her troops into the capital. Furthermore, in the epilogue of the Harem Route, he and Gladys had come up with ideas to improve things in Boan. He was to keep watch over the former rebels as they built up Boan's agriculture, keep an eye on the bordering Lingobard in case of invasion (which did happen briefly after Bobon died), and building up proper flood control facilities in the area as well.
  • Tender Tears: He and Zant cried at the coronation and wedding of Lute as he married princess, then crowned queen Luceria.
  • The Bus Came Back: Of the three generals, he is the one to be around the least. It isn't until nearly the end of the Harem Route that we see him again, and even then he does very little on-screen.


Groupie Number 1

One of Motaire's groupies.


Voiced by: Haruna Ren aka Jinbo Tomoe (JP)

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • Absolute Cleavage: As seen in the image.
  • Be a Whore to Get Your Man: She and Droit's approaches to getting with Motaire. Later on they pull this off literally when pursuing Lute since they flash their boobs to a guard and allow him a quick feel if he let them pass into Lute's bedroom. Much to Isis' irritation and dismay.
  • Combat Stilettos: She and Droit both wear them, yet they can both run very fast even while wearing them.
  • Gold Digger: She and Aristera seem to go after and cling to whoever is the most popular, powerful, and/or wealthy in their midst. With the exception being newly-crowned "king" Bobon, who had attempted to force them into it.
  • Everyone Has Standards: She may be a gold digger, but even she refuses to let Bobon... Who was the KING at the time, touch her.
  • Escape Artist: She and Droit seem to be able to come and go in the castle as they please, but not because they're given permission though. Most of the times we see them, if Motaire isn't with them, then they are just seconds away from running off, which they do successfully many times.
  • Fragile Speedster: She and Droit aren't trained in combat at all, but they can outrun Isis, even while wearing high heels.
  • Heel Face Revolving Door: Played with and Inverted. Like her fellow cabaret dancer, Aristera seems to like playing musical chairs over where her loyalties lay. First it was with Motaire who was both the top graduate of his class as well as heir to the Platine estate. Then it was to Lute who started out on the bottom rung of things only to eventually rise through the ranks at rapid pace and outclass the asshat she was slutting up too in the beginning, of coarse it helps that he's Half Incubus with actual factual magical hands that aid in his seductions. Only to dump the later after him being wrongfully accused of killing the king and branded a death row traitor, she and her friend Droit sheepishly apologizing to their former meal ticket. Then going back to Lute again after the later is rescued from the conspiracy surrounding him and is eventually crowned King of Edelland.
  • Power Is Sexy: She and Droit fawn over whoever is the biggest deal around them. At first, it's Motaire, then Lute, then Motaire again, then they reverse this trope when Bobon tries to get at them, and then back with Motaire for real at the end.
  • Stripperific: Her outfit brings to mind belly dancers.


Groupie Number 2

One of Motaire's groupies.


Voiced by: Yuzuki Sachi aka Kondou Yuuki (JP)

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • Absolute Cleavage: As seen in the image.
  • Be a Whore to Get Your Man: She and Aristera's approaches to getting with Motaire. Later on they pull this off literally when pursuing Lute since they flash their boobs to a guard and allow him a quick feel if he let them pass into Lute's bedroom. Much to Isis' irritation and dismay.
  • Combat Stilettos: She and Aristera both wear them, yet they can both run very fast even while wearing them. To the point of outrunning Isis and Royal Guards several times.
  • Gold Digger: She and Aristera seem to go after and cling to whoever is the most popular, powerful, and/or wealthy in their midst. With the exception being newly-crowned "king" Bobon, who had attempted to force them into it.
  • Everyone Has Standards: She and Aristera may be gold diggers, but neither of them were willing to let Bobon, who was the newly crowned KING touch them.
  • Escape Artist: She and Aristera seem to be able to come and go in the castle as they please, but not because they're given permission though. Most of the times we see them, if Motaire isn't with them, then they are just seconds away from running off, which they do successfully many times.
  • Fragile Speedster: She and Droit aren't trained in combat at all, but they can outrun Isis, even while wearing high heels.
  • Heel Face Revolving Door: Played with and Inverted. As with her bosom buddy Aristera, Droit tends to hopscotch with whomever has the greatest sociological pull at the time. Her main subject at first was Motaire; all around unlikable popular guy with major amounts of karmic kickability abound. That is, of coarse, until Lute came along. Same guy whom she and her slut friend didn't even bother to remember on their first meeting, that is until he began to outshine his senior with his many impressive deeds. And again like her compatriot, end up leaving the fallen hero when she and her both; like every other idiot in the kingdom, bought into that BS line where the local hero killed the king. Kissing up to Motaire after they come crawling back to him, only to return to our heroes good graces after his dramatic rescue and whirlwind coronation as the New King.
  • Power Is Sexy: She and Aristera fawn over whoever is the biggest deal around them. At first, it's Motaire, then Lute, then Motaire again, then they reverse this trope when Bobon tries to get at them, and then back with Motaire for real.
  • Stripperiffic: Her outfit is similar to what you'd expect an exotic dancer to wear, although not as much as Aristera's.

Motaire De Platine

Top of the class. Huge Jerkass

Top of graduate of the Royal Knight academy class that Lute was in.


Voiced by: Aiko Takeda (JP)

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Abusive Spouse: Though they're engaged, he is straight up abusive towards Isis, and all she has ever done is her absolute damnedest to try and make things WORK between them. In Isis' route he mocks her for being scared to go on a mission where literally ALL previous parties to venture out on said mission were never heard from again. She starts to tear up from this, and he mocks her further. She even seems as though she wanted to spend her "last night together" with him before going out on the mission (which one could possibly interpret as her even being willing to have sex with him) but he turns her down and tells her it being their last night makes no difference to him. He tells her that if she dies on the mission then that was all she was worth, and then he declares his intention to break off their engagement regardless of her survival or not... Right before the icing on the misery cake: His groupies show up and he ditches Isis to go with them (which includes cheating on her).
    • By the end of her route, he doesn't tone it down either in that he reveals that he had actually bet against her coming back, and then he proceeds to seemingly flirt with her and invite her to sleep with him that night. Why? He was toying with her, because he knew she now had feelings for Lute AND that the Prime Minister had ordered for Lute's immediate execution. Oh, and on top of all of THAT abuse, he even gets physically abusive towards her during his attempt to kill Lute. She blocks his sword and pleads with Motaire to stop, but Motaire ignores her and makes it clear that he would kill her too.
  • Ambiguously Evil: As far as he's concerned, he's not evil. He's just following orders. Though his mistreatment of Isis is entirely his own doing. He's just too blinded by his own pride and ego initially to realize his actions serving and listening to the Prime Minister aren't as good as he thinks. There IS a reason why he is listed right before the actual villains on this page. In the end, he has a Heel Realization and has a Face Heel Turn.
  • Bare Your Midriff: A Rare Male Example. His armor stops at his chest, exposing his midriff.
  • Bastard Boyfriend: Or rather, fiance. To Isis. He treats her horribly, despite all her efforts to try and get things to work.
  • The Beautiful Elite: Pretty on the eyes? Check, wealthy to an extreme? Check? Head of his class at the prestegious academy for paladines? I believe his personal presentation is self-explanitory
  • Beauty Equals Goodness: Inverted. See Jerkass.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: In the Harem route, Motaire seemingly has the worst string of luck of his entire life, the lowest scoring "loser" of his class, ends up getting promoted to higher status than him, said person also steals several of the women Motaire had had feelings for or was with. Add in several incidents where Motaire gets in trouble and usually subjected to a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown at the hands of others to punish him for trying to talk down to Lute, and you can see things weren't going good for him. However, in the Harem Route, the King is murdered and Lute is framed as the culprit. During his imprisonment, Motaire is treated so terribly by the new "King" Bobon and the Prime Minister, that he realizes that things were better when Lute was around. In fact, he even goes to the dungeon and admits to Lute that while he still doesn't exactly like him because of how he accomplished and surpassed him, Motaire said that he was no longer ashamed to call him his peer.
  • Berserk Button: Lute's existence annoys him. Lute being a part of his class in the Knight's Academy irritates him. Lute surpassing him in rank infuriates him. Lute (unintentionally) stealing his spotlight in the public's eye angers him. Lute being treated as a bigger deal than him makes him mad. Lute stealing his fiance's affection sets him off. Lute (supposedly) "stealing" his groupies from him? THAT pisses him off. But worse than THAT? The very thought of Bobon taking his girls... THAT is his biggest button.
  • The Bully: He's one toward Lute (both during and following their time at the Royal Knight's Academy together). He's also a jerk to his fiance, Isis. In all honesty he's not even all that beloved by other soldiers in the platoon either. Even the generals and King Hagel wonder what was so elite about him given his jerkass performances. He gets better by the end of the Harem route.
  • Casanova Wannabe: He thinks his status, reputation, and family are his keys to pursuing just about any woman he wants. It's pretty bad, but as bad as Motaire is/was, Prince Bobon surpasses him by far in the darkest side of this trope.
  • Corrupt the Cutie: He tries to invoke this upon Princess Luceria and even Roxanne, but both turn him down... in favor of Lute.
  • Covert Pervert: He's not very good at hiding his cheating ways since Isis knows about it, but maybe he's not trying.
  • Compensating for Something: Unlike Lute, Motaire loves pointing out his accomplishments and who he is to other people, his family is responsible for inventing the bra in their world, so he's extremely wealthy... It is revealed by his groupies after they have sex with Lute, that Motaire has never made either of the orgasm before.
  • Complaining About People You Don't Like: You could make a drinking game out of how many times he whines about Lute. You'd also make a mint from pennies and dimes accumulated hearing how many people can't stand his ass.
  • Complaining About Rescues They Don't Like: See Don't You Dare Pity Me! below. Also, in regards to Lute's rescuing the kingdom via his victory and mercy toward Gladys and the Rebels.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: His attire makes him look like trouble, but the issue is actually zigzagged depending on the route. In any other route aside from the Harem route, he's either evil or so much of a self-centered d-ck that he may as well be. However, in the Harem route, he spends most of it being a spoiled snob and trying to still act superior to Lute who had surpassed him in both rank, status, and opinion in the eyes of the generals, king, and even his fiance and women he was in love with. Near the end, he pretty much LEAPS at the chance to take Lute down when Lute is framed for murdering the king, but then when Bobon becomes the new king and things start going from bad to living hell, he changes his mind and FINALLY realizes that Lute was innocent, and indeed worthy of being king, and even goes as far as to save Lute's life and help execute the Prime Minister for treason and the murder of King Haegel. Suffice to say, it took a while to get there.
  • Death by Sex: Almost. Apparently, while visiting Boan, he kept insulting Lute and the people of Boan, so Shamsiel took it upon herself to punish him, though he thought it was only a dream. It was mostly thanks to Lute telling her not to, that she didn't flat out kill him, despite making it clear that she would have if not for Lute's mercy.
  • Digging Yourself Deeper: To a hilarious extent during Lucaria's chapter. When Motaire overheard King Hagel's asking Lute to teach his only daughter swordplay, not only did the former get up in arms. He outright burst into the private space without consent to chew out his senior officer in front of the King, bad move, one made worse by his continued denouncing of said lord and the Kingdom's favorite to his face. Something which Hagel takes great offense too; offenses compounded by a poorly worded explanation by the latter regarding Gladys and Burstenhalter which came off like he was denouncing Felzen's competence as a leader. Ending in the spoiled ass getting kicked out of the castle for a time. One cannot help but find satisfaction in that; considering his excessive pride had been the source of contention for a lot of people in story.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: He isn't fond of Lute on a normal day, but when bad things happen to him, BECAUSE of Lute (he blames Lute, but it's more because of his own ego). Lute usually expresses sympathy toward him, but that is something he very much hates when coming from him.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: Following Lute's victory over Gladys, there is a banquet held that night to celebrate. While attending, Motaire is furious at the mere idea of Lute defeating Gladys and being considered more praiseworthy than himself, so despite others attempts at stopping him, he drinks until he passes out.
  • Entitled Bastard: His ego leads him to believe he is far superior than most, especially in the case of Lute. It infuriates him seeing Lute rising to prominence instead of and over him. He also thinks he can be with any woman he wants... Not as badly as Bobon, but still. He feels himself more worthy of Princess Luceria or Gladys than Lute, by far. He gets better by the end of the Harem Route, but it took a while.
  • Entitled to Have You: His attitude as far as the women he actually seeks out. He tries to get with Roxanne (even while her husband is still around), Luceria the princess, and even his former teacher: Gladys.
  • Expy: He is pretty much Gaston with him being an arrogant Jerk Jock with his air-headed groupies almost constantly around, as well as his major entitlement complex.
  • Favouritism Flip Flop: Initially, everyone thought he was the very best of the best. What with him graduating top of his class at the Royal Knight's Academy, and him being the heir to the richest family in the kingdom if not among the richest in the world at the time (since they invented the bra). However, in at least 3 routes, this changes to varied extents. In Isis' route, she was trying desperately to remain devoted to Motaire, but he treated her like crap and said some terrible things to her, so it's no surprise that by the end of her route, she fell out of love with him and moved on to be with Lute. In Luceria's route, she, Gladys, Isis, the 3 generals, and even the King all come to see Lute as a very competent and worthy man, and meanwhile after so many tantrums from Motaire, start to see HIM as being the incompetent moron of the 2. Then, lastly is the Harem route, where it all goes full circle and Motaire is explicitly surpassed in everyone's eyes by Lute. Then at the end, when Lute is framed and sentenced to be executed, Motaire receives several crushing Reason You Suck Speeches that finally get through to him and lead him to realize that Lute truly IS as good and competent as everyone said, and that Motaire himself was a fool for blindly following the Prime Minister against Lute. Finally, Motaire encounters the Prime Minister during his escape attempt, and he tries to bribe Motaire with the promise of putting him on the throne as king if he helped him, but Motaire turns him down and not only saves Lute's life, but is also one of the 3 to execute the Prime Minister for his crimes. From then on, he had redeemed himself, so people were seeing him in a better light. He became Captain of the Royal Knights, and was even taken back by Aristera and Droit (who had left him during Lute's rise to prominence after having sex with him (Lute). Even Isis and he were on better terms since they cancelled their engagement and she was then free to become one of Lute's wives/lovers.
  • Foil: To Lute, which is pretty obvious from the start.
  • Good Adultery, Bad Adultery: For his part, he's been cheating on Isis with other women since long before they got engaged in their arranged marriage. She even knew about it and hoped he would stop once they were, but he didn't. During the story, he even tries making moves on other women right in front of Isis, such as hitting on Roxanne when they visited Boan. On the other hand, Isis ends up technically cheating on him in a few routes, especially her own. The 1st two times were because she was under the influence of Sexipede venom and then the Guardian Tree's sap, which cost her not only the first time she was ever directly touched or exposed to a man in a sexual manner, but also her giving Lute her virginity. Later on in her route, she fell in love with Lute and has sex with him willingly at least twice more during the trip, but once they get back to the capital, she severs all ties with Motaire and flees with Lute. In the Harem and Luceria routes, she falls in love with Lute overtime in those, but never actually acts upon it, though she implies wanting to. Instead, in the case of the Harem route, she breaks off their engagement and pursues Lute, even becoming one of his harem of lovers/wives. HOWEVER, all that said, another instance of Motaire being cheated on was in the case of his Groupies: Aristera and Droit. Once Lute had defeated Gladys and ended her rebellion, he was being declared a national hero, so of course Motaire's gold-digger groupies started trying to hook up with him instead. After a few failed attempts, they finally DO have sex with Lute a single time, at which point they confess that Motaire had never brought them to orgasm before, and that they would leave him. They did, and Motaire was pissed. In the end though, the epilogue of the Harem Route reveals that although Isis left Motaire for Lute, Aristera and Droit took Motaire back.
  • Good All Along: It's buried... deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, DEEP, beneath his giant cocky self-absorbed, thickheaded, ego}}. But he actually IS a good man, it just takes a LOT for it to finally surface. A combination of several well-deserved ass-kickings, a bunch of Reasons you SUCK Speeches, sprinkle in him losing his groupies, then getting everyone he admired to either hate him or ditch him for Lute, get everyone woman he had a crush on to utterly despise or leave him, AND top it all off with him having to literally bow his head to "King" Bobon, and you have a seriously broken man. Thankfully, he FINALLY manages to pick himself up, figure out who REALLY is good and who really needs a sword to the head (the Prime Minister and Bobon for mistreating him), and at long last he has a Heel Face Turn for the better. He saves Lute's life AND assists in killing the Prime Minister, and from then on, he basically becomes one of Lute's best friends/allies.
  • Gullible Lemming: Technically speaking, he IS trying to protect the kingdom... In his own overly-prideful, arrogant, dumbass ways. However, that doesn't stop him from following almost anything that comes from the Prime Minister as legitimate orders or truth. Such as, in Isis' route ending, he gloats that he is in cahoots with the Prime Minister since he had been told about Lute being a demon and need for execution even before Isis had confirmed anything. He then goes to confront Lute with unrelenting intent of executing Lute AND Isis when she tries to stop him. In the other routes, he acted as a messenger for the Prime Minister by bringing orders from the Prime Minister to the Prefect of Boan and later delivering a sealed message to Glawn Crayonn in Bustenhelter. Perhaps his crowning moment of gullibility comes when the King is murdered and the dagger used for said murder is discovered in Lute's bedroom. Despite there being a complete lack of motive, he was SO jealous of Lute by that point that he immediately accepted Lute's guilt as the truth and threw him in the dungeon. It isn't until later, after Bobon becomes king and starts making life miserable for everyone, and Motaire gets chastised for his blinding stupidity for believing the Prime Minister, that he FINALLY begins to question the evidence and after actually investigating more thoroughly, he learns the truth and has a Face Heel Turn at the very end.
  • Handsome Lech: Cheats on his fiance, Isis, pretty much to her face.
  • Historical In-Joke: His family is said to have been responsible for inventing the bra in their universe. Suffice to say his family is among the richest in the world during the story.
  • Humiliation Conga: Mostly his own fault thanks to his ego.
  • I Just Want My Beloved to Be Happy: It's complicated. Very complicated... So by now you've probably read about how big a jackass Motaire is. If not, see Jerkass below. He definitely doesn't love Isis at all, but at the very end of the Harem Route, he has a Heel Face Turn and saves Lute's life. The end and epilogue to the Harem Route show him moving on from Isis or at least releasing her from their engagement and allowing her to pursue her feelings toward Lute, which she does, and even becomes a member of Lute's harem of lovers. As for Motaire and Isis' overall relationship at that point, seeing as he gets taken back by his groupies, it seems they both moved on and could at least be friends from then on... But only in that route which, thankfully is the canon one.
  • It's All About Me: Initially, he sponges off his reputation from graduating top of his class at the Knight's Academy, as well as the fact that his family invented the bra. He gets better by the end, after a few well deserved ass-whoopings to humble him.
  • Jerkass: He has an enormous ego. He had graduated at the top of his class at the Knight Academy, which he loves to tell people. He's engaged, but he not only cheats on Isis, his fiancé, he does so practically in front of her face. She had tried to make their relationship work, but he continued to cheat on her even after they were engaged. In Isis' route, when she is preparing for the mission into the forest, he says some utterly despicable things to her, such as if she were to die during the trip then that was all she was worth, and that he had no feelings nor attraction to her in any way, and even if she survived the mission, he was pretty much going to break off the engagement to her as soon as he could. He even mocks her after saying all of these things to her when she is about to cry from it. This all on top of how lowly he sees and treats Lute, and openly insults the people of Boan.
  • Kick the Dog: The way he treats Isis is appalling. He cheats on her (practically TO HER FACE). He ignores her, yells at her, mocks her, berates her, basically spits on every attempt she makes to try and make things work between them, and says things to her at one point that almost drive her to commit suicide (more than once). But perhaps one of the most twisted examples comes at the end of Isis' route when he attempts to lure her to have sex with him while he knew full well she was in love with someone else at that point AND that they were under orders from the Prime Minister to kill that same person.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: On the receiving end, regularly gets accosted by people he pisses off both directly and indirectly. Often told off by his superiors when he acts in rather disorderly conduct, ends up dumped by his two gold-digging groupies for a guy he wrote off as a failure, is eventually disengaged to his fiancé after Lute is imprisoned and slated to be executed, is summarily rewarded for his jealously driven persecution with relegation by the bastard king whom replaced his former liege. All of which he well and truly deserved, seeing as he was an egotistical rat and all around unfaithful husband to be who openly and often loudly boasted of his many accomplishments (except many of which weren't even his, he mooched off his fathers popularity more than he himself did anything worth a damn) to everybody who never cared to listen.
  • Manchild: What the knight academies supposed ace's personality boils down to. A full grown brat with an inflated sense of self-worth whom cannot stop bragging about greatness he never had. Narcissistic and vainglorious to the point of making even his former supporters & admirerers irate with his tantrums whenever Lute upstages him. This especially shows whenever he openly mocked or attempted to throttle the former in full view of people whom gave the failure turned celebrity more respect and praise than Motaire ever got.
  • Miles Gloriosus: Played with and inverted. He's a world class Jerkass who won't come off about how his father invented the bra and his family is loaded. And that bit about him going on about how he was the top graduate at the Knight Academy over and over and over again near every time he makes an entrance. But despite this he actually has the skills to back up his modesty, being the best chess player in the kingdom just under Gladys Vom Wakenheim. As well as a skilled swordsmen in his own right.
  • Mistreated Bride: He is a complete asshole toward Isis, no matter what she does to try and make it work between them he couldn't care less.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: In the Harem route, this is part of the reason he covers for Princess Luceria, Isis, and Roxanne, eventually turning against Prince or rather "King" Bobon and the Prime Minister completely due to how poorly they treated him.
  • Gondor Calls For Aid: In the Harem Route, when Lute is framed, imprisoned, and sentenced to death, Shamsiel is unable to rescue him alone, so she recruits the help of the other women Lute loved. Throughout this, Motaire actually catches wind of their conspiring. He checked on the Princess, but saw Roxanne in her place. Isis chastises him for his arrogance and pride that has kept him from acknowledging Lute, and says if he exposes them, they were prepared to die for Lute, and if Lute were to die, she would never forgive him. Later on, he encounters General Felzen who was being removed from his post, and Felzen also berates him for stupidly following the Prime Minister, telling him that if he were to rescue Lute, then he could have anything he wanted, but he'd need to learn to think for himself. Then, he encounters Princess Luceria for real who asks him to save Lute, but he doesn't, so she too tells him to get out of her sight, saying that anyone who hates Lute is an enemy of hers, and she never wants to see him again. All the while, Motaire was going through some tough times thanks to "King" Bobon and the Prime Minister. The night before the execution, the women were discussing how the plan was progressing, and they wondered if Motaire would keep his mouth shut about it. Shamsiel offered to silence him herself, but the others convinced her not to. Later on, when the rescue is a success and the Prime Minister as well as Bobon are exposed for treason, the Prime Minister tries to get Motaire to help him escape, but instead Motaire FINALLY does the right thing and not only helps stop the Prime Minister, but he also saves Lute's life and helps execute the Prime Minister personally!
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: He ends up on the receiving end of one of these several times due to his pride and mistreatment of Lute. He received them from... Shamsiel (minor), Isis (knocked out) Gladys (once), General Felzen (3-4 times, once along with soldiers), General Zant (once, before being tossed from a party), and even the King (verbally, indirectly of course).
  • Oblivious to Hints: It takes quite a bit to get through his ego to help him see his erred ways. That's why it wasn't really the hints that got through, but all the ass-kickings he brought upon himself that did it instead.
  • Pet The Dog: Now don't misunderstand, he treats Isis like utter garbage almost all the time, despite her best efforts to make a relationship work between them. However, in the Harem route, Isis had planned on breaking off the engagement to him, but held off on doing so since he had been dumped by his groupies and was feeling pretty low at that point, so she was being polite to him. Unfortunately though, when Lute is framed for the King's murder and Motaire believes the evidence against him, Isis slaps him and flat out renounces her engagement to him. All that said, he DOES give a few of these moments back later on... He opts to cover for Princess Luceria being missing by not exposing Roxanne acting as her stand-in. He even visits Lute in prison and finds out the truth about Lute's rapid promotions, Bobon's failed plot, and the Prime Minister's link to Wan Taun, and ends it commenting on how poorly fed Lute seemed and muttered how he should have brought Lute something.
  • Really Gets Around: During the beginning, yes. He basically tries to sleep with everyone except Isis who he is ACTUALLY supposed to be engaged to... Funny news is, once Lute starts rising the ranks, Motaire gets less and less. Isis, and even his groupies dump him. However, in the true ending's epilogue, Droit and Aristera are revealed to have taken him back.
  • Reason You Suck Speech: He ends up on both ends of them. He constantly deals them out to Lute. You could make a drinking game of how many times he brings up Lute graduating last in their class, how he himself was the top of the class, and how he is SO much better than him in every way. He also delivers an incredibly harsh one to his betrothed Isis in the start of her route. Then, later on in story, especially the Harem Route he ends up on the receiving end of several: Gladys, Felzen, Zant, Isis, Lute (briefly), and even Princess Luceria (to everyone's surprise) all deliver them to him. Telling him to shut up with his stupid pride, get rid of his over-inflated ego, stop his hostility toward Lute, quit trusting everything the Prime Minister tells him and to actually think for himself about who he should be helping, and who he should be careful of. At the very end, they finally sink in and he atones for his mistakes.
  • Reformed but Rejected: In the Harem route, after several well-deserved ass-kickings, plenty of lectures from those around him telling him to tone it down on his pride and blind hatred for Lute (and anyone he felt was beneath him), plus a handful of instances that demonstrated Lute's competence as a knight and leader, and a glimpse at what a total asshole Bobon and the Prime Minister are to those around them when in charge, he FINALLY realizes whose side he should be on and goes as far as to save Lute's life AND he promptly assists in executing the Prime Minister for his crimes. After that, during the Epilogue we learn that yes Motaire has become a better man overall even reaching the rank of Captain of the Royal Knights, but Isis still leaves him in favor of Lute. Motaire himself was taken back by Droit and Aristera.
  • Royal Blood: Not royal per say, but his family invented the bra, and given how big a deal that is, it's safe to say his family will never have to worry about money. It is also his status as a Royal Knight that gives his family prestige.
  • Sexual Extortion: Who is using who, when it comes to Aristera and Droit being with him? Another example is with his fiancé Isis. Near her route's ending, after her meeting with the Prime Minister and being ordered to kill Lute, Motaire approaches her. He tells her she looks beautiful and more like a true woman than she had when she left. He even offers her the chance to come to his room later...(A first.) She turns him down saying she's not in the mood. He reveals he knew she was feeling troubled about her orders to kill Lute (a man she had completed a mission with), so he offers to help her with it. The Unfortunate Implications behind this are quite disturbing.
  • Sexual Karma: He cheats on Isis all the time with his groupies, Aristera and Droit especially, but it comes back on him wheeeeeen... in Isis' route, she leaves him for Lute. Even more karmic, is in the Harem Route, where not only does Isis break off their engagement after first refusing to have sex with him, but also, after Lute rises above him in rank. Lute ends up having sex with Gladys (whom Motaire had had a crush on), Droit and Aristera (who end up dumping Motaire after that), AND Princess Luceria (who was widely regarded as the most beautiful woman in the kingdom). It's not all bad karma though, because he has a Face Heel Turn and saves Lute's life at the end of the Harem Route. In the epilogue it's revealed that Motaire has been appointed captain of the Royal Guard, AND that Droit and Aristera apparently took him back.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: His family invented the bra, and he was the top graduate from his class at the Knight's Academy. His ego however, is so inflated that it's almost like he thinks Motaire invented the bra and opened the royal Knight's Academy himself. Even the castle guard of Boan think he and he alone assumes to hold up all of Edelland.
  • Spoiled Brat: His family invented the bra, and thus are likely among the richest people in the world at that time, so it isn't much of a surprise that he became this.
  • The Ace: In theory, as the top graduate of the Knight Academy, and he indeed gets the kind of respect someone would get from it. In practice, not so much. Zant implies the reason behind of that it's an emphasis on combat ability on the Academy, what means Motaire is good in combat but fails at thinking.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: The treatment he gets compared to Lute later in the game, and somewhat in the beginning too. He's such an insufferable blunderbuss with his boasting of perfection and family name that many soldiers, townsfolk and even some of the top brass cannot tolerate him (at least later in story).
  • Took A Level In Badass: He starts out as the top graduate of the Royal Knight's Academy, but he becomes a bit of a Butt Monkey especially in the Gladys and Harem routes, but it is in the Harem route that he finally achieves this when he saves Lute's life.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: It happens briefly in two chapters, in Isis's route he regularly denounces her as unfavorable wife material despite their being betrothed, and all while in the company of his two snow bunnies no less. But when his wife to be finds herself unable to commence with orders to execute Lute on the grounds of his demonic origins because... she fell in love with him. He snidely admits to being in cahoots with the Prime Minister whom issued the kill order while gloating about how he had no problem killing both him and his former bride in as sneering and baneful manner as you'd expect from an obnoxious pretty boy. And again towards the true ending of the game, where Motaire; having become so blinded by petty jealousy, immediately believes the one guy in story who lacks either a murderous or conniving bone in his entire body is the prime suspect for the King's murder. He did nothing beyond that to warrant most everybody denouncing him as a traitor and a failure; but boy did that not stop everyone within arms reach speaking their mindset. Bad enough he was a spoiled asshat who boasted superiority while more often than not proving otherwise, but one can guess doing nothing at all while an innocent man was slated to die to uphold a lie was the final nail in the coffin for his already dwindling popularity.
  • Took a Level In Kindness: It takes a looooooooong time, and quite a few well-deserved ass-whoopings to humble him, but he comes around by the end of the Harem Route and becomes Lute's friend. He also releases Isis from their engagement so that she can pursue Lute, while he is taken back by his groupies Aristera and Droit. Yes, THEY took him back.
  • Unfit for Greatness: Thanks to his shortsightedness, huge over-inflated ego and utter disrespect/disregard toward others. Lots of people feel like he's not fit to be leader of an army, let alone a ruler. A few much needed No-Holds-Barred Beatdowns later to humble him, and he has a Face Heel Turn: during which, he turns down a promise of becoming King (though it likely wouldn't have happened, but still) and in the epilogue to the Harem Route, he has been made Captain of the Royal Knights.
  • Unlikely Hero: He may have graduated first from his class of Royal Knights, but people began catching onto his issues especially with his attitude. By the end of the Harem Route, it seemed more like he was just going to spend all his time feeling sorry for himself rather than actually contribute anything to the story's end, but then, at pretty much the very last moment, the Prime Minister is chased into him by Gladys, Shamsiel, and Felzen. The Prime Minister tries to bribe him, but then Lute suddenly appears through a magic portal. The Prime Minister attempts to kill Lute when suddenly... CLANG! The blow was blocked by Motaire who says he's done following the Prime Minister's BS orders, and then he, Gladys, and Felzen take it upon themselves to execute the Prime Minister.
  • Unwitting Pawn: To the Prime Minister. Motaire's kind of an idiot though, and for the longest time he was carrying the Prime Minister's messages to his other agents, but once Motaire finally figures out the Prime Minister's true intentions, he turns on him.
  • Upper Class Twit: Played with and ultimately subverted (surprisingly). Although unambiguously a stand out individual produced by the royal knight academy whom is unanimously hailed as a jack of all trades by his superiors and the like. Most people whom really got to know the heir to Plantine goldmine couldn't stand this guys freaking guts. In some respects, Motaire was as much of a pompous, vain and conceited asshole as Bobon or the Prime Minister whom Motaire was directly subordinate to for quite some time. A great many people likening him to a haughty jerkass whom acts like he does all the work around the kingdom, his fiancé Isis regularly has to pry him off of every beautiful lady he comes across or outright deal with severe disrespect in the form of his tomcat ways and harsh verbal abuse, the way he treats the protagonist alone shows what a condescending self absorbed prick he well and truly is; seeing as he won't shut up about individual comparisons between himself and Lute, such egocentricity reaches a fever pitch later on where even those whom revered him as the best of the best steadily become irate at his whining and ranting about how a no class loser outflanked him as the most magnanimously amazing individual in Edelland. Gladys was livid enough to clobber the bratty pretty boy after he assaulted her one true love and Felzen toke to wholoping him several times whenever he insulted the new favorite of the kingdom, General Zant went so far thump him before kicking Plantine out of a lavish ball when he attempted to throttle Lute in a jealous rage, King Hagel was grossly offended by his excessive egotism and disrespect towards one whom was his majesty considered a miracle worker and even Princess Luceria likened him to a complete idiot for letting the love of her life be executed on trumped up charges. It's not until around the point when said story reaches its crescendo, as well as an aformentioned string of embarrassingly funny incidents that humbled him, did he eventually grow out of this conceited mindset and develop both as a person as well as a dependable knight.
  • What Happened To The Mouse?: His fate is also left a bit ambiguous in some of the routes' endings. In Roxanne's ending, he stays in the capital. In Isis' ending, the last we see of him, Shamsiel had collapsed the floor beneath him so he fell at least 1 story and was likely injured or dead thanks to debris. In Shamsiel's route, Isis' fever had returned leaving her bedridden, although she had wanted to force him to apologize and stop cheating on her, but signs pointed to him probably not doing either. Lute gives him a mean look, and Motaire walks off to be with Aristera and Droit, and that's all we see. In Luceria's ending, Isis leaves him, Gladys rejects him, Aristera and Droit dump him, and the Princess marries Lute. Motaire is last seen crying at the wedding (proooobably not out of joy).
  • Your Cheating Heart: Zigzagged. Many times. By the time of the beginning of the story, he is in an arranged marriage to Isis, but he cheats on her. It's said that she knew about his skirt-chasing ways before their parents set them up together, and she had hoped it would stop when they became engaged. It doesn't. He pretty much openly cheats on her with other women, especially his groupies Aristera and Droit. He also cheats on her while in Boan, much to her dismay (and no it wasn't with Roxanne although he likely wanted to).
    • In Isis' route, he proclaims to her that he cares nothing for her nor is he attracted to her as a woman (Why? We never know.), and that even if she makes it back, he's planning to break off the engagement. For her part, Isis tried to make things work between them, despite his poor treatment of her. However, in her route, she winds up (technically) cheating on Motaire with Lute: After being stung by the Sexipede, he exposes and milks her breasts (he was the first man to see let alone touch her breasts), and then after the incident with the Guardian Tree, she loses control and then has sex with Lute (which costs her her Virginity). Later on, she and Lute have sex at least 2 more times during the journey, but those times were her own choices to do so. When they return to the capital and during the ending of her route, she decides to break up with Motaire to be with Lute.
    • Alternately, in the Harem Route, Isis winds up falling in love with Lute over the course of the story and breaks off her engagement to Motaire near the end. However, in that route SHE isn't the one who cheats on him. Instead, once Lute had risen in rank and popularity after defeating and converting Gladys, it was Aristera and Droit (Motaire's groupies) who seek out and eventually have sex with Lute. Interestingly, they dump Motaire not long after that. By the epilogue however, it's said that they took him back and Motaire had let Isis out of their engagement to pursue Lute, so it all seemed to work out.
  • Your Approval Fills Me with Shame:
    • For all the crap he says about Lute and for all the utter contempt he has for him, during the routes where Lute surpasses him in rank, he is very much ashamed of being as he feels "spoken down to" by Lute. Despite pretty much every incident of this being Lute more or less telling him to just relax and not try so hard to force his delusions of grandeur down people's throats and just move up the ranks with time naturally. At the end of the Harem route though, he FINALLY overcomes his pride and acknowledges Lute, even saying he was no longer ashamed of having been his peer at the Royal Knight's Academy. Then, in the epilogue, he has become Captain of the Royal Guard and one of Lute's friends.
    • When Bernstein compliments him on the Harem Route and suggests that he might be Bobon's successor as Puppet King once he's outlived his usefulness, it seems to be the last push Motaire needs to complete his Heel Face Turn and side with the heroes against him and his coup.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Or in his case, very-light-almost-greyish-blue hair.


More humane than... well, Humans.

Remnants of the Hallowed Demon's living within the Girupon Woods of Edelland.

Tropes exhibited by them include:

  • Eloquent in His Native Tongue: The Devil tribe speak in a forign demon tongue that only others of their race can properly comprehend. Even half-demons like Lute.
  • Flying Brick: A demon can fly using magic even if he is very heavy.
  • Guardian Entity: These guys serve as the last line of defense against would be usurpers and tyrannical types seeking to steal the hallowed power from the Demon King's Temple. But they cannot venture anywhere near there on their own to prevent it's theft.
  • Dark Is Good: Though feared and reviled by a great many individuals of Edeland with their high religiofascist xenobia. The Devils within the enchanted forest are honestly a lot more likable and empathetic than most every human in story who Lute meets, of coarse that's assuming you have demon lineage within you or are of the devil's kin yourself.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: None among the demon's living within the woods have individual names.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: Judging by their appearance, you'd think they'd be less imposing than they are. But looks can be deceiving.
  • Good All Along: While deeply despised by the majority of humans in the kingdom of Edeland, it turns out the Devil Tribe exists solely to protect and defend the throne of the Demon King from would be trespassers seeking to usurp absolute ultimate power from it's keep. It is they're sacred duty to hold out until their former king's successor comes to reclaim his birthright.
  • Hidden Depths: When most people see these guys, they liken them to monsters due to their appearance and based on speculation born of rumor. In truth however they view a great many humans with the same sentiment, based on their self-hating ways. With the way the kingdom is currently run and how many people treat the protagonist, they're not wrong.
  • Hidden Elf Village: played with, since their kind were slated for extermination by greedy and callous humans within Edeland. The Demon tribe have sequestered themselves within a heavily enchanted forest which leads into the domain of the demon world.
  • Horny Devils: it's in the name, they are devils after all.
  • Humans Are Cthulhu: Interestingly enough, the devil's perceive humanity in the same breadth as humans perceive them to be monsters. So much so that they likened the worst example of their kind; Prince Bobon to a satanic archetype of some kind. Fearing for themselves and the world if a whoreson like him obtained the power acquitted by sitting upon the Demon King's Throne.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While they have no qualms about killing and eating humans when the need arises. Said devils who inhabit the woods are actually kind, courteous and loyal to each other and to the scion of their fallen lord king. Plus, to be fair, humans hunted their kind down and nearly murdered them all out of bigotry and racist fear. Not to mention said jerkass species keeps sending soldiers into their territory without consent, basically on what levels out to a practical suicide mission on a regular basis. So not like the grunts and their moronic bosses didn't ask for it.
  • Rocket Jump: Isis once mistook their vast leaps for flying, but given the way they soar through the air every time they vanish into the treetops, you never know.
    • Flight: Subverted, as they are said to indeed possess the ability to flight by the story's protagonist.
  • The Unintelligible: Everything they say is incomprehensible to the person listening. Even the dialogue that comes up in the word box on scree is just a bunch of PS controller button symbols. Lute Hende, due to his decadency of the Hallow Power, can miraculously understand as well as hold commerce with them.
  • Undying Loyalty: The demon race of the Girupon Woods are all loyal servants to the Hallowed Demon clan lead by the late demon king, Lute Hende's father. Because of his hybrid lineage and successor ship to the hallowed hand, the devils of the forest immediately recognize the newly christened demon king within our hero the minuet they lay eyes upon him.
  • You Gotta Have Pink Hair: Or at least pink and purple with these guys.


Prince Bobon von Diamante

Pompous Spoiled Baboon!

Firstborn son of King Hagel I. Graduated from the Royal Knight's Academy along with Lute, Motaire, and Isis.


Voiced by: Masato Sakurai (JP)

Tropes exhibited by him include:

  • A God I Am: How he views himself, regardless of the route he thinks he can and should do whatever he wants. In Shamsiel's route he seizes god-like power in the demon temple, and takes on a monstrous form.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Twice in fact. Towards the end of Roxanne's story play when his misdeeds are outed for all to see, he attempts to bribe his old classmate with a selection of all the most beautiful women he could offer. As if Lute ever needed his help in scoring hot mates. Again near the end of the game when both he and his villain support are outed as the meticulous traitors they well and truly are. After Bernstein betrayed him to his death; Bobon is left at the mercy of Felzen, wherein he pleads with the latter to spare his life in exchange for reinstating him as Captain of the Guard again. The former rebuff's his empty promise siting how his father knew his own son to be a treacherous little failure whom was unsuitable for the throne and off's him anyway.
  • Animal Motifs: Pigs, cows, and baboons (his crown resembles the red butt, so it might be a subtle way for the creators portraying him as a butt-head).
  • Asshole Victim: In Iris' route, he is killed by the Guardian Tree, which isn't even sentient to know of his villainous nature. In the Harem route when he tries to play on the sympathies of General Felzen, the latter remembers all the times he was a pain to deal with. From early childhood to undeserved successorship as King of Edelland; promptly telling him to go to hell before unceremoniously cutting him down.
  • Authority in Name Only: He thinks he should be the next king simply because he is son of the present King. He's too stupid to actually know how to rule a country. All he cares about is ordering people around however he wants.
  • Bad Boss: He is very abusive towards his subordinates, which only work for him out of loyalty to his father or to gain some interest from
  • Batman Gambit: Falls for at least two over the course of the story. The first was a combination mix of this and an Impersonation Gambit when Lute tricks him into thinking he's the Prefect of Boan and that they would start a rebellion together in Boan. Lute was actually just playing to Bobon's ego to get him to sign a document that would prove he was committing treason. Once again, near the end of the Visual Novel during the Harem Route, Emeralia had been caught trying to free Lute from the dungeon, and the Prime Minister wanted them both dead immediately. However, Lute once again plays to Bobon's stupid ego and convinces him that it would be far cooler to execute 2 "traitors" rather than just 1, and that if he were to do so, he may as well do it in front of the citizens as a huge public display of his power. It works, but it goes a step further when Lute's allies and lovers are able to enact a plan to rescue him and expose Bobon's treason to the world.
  • Body Horror: He's a fat, pompous, idiot to begin with, but some of the things that happen to him are pretty gruesome: In Isis' route, he gets caught and raped to death by the Guardian Tree. We don't see anything before, during, or after. In Shamsiel's Route, he is transformed into a nude pig-like devil after stealing god-like power from the Demon Temple. He then makes the mistake of harming Shamsiel, which causes Lute to unleash his true power on him and in a single move, Bobon is obliterated into dust. Lastly, in the Harem Route, he and the Prime Minister's crimes are exposed, and after a brief chase, Felzen then proceeds to carve Bobon like a pig. Discretion Shot thankfully comes into play and we don't see him split in half.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: This fatass can't be reasoned with to try and change his self-centered and greedy ways. Thankfully though, he's stupid enough to be easily manipulated if you play to his ego.
  • Casanova Wannabe: He thinks his status, reputation, and family are his keys to not just pursuing, but actually taking anything he wants and (disturbingly) any woman he wants all for himself.
  • Catch Phrase: His way of laughing makes him seem like a cow. "Moohoo~"
  • Complete Monster: Figuratively and literally, depending on the route.
    • He conspired to revolt against his father, the King of Edelland, while in Boan along with the Prefect of Boan. For this he was banished to Lingobard, but the King didn't make his conspiracy public knowledge. Later on, in Isis and Shamsiel's routes, he apparently came back into the kingdom and traveled into the demon forest. In Isis' route he gets killed by the Guardian Tree before he can do anything, but in Shamsiel's route he reaches the demon temple and sits on the throne which grants him god-like demonic power and a pig-man devil form to match, his plan for use of that power? He was going to conquer the world as a tyrant and force all women to be his sex slaves. Lute and Shamsiel managed to destroy him though before he could do any real damage.
    • In the Harem route, we learn just how bad having this lard-ball as king can be when his father is murdered. Right off the bat, you notice he doesn't seem at all bothered by Hagel's death, he acts like his "daddy" dying was no different than stepping in mud. The second he steps out from the carriage at the capital, he gets upset for not being greeted by the Prime Minister personally, remarking how he wanted his own harem of women (no, not like Lute's), Bobon even lists off Isis (Motaire's ex-fiancé at the time), Roxanne (recently widowed) and Gladys all as if he's ordering a pizza. As the prince walks through his new castle he remarks how everything looks the same, so Bobon voices how he would like to remodel it. How? Just make a bunch of new taxes to pay for the renovations. What was it he wanted to do when he got the throne? Give everyone orders and make them cry. He further mocks his father saying the king never deserved his former room. After his coronation (which he demanded another grander one... likely on the taxpayer's wages), he demotes Felzen from his new position for no reason at first beyond simply not liking him for supporting Lute, the guy who got him exiled to Lingobard. When the good general cites what a complete moron the new king well and truly is, Baboon demands for his immediate execution. Even the Prime Minister, who hates Felzen enough to attempt removing him from office; numerous times in fact, thought this was a bit extreme, so the Sinister Minister convinces the royal tool to have him relegated to Boan instead. Later, when Motaire fails to bring him some women to have sex with, Bobon relegates him to Boan without a second thought and mocks him for his failure. That, and... because the false king has always hated popular and/or cool guys using this; in conjunction with his new kingship status, as an excuse just to kick Motaire around for sport. He then attempts to try and force Aristera and Droit to have sex with him, under threat of death. Motaire tries to stop him, but he coerces to penalize his father too. He forces Motaire to bow to him to him, and again mocks him for it. Not long after, he once more demands Isis and Gladys be handed over to him, specifically so he can "make those tough girls cry just once". Again under threat of death should he fail, but then the Prime Minister just says he should relegate him instead. Later, at Lute's execution, he asks if Lute has any last words, but then denies him them to rub it in his face, and gloats that when Lute dies, he's going to have his body chopped up and then he plans on kicking his head like a ball.
  • Death by Sex: In Isis' route, his brutally mangled corpse was found near the Guardian Tree, which had molested and nearly raped Isis earlier on in the route, so one can only assume that this is how he died.
  • Dirty Coward: This fat pig thinks himself the greatest person ever born. He's cocky, greedy, and abusive to everything and everyone around him. He's a big talker when he has power, but falls apart easily when threatened. In Shamsiel's route, he steals god-like demonic powers in an effort to conquer the world and make all women his sex slaves. Lute and Shamsiel confront him, but Shamsiel is unable to stop him, and he nearly kills her. Lute then awakens his own memories and demonic powers that enable him to withstand Bobon's power, and then he obliterates him in one shot. Bobon dies shrieking like a pig. In the Harem Route, he is gloating and causing problems for everyone around him, but when he and the Prime Minister's betrayals are exposed by Emeralia, both take off running. They get cornered by Felzen and Gladys, but the Prime Minister shoves Bobon into Felzen as a diversion so he could escape. Bobon then pleads for his life to Felzen, claiming he would make him Commander of the Guards again, and that he'd known him since he was little. Felzen acknowledges this. He also says that the King (Bobon's father) had warned him that if Bobon ever assumed the throne, he would lead the kingdom to ruin. Felzen then strikes down Bobon with a single slash and sends him (squealing like a pig) to the afterlife.
  • Drunk with Power: It takes no genius to see just what kind of man, what kind of leader Prince Blubber'd turn out to be the very minuet he ascended the seat of power. Even the guy whom everyone wrote off as riffraff was smart enough to know that the bastard wannabe king would abuse his authority for small and stupid reasons.
  • Entitled Bastard: See Entitled to Have You and Jerkass below or Complete Monster above.
  • Entitled to Have You: He feels that being king or having absolute authority and power gives him a free pass to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and whoever he wants... Including flat out saying he wanted to make Isis, Roxanne, Gladys, Aristera, and Droit have sex with him and become his sex slaves even though pretty much all were spoken for.
  • Evil Prince: Or he tries to be, he's certainly depraved but no less inept in the deed.As a prince he tried to start a revolt with the Prefect of Boan.
  • Evil Is Petty: He trolls people he doesn't like, supports nobody or anything aside from him wanting to be in charge, humiliates people on a whim, and has people banished or sentenced to death if he thinks they are "cooler" than he is.
  • Fat Bastard: He's even carrying a big lollipop with dozens more in a saddle bag to put an exclamation point on his gluttony!
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: He's the fool (big time), to his sister Luceria's responsible.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: He may have been born a prince, but Bobon was NEVER going to sit on the throne so long as his father had anything to say about it. He is cowardly, unskilled, stupid, and spoiled rotten, so on his own he's as much of a threat as a dirty diaper. However, in Shamsiel's route he manages (by some miracle) to travel through the demon forest and reach the temple unscathed (hints point to the Prime Minister telling him the way to do it), and in the temple he seizes god-like powers to become a devil that was capable of conquering the entire world. Lute managed to stop him, but still... In the Harem route, after his father is murdered, he is crowned the new king, and starts making life for all around him pretty much living hell with his cruel and uncaring abuse of power. Again though, he's stopped and Lute becomes the new, true king.
  • Go Through Me: When he tries to harm or condemn someone, others generally step in to stop him. In Shamsiel's route, he tried to kill her AND Lute, but Shamsiel tried to fight him alone at first, but when she was defeated, Lute stepped up and protected her. In the Harem Route, Emeralia gets caught attempting to free Lute from his cell, but Lute steps before him and convinces Bobon to execute the 2 of them together the next day in front of an audience. This actually allows Lutes' allies to initiate their plan to rescue him from his false execution. At which point, Shamsiel, then Gladys, then Isis and Felzen, then Emeralia, and Motaire (in the Prime Minister's case) all manage to protect Lute from Bobon and the Prime Minister.
  • Hate Sink: Out of all the douchebaggy characters in the Kyonyuuverse, Baboon is the most universally reviled character anybody could have the ultimate displeasure of ever coming to meet. He's sleazy, lazy, arrogant, selfish, idiotic, abrasive, loathsome and conniving, everyone in series hated the Fat Bastard. Even the Prime Minister cannot stand this flabby moron for his excess and entitlement, and Lute whose friendly to everyone. Especially to the kinds of people whom generally don't deserve it, finds him unsettlingly repulsive; so much so that he actually dreaded the day when Prince Butthead would become king. This coming from a guy whose a Friend to All Living Things? That really states something about a person's character.
  • High Hopes, Zero Talent: He wants to be king, but has nothing that would actually make him qualified to be one apart from being the Prince by birth, which he feels is the only qualification he needs.
  • Horny Devil: His devil form in Shamsiel's route is covered with eyes and horns, and his goal for using the power is to take all women in the world as his sex slaves. Fortunately, see Teeny Weenie for what you DON'T see in his demonic form.
  • In-Series Nickname: Most people mockingly call him "Baboon", "Cow", "Porky". The Demons refer to him as "Devil (Bobon)".
  • Inadequate Inheritor: 2 times he inherits something, that wasn't meant for him.
    • In Shamsiel's route, he steals the demons' "Hallowed Hand" power from their sacred temple. It gives him a devil form, and god-like magic abilities. However, since he hadn't acquired the power naturally, he was easily killed off by someone who DID have the power naturally: Lute.
    • In the Harem route, the Prime Minister murdered Bobon's father, the King, and put Bobon on the throne as the new king. King Hagel I had NEVER wanted Bobon to become king after him, and that was something he told other people he was friends with such as Felzen and even Luceria. So, it doesn't take long to see why that was when Bobon does take the throne. It's even less surprising when the people turn against him, even the Prime Minister quickly regretted making him king, and was already planning to have him killed and replaced soon.
  • Impersonation Gambit: He falls for a very convincing one pulled off by Lute in Boan, and it leads to his plot being exposed and he is imprisoned and punished for it.
  • It's All About Me: His sense of entitlement is boundless. He doesn't care for anything or anyone aside from himself.
  • Jerkass: To the point that even most of the other villains have to grind their teeth just to put up with him.
  • Karmic Death: Happens 3 times in the story, and each is more karmic than the last...
    • In Isis' route, we never see it, but Lute and Isis had found his mutilated corpse near the Guardian Tree. Judging from what the tree had done when it captured Isis, he was likely raped to death by it. However, his reason for being there in the first place isn't revealed until during Shamsiel's route.
    • In Shamsiel's route, he actually reaches the farthest demon temple in the forest and uses it to seize god-like demonic power, which he reveals was his true reason to go into the forest to begin with. Why? He was going to become a tyrannical devil that would conquer the entire world with "Hallowed Demon" powers (as well as make all women his sex slaves). He uses said powers to almost kill Shamsiel, and this leads to Lute fully awakening his own natural-born Hallowed Demon powers which he then uses to obliterate Bobon in one shot.
    • In the Harem route, he becomes the king, and immediately abuses his powers on those around him: Humiliating and then relegating Motaire, firing and relegating General Felzen, making unreasonable demands of the Prime Minister, and trying to arrange to force Gladys to have sex with him. Where does this get him? The Prime Minister began planning to kill Bobon too and put Motaire on the throne in his place. Felzen helps with a plot to smuggle Gladys into the capital to save Lute, and eventually, they corner Bobon and Felzen promptly sends him to hell.
  • [[Lack of Empathy]:] Never shows an ounce of humanity to anyone.
  • Large Ham: In the worst ways. Humorously though, the other characters tend to call him names like baboon, cow, or pig.
  • Loser Son of Loser Dad: Played with and subverted. Prince Buttbrain's father was a magnanimous leader who practically radiated charisma and heart, while he on the other hand was a self-absorbed, unimportant Upperclass Twit whom the king, in his infinite wisdom. Saw as glaringly unsuitable for the throne or the reigns of any kind of real power. That said, his father wasn't perfect either, while Hagel the I was in no way stupid he wasn't very keen on reading the atmosphere either. Which is what led to the problematic civil strife and conspiracy issues in his country to begin with, as well as his untimely demise at the hand of a less than untrustworthy royal advisor.
  • Man Child: He is actually older than he looks, around the same age as Lute, but acts much like a child.
  • Mean Boss: Pretty much the second he comes back toward the end of the Harem Route, he is this to everyone he comes in contact with.
  • Never My Fault: Invoked, when he and the ruling power of Boan were exposed in their duplicity and betrayal. He immediately tries to assert his innocence despite evidence to the contrary.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: In Shamsiel's route, he steals god-like demonic power and becomes a tyrannical devil. His plans for using said power were very sinister, but Lute and Shamsiel confront him before he is able to do anything with it. He almost kills Shamsiel, but in doing so, caused Lute's own true demonic "hallowed hand" powers and memories to awaken, which allowed him to overpower and annihilate Bobon in a single blast. If you think about it, Bobon also inadvertently helped in other parts of the story as well... At the very beginning, Lute was pretty much set to remain in Boan for the rest of his career if not life, but thanks to Bobon and the Prefect's schemes which he uncovered and thwarted, he was able to be promoted and return to the capital (which led to the events of the other routes, including the true ending of the Harem Route).
  • No One Could Survive That: In Isis' route, he had apparently been caught by the Guardian Tree, except unlike Isis, no one else was there to stop the tree, so it's hinted that he was brutally raped to death by it. In Shamsiel's route, he seizes god-like demonic power, but unintentionally causes Lute's own true powers to awaken, and at that point he obliterates Bobon in a single shot. Lastly, in the Harem Route, he gets exposed for his crimes against his father, and Felzen strikes him down.
  • Not Good with Rejection: How does he respond to King Hagel's barring him as a successor? He plots rebellion with the Prefect of Boan.
  • Obviously Evil: One look at his image and you knew. For anyone his age (at least 18+) to be walking around like that he must have a few screws loose, which is exactly right since he's a Psychopathic Manchild.
  • Out with a Bang: Technically it's how he dies in Isis and Shamsiel's routes, though the meaning varies.
  • One-Winged Angel: In Shamsiel's route, he takes on the form of a pig-like devil after stealing god-like demonic power via sitting on the throne in the Demon King's temple. Said powers include giving him the "Hallowed Hands" ability of the King of all demons (the Incubi) and make him seemingly untouchable even to Shamsiel's magic. However, said power wasn't naturally his, so when challenged by one who DID have it naturally: Lute. His stolen powers were made worthless and he was destroyed in a single shot. On the funny side Bobon's super powered form lacked spiky golden hair! It also showed him technically naked, but at the same time... apparently even god-like powers couldn't make up for his junk anymore than microscopic.
  • Pride Before a Fall: From the very first time he shows up in the story, and all the way to the very end, NOBODY likes this guy. In or out of story. Let's look at how he meets his end in each route:
    • Roxanne's route ends with him being banished to Lingobard, and some may think that a benefit to Lute staying in Boan, would be that he can keep Bobon from trying to re-enter the kingdom.
    • Isis' route ends with him dead. How? He got caught, raped, mutilated, and raped to death by the Guardian Tree as he attempted to find the demon temple.
    • Shamsiel's route has him reach the demon temple and seize a god-like demonic power that gives him a monstrous form. However, that doesn't help him much against Lute or Shamsiel who proceed to stop him. Lute even vaporizes him with relative ease.
    • Luceria's route doesn't go too far into it, but it's likely that he remained in exile to Lingobard with his mother apparently.
    • The Harem Ending, which is considered the canon ending, has him becoming king after his father is murdered, but then he and the prime minister are exposed for crimes against the crown and are each executed. In Bobon's case for this, Felzen sliced him like the fat pig that he is... or WAS.
  • Prince Charmless: To the point he even resembles the Trope Namer.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: See his image. He's every bit as vain, pompous, and rotten to the core as he looks. If not moreso. When he becomes king in the Harem Route, his first act is to force everyone to bow to him as he proclaims they must do as he says from then on. He then tries to force Motaire into bringing women (Gladys, Roxanne, and Isis - Motaire's supposed fiance at the time) to him for the purpose of having sex or as he puts it "making strong girls cry, just once" before throwing them away like trash. In Shamsiel's route, when he seizes god-like power, he proclaims that he intends to use said power to enslave all demons and force all women in the world to be his sex slaves.
  • Quit Your Whining: He's a huge Manchild, and acts like a spoiled baby, much to others' annoyance when he whines over not getting his way.
  • Reason You Suck Speech: He tries to delve these out. His claim being that since he's a prince he is superior to everyone and is therefore above laws and is entitled to saying or doing whatever (or whoever) he wants. In actuality, more people tend to deliver these about him if not straight to his face. Gladys especially.
  • Royal Bastard: Of the whiny, bratty, dopey, undesirable variety. Born of two royalties yet found less than worthy to take up kingship, seeking to further incite riot and rebellion simply because daddy wouldn't name him successor only hammered the point home. Finally the vitiation's made when the shrieking bastard finally got his bottle put emphasis on his inevitably running the kingdom into the ground. Bobon's claims to royal prerogative, ineptitude while in leadership and all around doucheholiness, all it did was prove what an Inadequate Inheritor Prince Butthead well and truly was right up to the end of his pathetically short lived reign.
  • Royal Blood: Loved, hated or not. Prince Buttelf's heritage was still that of the highest royal lineage of two kingdoms, as we find out in the Gaiden Game.
  • Royal Brat: This. In. Spades. Born into royalty, he feels he is owed to anything and everything because of it. From the very air you breath to the very ground you walked on, every large breasted woman within his would be kingdom and most likely to the very thoughts he would allow you to think. It was any wonder why he was passed over as King Hagel's; his father, successor to the throne of Edelland.
  • Spanner in the Works: Ironically, he becomes this to the other villains' plans, partially due to his stupidity, and because he's so arrogant he frustrates any attempt to have him follow an Evil Plan, something that drives the Prime Minister to annoyance.
  • Screw the Rules, I Make Them: He is ALL for people obeying every order, command, decision, law that HE comes up with... No matter how unreasonable or stupid, but he has zero regard for actually following any rules himself. He feels that if one makes the rules, one is above them and therefore NOT bound by them.
  • Sexual Extortion: In the worst of ways, this idiot blatantly wants to {use his power to do this to not just a any, but ALL women. Good news is... See Sexual Karma.
  • Scapegoat Creator: Tries to reassign blame on Lute and the late Prefect's attendant, Madoise. Making up the bupkis plea that he was framed.Humorously Subverted as said toady immediately spills his guts the second a little pressure is applied, by that we mean no pressure; the rat came clean at first sight of the inquisitor.
  • Self-Deprecation: Prone to do that when Lute call him something, but tries to quickly correct himself when he realizes he had insulted himself.
  • Sexual Karma: His is very bad. He sees women as commodities. He actually LIKES the idea of forcing women, especially strong women (with large breasts) to not only submit to him, but he also wants them to cry for it. Suffice to say... he has it coming when he was raped to death by the Guardian Tree in Isis' route, and then how he got cornered by Gladys in the Harem Route, and executed by Felzen for his misconduct.
  • Sissy Villain: This lard-ball is a total coward, completely unskilled (at anything), and SO spoiled, that the only way this fool is even close to a threat is when he stole demonic god-like power, but even then he still got beaten in one shot pretty easily. Otherwise? He's as much a threat to someone's life as a dirty diaper.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Oh, Like you wouldn't believe. Just because he's the son of the King; being crowned prince by birth. Bobon thinks he's entitled to anything and everything in his fathers kingdom, including the throne and/or any woman he lays eyes upon. There was some small movement behind the scenes working to put him on as king, but given what a huge prick he is these supporters are largely unpopular in garnering follow through with their endeavours.
  • Spoiled Brat: Loves to act snooty and self-important, given most anything he ever wanted growing up, granted excuses by people of power for allowances, gaining a selfish and ugly mindset as a result. In short, Bobon is a rotten, conceited, fugly, useless, dumbass who makes you wonder how a guy like Hagel could produce such a lemming as this. He even makes Motaire seem like a nice guy by a huge comparison.
  • Speak Ill of the Dead: His own words for his Late Father; The Good King. Shows just how much of an ungrateful and undeserving Spoiled Brat he was when he finally got his crown.
  • Teeny Weenie: In Shamsiel's route, he seizes god-like power and assumes a demonic form. Lute and Shamsiel confront him, but during this, he is naked, but thankfully, you can't see anything... meaning... this.
  • Token Motivational Nemesis: Motaire, of all people is the one who feels he is this. The logic is that maybe by seeing how vile and repulsive someone like Bobon is, perhaps the rest of humanity would become inspired to be better than the sort of person he is.
  • Treacherous Advisor: In the Harem Route, when he becomes king, it doesn't take long to see why he shouldn't have been made king to begin with. The Prime Minister actually struggles to keep his outrageous and harsh abuse of power in check. To the point that Bobon had barely been king for a day and the Prime Minister was already planning to have him killed off and replaced soon.
  • Treachery Cover-Up: When he had tried to spark a rebellion against his father, the king, in Boan with the Prefect, he is exposed and caught by Lute. There's a trial in the capital, but much of the information of the event is kept secret from the public by the king's orders so as to prevent people from wanting to rebel or go against or think less of the monarchy. In the end, Bobon is banished to Lingobard to live with his mother, the King's ex-1st wife. Lute was told to keep the matter a secret by the king, and the general public was led to believe that Bobon was merely visiting his mother, not being punished for something.
  • Troll: This fat pig LOVES having power over others. Hence why everyone with a brain knows he absolutely should NOT ever be trusted with any. He enjoys taunting and humiliating anyone and everyone he wants, and usually his reason for it is simply on a whim. He sees women as things he is entitled to have, take, use, and abuse any time he wants (regardless of their being spoken for much less their consent, which he actually ENJOYS them refusing since as he puts it he "likes making strong women cry". Makes it all the more satisfying when it aaaaaaaall comes back to bite him.
  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: Prince lard-ass was a stuck up, self-entitled bunghole with delusions of authority long before he was properly crowned in ceremony. The second he got his hands on real power for a change, Baboon made it abundantly clear that everyone present and within the kingdom regardless would do as he said. If that's not an indicator to his motives then...
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: According to his cousin and fellow idiot noble; Argent De Bonn in the Gaiden series. Prince Baboon didn't turn rotten until his ambition for the throne got the better of him. Considering what an asshole he was in story, it's impossible to believe admittedly.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: Against all conceivable and inconceivable odds in story. There are some who're petitioning for him to become king despite how unworthy a candidate he is. The minuet news gets out of his death after Lute is crowned Monarch of Edelland, the ruler of the neighboring kingdom of Lingobard declares open war on Lute's nation in retaliation.
  • What an Idiot!: He spends majority of his screentime being a complete bastard to literally EVERYONE, and expects that people would just let him get away with whatever he wanted without ever finally being pushed too far. It all comes back to bite him spectacularly:
    • In the Harem Route, he thought he could force any woman he wanted to become his sex slave including Isis and Gladys. Guess who catches him when he's trying to flee for his life when his crimes are exposed?
    • In the Harem Route, he thought firing General Felzen and relegating him simply because he "didn't like him" was a good idea. Later, when he is caught between Gladys and Felzen's swords, he pathetically tries to bribe Felzen for his life, even bringing up the fact that they'd known each other since he was a child. Felzen acknowledges that, along with a warning the king had given about how Bobon would bring ruin to the kingdom if he ever took the throne. Hence, Felzen executed him on the spot.
    • Another stupid move he makes in the Harem Route is that when he and the Prime Minister caught Emeralia trying to free Lute, they don't execute them right then and there. Sure it works out for the good guys in the end, but think about it. All Lute did was play to Bobon's ego a tiny bit and the moron fell for it with ease.
    • One last thing he did in the Harem Route, was his mistreatment of Motaire who had initially been more than happy to see Lute imprisoned and out of the spotlight, but Bobon thought it'd be fun to mock Motaire, force him to bow at his feet to humiliate him, and even trying to force himself on Motaire's groupies. It doesn't necessarily come back on Bobon himself, but it was partially why Motaire had a Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal against both Bobon AND the Prime Minister who Motaire even helped stop and execute in the end.
  • What do they See in Him?: Surprisingly enough, despite being universally loathed by just about everyone in and out of storyverse. Isis once stated that Bobon actually had supporters in the Kingdom of Edelland whom pushed for his ascension in the monarchy, despite his many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, MANY glaring oversites that stood against it. Thankfully, such a movement in his favor was never all that popular to begin with. So nothing came of it in the end.
  • Where Did We Go Wrong?: King Hagel is a good man and a caring father. It's said that his former queen was a noble and loving wife and mother. Princess Luceria turned out fine. What the hell happened with Bobon? Even Luceria (his sister) recognizes that her half brother is a selfish, greedy idiot who isn't fit to lead the kingdom.
  • Worthy Opponent: Inverted. Take the stupidest, weakest, and most cowardly character in this series and they'd likely either be Bobon himself OR they would be someone who could beat Bobon with only one hand. Literally, nobody likes him (as a person), and anyone who actually knows him, knows that he is not the least bit fit to rule anything or anyone, much less the entire kingdom. HE was the one who actually should have graduated at the very lowest in his class at the Royal Knight's Academy instead of Lute, but the Prime Minister pulled some strings...
  • The Wrongful Heir to the Throne: In theory he is gonna be king in the future, but his selfishness and dumbness clearly makes him inadequate for that.

Prefect Irboyne

A lolicon in a game about large breasts.

The Prefect of Boan. He was a graduate of the Knight's Academy, and he was ranked dead-last in his class just like Lute.


Voiced by: Dobu Rokuro (JP)

Tropes exhibited by him include:

  • Asshole Victim: He had sought his wife's hand with great determination, but upon marrying her and learning of how little she had to offer in wealth or politics, he tries to divorce her, but is unable to do so. He begins isolating her and avoiding her, and even cheats on her with younger women. He also shows little regard for his subjects or anyone other than himself. So nobody really cares when you hear about him dying of a heart condition after trying to disgrace his wife.
  • Bad Boss: He utterly HATES his job, since he is essentially the laughing-stock of the political community of his country. He therefore, hoards all the best of anything he can get ahold of in Boan for himself. He also ignores and cheats on his wife, and even conspires with Prince Bobon to attempt a rebellion against the crown.
  • Big Bad: Of the Boan arc.
  • Chessmaster: He tries to be. He was trying to use Roxanne to regain some political credibility and wealth, but her family had little to offer. He tried to divorce her, but she refused, so he tried to manipulate her into cheating on him with Lute so that he could discredit and divorce her while keeping all the power he could steal from her, which would then be put toward revolting against the kingdom and siding with Prince Bobon. It fails, spectacularly.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: He can't understand Roxanne's desire to be a devoted wife, even if he treats her like crap.
  • Fallen Hero: Using the word "hero" quite loosely here. He had been a child of a minor (noble?) family, but had went into the Royal Knight's Academy to become a knight (whether he actually supported the meritocracy system or simply wanted to be a part of it at the time is unclear). However, he wound up graduating last in his class and was sent to Boan, and that in turn was seen as an insult to him since Boan is the most backwater part of the kingdom. He tried to get some wealth and political status through marriage to Roxanne, but her family had little to offer, so that failed too. Eventually it all led to him trying to start a rebellion against the king in support of prince Bobon who promised him power, wealth, and status if he did so. Lute at one point wonders if things had been different maybe he'd have ended up like him or vice versa.
  • Government Conspiracy: He was part of one with Bobon, who were actually both being supported by the Prime Minister, to stir up a revolt in Boan and possibly lead to civil war that may have even caused Lingobard and other outside nations to invade.
  • If I Can't Have You: Inverted. The Prefect wants nothing more than to be rid of Roxanne, so that he could apparently hook up with some loli girl he was cheating on her with, but since Roxanne won't consent to a divorce, he takes to isolating her and ignoring her as much as possible, as well as plotting against her to try and get her to cheat on him so that she will be executed and he will be rid of her.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: He hates his job, he hates where he is, he hates his wife, he hates his citizens, he hates the people who sent him where he is, and he makes little effort to hide it. He hardly does anything to actually improve his life through legitimate work, instead he hoards all the best of anything he can get his hands on in Boan for himself, he tried to marry into fortune and political gains, but Roxanne's family had little to offer of anything, plus he prefers loli girls anyway. He pretty much ignores his citizen's pleas for action against the Succubus that was terrorizing them, apart from trying to get them to shut up and leave him alone. He hated how the king (and his government) assigned him to Boan, which is considered the political exile/laughing-stock assignment of the kingdom, and this leads him to conspire with Prince Bobon to try and revolt against the king.
  • Karmic Death: While trying to set up his wife and Lute, he's brought down by a heart condition flaring up. (It was either a heart attack or stroke.) Up till then he had treated or rather, mistreated his wife with nothing but contempt and isolation.
  • Knight in Sour Armor: You'd never know he was a knight by looking at him. He had actually been a graduate of the Royal Knight's Academy that was assigned to be the Prefect of Boan. Likely due to him having graduated dead last in his class like Lute had.He's very unhappy with it.
  • Kavorka Man: Somehow in spite of his arse ugly disposition. The Prefect managed to land the pretty beyond words Roxanne for his wife, even managing to cheat on her with younger girls out in town without impunity given his looks.
  • Lolicon: Among the reasons he never consummated his marriage to Roxanne.
  • Obviously Evil: His appearance and attitude certainly don't radiate kindness or generosity. One look and you'll know he looks like he's probably up to something, which he is.
  • Only One Name: We never know his last name. Or if Irboyne is even his last or first name. We also don't know if "De Desir" is his last name or Roxanne's maiden name. Nothing about it is clarified.
  • Perpetual Frowner: While his assistant almost always smiles, he is almost always frowning.
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: In Edelland politics, to be sent to Boan is widely seen as a punishment since it's such a backwater dirt-poor job. The Prefect feels like the laughingstock of the political community, and tries desperately to get back to the capital.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: He tries to revolt with Prince Bobon.
  • Sacrificial Lion: He tries to make Lute this twice. The first time was when he ordered him to deal with their "succubus problem". He succeeds, much to their surprise. Then, he was being set up to lead his wife into commiting an act of infidelity which could have lead to Lute being imprisoned and/or executed... Had it not turned out that the Prefect was up to something much worse.
  • Spanner in the Works: His first plan was to have Lute face off with the succubus that was terrorizing the people of Boan just to shut the citizens up. Lute ends up befriending her, but when Lute goes to get the "reward" they promised him, they are at first going to stiff him, but then Madoise suggests they use him as bait for their initial plan of setting Lute up with Roxanne to commit infidelity. THAT fails thanks to the Prefect having a heart attack AND Shamsiel finding evidence of a bigger crime that the Prefect and his toady were trying to start.
  • Unfit for Greatness: He was a graduate from the Royal Knight Academy (and had even graduated at the bottom of his class, same as Lute, and was sent to Boan). However, instead of trying to make the most of it and working to improve the situation for those around him as well as himself, he took to hoarding all the best of anything he could get in the region, trying to marry for political and economic gains (which backfires), and even conspires to start a revolt against the crown in an attempt to seize the power and wealth he feels due to him. It ALL backfires and he ends up suffering a heart attack (or stroke) and is imprisoned for treason (even if he survived the heart attack or stroke, he was likely going to be executed anyway). Roxanne herself admits, she knew he wasn't fit to have any real power or prestige, because of his greed and lack of decency.
  • Uriah Gambit: It's a strange one to be honest (especially the visual novel version): The idea was to have Lute exorcise the Succubus that had been causing trouble in the Boan region up till then. However, the Prefect knew full well that there was no chance that anyone who was sent to Boan would be sufficiently trained in anything, much less exorcism specifically, so him ordering Lute to try was basically a death sentence. At the same time, the Prefect was also considering using Lute for his plans to set up Roxanne for committing adultery and then he'd divorce her, but again he was expecting Lute to fail and die, so it came as quite a shock when it backfires and Lute not only survives but befriends the Succubus.
  • Villain by Default: He is an aristocratic jerk.
  • What Happened To The Mouse?: Following his heart attack or stroke in the Visual Novel, we never see him again, but all signs point to him having died from it. In the anime, the last we see of him, he and his assistant are thrown in prison and he is laying motionless on the floor while the assistant kneels over him.
  • Xanatos Backfire: He had tried to pull 2 Xanatos Gambits on Lute and both get turned around on him. First in setting him up to take on a Succubus with no skills or preparation to actually succeed. To everyone's utter surprise, Lute is actually able to survive and even befriend Shamsiel. (Unbeknownst to everyone including Lute himself, he is half-incubus which allowed him to survive her.) Then, when Lute came to collect on his "reward", the Prefect panicked, but Madoise suggested (quietly) that they use Lute as bait for Roxanne to commit adultery with someone so that the Prefect could discredit her and seek divorce. That one is also botched by outside variables: First is the succubus, Shamsiel, whom Lute had befriended, because she was keeping an eye on Lute and had discovered the Prefects dark intentions and conspiracies. The second is that the Prefect was suffering from a heart condition, and when time came to catch Lute and Roxanne in the act, he instead suffers a heart attack (or stroke). Either way he eventually dies from it.)


Man or rodent? Probably both.

The assistant to the Prefect of Boan and steward to Castle Boan.


Voiced by: Kojiro (JP)

Tropes exhibited by him include:

  • Animal Motif: Rodents. Rats, chipmunks, mouse.
  • Blatant Lies: "Monster? What monster? There's no monster? The townspeople are just superstitious!" He says referring to the succubus that the citizens of Boan were begging him to deal with... As they surrounded him and Lute as they toured the town.
  • Cheshire Cat Grin: His is quite creepy, and he's almost perpetually sporting it.
  • Didn't See That Coming: In all fairness, he never considered Lute himself being a cambion when he suggested the prospect of scapegoating the guy to the Prefect. Needless to say, they were both unpleasantly surprised that not only was their plan a failure. But were freaked out when he had Shamseil reveal herself to them.
  • Evil Is Petty: His reasons for helping the Prefect of Boan trying to divorce his wife and start a revolt with Bobon? He wants to become a noble himself. Even though he practically is one since the Prefect of Boan does next to nothing on his own.
  • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: While the Prefect was in a coma from his heart attack/stroke, Lute catches Madoise trying to find a document that was regarding their conspiracy, which Lute had already seized and confronted him about. At which point, Lute pretends to have been sent there as an aid to the plan, and tells Madoise this to get him to help him.
  • Hate Sink: Unlike Irboyne who had a semi-plausible reason for being a bitter, unfaithful, misogynistic dirtbag. Madoise was a slimy, conniving, boot licking and all around utterly, thoroughly disloyal and unlikable Jerkass. Naturally, no one barely cared to shed a tear for the guy when he's executed for treason, much less remember he even existed.
  • How Did You Get It?: Neither he nor the Prefect had ever expected in a million years that Lute would exorcise, much less win over Shamsiel. They were also just as shocked when Lute exposed their conspiracy plans after having found a letter between the Prefect and Bobon outlining the plot.
  • Idiot Ball: For a man who comes up with a bunch of schemes and plans for himself and the Prefect of Boan, Madoise can be really REALLY gullible and stupid at times. For instance: In the Visual Novel, when the Prefect's conspiring to revolt is brought to light, Lute pretends to have been sent (by the Prime Minister) to help them with the plan from the beginning. Madoise falls for it easily, and after Bobon arrives and falls for the Impersonation Gambit Lute pulls, Madoise and Bobon are BOTH busted.
  • Impersonation Gambit: He falls for them TWICE! Lute tricks him into thinking he was sent there as a spy to help them with their conspiracy. It works, and this idiot falls for it big time. Then, he actually HELPS Lute pretend to be the Prefect of Boan when meeting with Prince Bobon. It also works, and both Prince Bobon AND Madoise are busted and imprisoned for their conspiracy.
  • Just Another Fool: He and the Prefect at first saw Lute as just some other failure of a knight sent there for graduating so low, so they tried to use him for their plans. Ironically, this underestimation leads to things backfiring on them and causes their own downfalls at Lute's hands.
  • Man Behind the Man: Some hints point to him being this to the Prefect of Boan, in that, he suggested that they use Lute as bait for Roxanne, and he also supposedly gave the Prefect the idea that they aid Bobon in starting a rebellion.
  • Professional Butt-Kisser: If it isn't the Prefect's butt it's whoever else has as much or more power and wealth around him.
  • Perpetual Smiler: He almost always has that creepy smile on his face, so it always seems like he is up to something.
  • Quirky but Competent: He's a sniveling, scheming, butt-kisser, but he's probably better at his job than the Prefect is at his. Most if not all of the Prefect of Boan's plans were actually ideas suggested by Madoise.
  • Royally Screwed-Up: He and the Prefect tried to dispose of Lute by ordering him to take on Shamsiel, this backfires and ends up with Lute gaining Shamsiel as a lover and ally who not only protects him, but helps him uncover and ruin all of Madoise and the Prefect's other plans.
  • Schemer: This little chizzler is always trying to take advantage of somebody in same way. Especially in assisting with the Prefect's plans. It was his idea to try using Lute as bait for Roxanne to cheat on her husband and be forced to divorce.
  • Slime Ball: Many if not all the Prefects iniquitous schemes come from this rat bastard, sure. But one of his worst, most irresponsible acts was throwing an inexperienced, unprepared and under-qualified knight at a succubus, knowing full well he was way outclassed to boot. Why? Just so he and Prefect jerkface could have a fall guy his subjects could string up instead of them, as to cover for both their incompetence and flagrant disregard for the masses under they're care.
  • The Stool Pigeon: Madoise sings like a cockatrice the minuet he's revealed as co-conspirator against the crown.
  • Tampering with Food and Drink: The Prefect of Boan has him serve Lute and Roxanne wine laced with an aphrodisiac in order get them to have sex as part of a trap to catch them in the act.
  • The Dog Was the Mastermind: Many if not ALL the plots involving him and the Prefect turn out to have been his idea. Siding with Bobon to revolt? His encouragement. Sending Lute to fight the succubus? His idea. Using Lute as bait for Roxanne? HIS IDEA!
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: He and the Prefect's plans to have him try to exorcise the succubus that had been terrorizing the people of Boan, ends with Lute converting Shamsiel to being his loving guardian and ally. She in turn helps protect Lute from those who would seek his downfall or to harm him, such as when Lute and Roxanne finally have sex, or when it came to the Prefect and Madoise's plan to revolt alongside Prince Bobon. In fact, with Shamsiel's help, Lute is able to overcome many other plots against him and others in the rest of the story as well, all because them at the start.
  • Unwitting Pawn: They tried to make Lute and Roxanne this, and even considered using Motaire, but it all amounted to nothing but them getting busted for conspiring against the crown, and Lute achieving all that they could have hoped for or wanted: promotions, rise in ranks, and kingly status.
  • What Happened To The Mouse: Following the trial for assisting the Prefect of Boan and Bobon's conspiracy to revolt, we never see nor hear from him again. He was executed (according to Lute, the punishment for treason is death, which may not have been done to Bobon initially due to the cover-up by the King. Madiose had no such protection). In the anime, he was imprisoned with the Prefect and never seen again.

Wan Coan

The Steward in Bustenhelter. He'd immigrated from an unnamed Oriental nation in the east.


Voiced by: Ichiro Kataoka (JP)

Tropes exhibited by Hwan Taun include:

  • Butt Monkey: His name gets mispronounced by everyone, and nobody cares when he tries to correct them.
  • Disney Death: In the anime, he winds up being hung, although it's only seen as a silhouette. In the visual novel, he commits suicide.
  • Dirty Coward: He has no chance in actual combat with anyone. But he was still acting under orders to try and manipulate 2 sides of a rebellion into wiping one another out. Even going as far as sabotage, selling information, hiring assassins, arranging for food being tampered with, setting groundwork for his own defection, and when Gladys was being kept as their prisoner, Lute (the ranking General in charge at the time) had ordered that she was not to be harmed or executed, and had Lute not already visited, converted, and released her before hand. It is shown that Bon Bawn was going to sneak into the dungeon during the night and slit her throat in an attempt to cover up his tracks. Later on, when his betrayal is fully exposed thanks to evidence as well as Gladys' own testimony, he is so afraid of being imprisoned (as well as terrified at the thought of what the Prime Minister might do to him) that he kills himself.
  • Do with Him as You Will: In the anime, Lute says a variation of this in regards to how the Generals will handle punishing him for his betrayal and insubordination. They go with the gallows.
  • Driven to Suicide: Cuts his own neck open once he realizes he has spilled out there's a hidden figure who is the true responsible for his actions, leaving the heroes clueless.
  • Even Bigger Bad: At first, people thought that Gladys was the traitor that the King had warned Lute about, but she and Lute were able to expose Blan Clann as the real spy among them, and he lets it slip that he was acting under orders from someone else even higher up than him, which is the first time the Prime Minister's involvement in a plot was nearly exposed.
  • Feed the Mole: Literally. Lute turns this on him, because Shamsiel had saved the leftovers of the pie that Bon Tron had had laced with laxatives and fed Lute in an effort to get him to lose his duel with Gladys. It backfires... BIBLICALLY! Lute wins the duel, and later when questioning Straun Jawn, Lute presents the leftover pie and orders him to eat it. He refuses. Lute keeps pushing for him to eat it, but he refuses. In the end it leads him to slip up and reveal his guilt. Then, just like the pie... he gets knifed. (Although he did it himself.)
  • Graceful Loser: Inverted. When his plans fail, he tries everything to cover them up. Including trying to poison Lute in the anime or slit Gladys' throat in the visual novel. When his crimes actually get exposed, he tries everything to deny them, but when all else fails, he commits suicide.
  • Jerk Ass: We never really learn much about him in terms of his own backstory and personality, but at the very least we know he was a mole sent by the Prime Minister to sabotage the king's forces in Bustenhalter, and that he had hired assassins to eliminate several of the other military leaders (including the previous High Commander) sent to the region.
  • Kick the Dog: In the anime adaptation, he gets busted for setting up a duel with Gladys without any authorization for doing so. He then tries to poison Lute in retaliation, but Shamsiel stops that, and he ends up getting hung the next morning. In the visual novel, he gets busted same as before, except this time he tries to sabotage the duel by having Lute eat a pie that he had had laced with laxatives. Ironically, Lute was already bad at chess, but thanks to the stomach problems distracting him, he actually miraculously ends up winning the duel! Later on, when his actions are exposed, he lets it slip that he's working under orders, but in saying that, he had no alternative to cover things up than to kill himself, which he did.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: He sets up a duel between Lute and Gladys with a chess game to decide the fate of the Vunderbalt Rebellion, but it was considered overstepping his authority. He had set this up under orders from the Prime Minister, and when he is exposed, he commits suicide in the visual novel, but in the anime he is imprisoned and then hung.
  • Mood Whiplash: In the anime adaptation's second episode, Lute had just finished having sex with Isis, and Shamsiel appears, cracking up at the hilarity of the situation for Lute. Cut away to Gladys who is still awake late that night thinking to herself that Lute may have put up an act in front of her, but she knew he wasn't going to be able to sleep peacefully that night (due to fear of death from their duel that was to happen the next day). Cut back to Lute, who is not only sleeping soundly in his bed, but also snoring loudly with drool coming out of his wide open mouth, and instead of Isis, it's actually Shamsiel that is now asleep in bed snuggled up to him. It makes for a cute little touching moment... Only to be tossed out the window seconds later when it cuts to a shot of the gallows (presumably early the next morning) with crows squawking and the silhouette of a man (implied to be Wuahnn Cuwhan) hanging motionless and silent.
  • Mook Lieutenant: To the Prime Minister in the Vunderbalt Rebellion. His mission was to sabotage the king's forces by emptying their weapon caches, have each new High Commander sent there assassinated, and do anything he could to try and get Gladys' rebel army to try and take the offensive. He fails to do this when Lute arrives, and Gladys had no intention of invading to begin with, so it all comes back on him when she helps expose his betrayal to Lute and the generals.
  • Nice Hat: He wears a pretty fancy eastern-looking hat. Sort of makes one wonder if he's Compensating for Something.
  • Oh Crap: He has at least 3, but one was a 2-parter. First was when he goes behind everyone's back to set up the duel with Gladys and is exposed (it happens in the Visual Novel and Anime), and instead of punishing the 3 generals for their hiring assassins to beat up Lute being revealed at the same time. Lute had only Mon Clon punished instead. Then came the next incident when Lute, Felzen, and Gladys are discussing the possibility of a traitor in their midst. They were all suspecting him to begin with, but then Lute reveals leftovers of the pie laced with laxatives, and Jon Kwanza reacts like this. Shortly after that, he is slips up and reveals he was acting under orders from someone higher up. They try to question him as to who he was under orders from, but he quickly pulls out a dagger and kills himself!
  • Playing Both Sides: The Prime Minister was ordering him to do this in order to have the rebels and king's forces kill each other. The reason for this was so the Prime Minister could eliminate Gladys whom he feared as a threat to his goals, and at the same time, he was also hoping to secretly kill off any other members of Edelland's military officers who may also have threatened his plans.
  • Quit Your Whining: When people mispronounce his name, he always says something, and they always tell him to get over it.
  • Running Gag: People can't seem to get Whan Cwaine's name right... SEE!
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Whan Maun HATES how people can't seem to pronounce his name right.
  • Tampering with Food and Drink: In both the anime and visual novel, he does this. In the anime, he tried to have Lute poisoned after being exposed and imprisoned for trying to betray the kingdom. Instead, Shamsiel was watching him and switched out the poison for a powerful aphrodisiac, but Lute isn't the one who drinks it. Isis is, via an accidental and unknown Poisoned Chalice Switcheroo. In the visual novel, he has the chef make Lute a pie filled with Laxatives and feeds it to him the morning of Lute's duel with Gladys to try and make sure he loses. The laxatives distract him alright, but it actually causes him to be victorious against Gladys since he was terrible at chess to begin with and was forced to make lightning moves without actually paying any attention to the game. Later on, Shamsiel gives Lute what was left of the pie and he uses it to expose Pawn Cron's attempt at sabotaging him.
  • The Mole: In both the anime and visual novel, he is taking orders from the Prime Minister to sabotage the efforts of the King's forces to suppress the rebels of Inland led by Gladys von Wackenheim in Vunderbalt.
  • Uriah Gambit: Under orders from the Prime Minister, he sets up a duel between Gladys and Lute without any authority or permission to do so. He had done so behind Lute and the other 3 generals' backs, and even though he got caught he had assumed it would lead to Lute's defeat and demise since Gladys was said to be unbeatable in swordplay and chess. In both versions, Lute emerges victorious (shockingly to all), and as for Ron Pawn? He gets hung in the anime and commits suicide in the visual novel.
  • Victim Blaming: He tried to cover up all his actions as a mole, and accidentally lets it slip that he was acting under orders from someone else. This forces him to freak out and commit suicide in a last effort to cover things up.
  • What an Idiot!: His plans all backfire thanks to his own stupid actions. Setting up a duel with Gladys without authorization? He bumps into Lute right as he does it. Sabotaging Lute to lose the duel? Something he didn't NEED to do that actually leads to Lute winning it! Denying having been the one to sabotage it? Lute uses the very pie he'd given him as a way to expose him, even his stomach growled when he tried to claim he wasn't hungry so he wouldn't have to eat it!
  • You Said You Would Let Them Go: Lute had promised to not execute Gladys nor do anything to her subordinates. However, that night, Juan Kuran waited until everyone was asleep or passed out drunk and snuck to the dungeon with the intention of slitting Gladys' throat before she could expose his betrayal... Thankfully for her, Lute had already released her from her cell and she went to his bedroom to sleep with him.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: When he is caught in the anime, the Generals have him hung, and that's all we know of his fate, beside his having been working for the Prime Minister, it never goes deeper than that. In the Visual Novel however, it's a bit different, because when he gets caught and exposed, he lets it slip that he was taking order from someone higher up (we already know it was the Prime Minister). Upon realizing his mistake, he yells that he had been acting of his own free will, and proceeds to commit suicide before anyone can stop him. When the Prime Minister receives word of John KHAAAAAN's revealed treachery to the crown and death, he is furious about the incompetence of his followers. One shudders to think of the fate that would have awaited him, if his fear of the Prime Minister led him to killing himself instead.

Prime Minister Rubin Von Bernstein

The Prime Minister of Edelland.


Voiced by: Ken Munakata (JP)

Tropes exhibited by him include:

  • Big Bad:Is this overall in the Visual Novel and anime...As if you didn't know by now.
  • Abomination Accusation Attack: He invokes this on Lute. Technically speaking, it happens in every route. He sees Lute as scum that needs to die, but particular mention goes to what happens in Isis, Shamsiel, and the Harem Routes.
    • Isis's route has him realizing that Lute is a Hallowed demon, technically half-demon, so he puts a hit out on Lute. In said route he orders her and the Royal Guards to do it immediately, but Isis turns on them, warns Lute, and they flee the country together. In Shamsiel's route he simply grew tired of his presence and sends Lute back into the forest, but with soldiers on his payroll Rubin'd ordered to murder him. They nearly succeed, but Shamsiel arrives to rescue Lute and kill the soldiers.
    • In the Harem Route, the Prime Minister murders the king and frames Lute for it by having Emeralia hide the dagger in his room. He covers it up by preventing any deeper investigations into the crime, puts Isis and Luceria under house arrest, and sentences Lute to death by public execution without any trial or hearing Lute's side in any way whatsoever. By the time of the execution, the public was pretty convinced of his guilt, but anyone who actually spoke or knew Lute before, knew he was innocent, and thanks to THEIR efforts, Lute is rescued and cleared of all charges. Whereas the Prime Minister... gets what was coming to him.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: He's evil. Practically everyone can tell just by standing in his presence. The crimes he commits and the plots he's involved in are carried out without any hint of hesitation on his part.
  • Chessmaster: He manipulates people from the shadows to control the kingdom. The furthest extent of his control is unclear, but he IS confirmed to have been tied to: Bobon and the Prefect of Boan's conspiracy to revolt in Boan, Hwan Kraunh's attempts at manipulating of both sides in the Inland revolt, and murdering King Hagel I and framing Lute for it.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: So much so... Let's start with his most memorable betrayal: The King. In the Harem Route, the King had just told Lute his plan to announce him as his successor. Emeralia informs the Prime Minister of this, and he immediately goes to the King's room, fakes congratulating him, gets close... and puts a knife in his back and twists it. Then, there's how he has had Emeralia, his own daughter, using her body and her magic to seduce and enslave many men over the years to obey him, and then after involving her in his most heinous crimes, when she has a heel face turn, he captures her and decides to have her executed without a second thought. In fact, in Luceria's route, he ordered Emeralia to murder the king herself, and as she is heading to the King's room, she thinks about what will happen if she does it. She realizes full-well that he would still never acknowledge her, and that he would just betray her and throw her under the bus, but his grip on her was too much for her to back down from (in that Route at least). There's also, Prince Bobon... No surprise. He was planning on making Bobon the king, but when Bobon's excessive entitlement and stupidity kept showing how unmanageable he was, the Prime Minister was already making plans on killing him too, and putting Motaire on the throne instead. In fact, he even tells Motaire that he would be a better pawn for his schemes, so there would be no loyalty toward Motaire either, and he'd likely kill him too if he ever became a liability.
  • Conviction by Contradiction: At the climax (no pun-intended), of the Harem route, the Prime Minister's crimes are being brought to light thanks to Emeralia's confession after she and Lute were rescued from execution. At first the Prime Minister had stood his ground in claiming innocence, but as the crowds became more and more riled against him thanks to Emeralia's words, he gets nervous. Then, he leaps from the execution platform and flees. Gladys and Felzen proclaim that his fleeing the scene is proof enough of his guilt, and proceed to chase after him, and upon catching up with him... Carry out both his and Prince Bobon's sentences... death!
  • Devil in Plain Sight: He looks about as harmless as Disney's Jafar. Pretty much everyone knows he has his own agenda, but he sets himself up so that few are able to do anything. He uses magical barriers to prevent demons or anyone magic from spying on him, he has Emeralia use her body and magic to enslave men to follow his commands, and he has secret followers carrying out his plans all across the kingdom, such as One Coin. It's a little different in the anime adaptation though, because in that one he seemingly puts on a facade of pretending to be nice as he tended to speak in a cheerful and somewhat goofy manner.
  • Dirty Old Man: He sees all women as nothing more than creatures of lust, and is implied to treat them as such... Including his own daughter, Emeralia, whom he doesn't actually acknowledge as his child since she was the child of one of his prostitute.
  • Dirty Coward: When his plans backfire and his crimes are exposed, he takes off running. He even uses Bobon as a distraction while he tries to make his escape. He also favors cheap shots. Literally. He was hiding in his room waiting for Gladys to enter, and the second he thinks he has the drop on her... Bang! He pulls out a revolver and attempts to shoot her! He knew he couldn't match her in swordplay, but a gun (as he puts it) negates sword skill... Yeah. Not like aiming has anything to do with it. Shamsiel suddenly appears and he panics, so he attempts to shoot her as well, but her magic makes the bullets have no effect on her until he wastes all his ammo. He then tries to escape through a secret portal hidden in his room, but they follow him through that and corner him. He tries to buy-off Motaire to get his help, but then Lute suddenly sticks his head through the portal and he figures he might as well kill Lute off so he tries to chop off his head. Motaire blocks the blow and then he, Gladys, and Felzen close in on the Prime Minister. In his final attempt at surviving, he tries to play to Lute's sense of mercy... Too bad GLADYS wasn't exactly feeling as forgiving. So she, Motaire, and Felzen slice him up including decapitation.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The moment he sees our hero, he summons guards to throw him out of the palace, showing how much of a jerk he is.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Keep in mind: this guy is a manipulative, cruel, and evil bastard as well as the Big Bad of the story overall. However, even he isn't as much of an utterly insufferable asshole as Prince Bobon.
  • Evil Prime Minister: By the time you've reached this guy's entry it's no secret.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: He doesn't see the good in others. Apart from things they have that he deems useful to him, such as wealth, position, or influence. Anything or anyone else that he can't exert his control over is useless in his eyes.
  • Genre Savvy: He's dangerously good at manipulating people, and is very careful to cover his tracks. To the point of creating barriers and using magic to keep demons from trying to enter his room or the dungeon.
  • Guns Are Worthless: This guy had perhaps the most advanced weapon in their world in his hand (a revolver in a medieval fantasy setting), but he used it so stupidly that it doesn't help him even a little (by wasting all his shots on Shamsiel who was able to let the bullets pass through her without any effect).
  • Hate Sink: Is a selfish, conniving, manipulative, and arrogant SOB who acts like he deserves to have the highest authority over everyone. Then he murders Hagel for not acting the way he wants then pins it on Lute to have an excuse to kill him. Once Bernstein’s plot gets exposed, everyone in the kingdom wants his head on a pike after realizing he murdered their king and tried to frame an innocent man for the crime. Once cornered, the bastard tried to bribe his way out, which was met with a beheading from three swords.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: The Prime Minister is always scheming some half baked measures to undermine those he looks down upon and secure more power/influence for himself. The focus of these harebrained centers around his trying to undermine Lute Hende whom he see's as garbage and a threat to his conspiracies on top of conspiracies.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Big time...Many times... Starting with how he abuses and never acknowledges his own daughter, Emeralia. He has her try to enslave Lute with her body, to which, Lute turns it around on her and instead she is defeated by him, and begins to have desire for him. Following his forcing her to assist him in framing Lute for killing the king, he still doesn't treat her any better. Add on the notion of Prince Bobon taking the throne, she turns on him and tries to free Lute. He expected it, but it still bites him in the ass when she and Lute are rescued from execution by Gladys, Felzen, Isis, and Shamsiel, Emeralia confesses all of her and the Prime Minister's crimes. His guilt is proven by how he flees the scene, and eventually he's caught and executed. To dig a bit more into his downfall, it wasn't JUST Emeralia that he was mean to to where it would come back to bite him. There was also... General Schlamm, Zant, and especially Felzen, whom he had had a long time feud with and kept seeking to relegate and keep them as far from the capital and government as possible. The 3 of them being spread both in and away from the capital allowed them to form and execute the plan to save Lute from execution with Schlamm and Zant smuggling their troops in, and Felzen's loyal followers in the capital's guard forces let them in. There was also his feud with Gladys and her father, both of whom were very capable knights and extremely smart individuals, when he failed to have her executed, he tried to have it seem like she may be trying to start a revolt again, but it was too flimsy to be true, and she had already suspected he might try something against Lute, so she was making preparations for when that day came. On top of that, he had also tried to use the Princess' half-nymph body to try and kill Lute through sex. Instead, in both the Harem and Luceria routes, she winds up falling in love with and marrying Lute instead of killing him, which makes him the new King of Edelland. One other particularly notable case is how he handles Bobon and Motaire. Pretty much anyone with half a brain could see that Bobon wasn't fit to rule the kingdom, but the Prime Minister put him on the throne anyway, and of course he started abusing his authority from the second he stepped off his carriage, which even the Prime Minister himself found too annoying to handle, so he was planning to replace him too. Problem is, he flat out admitted this to the person he was going to have on the throne next as his pawn: Motaire. Meaning, he practically admitted to killing the king and planning to kill Bobon as well, just to put Motaire on the throne, not by merit or anything, but to act as his puppet.
  • I Have No Daughter: He never acknowledges his bastard-daughter Emeralia, but actively forces her into following his orders and helping with his schemes. This eventually comes to a breaking point in the Harem route, and bites him in the ass.
  • Idiot Ball: For all his well thought out plots and conniving, the Prime Minister or his lackey's are either too boastful or too prone to giving away subtle hints to his involvement in high treason. Like the prefect of Boan & Prince Bobon; neither of them were smart enough to start a rebellion on their own, someone smarter was obviously backing and choreographing it for them. Or the assistant Buan Qoen at Bustenhalter, who let slip he was taking orders from someone up on high to lead both sides to eventual degradation. Rubin himself gives away his true intent as Lute Hende ponders the former's adamant demanding for Glady's execution. The latter being who he is unintentionally having guessed without knowing that Rubin wanted to keep the kingdom in disruptive stagnation for his own manipulative purposes. More over, wanting a complete monkey's arse like Prince Baboon to ascend the monarchy in the first place? That's living proof of the Prime Ministers more than questionable intelligence. Anyone with half a brain knew straight away that that big fat spoiled loser was no more suitable for the throne than a pet'd make for a personal advisor; stemming but not limited to Lute, Isis, Motaire, Felzin, Emeralia (probably), Bobon's sister Luceria and even Baboon's father; King Hagel I. Who specifically stated to the hero of the story that his deplorable son would never, ever succeed him as king. Everybody was aware of this, just as they were well aware of the reasons why he was so undeserving of the title. Why or how didn't Bernstein?
  • Karma Houdini:
    • In Luceria's route, he escapes from any punishment for his crimes since they are never discovered. He is absent from the marriage at the end but that is likely because he didn't want to be present out of disgust of Lute usurping his status as right-hand of the King, which is the only "punishment" he actually receives but is almost a slap on the hand considering what he did.
    • In Roxanne's route, exactly the same happens, with the addendum the ending happens even before Lute becomes a problem at all for him.
  • Like a Broken Record: You wouldn't believe the number of times you'd hear this guy boast about his dominion over the kingdom or denounce anyone he assumes to have no real worth or talent he couldn't exploit. Whenever he, The Prime Minister, would ruminate within his private quarters like some headmen of a secret cabal behind the scenes, he'd come to lament Lute's successes at the latest Impossible Task set on him by the top brass (e.i. him). Rubin always rues the day Lute ever came back into his midst after accomplishing one astounding feat after another, regularly calling him scum or a rock compared the diamonds his pawns are. He'd often rant to himself about being the secret power behind the kingdom, braying on how everything was in the palm of his hand and that no one would take it from him.
  • Loyal to the Position: He admits that HE is the one who is actually running the nation, via manipulation of the king and others, so who is in charge as king doesn't make so much of a difference to him at first.
  • Malicious Slander: Oh he's very, very guilty of this. Admonishing Gladys as a traitor to the crown, framing Lute for the death of King Hagel after doing the dirty deed of killing the king himself when all his other asinine schemes to derail the hero of Edelland failed, making up a BS fabrication covering up Prince Baboons plotting against the crown by starting a rebellion with his fellow school dropouts. All in a days work for this miserable git, guy contemplates high treason while coming up with a host of underhanded means of smearing anybody he hates five time before brunch at least.
  • No Kill Like Overkill: He has it go both ways: When Lute was to be executed, his execution was to take place in the center of town, outside the castle entrance, on a raised platform, surrounded by dozens of guards, and with Lute (and Emeralia next to him) tied up to crosses and gagged. Their bodies were going to both be skewered by spears and then his corpse would be chopped up and (according to Bobon) his head was going to be kicked around like a ball. Yeesh... But thankfully that doesn't happen. Instead, Lute and Emeralia are freed and expose the truth, the Prime Minister and Bobon become the victims of this trope instead with Bobon getting slashed in half (or at least split open) by Felzen, and then a combined attack of Felzen, Motaire, and Gladys slices the Prime Minister apart, including cutting his head off.
  • Obviously Evil: Definitely. His attire, his voice, his face, his attitude, his manners, how he carries himself, how he sees and addresses others, how others talk about him... The only way it could be more obvious were if he had the words "I'm a manipulative incestuous backstabbing killer!" tattooed across his face!
  • Off with His Head!: Happens at the end of the Harem route, compliments of Gladys, Felzen, and Motaire... Ironic since just seconds earlier, he had tried to cut off Lute's head while coming through a magic portal, and it was Motaire who stopped him.
  • Parental Incest: When he says all women are bundles of lust, Emeralia seems to contradict him non-verbally, which results in him mockingly asks if she wants a test, and says he "trained her", pretty much implying he made her please him as part of training her to be his minion.
  • Parental Abandonment: When Emeralia turns on him and tries to free Lute, he stops her and imprisons her with Lute. He tries to have her executed right alongside Lute in order to cover up his murder of the King, and does so without a 2nd thought.
  • Parental Incest: Some comments he does towards his only daughter imply it, and her thoughts about him just after refusing one confirms it.
  • Redemption Rejection: When all his evil deeds FINALLY come back to bite him, he is cornered by Gladys, Felzen, and Motaire. He claims they have to spare his life since he was critical to the Kingdom's existence. They reject that. He tries one final time to make the plea that Lute would want him spared since he (Lute) was a merciful and forgiving man. Perhaps. Except it wasn't Lute who had the swords pointed at him. Gladys told him that SHE would not forgive him, and so the 3 of them strike him down and remove his head from his shoulders. Let's be honest here. We all pretty much know he would have said anything to survive, but meant none of it.
  • Reliably Unreliable Weapon: By all accounts, this guy had all the right weapons: An anti-demonic sword and a working revolver/handgun, but he had neither the training in swordsmanship nor the basic knowledge of handling a gun, such as ammo conservation and actually aiming (which he failed to utilize either) to make them any more than totally useless to him. His all-star jerkiness really shows in how he chose to deal with Lute, only for most of it to backfire horrendously.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: He feels that his actions are what keeps the kingdom alive.
  • Schizo-Tech: In possession of some that is in far advance of any other technology in the setting, a multiple-round combustion pistol/revolver. Considering the highest level of technology in the setting is sixteenth century cannons, this is him having the equivalent of an AK-47 when all he should have is a smoothbore musket.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: of a kind and ultimately inverted. He's the Prime Minister of the kingdom and all around scheming dirtbag working around the current head of state, loves to play up his personal import about how politics and standard goings on within the nation are run. Even though he's as much the heart of the problem as was the kings rushed revolution. Rubin himself was but a master manipulator backed only by his conniving and duplicity, constantly needing the help of others in order to have any real impact both in the political and real world stages. True he was surprisingly well equipped with a slew of magic relics and protective seals, beyond that however he was mostly kind of useless on his own.
  • Straw Hypocrite: Oh, well and truly beyond the norm with this Jerkass. Regularly denounces and insults everyone who's either worthless in his eyes or a threat to his power in spite of being scheming piece of crap whose pretty much useless on his own? Check. Always boasting of a greatness by working his tools and pawns around to further the kingdoms stagnation for his own personal benefit, while claiming that everything said conniving bastard had done was for the sake of which? Check. Tends to assign fault on people he deems enemies of the state, attempting to demonize them when just about every crappy thing happening in the nation as a whole can be traced back to him? Need we say more?
  • Tampering with Food and Drink: He has Emeralia fix up a poisoned glass of wine at the celebratory banquet following Lute defeating Gladys, and then he tries to force Lute to drink it. Lute was already suspicious of him, but thankfully, General Felzen arrived and manages to deter the Prime Minister until he backs off and Lute doesn't drink it.
  • The Man Behind The Man: As said above, he's been manipulating events throughout the kingdom for years. Pretty much every other villain in the story was being influenced by him in some way:
    • Prince Bobon did the worst in pretty much all the classes at the Royal Knight's Academy, but Lute's scores were lower. Why? Because the Prime Minister had likely told the teachers to do it in order to help build up Bobon's reputation. The Prime Minister was also secretly supporting his and the Prefect of Boan's plans for starting a rebellion against the King. When that fails: In some routes the Prime Minister gives Bobon information to go into the demon woods to try and obtain demonic god-like power. In the other routes, the Prime Minister makes arrangements with Bobon to return from exile and then after murdering the king, he puts Bobon on the throne as the new king.
    • Prefect Irboyne was the least powerful, poorest, and least regarded prefect of all the territories in the kingdom, but the Prime Minister had been helping push him and Prince Bobon into trying to stir up a rebellion in Boan against the King, which would have been piggybacking off of Gladys' rebellion to further weaken the kingdom's military to the possibility of foreign invasion.
    • Madoise? He may or may not have been directly following orders from the Prime Minister, but he was right there with Prefect Irboyne and Bobon to try and start a rebellion in Boan.
    • Wan Kwang was the Prime Minister's mole in Bustenhalter that was playing both sides in an attempt to force them to fight and hopefully wipe each other out, and in doing so, would have ensured the deaths of Gladys and any high ranking officers or those with influence that could have threatened his plans in the long run.
    • Assassins ABCDE were sought out and hired by Don Flawn under orders from the Prime Minister to eliminate the High Commanders sent to deal with the rebellion. Except for D and E, who were hired by the 3 generals for a separate purpose.
  • Uriah Gambit: It's pretty much this guy's go-to strategy to getting rid of people aside from just poisoning them or having Emeralia us her body and magic to enslave them for him. He does it to Lute several times: In the beginning, Lute was sent to Boan pretty much as a form of banishment, and one may wonder if the reason Lute was sent there was specifically BECAUSE the Prime Minister wanted the Prefect to use Lute as an unwitting pawn for his own plans, such as getting rid of the succubus, baiting Roxanne, and/or the plans to rebel with Prince Bobon. Then, in Isis and Shamsiel's route he sends Lute (and Isis) on a scouting mission to the demon forest, and up to that point, going into those woods was seen as suicide since 4 other groups sent in were all killed. In Isis' route, Lute and Isis make it back, so the Prime Minister tries to make Lute out to be the "devil" and have him executed, forcing Lute and Isis to flee the country. In Shamsiel's route, Lute and Isis go back, but the Prime Minister sends him back to the forest with guards he ordered to kill Lute while on the mission. They fail, but Lute doesn't go back. Finally, in Luceria's and the Harem Routes, he sends Lute to Bustenhalter to deal with the rebels in Vunderbalt. He sent orders to his spy Whan Kong to have assassins kill Lute on the first night there, but that fails. He then gets him to set up a duel between Lute and General Gladys assuming Lute would surely lose and die. It fails (by a lucky miracle). He pulls yet another one after that: He tried to have Emeralia enslave him, but that fails, he tried to poison him, but that failed too. Out of ideas, he took Emeralia's suggestion to use Princess Luceria who they both (somehow) knew was half-nymph, and have her get close to and in the event of them hooking up, surely should have killed Lute. That too, fails... His last plan was to frame Lute for murdering the king. It got close, but thanks to Lute's lovers as well as comrades, he was rescued and cleared of all guilt. The Prime Minister on the other hand...
  • Villain Ball: Everyone knew full well how much of a complete and utterly undeserving jackass Prince Blubber well and truly was, both in hindsight and foresight. Yet this long whiskered idiot constantly fudged test scores in his favor and even went so far as to cover up his treason so he could place him on the throne as a Puppet King. Most people with a brain are well aware that buttheaded scum bag is, was and ever would be a bad fit for leadership, why didn't this guy?
  • Walking Spoiler: He only shows up in person after the end of the second arc, where it is made clear he is the Big Bad behind the conflict)). Let's just say most of his tropes must be...covered.
  • What Happened To The Mouse?: In Luceria's route, he had sent Emeralia to murder the King for him. However, Isis was with the King at that time and so she couldn't go through with it. The King then goes to Lute's room with Isis and Emeralia present and catches Luceria in Lute's bedroom at such a late hour. This leads to him giving Lute his blessings to marry Luceria and become the next king. He does... But the route's ending never says what the Prime Minister did in response to this nor what became of him either.
  • What an Idiot!: For someone who prepares for so much in advance, he makes some surprisingly stupid mistakes. Such as his idea to put Bobon on the throne. Everyone else with a functioning brain could see how poorly qualified Bobon is to ruling the kingdom (or anything for that matter), but the Prime Minister had been planning to put him on the throne and did so anyway. Why then was he surprised when Bobon started getting out of hand and causing people in the capital to hate him right away (which led to many of them turning for Lute at the first chance)? There was also his use of anti-demon magic: He used it on his sword, his room, and the dungeon. Now, hold that thought and then remember that he secretly had a working revolver gun in his possession, which is the most advanced weapon in the story... Except that he fires off all the rounds at Shamsiel who uses her demonic powers to let the bullets just pass through her without any effect. Why didn't he use the anti-demon magic on the gun rather than the sword since he clearly isn't actually a fighter?
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: His reasons for murdering the king in the Harem route, and sending Emeralia to do so in Luceria's route was because the king was on the verge of making Lute his successor to the throne, which is something the Prime Minister didn't want since he could not control Lute. In Luceria's route, the King isn't murdered and Lute is declared the king's successor and marries Luceria, but in the harem route, Bobon is crowned the new king after Hagel's murder, and the Prime Minister practically tells Motaire that he isn't able to handle Bobon's foolishness, so he was likely going to murder him too, and then place Motaire on the throne in the near future. Another example of him doing this is with Emeralia, because in Luceria's route, he sent her to go and murder the king, and she knew perfectly well that if she did so, he would just forsake her anyway. In the Harem route though, when she has a High Heel Face Turn and tries to free Lute, he captures her and condemns her to death along with Lute.

Assassins ABCDE

We are many, but look the same. Get ready to die!

The Assassins hired in Vunderbalt. (A, B, and C then later D and E)


(D) Voiced by: Masato Sakurai (JP)

Tropes exhibited by them include:
  • All According to Plan: They certainly try. But when they failed to kill him in the streets, they try again after dark, but he drives them off in his sleep. Then, D and E are hired a few nights later, and they were only supposed to beat him up as a test, but when he fought back in his sleep, they try to kill him, but fail once again. Shamsiel then finishes them off, and when all is said and done, they DID serve their purpose: They showed everyone that there is more to Lute than meets the eye.
  • Body Horror: Nope. We don't actually see their faces or anything under the cloaks and helmets. However, in the anime, one of them gets stabbed in the throat by Gladys and coughs up a large amount of blood before dying. Then, in the Visual Novel, during the early part of the Vunderbalt Rebellion section, D and E are hired to try and beat up Lute during the night. They fail and end up being beaten by him in his sleep. Shamsiel then devours them. Their bodies are found the next morning outside Lute's window a few stories down... Shriveled dry.
  • Butt Monkey: They fail to kill Lute 3 separate times, and it keeps getting funnier each time.
  • Bump Into Confrontation: Lute spots A, B, and C, for the first time as he wanders the city in Bustenhalter, and after he sees them chasing a female knight (who turns out to be Gladys), he chases after them.
  • Conflicting Loyalties: Who exactly DO they work for? They were seen chasing Gladys the head of the rebels through town... One even tries to kill her in her sleep in the anime, but fails. But then, when Lute confronts them, they try to kill him. That night, A, B, and C are hired by Jon Tran to try and kill Lute, but he defeats them in his sleep and they flee. Pretty much the next night, D and E are hired by the 3 generals to not kill, but beat up and test Lute's abilities. He beats them up too, but Shamsiel takes it upon herself to finish them off...
  • Cyclops: The headwear they all have makes them look like humanoid Doms.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": Their names are listed as literally: Assassin A, Assassin B, Assassin C, Assassin D, and Assassin E. Even when talking among themselves.
  • Forgotten First Meeting: I bet you, like many, probably forgot that the actual first time Lute met one of these guys was in Boan. Apparently, during that time Assassin A was working as both a messenger and personal guard to Prince Bobon, but somehow after Bobon and Madoise were imprisoned for treason. He escaped and made it to Bustenhalter. In the anime, 2 unknown Assassins were with Bobon when he got busted, but we don't know which ones they were.
  • Go for the Eye: In the anime adaptation, one of them tried to kill Gladys in her sleep, but she was actually awake and turned around and stabbed him in the throat upward. She told him he could either die quietly or tell her who sent him. His response? Blood spewed from the "eye" of his helmet.
  • Inexplicably Identical Individuals: We never actually see their faces, but they all have the exact same outfits, body types, height, and weights. Even though some are never seen interacting with each other. Are they related? Are they a team? We never know. The only thing that lets us distinguish them are the letters on their shoulder pads.
  • Karmic Death: Lute defeats them in his sleep, when they were trying to kill him, in his sleep. In the case of D and E, they were going to only rough him up some, but when he defeats them, they're left knocked out on the floor... Shamsiel takes it upon herself to finish them off. The reason? Not only had they tried to attack Lute, but they said insulting things about him as they were about to do so. Insult her man? Be ready to die.
    • In the anime, things go a bit different for the Assassins: 2 of them are captured along with Prince Bobon in Boan during the conspiracy incident. Another gets killed by Gladys when he tried to murder her in her sleep.
  • Leave Him to Me; When one fails to get their target, the next tried. Only for them to usually fail too. When all is said and done, they either retreated or actually had this flipped on them in the case of D and E, since Shamsiel decided to take it upon herself to finish them off for Lute.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: D and E were only hired to rough Lute up a little as a test. He ends up beating them both in his sleep. What's their response? Screw beating him up, let's just kill him! They try, but he beats them again. That time though, Shamsiel had been watching and was fed up with people attacking Lute, so she decides the best way to deal with them... Devouring them!
  • [[No Big Deal]:] Whenever they get defeated (by Lute), he plays it off as this, usually claiming that he had little to do with their defeats or saying that he didn't mean for it to happen. It's technically true, but this just comes off as him being modest to the others.
  • Out with a Bang: D and E certainly went out like this... thanks to Shamsiel.
  • Pre-Ass-Kicking One-Liner: Shamsiel delivers one before she takes care of D and E: "Bon Appetite".
  • Quit Your Whining: They try to be professionals, but getting carrots spat in their eyes, kicked in the groin, or punched in the face tends to make them lose focus. Usually another of them will tell them this... seconds before getting hit themselves.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Sort of... IS that their eye(s)? Does this mean they're all cyclopes? We never see their faces so there's no telling.
  • Running Gag: Their incompetence at assassination. When they try to approach Lute in his sleep, he kicks or punches them while still asleep. When they try to jump him in an alley, he spits carrot chunks into their eyes, and they trip and fall all over themselves as well as the carrots.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: D and E were sent as a test for Lute, but he defeats them in his sleep without realizing it. Shamsiel finished them off and tossed their bodies out the window. This scenario eventually leads to Felzen and the other generals starting to see Lute in a more positive light.
  • Too Dumb To Live: They fail their missions in the most spectacularly comedic and stupid ways.
  • The Faceless: We never see their faces... or skin... or anything really. The anime shows a bit more of them, but at the same time, they are still unidentifiable. In fact, the anime adaptation doesn't show the letters on their shoulders so there is no telling which is which during their appearances.
  • The Killer Becomes the Killed: D and E, thanks to Shamsiel.
  • What an Idiot!: They pretty much all have their moments. A, B, and C even have a combination idiot/Adorkable moment when they attempt to kill Lute in his sleep, and for some reason they felt the need to have a roll call IN THE ROOM WHILE LUTE WAS SLEEPING! It was like they were preparing to try out for a cheer squad.
  • What Happened To The Mouse?: After their botched attempt at killing Lute in his sleep, we never hear from A, B, or C again, so it is assumed they ran off somewhere. D and E on the other hand, weren't so lucky...
  • You Taste Delicious: Inverted, Shamsiel tells Lute the next morning after having... "eaten" D and E that they tasted so gross she thought she might have a stomach ache. Although she followed up by saying Lute tastes way better.

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