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  • A hilarious Shout Out is made to Dragon Ball Z in Shamshiel's route in the Demon Temple when Lute and Shamshiel confront the "devil".

Bonbon:Heeere's Hyper Bonbon!

Lute:Your hair's not even gold, man.

Bonbon:Why should it be?!?! I'm not a cliche!

  • Every time assassins try to kill Lute, it always ends in some form of hilarious failure for them.
    • One of the times we see them on a mission to kill someone, they actually pause to take a roll call while in the presence of their victim, before actually doing anything to them.
  • Lute decides to visit the enemy castle to parley with the enemy general. A soldier asks him if he has any weapons on him:

Lute: I have one that expands and shrinks below my waist.

  • Lute's victory in the chess match is awesome, but even he doesn't know how he did it, because he was suffering a massive stomachache at the time and just doing whatever he could to end the match before being hit with a bad case of Bowel-Breaking Bricks. To the stunned amazement of everyone involved, he manages to win and look like a chess master despite everyone knowing he's an idiot when it comes to chess, even after he admitted he was just bullshitting the whole time to outrun a potential case of diarrhea. He was poisoned with laxatives beforehand by Wan Coan in an attempt to sabotage Lute's chances of winning, but it actually made his victory possible, just for added irony.
  • Motaire gets a series of hilarious beatings throughout the commander arc. First one is when he shit talks Lute in front of Gladys, who beats the crap out of him pretty bad with the cherry on top being that Motaire always had a crush on her since they were kids, adding to the humilation. Later, he tries to attack Lute at a formal event in the place, only to have General Zant to call his ass out and demand the guards grab him and throw him out on his ass and finally, he tries to strangle Lute in front of General Felzen, who not only orders his men to "beat the shit out of him", he decides to join them in leaving Motaire black and blue.
    • Related to that is the first beating Gladys gave him. The build up is really funny... Motaire had just stormed into Lute's room demanding he say the rumor of her becoming "his woman" to be a lie. Gladys overhears the shouting, comes back into the room and punches Motaire to get him to release Lute. When Motaire says her name, she emphasizes that he is to call her MISS Gladys, and that she is Lute's prisoner NOT Motaire's. She threatens to kill anyone who looks down on her man. She hits Motaire once again for badmouthing Lute, but then the funny REALLY takes off when she says... "What a disgusting attitude. Is that any way for a graduate of the Royal Knight Academy to speak!? Stand up straight! ... DO IT!" Motaire complies. "Grit your teeth, straighten your back. At ease." Motaire complies again. "I'll give you the punishment you need. Accept it gratefully!" Motaire says "Y-yes!" You shall henceforth never speak ill of my husband Lute Hende! In the event of abuse or mockery, you can and will be punished by my fists!" Motaire tries to disagree, but she interrupts him, "Your punishment begins!" and then she proceeds to beat the crap out of him. She checks if she had made herself clear to Motaire, who through his swollen face says yes, and then he stumbles out of the room. Remember, she did ALL that while she was supposedly still a surrendered "enemy" general imprisoned by the King's forces.
  • When Lute and Shamsiel are talking about what would happen if he ever became king, he wonders what people would call him since he felt "King Lute the 1st" sounds lame. Shamsiel's suggestion? "Penis the 1st"
  • Lute and Shamsiel are talking about something, and the subject of a signal comes up. Lute says that he's practicing a special call to summon her to him. She responds that she would come faster if he just whipped his d-ck out. (No pun intended.)
  • At the end of Isis' route, Lute is reflecting on all that had happened to them, and then there's this line: "That expedition into the woods may have been a fated plot to join our hearts together". Welcome to the world of fantasy nukige!
  • One day in the Harem Route, Motaire got upset about Gladys having fallen in love with Lute, so after she left to return to Vunderbalt, Motaire tried to attack Lute, but the guards as well as General Felzen and Zant stop him, and then proceed to kick his ass mercilessly to knock a few points off his over-inflated ego. Motaire finally apologizes to Lute and collapses on the ground. Lute actually felt sorry for the guy, so as he and Isis were walking away, Lute tells Gladys that he thinks he should tell the generals not to pummel Motaire's face so much anymore, since his face was his life. Isis told him that he was very kind for saying that, because she figured someone would hate somebody if they gave them as much trouble as Motaire had been giving him even after his rise in ranks. Lute actually says "But he's a funny guy." Isis thought he was being sarcastic and busted out laughing.
  • Near the end of the Harem Route, Lute is imprisoned, and Roxanne had arrived to try and visit him. After being told she couldn't Shamsiel appears to her to try and get her help. Of course, seeing a succubus suddenly appear to her freaked Roxanne out initially, so she questioned if Shamsiel was there because she wanted to "send her to meet her husband", referring to the fact that her former husband aka the Prefect of Boan, was dead. Shamsiel gets annoyed at the remark and says, "You're paranoid. I don't even like girls!"
    • A few seconds after this, Shamsiel flies Roxanne to Princess Luceria's garden, and as they arrive, Luceria was talking to Isis about what they could do. Luceria says, "If only we could enlist the help of a demon..." Cue Shamsiel to respond with "You called?"
  • The night before Lute's execution in the Harem Route, Isis, Roxanne, Shamsiel, and Luceria are discussing their plans for rescuing Lute. At one point, they mention Motaire possibly exposing everything since he had seen when Roxanne was acting as a body-double for Luceria who had been away meeting with Gladys at the time. Shamsiel offers to "suck the words out of him" to keep him quiet, but Isis tells her not to. Shamsiel then complains since she hadn't "had Lute" lately so she was hungry, and blissfully says that his was so tasty, it was the very best she'd ever had. As she's saying this, Isis and Luceria are both looking rather dejected about it. Shamsiel asks them what was wrong, but they say it was nothing, although they were clearly lying. What's funny about this is that... Luceria had been with Lute before, she knew what Shamsiel meant, but Isis? She by this point of the route, had NOT. Meaning that Isis, the normally tough-ass, action girl, badass knight, is actually sitting there thinking about "tasting" Lute's...
  • On the morning of Lute's execution in the Harem Route, Isis, Roxanne, Shamsiel, and Luceria are discussing the plan to save Lute, and they begin to argue. Roxanne manages to calm everyone down, and Luceria says, "All of us here know Sir Lute. All of us here have shared his love." To which Shamsiel remarks, "Weeeell, there's still one who hasn't really." Referring to Isis who gets angry at the comment and threatens to kill her. Shamsiel laughs and calls her a "late bloomer". All others present are speechless and start blushing.
  • A funny blink-and-you'll miss detail is during Lute's rescue, when Gladys first arrives. The visual novel description is as follows:

Lute's Narration: The figure's smile and eyes glinted as I swallowed hard.

The funny thing about this is that the sprite/image of Gladys that they use for this part... Doesn't have her smiling. In fact, she has a more stern/straight-up pissed off look on her face, and no her teeth are NOT visible either.

  • After Lute and Emeralia are freed from the execution platform, Emeralia starts shouting to the crowds about what really happened to the King. She exposed Bobon for his conspiring to revolt in Boan that Lute thwarted, she declared how the Prime Minister was having Wann Koeng play both sides of the Vunderbalt rebellion, also how the Prime Minister tried to have her poison Lute during his celebratory banquet not long ago, and she also confessed to how she had overheard the King declaring Lute to be his successor and then after she told the Prime Minister that, he went and murdered the King and had her frame Lute with the murder weapon. The funny part is what the Prime Minister says immediately afterward:

Prime Minister: Do not believe the witch! Do I look to be one to do such heinous acts?!

The Crowds: ... (No response.)

  • As the Prime Minister is fleeing from everyone when his plots are exposed in the Harem Route, he makes it to his room and tries to ambush Gladys with a secret revolver handgun he had. He misses. He tries to gloat that even if she was a great knight, a gun negates her skills. Gladys asks what would happen if he fails... Shamsiel then appears, catching him by surprise, and causing him to fire off all remaining rounds at her. None of the shots affected her, and she teasingly laughed and said, "Zero points!" He tries to fire again, but is out of ammo. Shamsiel looks at him and says "Derrrrp!"