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Fridge Brilliance[edit | hide | hide all]

  • It is referenced so many times that Lute graduated dead last in every class and category at the knight academy to where he broke records with how poorly he did. However, overtime we learn that he actually did have some areas that he excelled in such as field survival and cooking, but then, why did he score lowest in those classes too? Because unlike the rest of his classmates, he wasn't the child of nobility or status in any way, so of course the higher ups would want to suck up to all those who were.
    • Building on that, it's established that Prince Bobon actually had the lowest scores in the class, but still wasn't placed in last. Why? It wasn't because he was prince. Even his own father King Hagel I and his sister Princess Lucina knew he was an unworthy and incapable moron who was not going to inherit the throne, so it is unlikely either of them would have tried to help him get better scores using their own authority. So then, how was he able to score higher than Lute? Or rather, WHO was it that likely had his teachers alter the scores on purpose? The Prime Minister, because he was planning to have Bobon ascend the throne when/if King Hagel I became a liability, so he wanted to bolster the Prince's standings and reputation before that or in case.
  • Shamsiel's powers may at first seem to make her into a Game Breaker, but at the same time, it makes perfect sense that she's as powerful as she is. For starters: She's a succubus, which as she says, ranks her as the 2nd highest species of demon in their world, second only to Inccubus/Hollowed Demons. There's also her age/experience with using her powers. Sure she can't openly live among humans due to her body's physical traits (her horns, fangs, wings, and tail), but she's been around for a very long time, even through mass-genocide of demons from humans. One can only guess her true age, but we DO know that she knew Lute's family since before Lute was born, and his father was over 1000 years old at least when he died. Also, her appearance from when Lute was little and when she meets him in-story is the exact same, so she doesn't even age noticeably. Another reason why she's so powerful is the fact that she has exactly the sort of powers you would expect a succubus would need to survive: Magic? Check. (A demon of course). Feeds on men's essence? Check. Able to conceal or reveal her presence selectively at will? Check. Immune to physical objects unless imbued with magic? Check.
  • In the Harem and Luceria routes, Droit and Aristera both pursue Lute at a few points and even succeed in having sex with him once. Most of the times they were blocked by Isis who was very angry about their actions. Why? Because she knew them! They had been the ones Motaire had been cheating on her with, so she was afraid they might be trying to steal Lute from her too. Although to be fair, in those routes, Isis never actually formally declared herself to being with Lute as a lover or anything, until the epilogue and that was after-the-fact so how long it had been happening is anyone's guess.
  • It's stated that yes the Boan region might be the largest portion of the kingdom in terms of land-mass, but it is also the most barren. Farmers struggle seemingly in utter despair and futility to yield a decent harvest , which compared to other parts of the kingdom is still below average in quality and quantity. The area is SO looked down upon by the rest of the kingdom's people and politicians that they treat being sent there to be akin to a punishment or being banished. However, in the epilogue of the visual novel, following the Harem Route ending and Lute becoming King, Gladys and General Schlamm create a plan to have the former rebels working to improve the lands of the Boan region by assisting with farming as well as engineering water distribution systems, and in doing so, the area is flourishing in just a year's time. The brilliant part? It shows how vastly different things are when someone like Lute and his comrades are overseeing things in the kingdom instead of greedy idiots like the Prime Minister who only seeks to keep things as they are with him controlling the country (from the shadows) or the former Prefect of Boan who spent more time hoarding anything he could get rather than actually trying to make the best of things with what he had.
  • A somewhat technical observation, but when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense: Out of all the women to make love to Lute, Isis is the one that has had the most pleasurable experiences. The idea being that, unlike Shamsiel, Luceria, or the others who had special bodies or magic that made them basically incredibly compatible with Lute since he's a half-incubus. Isis is a normal human girl, but the circumstances for several of the times she and Lute have been together make for THE most intense instances of all. For starters, in her route she gets stung by sexipedes on her breasts which instantly made her aroused and sensitive enough to lactate IN SECONDS! Then there was the incident with the Guardian Tree which had sap that possessed an even stronger aphrodisiac effect than even the sexipedes. To give a sense, the sexipede may have caused to become so aroused that she could hardly move, but the Guardian Tree sap sent her into such a high state of arousal that she disregarded Lute's attempts to calm her down, begged him, straddled him (herself), and then began making love to him on her own, at the cost of her virginity. Furthermore, it's hinted that all demonic species are supposedly good at sex, being more sensitive and capable of bringing others to levels of pleasure they'd normally be capable of, but even the demons living in the forest are all wary of the Guardian tree. Why? Because it causes someone not only to get so extremely aroused, but it is even capable of leading them to develop a lethal fever if not given medicine made from the Guardian Tree's own seeds. And Isis was exposed to ALL of this. Oh but wait, there's even MORE to it: She was making love to Lute who is half-human half-incubus, meaning she was making love to THE king of demons (although neither knew about that), and Lute is capable of withstanding and outperforming even Shamsiel (a VERY experienced succubus). All that together, it's no wonder how afterwards, she and Lute are passed out on top of each other for who knows how long. What's more, something along these lines also happens to her in the anime adaptation as well, except that time she had ingested "a super strong aphrodisiac" that Shamsiel herself had prepared for Lute. There's 2 other instances, but one is speculative: Isis' first time in the Harem/True Ending time line. While it's never shown, it is implied that she and all the rest of Lute's harem had a massive orgy the night they had rescued Lute from execution, so it's very VERY likely that that was the night she lost her virginity in that route, and considering she was the last in the harem to do so, there's no telling how pleasurable it was. The second example is at the very end of the harem route, when she and the others joined Lute for an orgy at night 1 year after the story had originally begun. That night, Lute used split seeds to split himself into 3 and made love to the girls 3 at a time. When it came to Isis' turn, the previous 3 took it upon themselves to join in and help them to feel good. For Isis, Princess Luceria was the one helping her along, and "Queen" Luceria is half-nymph, which is a demon species with properties similar to a succubus, and therefore she was capable of even giving Shamsiel and Lute a run for their money, so think about it. Isis (a normal human) was experiencing love-making from the (unbeknownst) king of demons (basically a sex god) and someone with properties of the (perhaps) 3rd best demon species.
  • The reasons for each of the women Lute bonds with falling in love with have their uniqueness, yet all have common traits shared between them and Lute.
    • Shamsiel - She had known Lute and his family since before he was born. At first she didn't fully recognize him in Boan, but after their first night, she took it upon herself to watch over him. He in turn comes to do the same for her.
    • Roxanne - Her family had little in terms of wealth or political assets, and she wound up marrying the Prefect of Boan who only wanted to marry her to use her. She was left feeling very alone and unappreciated. Lute on the other hand, listened to her and even comforts her. He too had come from a modest family, but he remained very humble.
    • Isis - In her own route, she falls in love with Lute after he continuously demonstrates not only his competence in the field, but also his selfless acts of helping her when she definitely needed it. I refer to how during that time she was basically TRYING to die during the mission, but Lute helped her overcome her despair and move on from her sad engagement to Motaire. In the Harem Route, she falls for Lute for different reasons. Firstly, his rise in rank was initially seen as an insult to her, but when he actually uses his position to help people more than himself (as he did when he announced his intention to spare Gladys and the rebels' lives), she starts seeing him in a more positive light. It becomes even more developed when she starts seeing how different he is compared to Motaire who by that point had done nothing but mock and degrade Lute as well as flaunt his own position and status (which led to Motaire getting several ass-kickings from those who had already come to respect Lute). By the time of his return to the capital, Isis had decided to become Lute's personal bodyguard and thus the 2 began hanging out together which formed a nice friendship. Then, it gets even deeper when Lute is told to try and teach Luceria swordsmanship, but since he had little actual skill in the subject, he sought Isis out for help, and they bonded once more.
    • Gladys - She was born a child-prodigy. She worked tirelessly to take over her father's rebellion after he had passed away, and was very successful. She was waiting for someone to come along that she would be able to negotiate with so that the rebels wouldn't be executed and the King's meritocracy could then develop more naturally. Lute comes along and seeks her out. He is completely honest and open to her which she felt was either stupid or brilliant (it proves to be the latter). Then, he bests her in their duel (by blind luck on his part), but the fact that he beat HER made her see him as a very capable man, especially since he promised to fulfill the promise of sparing her subordinates (as well as her) from execution. She then gives him a 2nd challenge (in sex) and again loses, but it turns out it was a ploy to purposely give her first time to him. Which leads her to declaring undying loyalty and love to him.
    • Luceria - Born half-human half-nymph (half-demonic) like Lute, neither of them were explicitly TOLD about the powers their bodies possessed, and therefore they were both raised in a state of isolation with Lute being unable to touch anyone with his hands, and Luceria was not allowed to come in contact with very many people outside of maybe a few people so neither had hardly any real friends to start out. Their "training" sessions end up awakening both of their intimate desires and for Luceria, she finally finds someone she feels a genuine connection to (figuratively and literally).
    • Emeralia - She was born the daughter of the Prime Minister, but he never acknowledges her. He only uses her for her body and her magic, and it got to where she practically shuts off her emotions and develops a hatred of men as a way of coping with her circumstances. However, when she tries to ensnare Lute, he is the first (if not only) man to actually care about how she felt and went out of his way to make her feel good. It awakens her own desires and eventually after a few... mistakes... she comes to realize she actually wanted to be close to someone for once, so she sought to try and free Lute herself. It fails, but he once more forgives her of her crimes against him and tells her she doesn't have to live in despair anymore. This causes her to finally break down in genuine tears and emotion which from then on, she openly expresses.

Fridge Horror[edit | hide]

  • It is mentioned that there are degrees of hostilities between humans and demons in this world. In fact, from what we see in the routes of Isis and Shamshiel, we find out that not only did the demons kill several troops sent into the woods, and not just from the latest expedition, but from what almost happened to Isis, the demons may have cooked and devoured them! Although, on the other hand Shamsiel's route goes further into the issue from the demons' perspective with them being nearly exterminated by humans in the past and almost being completely enslaved by them when Prince Bobon attempts to steal ultimate power from their (the demon's) temple. 1000 years prior, a tyrannical human tried to conquer the world using god-like power stolen from demons, but was killed by the former demon king, Lute's father. By 100 years prior to the story, there was a general peace between humans and demons, but 50 years later, a conflict broke out and the Demon Extermination Order was issued, and supposedly the demons were wiped out. Seems both sides really DO have their reasons for not trusting one another.
    • It gets stranger when you consider King Hagel I. He's revealed to be a very nice person and a capable/just ruler that is widely adored by his people. However, after divorcing his first wife (royalty from the sister-country of Lingobard, and mother of his firstborn son: Bobon), he eventually meets a new woman whom he falls in love with, marries, and makes her his queen. That's fine... Until you learn that his new queen was actually a Nymph (a type of demon), and that he was keeping her identity as a demon a secret from everyone, including the daughter she bore him: Luceria (who, thanks to that was born half-human half-nymph, which is a secret they also kept from Luceria herself). Then, you wonder why the king decided to keep the truth a secret rather than simply rescinding and doing away with the Demon Extermination Order/Law? Yes, he was protecting them, but again... Why and from who? For now, we don't know...
  • Speaking of Shamsiel's route, at the very end when Prince Bobon attempts to seize god-like power from the temple, he ends up transforming into a very grotesque demonic entity, but the really disturbing thought about said situation is... when Lute and Shamshiel are fighting him, he is completely naked! A bit of humorous fridge brilliance when you realize that you can't see anything, because knowing the kind of person Prince Bobon is, is it really any surprise that even with god-like power his junk is still too small to see?
  • Motaire is a jerkass in most of the routes, but he cranks it Up To Eleven in Isis' route. Not only does he tell her he has no feelings toward her as a woman, but he tells her that if she were to die on the mission then that's all she was worth as a knight. He even goes as far as to admit he plans to call off their engagement even if she survived since it was his right to do so. This brings her to tears, but does he care? No. He actually mocks her for crying since she's supposed to be a knight. Then, he leaves her to go be with Aristera and Droit (cheating on her TO HER FACE). She tearfully says she would be glad to die on the mission. Then, during the mission, Isis displays a very self-destructive mindset in how she refused to go back to the capital after her troops (apart from Lute) abandonded them, and took nearly all their equipment and supplies. She also didn't listen to any of Lute's warnings about Sexipedes (which sting her), demons (which kidnap and almost cook and eat her), or the Guardia Tree (which molests her). She also catches a fever thanks to the Guardian Tree's sap, but instead of resting, she pushes her body to the point where she collapses and had it not been for Lute helping her out each time, she would have died, especially close from the fever. After recovering from the fever, she stops being a Death Seeker and develops a bond and even love for Lute. HOWEVER, the horror doesn't quite end there... Toward the very end of her route, she had just met with the Prime Minister who accused Lute of being a demonic-god-like Devil, and ordered her to execute him immediately. She didn't want to believe it, but the evidence of him being a demon of some sort was clear to her. However, the real horror comes when she encounters Motaire outside: He starts out by admitting that he had bet against her coming back from the mission alive, and then tells her that she seems to have changed thanks to the mission and become more of a full-blown woman. He then offered her the chance to sleep with him in his bedroom (implying sexual intentions, but she said she wasn't in the mood). It had caught her off guard since that was the first time he had ever been that nice and complimentary toward her... He soon reveals why: He was instructed by the Prime Minister, just as she had, to kill Lute (aka the supposed "Devil"). He even asked if she was feeling troubled for having to kill someone she had been on a whole mission (alone) with. Motaire then tells her that if it were too much for her alone, then he would gladly step in to go with her to do it. She turns him down. He offers to do it himself. She once more tells him that she would do it on her own. The Unfortunate Implications behind that little exchange are quite dark since Motaire was trying to have sex with her KNOWING that she had probably developed feelings toward Lute AND that Lute was going to be executed regardless. He even follows her to Lute's room where he confronts them both and proceeds to try to execute Lute. Isis struggles to protect Lute from him, but despite their attempts to reason with him, he threatens to kill them both. Shamsiel finally steps in and collapses the floor beneath them. She had saved Lute and Isis, but Motaire either fell to his death or was seriously injured.
    • Inversely, if you go with Shamsiel's route they go back to the capital, and Isis does nothing but talk about her intentions of forcing Motaire to apologize and beg forgiveness from her, and that he would HAVE to treat her better from then on. Lute felt sad at hearing this since Motaire hadn't been the one who had gone through all that they had been through in the forest, but still he was going to help her. However, upon their return, Isis' fever flared up again, and while it wasn't deadly like the one from the Guardian Tree, it left her bedridden which is the last we hear of her. As for Motaire? Lute tells him "If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her..." and says he should treat Isis better. Motaire pretty much shrugs it off, and Lute leaves to go back to the forest once more. We never know what becomes of Isis or Motaire in the end of that route, but neither were left on a high note.
  • Yet another bit with Isis' route. At the end, when the Prime Minister dispatched Isis and Motaire (and presumably the rest of the Royal Knights after Lute), they reach Lute's room and Motaire reveals the order to execute him as an accused demon. Lute asks if the order came from the King himself? Motaire just waves this off and proceeds to try and kill him. It makes one wonder, what WOULD the king have done had he known about what was happening before Lute and Isis fled? WOULD he have had Lute executed? OR would he have made Lute's "reward" that he would spare Lute's life? OR even that instead of killing him, Lute would just be banished quietly? We'll never know beyond the fact that the King was indeed a kind and merciful man who was not himself unfamiliar with demons (having married and fathered a daughter with one), so it is a bit of fridge sadness that he could have probably changed what happened from the simple misunderstanding, but instead he and the rest of the kingdom were likely later mislead by the Prime Minister afterwards into thinking Lute was a "devil" and that Isis was a traitor who both betrayed and fled the kingdom.
    • Also another thing about Isis' ending is Shamsiel's fate. She helps Lute and Isis reach Boan where they would hop the border and flee the country. Eventually they stopped and set up their new lives deep in the countryside living as farmers (or something... the only important thing is they lived in moderation and isolation). Their plan works and they DO spend the rest of their lives together like that, but what about Shamsiel? It's said that while they had fled, she returned to the capital to raise a bit of a ruckus to cover their tracks so they could escape. She goes back, and Lute eventually DOES hear that a demon had apparently made a mess of things at the capital, but nothing beyond that. He also states that he heard no further news of said demon nor did she ever return (by the time he says this, it had been a few years after). Lute also felt that she was spontaneous, so if she felt like it, she'd probably come back... From that information, one may think that perhaps Shamsiel succeeded in her mission, but ended up dying from it. As he said, if she wanted to return to him, she probably would. Also, the news that a confirmed demon caused it (meaning that she must have likely exposed herself to them to shift attention from Lute onto herself.) On the other hand, maybe she didn't die and just couldn't find him again? (Unlikely given her powers of sensing demons and such.) BUUUUUT then again, there's some hope to those statements in that, perhaps she didn't necessarily reveal herself and the "demon" from the rumors was Lute who was thought to have been the culprit while Shamsiel caused all the hell to make them think he went on a rampage and disappeared somewhere else. (Honestly, we all know Shamsiel is very powerful, clever, and crafty, so she likely wouldn't have gone back had she not been confident to ensure Lute's as well as her own safety.) Lastly, the good news is, this ending isn't the canon ending, so even if the worst happened in this one, in the true ending, she (and the rest) survive and live happily together (can't say "ever after" just yet since the game has sequels that follow the Harem Ending).

Fridge Logic[edit | hide]

  • It is eventually revealed that Princess Luceria is half-human half-nymph with her father the king being the human half while her mother was the nymph, and that engaging in intercourse with her could prove lethal just like with a succubus, but if that is the case, how then was King Hagel I able to survive being with her mother?
    • Speaking of the King, on the one hand, they likely kept the truth of her mother being a Nymph a secret from Luceria, as well as their subjects in order to protect her and her mother. However, what was to stop the king from simply removing the Demon Extermination Order?