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For a nukige, there are a surprising number of moments that will tug at your heartstrings for good or ill...

  • Roxanne is in a loveless marriage to a man who had only sought her hand, because he thought she could offer him better political status or wealth, but she has little of either. She and her husband live in basically the lowliest region of the kingdom that is thought of as a punishment assignment by other nobles and knights with any status. Her husband not only forces her to sleep in another room, but her room is on the opposite end of their castle. Also, their marriage has apparently never been consummated, and yet her husband instead cheats on her with younger women. To top it off, is that she wishes desperately to be a good, loyal wife despite the circumstances, but suffers from a physical condition that causes her breasts to lactate even though she hasn't had children, which she definitely wants.}}
  • Isis is from a faltering noble family, and most if not all of her siblings had died prior to the story's time. She was set into an arranged marriage with Motaire, in hopes of bringing wealth to her household. Despite that, she at least wanted to try and have a good relationship with him, but he instead cheats on her with a pair of groupies/floozies. Then, in her route, she is sent on what was thought to be a suicide mission to explore a mysterious forest, but when she tries to confide her worry and fear to Motaire, he mocks her and tells her that if she were to die, then that was all she was worth. Leaving her in tears.
  • Shamsiel's route is sad in the sense that she hadn't wanted Lute to be forced to give everything up for her sake... But she's still happy when he stays with her anyway. Also, during her route, there is a lot more revealed about her and Lute's pasts. Such as her having known Lute's family since before he was even born, and then they met when he was still very little, but he forgot about it for years, and the reason she never tells him about it, is because she wanted him to be safe and free to live life as he wanted to. Also, after Lute and Shamsiel encounter devil Bobon, she is nearly killed by him. Lute is able to defeat him alone, but when he sees to her afterward, he at first thinks she was dead. Sure we all knew she'd make it, but the idea of Shamsiel being killed off is pretty sad in and of itself. In fact, that kind of expands into the other routes... ANY of the singular routes, after finding out more and more about Shamsiel, makes it more painful to realize what she must go through to let Lute go.
  • Luceria lost her mother just a year before the story, said death left her father seeking to retire from the throne, but he can't because he doesn't have a proper heir to appoint to take his place since they both knew Bobon is unfit for ruling. It is hinted that Bobon was angry about that, and was mean to her because of it. Furthermore, in Luceria and the Harem routes, she was manipulated by both the Prime Minister and Emeralia (who was supposed to be her private tutor and basically her most trusted friend at that time) into almost killing Lute with her magic half-nymph body. Lute managed to survive it, but imagine what would have happened to her had it been anyone else? The damage that could have done to her...
  • Emeralia is the daughter of a prostitute of the Prime Minister, but he doesn't even acknowledge her as his daughter in any way. Instead, he has her use her body to seduce and ensnare men into doing her (and by extension, his) bidding. In later routes, she is commanded by the Prime Minister to attempt to poison and then try to enslave Lute, but when both fail, the Prime Minister has her try to manipulate the Princess into unintentionally breaking Lute with her magic body. This fails, so in a last attempt to get rid of Lute, the Prime Minister murders the king and has her frame Lute for doing so. Afterwards, she is racked with guilt about it. She tries to approach the Princess to apologize, but is turned away. She tries to get acknowledged by her father, but he still rejects her, so she finally decides to try and atone for her wrongdoings by using her magic to try and break Lute out. That too fails, and she's almost executed on the spot, but Lute manages to save her. Then, when she apologizes to him for her part in what had happened, he forgives her and apologizes for all the suffering she'd had to endure under the grip of the Prime Minister... Her reaction is understandably sad, yet heartwarming...
  • Playing any singular route of the game AFTER completing the Harem route can be this. Some of the routes mention things like Shamsiel coming visit again every now and then, others she just disappears. It is also sad to know of what would happen to certain other characters such as the other women, or with matters such as Gladys' revolt without Lute being there to help with it. Especially outside of Luceria's route which apart from hers and the Harem ending, every other one has the Prime Minister remain in power and continuing to manipulate things from the shadows.
  • In the Final Route, the night before Lute's scheduled execution, we see Shamsiel discussing with Isis, Roxanne, and Princess Luceria how the plans were going for saving Lute. During the conversation, Shamsiel seems to be handling the situation fairly well with little worry. She even makes teasing remarks toward the others. However, late that night, when she is wandering the grounds alone, we find out that she is just as worried about Lute as they were, if not more so, because she blames herself for not being by his side when he truly needed her. She is also ashamed at herself for claiming to be his "true wife" to the others, yet she still let things happen the way they did. She promises herself that she would do whatever it'd take to save Lute the next day, but that doesn't stop her from shedding tears about it... She may be a succubus, but she really DOES act more humane than most if not all around her.
  • Any of the singular routes can become a Bittersweet Ending, when you think about all the other girls left behind, and it gets worse with each route further in the story:
    • Roxanne's Ending - Shamsiel visits them from time to time, but she gives up trying to be his wife.
    • Isis' Ending - Shamsiel saves Lute (and Isis) from being killed in the capital by warping them to Boan (where Roxanne was still waiting for Lute to come back...but never does in that route). Lute and Isis end up fleeing across the border to avoid capture, and live out the rest of their lives in quiet moderation. Shamsiel returns to the capital, but Lute never sees her again after that.
    • Shamsiel's Ending - It reveals just how far back she, Lute, and his family go, and how she never forgot him and cares dearly for him, enough to want him to be free to live as he chooses. At the same time, Isis goes back to the capital intending to force Motaire to grovel toward her in apologies before taking him back (which is highly unlikely he'd have done so), and on top of that, she gets sick again and bedridden at the end. Meanwhile, Roxanne is still waiting in Boan.
    • Luceria's Ending - Her ending is (arguably) the most bittersweet of them all, in that... It's short of only 1 girl falling in love with Lute. Shamsiel had gotten Lute to promise to marry her if he became king, but she resigns to let him marry Luceria instead, and she leaves after saying a short goodbye at the wedding. He never sees her or Roxanne again. Gladys, though upset he chose another woman over her, lets him marry Luceria and even sends them many gifts. The other singular routes leave her with never having met Lute, so her rebellion continues. Isis, realized too little too late that she was in love with Lute, and never acts on or expresses her feelings when she has the chance. She cries at the wedding, and it is implied the reason is, because she's heartbroken. Also, she's stuck with the options of either staying with Motaire, whom she no longer has any feelings toward and would be miserable with, or breaking off the engagement leaving her alone and her family on the brink of poverty. Meanwhile, Emeralia is still stuck being the Prime Minister's mistreated lackey... Good news is: the Harem route is the true canon ending, so it works out for them all.

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