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  • Alternate Continuity The routes in the visual novel, and the condensed adaptation of the anime all follow different versions of the story.
  • And the Fandom Rejoiced The Visual Novel being released translated and uncensored in the west. Further excitement from the fact that the first sequel has been announced as an upcoming release in the west as well.
  • Babies Ever After In the Anime adaptation. It's left kinda ambiguous, but Lute DOES release inside Roxanne, Isis, Shamsiel, AND Gladys. It is entirely possible that he impregnated any number or perhaps even ALL of them by the end.
  • Come for the X, Stay For the Y Come for the sexy fantasy nukige full of hot girls with massive knockers, but stay for a surprisingly well developed plot and entertaining cast of characters.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse Gladys make a strong impact on players with her design, personality, and interesting story, despite not even getting her own ending, mostly disappearing after her plotline concluded, and only coming Back for the Finale. Because of her popularity, the sequel gave her a huge screentime boost, effectively making her the game's second major heroine after series poster-girl Shamsiel.
  • Hijacked by Ganon Most of the story plays out to where the Prime Minister successfully covers his tracks so that nobody can actually prove his involvement in any of the plots and conspiracies throughout the story. Instead, the characters can only ever capture his pawns or underlings. It isn't until he personally murders the King that he takes a direct villain role in the plot toward the end.
  • Same Character New Actor Inverted. Pretty much every voice actor and actress from the visual novel returned not only for the sequels but also to reprise their roles (if their character appeared) in the anime adaptation.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks Although "sucked" is a strong word since both are good, comparing the anime adaptation's story to that of the visual novel. Yes it's sort of expected, but they clearly DID put effort into visuals, "scenes", and audio, so why not give the characters and plot a bit more love in terms of development?
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character The anime adaptation is only 2 episodes long, and doesn't really develop anyone all that much. In fact, it makes Lute seem more like a Handsome Lech rather than the Chivalrous Pervert he is in the Visual Novel. This also applies especially well to Isis who ends up taking on a role that combines her own role as well as Motaire and Emeralia from the Visual Novel, since in said adaptation, SHE was the top graduate of the Royal Knight's academy instead of Motaire, and was working for the Prime Minister like Emeralia, but instead of any depth in that, she only gives a message to Juan Coin once and has a single sex scene that combines elements of several of her scenes from the Visual Novel making it feel somewhat rushed.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot The plot of the anime adaptaion is a vastly condensed and altered version of the Visual Novel. It especially sucks that they only made 2 episodes thus far even though the visual novel has multiple routes AND several sequels. In fact, another major way that it was wasted it is that they left the anime ending on a cliffhanger.
    • Also, in the Visual Novel, the Harem route is good, but they sort of waste some of the opportunities with the character arcs especially noticeable with Isis who falls in love with Lute during the route, and practically admits her feelings AS WELL AS her desire to be with him to his face, but they never actually do anything during the route until the epilogue set 1 year later where she is said to have long since become a member of Lute's harem of wives/lovers. Meaning we miss their first time.
  • Unfortunate Implications The Prefect of Boan is implied to likely be a pedophile or at least a lolicon. In Isis' route, Motaire at one point tries to seduce Isis to sleep with her even knowing by then that she was in love with someone else AND that she had received orders to immediately KILL that same person she was in love with. Earlier in Isis' route, she was assaulted by the Guardian Tree and nearly raped by it, but Lute is able to save her from it... Later on in the route, they find the mutilated corpse of Prince Bobon near the tree. One shudders to think that had Lute not been there, Isis too might have been raped to death. Emeralia's backstory reveals that she's the daughter of the Prime Minister, though he doesn't admit it, AND that he forces her to follow his orders to help with his schemes including using her body and magic to enslave men for him, but the REALLY unfortunate part is that it's implied that he has forced himself on her before on multiple occasions which has forced her to suppress her own emotions as a way of coping with it. Shamsiel, while easily the most popular character as the fun-loving and mischievous succubus, reminds us that she is more than capable of killing people with ease given that she's confirmed to have killed at least 14 men by the start of the story and at least 2 mid-story... All they say about it is that she "eats them" and the next morning when their corpses are found, they were apparently both "shriveled up and dried out".
  • What Could Have Been With the anime adaptation on uncertain hiatus, there's no telling at this point if it will ever be picked up again or if they ever decide to try once more, whether they'd start from scratch or not. Also, the different routes of the visual novel COULD count as this since only one route is actually considered the true canon.