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Lute Hende I

The King of Groping

The primary protagonist of the story. Graduated dead last from the Knight Academy, but by the end of the previous game's events, he was crowned King of the Kingdom of Edelland.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Accidental Pornomancer He still doesn't have any idea that he's actually half-human half-incubus, which is part of the reason why he's unbeatable in bed.
  • Achievements in Ignorance Not as much as in the first time around, but he still has a few moments where he pulls of unthinkably difficult tasks without being fully aware of how he actually did it.
  • Almighty Janitor As said, he graduated dead last in his class at the Royal Knight's Academy, and yet eventually managed to become the King. However, in terms of international opinion, he's still seen in a low light, because they consider him just the king of some second-rate kingdom. There's also his reputation for being the "Tits-loving King".
  • Cannot Spit It Out It's not so much that he can't tell the women he loves, that he loves them. It's that if he ever tries to say it to one of them while in front of the rest... He can actually FEEL their death glares at him.
  • Chivalrous Pervert He constantly thinks and talks about boobs, to pretty much everyone, but at the same time, he genuinely loves each of the women in his harem and does his best to make them happy and feel good when they're with him. He's very honest and straightforward with those he's around, especially the women, and yes he has an obvious thing for breasts, but he still treats them as people first. Something that some of them received very little of until actually meeting and getting to know him.
  • Chivalric Romance His relationship with each of the women in his harem is based on love, and he treats them as people (and so they can feel like women too).
  • Danger Deadpan Even people who are close to him are still surprised by how calm he is in just about any situation no matter how much potential he might be in.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength Literally. He still doesn't know that he is actually half-human, half-incubus, and therefore the King of All Demon-kind. Shamsiel has made a point to keep this secret on the grounds that she feels he's better off not knowing. However, at a few points in the story, she makes a few comments that suggest that were Lute aware and able to wield his true powers/potential, he could have basically overcome any of the obstacles they faced with ease.
  • Forgotten Phlebotinum: Split Seeds played a sizable part in the last story, but there's no use nor mention of them in this one.
  • Good in Bed Any woman he's ever been with says he is the best in bed, period. It is at least somewhat due to him being half-human half-incubus, but he is unaware of that fact himself.
  • Ignorance Is Bliss Even after all this time, he still doesn't know that he is half-human, half-incubus, and therefore is actually the king of all demons, and that it is partially why he is able to accomplish as much as he has, such as being resistant to a Wraith's curse, immune to demonic sex magic, able to sleep with Shamsiel (and Luceria technically) and not die, talk to demons including a Cyclops, AND is also in part why Saint Reaper didn't kill him for opening the box.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold Most people when they first meet him think he's just a Handsome Lech mixed with some moments of Jerk Ass, but in reality he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Comes as a complete shock to said people when they finally understand this.
  • Nerves of Steel Nobody quite knows how, why, or where his courage comes from, but he is renowned for it. Assassins trying to kill him? He laughs at their failures. Golem tries to kill him? He's cracking jokes and thinking about boobs. (Gladys even says word for word that he has to have this trope for that). Talking to basically the grim reaper of their universe? "Hi, how are you?" A massive cyclops seemingly going to crush him? HE PLAYS ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS WITH IT!!! The only thing he seems to fear is upsetting his women.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Where Lute is just an idiot and where he's smart is a fuzzy line. While it's eventually clear he lets people believe he's a moron if it will benefit him, even after they know better they still aren't entirely sure just how true this actually is, and Lute even has to clarify a few times when he was invoking this trope and when he wasn't because the confusion gets so bad. This is a bit of a departure from the first game, where he was instead so calm and fearless that people mistook his Nerves of Steel for foolishness.
  • Poor Communication Kills Lute's laid-back nature combined with his habit of talking about breasts and making jokes tends to make a bad first impression on people. Which he's fine with, because usually he's secretly trying to find out someone's true intentions before actually saying or doing anything of importance with them. His poor word choices almost get him imprisoned in Fronce: He was there to negotiate with the Queen to have the trade ban and tariffs on bra imports removed. When facing her, he asks if all the men would leave the room. She asks if he was trying to get her alone so he could kill her. His response? Yes. As you might expect, everyone immediately gets hostile and are seconds from arresting him, but he clarifies that he would not kill her with a sword, but with the gift of bras. Everyone stands down and the negotiations continue.
  • Running Gag For all intents and purposes, Lute's intelligence and actual competence as a ruler. In that, just about everyone he meets thinks he is either a pervert or an idiot based on their first impression of him, but at the same time, they are all eventually proven wrong. Much to their shock and disbelief. Even HE says that he is constantly being told by people that they underestimated him.
  • Saintly Church By the end of the story, he is named a saint by the Church of Holy Rood, due to having opened Pandora's Box (twice in one of the alternate endings), and not dying. Even Saint Reaper says he has the soul of a saint, despite his carnal desires.
  • Sleep Cute Shamsiel thinks he's so cute when he's sleeping. Especially after having just made love to him so much that he basically passed out.
  • To Win Without Fighting Lute himself isn't very skilled in actual combat, so he tends to look for the more peaceful way to solve problems, and it has been very surprising how successful he is and how far he has come by doing this.
  • Tranquil Fury Lute is one of the most laid-back guys you can ever meet, but even he has a few moments where he gets angry, but even then he's able to keep his temper in check.
    • The morning after the Fake Shamsiel attacks Bustenhalter, Canossa once again starts throwing out insults and slandering Shamsiel. Lute just says, "If you keep saying that stuff I'll lock you up."
    • Later that very day, when Lute and the others return to Bustenhalter, the soldiers are very angry and want to kill Shamsiel. Despite efforts to talk them down, the soldiers charge for Shamsiel with spears and right as they are about to reach her, Lute puts himself between them. The spears stop so closely that they're actually stabbing into his clothes. He then talks to them saying that if they or anyone killed Shamsiel, HE would have to have them executed for treason and murder of an innocent person. He told them that he was just as angry as they were, because he lost 10 good soldiers that had fought alongside him before. He asked them to entrust their anger to him. He would find the true culprit and see justice be done. Sure enough, he does exactly that.
    • Another surprising example is actually toward Shamsiel and Gladys, the two are perhaps the most competitive duo when it comes to seeking Lute's attention, and as such they bickering quite often. At one point, they and Lute are on their way to Vunderbalt in order to try and prevent the ex-rebels from rioting and becoming rebels once more. The two start up, and Lute tells them if they didn't stop all their quarreling, there would be less boob-grabbing in their futures. This catches them both off-guard and silences them immediately.
  • Underestimating Badassery So many people underestimate Lute's competence, intelligence, kingship, and overall badassness.
  • Unfortunate Names Apparently, outside of Edelland, Lute has numerous nicknames among the foreign nations such as: His Lewdness, His Lasciviousness, the Parvenu King, and the Tits-Loving King. He doesn't exactly care/mind though since it's all basically true.
  • You're Drinking Breast Milk Since becoming king, Emeralia, Gladys, Shamsiel, Isis, Luceria, and Roxanne's breasts (moreso than before) all began lactating. To the point where Lute has them draw straws each day to be on "Milk Duty" which is where he sucks their boobs and drinks their breast milk with each meal the day they win.
    • He also drinks the breast milk of Queen Aphrodia and Nellis (who had actually been "given to him as a 'Milk Maid'" for this specific reason) later on in the story.

The Ladies

Shamsiel Sahar Hende

Dress or not, she can still eat you!

A succubus that fell in love with Lute in the first story and helped him out practically since the beginning. By now, she lives out in the open with Lute as his wife/queen (or rather, as ONE of his queens/wives).


Voiced by: Miyu Inoue aka Kanematsu Yuka (JP)

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • Absolute Cleavage 3 words: See her image?
  • Ambiguously Bi Make no mistake. She's a succubus, and Lute is the man she loves most. However, she does occasionally join in on the action when Lute is with other girls. For starters, there are many times when she secretly peeps on Lute and whoever he is with, and considering Lute and the others in his harem have orgies almost daily, it's bound to happen to some degree, and finally, there was at least 3 instances where she and Emeralia collaborated to pleasure Lute, including one time where she suckled Emeralia's breasts and drank her milk "to help her" reach the point of orgasm (which she does). She even calls Emeralia "cute".
  • Asskicking Equals Authority Neither she nor Lute married one another because they were powerful. That said, they actually both ARE the strongest people in whatever room they enter, although Lute doesn't realize his true powers.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking Now that she's queen (consort), she is able to live out in the open, so she interacts with humans other than Lute more often. As such, she enjoys asserting her authority and demands to be treated with respect. If not, she threatens to eat them. To be fair, it's mostly a bluff on her part, since she only attacks someone if Lute gives her permission OR if it is to protect him from someone trying to harm him. Also, for her "asserting her authority", mostly all she really wants is for people to refer to her as "Her/your highness Shamsiel" when they talk to her, rather than "your highness devil/succubus/demoness".
  • Berserk Button She isn't fond of people threatening or insulting Lute. Same goes for herself, she hates it when people refer to her as "devil", "demon", or just "succubus" and enunciates many times that she is to be referred to as "Your Highness Shamsiel".
  • Blue Blood Shamsiel is a succubus, which is the 2nd highest ranked of all demon species. Now that she has officially married Lute and lives with him openly as a queen consort, she loves opportunities to remind everyone that they should refer to her as "your highness Shamsiel" and acts pompous at times. The thing is, she does this teasingly so no one minds. Except for the addressing her part, which she DOES mean when she tells them to address her properly.
  • Break the Cutie Her story arc in this one is very much this. The worrisome part is how close the villains came to succeeding, but on the other hand, when it blows up in their faces it blows up even WORSE for them. And she enjoys EVERY. SECOND. OF THE RETRIBUTION.
  • Brought Down to Badass In the first game, she was easily the most powerful person in any room. To Game Breaker levels with all of her abilities together. This time around? She's still the most powerful person in any room she enters except for Lute, but that would only be true if he were to awaken his true powers thanks to him being half-incubus, but Shamsiel is still keeping that a secret from him. However, this time around they do seem to have toned her powers back a bit.
  • Brutally Honest Let's put it this way: At one point she says "Why the hell would I go through all the trouble to eat inferior jizz?! I'm actually a gourmet, I'll have you know! Lute's jizz is delicious!" in a room full of people after being accused/suspected of having attacked a few soldiers in Bustenhalter. Suffice to say, Shamsiel is probably the most honest and straight-to-the-point person in the entire story.
  • Erotic Eating Would you expect any less from a succubus?
  • Eyes of Gold They glow in the dark too!
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom Her yellow eyes glow in the dark.
  • Intergenerational Friendship Considering how old she actually is (somewhere between over 500 to over 1000 years old), anyone she befriends is considered to have this sort of a relationship with her.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy Her love for Lute is deep, and she demonstrates this to such incredible levels that she would do anything if it meant Lute could be happy. Good news for her, is that Lute is the same toward her.
  • Mama Bear She's very protective of Lute (though definitely not in a motherly way). She's also extremely protective toward her subjects/subordinates now that she's queen, going as far as to fight an entire room of berserk ghouls alone in order to protect everyone present "I won't let anybody die!" she says which sums it up perfectly. She even turns down Motaire when he tells her to get herself and Lute to safety. Why? Because she knew (and said) that if she did that, everyone else would die.
  • Nothing but Skin and Bones When she "devours" someone (apart from Lute or the others in his harem), they are left in this dried up state...
  • Older Thank She Looks Go ahead. Try to guess her age. I guarantee you'll be off by about... 500 to over 1000 years.
  • One Woman Army Among the numerous examples of this: She is able to fight off an entire room of berserk ghouls by herself while protecting several people from them, sending many of the ghouls flying with just a single attack from her.
  • Really 700 Years Old Her actual age is unclear. She admits to being over 500 years old in this one, but details from the first game imply she is likely over 1000 years old.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely In a way. While she's certainly very beautiful and sexy already, she demonstrates a capacity for elegance and class after putting on a dress, such that even a Cardinal who'd been hurling abuses at her is entranced by her grace.
  • She's Got Legs She sure does! In fact, Lute says that she, Isis, and Gladys have the finest legs and best asses out of all the women in his harem. Also, when she was overseeing the mug production in Bustenhalter, she would let the men see her bare feet as rewards for their hard work, and apparently this was enough to always get them fired up to do more. And if that wasn't enough? Threatening to "eat" them did the trick too.
  • Sleep Cute Shamsiel thinks he's so cute when he's sleeping. Especially after having just made love to him so much that he basically passed out.
  • Surveillance Drone With her powers and experience, she is still an expert at espionage and reconnaissance for Lute.
  • Tranquil Fury Normally, Shamsiel is quite vocal whenever she's pissed off, but when Nigolinov is trying to convince Lute to re-open Pandora's Box in front of him and the other Cardinals, he asks Shamsiel if she could open it. Shamsiel gets annoyed and tells him that succubi can't. Nigolinov then says that Lute is the only one who can open it then. Shamsiel then says, "Lute, why don't you open it? ... Show'em the path." Lute wondered if he would need to make another bet with Reaper, but Shamsiel grinned and told him she doubted that would be necessary. Get that? She seemingly KNEW what was going to happen and told him to do it so that it would. Nigolinov ends up getting his soul devoured, not Lute or Shamsiel. Do NOT mess with Shamsiel.
  • What the Hell Hero Shamsiel still has moments where she does questionable things. Also, she still has much love for the "smell of conspiracies".

Gladys Von Wackenheim

Don't mess with her man!

The former leader of a rebel faction in Edelland. She was defeated by Lute in the first game, fell in love with him, and he actually pardoned her as well as made her the High Commander of the kingdom's military.


Voiced by: Yuki Sakata aka Yutaka Saki (JP)

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • Absolute Cleavage See her image? Hardly noticeable. Am I right?
  • Action Girlfriend She is renowned as the best knight in the entire continent. Her skills in swordplay and chess are said to be unmatched.
  • Actually Pretty Funny At one point, Shamsiel, Emeralia, and Lute talk/reflect on back when Lute and Gladys first met in Bustenhalter back when she was still leading a rebel faction. Lute had asked her if she was there for a cup of coffee, which looking back, even Shamsiel thought was funny, and according to Emeralia, Gladys loves recalling and retelling that story with the others. What's also funny about it is later in the story, Gladys herself returns to Bustenhalter with Lute and recalls the very same thing. They laugh about it together, and even finally have that cup of coffee together there at long last.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking Gladys was once the leader of a rebel faction, and now she's high commander of all military in Edelland. She didn't get to be either simply because of her looks. In fact, I pity any fool that tries to mess with her that ISN'T Lute.
    • Her subordinates (the former rebels in Vunderbalt) still consider her their boss, so when they get provoked into almost starting a riot and she showed up to stop them from doing something so stupid, they immediately cease and desist. It's kind of hinted that if they didn't she would have personally put the smackdown on them.
  • Benevolent Boss Her troops, the former rebels in Vunderbalt, adore her even though she's pretty tough with them. When she reunites with them during a time when they are being instigated to almost start a new rebellion, her appearance alone is enough to stop them in their tracks.
  • Black Bra and Panties At the very least, we know she wears black panties. Go ahead. Check her image to confirm.
  • Bunny Ears Lawyer: Even those that respect her acknowledge she has a bizarrely skimpy outfit, but her sheer competence means they just roll with it.
  • Badass In Charge She IS the High Commander for a reason, and no it isn't her incredible body. It's her skills, combat expertise, intelligence, and overall badassness that makes her reputed as the top knight in the entire continent.
  • Break the Cutie Marquis Cuvier arranged to have rumors spread around Edelland that Gladys would likely never marry Lute and that Lute wasn't satisfied with her was why. This actually eats away at her slowly, until it comes to a front and she confronts him about it. Lute helps her realize that those rumors were likely (and they really were) spread on purpose to try and cause problems between them, and that Lute actually DOES want to marry her, but only after everything had settled down again. Which he does, and everything between them is immediately fixed up good as new.
  • Brutally Honest She rivals Shamsiel with how open she is about her wants and desires. A perfect example: When Lute hears about a Wraith killing people in Boan, he says he would take Shamsiel, Motaire, Emeralia, and Nellis with him. Gladys tells him that if he wanted her to stay in the capital to keep it safe till he returns, that would be fine. But in exchange... "Bang me good when you come back." Lute agrees, and does exactly that when he returns.
  • Chessmaster Her reputation as a master chess player carried over. To where, Marquis Cuvier tried to challenge Lute to a game and to bet territory on it. Gladys offers to play in his place, and Cuvier backs down knowing he'd probably lose.
  • Cleavage Window And it's wiiiiiiide open.
  • Cluster F-Bomb She drops one after overhearing some guards gossiping about how she likely would never be able to marry Lute and become queen like she wanted.
  • Corrupt the Cutie Shamsiel, if you can believe that, kinda rubs off on Gladys by the end of the story. At one point Gladys even admits to it being true (though not in front of Shamsiel herserlf).
  • Dark Humor Jokingly comments she'll protect lute if Prime Minister Bernstein were ever to return from the depths of hell.
  • Does Not Like Men She says numerous times that her body exists ONLY for Lute alone to touch. No one else. See Single Target Sexuality below.
  • Everybody Has Lots of Sex Gladys rivals Shamsiel at times in terms of her libido.
  • Innuendo Backfire There are at least 2 cases of this happening to her.
  • Insatiable Newlyweds For the first half of the story, she was constantly calling herself his wife, and was insatiable already. Then, in the 2nd half, she and Lute are engaged and officially married... Is there a word for "even more insatiable than insatiable"?
  • Making Love in All the Wrong Places In the royal garden, by Luceria's pool IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, as well as during a diplomatic mission to negotiate in Fronce (a semi-hostile nation at the time).
  • Old Friend She knew Count Roche and Aphrodia from having visited Fronce a few times with her father back when he was alive.
  • Sex as Rite-of-Passage At one point, she tells Lute that a girl becomes a woman twice: First when they lose their virginity and again when they are married. (And in that specific order in her case.)
  • Shut UP, Hannibal When Lute, Shamsiel, and Gladys travel to Fronce, and first meet Marquis Cuvier, he tries to get Lute to play a game of chess, and even attempts to have Lute wager parts of Edelland on the game. Lute refuses, but Gladys says SHE would play him, if he was prepared to lose everything. Cuvier recalls her reputation as a master chess player and backs down. She asks if he was afraid to challenge her, but he doesn't respond.
  • Speak Ill of the Dead While welcoming/interrogating Argent and his aid Nellis on their introduction's to the Kingdom of Edelland. She questioned whether or not that the would-be king had an ulterior motive for such a spontaneous undertaking, like say... seeking retribution for his late cousin. Gladys blatantly denounces Bobon as an spoiled rotten traitorous ass whom the nation was better off without. Although a broad provocation to evoke a potentially dangerous element's response; her harsh statement of the former prince isn't at all unfounded.
    • Later comments in jest when wondering if Rubin von Bernstein had crawled his way out of hell to haunt the kingdom. Given what a complete and utterly irredeemable asshole the ex-minister happened to be, it's hard to feel any enmity towards her remark. Much less disagree with the possibility of such a return, considering just how evil and how big of a prick he was in life.
  • Stripperiffic Discussed and justified. Several people make comments about her outfit, mostly saying it doesn't seem appropriate for someone in her position (as High Commander and later as Queen Consort). But then, GLADYS HERSELF justifies her outfit by saying that any true wife's job is to dress to seduce her man.
  • Single Target Sexuality Lute is the only man she loves, the only man she's willing to let touch her, and the only man she feels is worthy of her. If anyone else so much as tries? Be prepared to "get shorter".
  • To Win Without Fighting Considering how widely known she is for her badassness, skills in combat, intelligence, and leadership expertise, she is widely considered the best knight on the entire continent by pretty much everyone (in and outside of Edelland). Therefore, foreign nations are utterly terrified of the notion of going to war with Edelland, and by extension her. Even Marquis Cuvier fears her (and rightly so). Thus, if anyone makes an enemy of her, they tend to surrender rather than actually trying to fight against her.
    • Prior to this story's beginning, Lingobard had declared war on Edelland between the end of the previous game and this one. The war was won during the first battle, because she captured King Bazalt I of Lingobard and they immediately ransomed him to force Lingobard to negotiate peace and surrender to Edelland, thus she won the war for Edelland in this manner.
  • Undying Loyalty To Lute of course. Woe be to anyone who tries to harm him. She also doesn't like it when people speak ill of Lute in front of her, even if it was an old friend of her father, such as Count Roche, if you trash-talk Lute, you aren't worth her time.
  • Wacky Marriage Proposal After about 2 years of waiting, she couldn't stand it anymore (thanks to rumors that had been spread by people under Marquis Cuvier's payroll), and she confronts Lute about why he wouldn't/hasn't married her yet. She wondered if it was because he didn't find her as attractive or as satisfying as the rest of the women in Lute's harem. Lute of course tells her he DOES find her attractive and he DOES love her. The only reason he hadn't married her up till now was, because there were still people who might have gotten angry if they had married right away due to her being a former rebel boss. As it was, there were people who were initially upset about Lute marrying Shamsiel and appointing Emeralia as Prime Minister. After that, she asks him if he would take her as his wife and if they could hold the ceremony after they returned from their trip to Fronce (the proposal, basically). Lute's response? Sure. They immediately "celebrate" their engagement.
    • Technically it comes into play a second time during the trip to Fronce: During the first night in Fronce, she asks Lute to play with her breasts. He obliges. Eventually Lute playfully asks what could be seen as (joke) wedding vows to her "Dost though promise to let me suck thy fine, fine titties in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health?" She blissfully responds "I do..." She further elaborates that not only do each of her breasts belong to him, but every last cell in her entire body belonged to him alone as her beloved man.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending In the previous game, despite holding a crucial role in the story, she never got her own singular route. However, this time around... She still doesn't get one. That said, she DOES at long last finally officially marry Lute, making her a queen consort, AND there is a side-route that actually shows her and Lute's parade on their wedding day with her wearing a wedding dress for once. By the way, in the canon ending of this story, she still marries Lute, but it just happens off-screen, and the story still goes on a bit more after it happens.
  • Babies Ever After She wants nothing more than to be blessed with bearing Lute's children. To the point that in one of the alternate endings, she, Luceria, and Roxanne start acting as though they were pregnant and could feel the babies inside each of them kick, despite it being clear that none of them were actually pregnant. Still... She and the rest in Lute's harem definitely want them, so... Time will tell.
    • Also, in one of the alternate endings, it shows Gladys and Lute on the day of their wedding riding through town. At one point, she tells Lute "We're (definitely) going to make babies tonight." Lute embraces her and starts imagining how their child would look.

Luceria Von Diamante (Hende)

Yes. They're real!

Daughter of the previous king of Edelland, she fell in love with and married Lute at the end of the last story.

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • Absolute Cleavage She supposedly has the biggest in the entire continent, if not the known world... I believe it.
  • Accidental Pornomancer Similar to Lute, she too is actually half-human half-demon. For her, her mother was a Nymph, so her body has properties similar to that of a succubus... Meaning that if any normal man were to try and get intimate with her, they might end up dead, but even she doesn't know this fact about herself.
  • Badass Adorable
  • Badass Princess Technically with her marriage to Lute, she's now a "Badass Queen".
  • Big Bra to Fill She has the biggest rack in the entire continent, if not world. (Here's a funny thought: She isn't even finished growing yet!)
  • Cool Big Sis Her relationship with Gladys, when she was growing up amounted to this (Gladys being the big sis), and to this day she still refers to her as "sis". It could also be seen somewhat with her relationships with the other members of Lute's harem, because she is actually the youngest among them. She and Roxanne get along particularly well in a sisterly sort of way.
  • Costume Porn If you thought her design and outfit in the first game was fancy, this one cranks it up to eleven!
  • Clingy Jealous Girl It goes without saying that all the girls in Lute's harem are competitive toward each other when it comes to getting Lute's attention. However, Luceria and Roxanne have seemingly the most moments of being this, due in large part to the others (especially Gladys) sneaking in extra times with Lute.
  • Does Not Know Her Own Strength She has no idea she's actually half-human, half-nymph. Therefore, she has no idea that she could potentially kill any man (other than Lute) that tries to get intimate with her, without even trying. Whether this also means she has other magical qualities and powers is unclear.
  • Even the Girls Want Her Even Queen Aphrodia says she's kind of envious of Lute for having a wife that's so endowed. She DOES have the biggest breasts of the entire continent (supposedly by reputation and that we know of thus far at least).
  • Fire Forged Friend She and those in Lute's harem may be competitive for Lute's attention and affection at times, but they all went through a great deal in the previous game in order to rescue Lute, make him king, and get to be by his side in this one.
  • Give a Whole New Meaning She gives a whole new meaning to the word "HUGE"!
  • Insatiable Newlyweds She married Lute 2 years prior to this story, and she (along with the rest of his wives/lovers in his harem), STILL can't get enough. To be fair though, in Luceria's case, she is (unknown to her) half-nymph, and thus her libido is likely more intense than a normal human's, and in fact, it is said that it makes her similar to Shamsiel in that respect.
  • Intergenerational Friendship Luceria and Roxanne seem to have this sort of relationship, and they actually DO get along well. The same could also technically apply to Luceria in terms of her relationships with Emeralia (her former teacher) and Shamsiel.
  • Look Who's Talking At one point, a trade embargo is enacted on the import of Edelland bras into Fronce, when discussing the matter, Princess Luceria says, "Have the busts of Fronce women become so petite that they no longer have need of bras, I wonder?" This coming from her?! Everyone is left speechless.
  • Ready for Lovemaking Anytime Lute returns from a trip, and he doesn't take her with him. The second he returns, she and the others who were left behind tend to greet him and proclaim their eagerness to get started (and/or, remark about how they won't be allowing Lute to sleep at all that night.)
  • To Win Without Fighting See Accidental Pornomancer above. Technically speaking, she could potentially kill any normal man that tried to get intimate with her without even trying. (Something even SHE is not aware of.)
  • Babies Ever After She wants nothing more than to be blessed with bearing Lute's children. To the point that in one of the alternate endings, she, Gladys, and Roxanne start acting as though they were pregnant and could feel the babies inside each of them kick, despite it being clear that none of them were actually pregnant. Still... Time will tell.

Roxanne De Desir (Hende)

Got Milk?

The ex-wife of the previous prefect of Boan. She was one of the first woman apart from Shamsiel to meet and fall in love with Lute. Since the last story, she has married Lute and become a queen.

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • Absolute Cleavage She almost rivals Luceria in size.
  • Benevolent Boss She and the other queens are reputed as being very kind to the people they rule.
  • Berserk Button It both is and is not a surprise that she has one: She (and pretty much all the others in Lute's harem) aren't keen on any of the other girls getting carried away with spending time with Lute. Roxanne and Luceria have a number of instances where they clash with Gladys especially who is notorious for sneaking in extra time and making claims that it was her right to do so as a "wedded wife", even though she actually wasn't until toward the end of the story where Gladys DOES officially marry Lute.
  • Cool Big Sis She and Luceria seem to get along really well, and their relationship with one another kind of has a sisterly vibe.
  • Covert Pervert Not exactly. She isn't exactly reserved about wanting to be with Lute such as when she was VERY excited to win the "Milk Duty" draw for once. However, she still has subtlety such as when she reveals that she deliberately chooses not to wear bras, because she wants Lute to be able to grope or suck on her boobs anytime.
  • Intergenerational Friendship Roxanne and Luceria seem to have this, and they get along incredibly well. Technically speaking, the same could also apply to her relationship with Shamsiel, except reversed generation-wise.
  • MILF Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who sees her, thinks she is this. There's plenty of reasons to think so: Her breasts are huge and she lactates more than any other woman in Lute's harem, she's married to Lute, and she's in right the age range for it. In fact, she's the eldest, aside from Shamsiel (and even that's a technicality) of all the women Lute falls in love with. But to everyone's surprises, she ISN'T one. Why? Because, despite all the reasons just said, she has never given birth or even been impregnated before. It's explained that she has a special medical condition that causes the swelling and lactating from her breasts, but again... She has never had children, despite flat-out saying that she wants to have them. Lute has said she would make a perfect mother if she ever had children. Time will tell.
  • Out of Focus Although the last title established she was an intelligent woman and a skilled politician, as the game starts she's retired almost entirely from public life, instead concerning herself with running the castle kitchens and managing food supplies, unlike Gladys or Emeralia.
  • Ready for Lovemaking Anytime Lute returns from a trip, and he doesn't take her with him. The second he returns, she and the others who were left behind tend to greet him and proclaim their eagerness to get started (and/or, remark about how they won't be allowing Lute to sleep at all that night. It's also the reason she chooses NOT to wear a bra most of the time.
  • Babies Ever After She wants nothing more than to be blessed with bearing Lute's children. To the point that in one of the alternate endings, she, Gladys, and Luceria start acting as though they were pregnant and could feel the babies inside each of them kick, despite it being clear that none of them were actually pregnant. Still... Time will tell.

Prime Minister Emeralia

Free at last!

The Estranged-Daughter of the previous Prime Minister, she had been forced to do all sorts of horrible things under his orders, but Lute helped her free herself from his control, and Lute pardoned her. He also made her the new Prime Minister of Edelland, which she is doing quite well as.


Voiced by: Asai Harumi aka Momozono Kaoru (JP)

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • Absolute Cleavage See her image? X marks the spot!
  • Ambiguously Bi She loves Lute, but she has a few moments such as when she watches Lute and Shamsiel make love in Boan, she gets so aroused by it that she had to get a turn in immediately after Shamsiel was finished, and then Shamsiel decided to help Emeralia along by sucking and drinking her milk which caused Emeralia to orgasm until she fainted. There was also the first time Nellis acted as milk maid for Lute one morning, and once they were finished and Nellis had left, Emeralia tells them she was definitely aroused.
  • Aw, Look -- They Really Do Love Each Other Lute loves each member of his harem, although they're competitive for his attention at times, it's clear that they otherwise also get along quite well. As for her personally, she and Lute share many moments, including a quite touching moment in one of the alternate endings where they sit outside by the pool at night looking up at the sky... Lute reflects on how glad he was that he had spared her life 2 years earlier, each day it seemed as though she was becoming kinder and more serene and peaceful. In fact, there's even some hints dropped that she may very well be pregnant with Lute's child at that moment.
  • Black Bra and Panties Apparently... Not that she wears them all that much.
  • Brutal Honesty Now that her father isn't around, she is free to express herself all she wants. Though it has taken time, she IS getting better and better at it, the more she is around Lute and the others. Such as after watching Lute suck Nellis' breasts the first time, once Nellis leaves the room, the first words out of Emeralia's mouth are "I am sopping wet now".
  • Conveniently an Orphan This trope doesn't exactly apply as straight as other cases since she's a grown woman by the time of this and the first game, but still... She was the child of the previous Prime Minister Bernstein and a concubine, and although she was serving the prime minister, he refused to acknowledge her as his child at all, and basically made her life a living hell to where she had to shut off her emotions to endure it. By THIS game however, she was freed from him, because he was executed at the end of the last game, so now she's technically orphaned, but at the same time, couldn't be happier.
  • Cool Big Sis She and Shamsiel bond quite a bit in the first half of the story. Both of them appreciate what they do for one another.
  • Covert Pervert In the sense that she is more reserved than most of the others. That said, once she gets started she goes ALL OUT! Perhaps a better way to say it is that during a few times when she and Lute are getting intimate, he notices that she seemingly wasn't wearing any panties under her dress or that she had taken them off before he even realized it.
  • Danger Deadpan She does on occasion show fear on her face, but it's more out of surprise than actual fear, since she has deep faith and trust in those around her, and for this very reason she manages to keep calm in most situations.
  • Dangerously Genre Savvy It goes without saying that she's one of the smartest/wisest people in the series, and there are plenty of examples of this.
    • Perhaps the most important example is when in one of the alternate endings, she manages to deduce that Lute was actually half-incubus, which even he was unaware of, because this is what made him qualify as the king of Demons who was supposedly the only true person capable of opening Pandora's Box without being killed by Saint Reaper. She's also smart enough to realize that this information is best kept a secret for Lute and everyone around him's safety, which she agrees to do so with Shamsiel.
  • Give a Whole New Meaning To the phrase "Nailed on a cross." See Making Love in All the Wrong Places below.
  • Happiness in Slavery Hold on, it's not what you think. She doesn't serve Lute as a slave, she does it because she loves him for all he has done for her. When asked whether she wanted to be his queen or not, she replied that just serving him and being able to be by his side brings her more happiness than she could ever dream of (especially compared to how she was before she met Lute).
  • I Just Want My Beloved to Be Happy Her devotion to Lute almost rivals Shamsiel in how far she would go to protect Lute. Again though, he would do just as much to protect her as well.
    • In fact, when Shamsiel is being threatened by soldiers at Bustenhalter who want revenge for the death of their buddies (who were killed by an impostor), Emeralia steps forward and says that if they wanted to lay a finger on Shamsiel, they'd have to kill HER (Emeralia) first. She further elaborates that the real Shamsiel was a hero to the kingdom and would NEVER do something so stupid, especially since she loved Lute so much. Even Shamsiel herself is touched by this.
  • Making Love in All the Wrong Places She and Lute make love in a Cathedral... In broad daylight... Practically ON THE ALTAR! Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "nailed on a cross".
  • Nerves of Steel For someone with no combat skills, she sure is brave. See Undying Loyalty below.
  • Only Sane Woman: While even she has her moments of being a sexpot, she's generally the one woman of Lute's coterie who can force herself to focus on important matters when push comes to shove.
  • Put on a Bus She has a much bigger role in the 1st half of the story, but not as much in the 2nd half.
  • Ready for Lovemaking She can act as reserved as she wants, but Lute can see right through her, and knows exactly when she's up for some action.
  • Sinister Minister Inverted, big time. She is NOTHING like the corrupt bastard whom she wasn't even able to properly call "her father". She's really good at the job, and people ARE starting to trust her more. That being said, there are those who keep bringing up her traitorous past and try to use it to discredit her, but thankfully Lute vouches for her every time this happens (much to her appreciation).
  • Undying Loyalty Her devotion to Lute is as deep as any of the rest in Lute's harem, and at times she even gives Shamsiel a run for her money in this department. Such as when the first golem appears and goes after Lute, Shamsiel, Motaire, and Gladys go to fight it themselves while Lute stays nearby, and Emeralia opts to stay by his side, even though they tell her she is useless in combat, she still refuses to leave his side. There was also the instance where Lute opened Pandora's Box for the first time. Saint Reaper starts asking who it was that opened the box and was getting pissed about it. Lute steps forward, but then Emeralia tries to say that she had been the one to open it. You realize that she was basically willing to die, have her soul devoured, and be sent to hell as long as it meant Lute would be saved?! Of course Lute in turn emphasizes that it really WAS he that opened the box, and that he wouldn't allow anyone to take the fall for his actions.
  • Wise Beyond Her Years If there's one good thing that came from her time serving her father, Bernstein, it's that she learned how to handle the job of being a Prime Minister, and thanks to her not being an evil jackass like him, she's actually able to do the job in a way that helps the people and her king (Lute). She does it so well that even Marquis Cuvier feels that Edelland's prosperity is due to the combined efforts of Lute, Gladys, and Emeralia.
  • X Marks the Spot Sure does. See her image? See Absolute Cleavage above.
  • Babies Ever After An interesting case to be honest: Deep down, she would be thrilled to be even closer to Lute and to bear his children, but she also feels that simply being able to serve him and be by his side is more than she could have ever dreamed of for herself. That being said, in one of the alternate endings, she and Lute sit outside one night near the garden pool, the two reflect on how far they've both come as people and basically that they DO genuinely love one another. Then... Emeralia seems like she wants to say something to Lute, but decides not to. She quietly smiles to herself and holds her hand over her belly which is seemingly implying...

Isis Petrovna Elenskaya

The King's Royal Bodyguard, meaning your body is hers... To guard! Right, guard.

She was Lute's classmate during his time at the Royal Knight's Academy. She was the 2nd highest scoring graduate of the class and the top female graduate to ever come from the Academy. She fell in love with Lute during the events of the last story and by this story's events, she has become a member of Lute's harem of wives/lovers.


Voiced by: Alice Sakurai (JP)

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • Absolute Cleavage You betcha!
  • Action Girlfriend She's the top female graduate from the Royal Academy. Apart from Gladys, she's the top female swordswoman in the kingdom.
  • Aw, Look -- They Really Do Love Each Other It's no secret that Lute loves and cares deeply for each of the women in his harem of wives/lovers, and they feel the same way toward him. That being said, Isis has seemingly become more... Soft-spoken compared to the others since the last game. It's again obvious that she would be overjoyed to marry Lute, bear his children, and be by his side forever (and make love to him EVEN MORE than happens already)... But, she seems to have it in her head that she feels as though she's unworthy to be that way with a man as great as Lute. Even when he tells her that he's probably less worthy of someone as amazing as her or the others. HOWEVER, when the two are alone together and are passionately making love together, Isis finally says "I love you" and he responds "I love you too".
  • Berserk Button She doesn't like people calling her names, nor does she like when other people try to peek at her... Except Lute of course.
  • Be Yourself After all they've been through and all the time they've known each other, Lute still pushes her to be herself when she's with him. She tells him that she at times wonders if she's worthy to be his bodyguard, given how great a man she sees him as. He in turn tells her that he doesn't mind her being casual around him, whether alone or in front of others. It's especially addressed when they are shown having a night alone together. He pretty much orders her to call him "Lute" in a casual manner so she could be this when with him. She does, and the two share a wonderful night making love together.
  • Bodyguard Crush She is Lute (and the queens') personal bodyguard, and she is in love with Lute, to the point that she is also a member of Lute's harem of wives/lovers.
  • Bodyguarding a Badass She even discusses this with Lute that she feels somewhat amazed that SHE is bodyguarding such a great man as he is. In fact, neither Lute nor she even know that Lute is even more of a badass than they think, since he is half-human, half-incubus, and is therefore the king of all demons, and as such has powers beyond comparison.
  • Brutal Honesty ZigZagged. She loves Lute completely, but is too shy to express it as openly as the rest of Lute's wives/lovers. However, when they two of them are alone, she tells him things like how great he is in bed, and how she wants nothing more than for him to lay her down and ravage her body to his heart's content. Which he does and she enjoys it every bit as much as him.
  • Cannot Spit It Out She loves Lute with all her heart, but in the course of this story, she never tries to assert herself to seek more of his attention like the others in his harem do. Instead, she shrinks off to the sidelines. That said, she will glare daggers if any of the other girls try to get Lute to say "I love you" in front of her or the rest of them.
    • Inverted at one point. She and Lute were having a private night of love-making alone, and amidst their activities, Isis finally opens up and tells Lute that she truly loves him. A feeling which he accepts and reciprocates toward her.
  • Cleavage Window Her outfit has them practically overflowing from it.
  • Continuity Nod As she and Lute lie in bed together after making love, Lute strokes her hair as she drifts off to sleep, and as he starts to do the same, he begins to imagine a possible life he could have had with her. No doubt a callback to Isis' route from the first game.
    • Another nod comes later in the game one morning, she offers Lute some orange juice she squeezed for him. She had done the same in the first game as well back when he was High Commander.
  • Coitus Uninterruptus Her only solo sex scene with Lute is an example of this: One night a week, Lute and one of the ladies is allowed to have a night alone together so that they can have this.
  • Does Not Know Her Own Strength She and Motaire protect Lute from Assassins and defeat them in a single blow. Then, Motaire asks about her boobs and if he could see them. Isis responds by telling him not to ask that, and then promptly whoops his ass in a single hit. He says something else, and she once more hits him and apologizes afterward, because she didn't mean to beat him so badly.
  • Do You Want to Copulate? When she and Lute are having their night alone, they were going to make love anyway, but she still asks if he would ravage her nipples especially. He in turn asks her if she wanted him to. She nods yes and tells him to "enjoy her body to his heart's content." Then they do exactly that.
  • Everybody Has Lots of Sex You betcha! As one of Lute's harem of wives/lovers she and the others make love to Lute so much that they had to come up with rules to share time with Lute among them all. The rules? Each day, they are to draw straws to choose who is on "Milk Duty" that day (meaning who gets to have their nipples sucked and their breast milk drank by Lute during meals). They also allow one night a week where a single one of them is allowed to spend the night with Lute by herself, that way he can give each girl a night where they receive his full attention. The rest of the week? Orgies with all 6 of them every night. This doesn't even count random times during each day when the ladies have their own random run-ins with Lute now and then.
  • Flip Personality For some reason, she's shown as much more timid and soft-spoken in this game compared to how she was in the first.
  • Good People Have Good Sex See Everybody Has Lots of Sex and Do You Want to Copulate? above.
  • Hold Me She very much enjoys being in Lute's embrace, and he feels the same about hers.
  • I Just Want My Beloved to Be Happy This might be a part of why she's so timid this time compared to the rest of the women in Lute's harem.
    • This also comes into play while she and Lute are making love, because she already knows Lute is going to make her feel incredibly good, so she in turn tries her damnedest to resist orgasming before she's sure Lute is feeling just as good in return.
  • Just Like Heaven How she feels when making love to Lute.
  • Kick the Dog She literally does this to Motaire at one point, although he kind of had it coming... I mean, what did he expect would happen when he asked her to show him her inverted nipples? She tells him NO! and kicks his ass! (Twice)
  • Lovable Sex Maniac All of those in Lute's harem kind of are this to varied degrees, especially since the events of the first game.
  • More Deadly Than the Male Of the 2 top Royal Guards in Edelland: Motaire and herself. She is more dangerous, because at one point she gets angry at Motaire and promptly whoops his ass in one hit... Without even using her sword.
  • Naughty by Night She doesn't even allow herself to call him Lute hardly ever since he became King, but when night comes... she and the others in Lute's harem get together and have all the love making they could ask for. In-story, we see her getting a private night alone with Lute to herself, and he actually has to "command" her to just call him "Lute" or "Pervert", because Lute wanted her to loosen up around him and enjoy their time together to the fullest. She does and they do.
  • Old Friend Of sorts. She had been in the same class as Lute in the Royal Knight's academy, but in those days, she thought very lowly of Lute (as did everyone else). These days she deeply regrets how she was in those days toward him, but is also very grateful to have at least known him since then. Technically speaking, one might say that she may very well be the girl in Lute's harem that he has known the longest apart from Shamsiel, whom his family is implied to have known since before he was born and met at least once when he was very very little. Lute even told her in the previous game that he developed his love of breasts, because of Isis.
  • Put on a Bus She gets very little screen time in this story, despite her huge part in the first one. Partially because of her acting more timid this time around, and partially just because.
  • Quirky Household She's a member of Lute's harem of wives/lovers. They live by set rules where: Each day they have a drawing to decide whose breasts get sucked by Lute when drinking during meals, and every night they have mass orgies with all members of the harem and Lute, but then one night a week one girl gets a private night with only Lute and herself to be together privately. In fact, she's the first we see in this situation (on-screen).
  • Ready for Lovemaking When she enters the room on the night she and Lute are to be alone together, her expression on her face says it all.
  • She's Got Legs You better believe it! In fact, Lute thinks that she, Shamsiel, and Gladys have the nicest legs (and finest asses) of all the members of his harem.
  • Shrinking Violet She may lack the hair color, but she has certainly become a lot more timid since the previous story for some reason.
  • Single Target Sexuality She makes it VERY clear. Her body is only for Lute. He alone is the only man allowed to touch or even see her in any sexual manner.
  • Sleep Cute She and Lute make love to each other one night, and they fall asleep cuddling each other. Right before Lute falls asleep, he brushes her hair to the side, causing her to smile at him in her sleep.
  • Stocking Filler See She's Got Legs above.
  • Their First Time In neither this story, nor during the previous, do we actually know how/when she lost her virginity in the canon route. However, by the events of this story, we can assume that it was with Lute sometime after the ending of the first game, because she and the other members of Lute's harem are said to have intercourse pretty much daily.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character Dear. God...Poor Isis! In the harem route of the last game, she was the only woman to not have an H-scene with Lute during the entire route's events. She had her own route and was part of a few group sessions in the epilogue, but as far as the canon is concerned, she never got her own scenes with Lute. That seemingly carried over, because in this story she only gets a single H-scene, and maybe 1 other minor group H-scene at the very end. We never even got to see her canon first time with Lute. Such a waste!
  • Unfit for Greatness It's hinted that apparently the reason why she doesn't assert herself as much as the rest of those in Lute's harem of wives/lovers is because she feels like she is unworthy to be able to serve a man as great as Lute, which he dismisses saying that she is more than worthy of him than he likely is for her. Hence she doesn't try to get him to marry her nor have children for him despite she clearly being just as earnest for it as the rest.
  • Unfortunate Name She shares a first name with a certain unlikeable terrorist organization.
  • Very Punchable Man Motaire opens his big mouth when he hears an embaressing secret of hers, so she pummels him with her bare hands leaving his face swollen and bruised.
  • Who Are You Calling Names? She didn't appreciate being called "Ms. Shy-Nipples" by Assassin A, B, and C.
  • X Marks the Spot Somewhat. There's no real X on them, but her inverted nipples are her most sensitive arousal spots.
  • You Fool! When asked about her inverted nipples by Motaire, she tells him NOT to ask about them "You Asshole!"
  • You Sexy Beast When she and Lute are having their night alone together, she tells Lute that he's great in bed.
  • Zettai Ryouiki Even in her new outfit, she's still type B - Over-the-knees with boots.

The Newcomers



A court magician for the Kingdom of Lingobard.

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • Absolute Cleavage Positively absolute!
  • A-Cup Angst I know what you're thinking. And you're right. She is NOT an A-cup. However, she does notice and acknowledge that of all the women Lute surrounds himself with. Her boobs are the smallest, and thus she gets a bit self-conscious about it, and wonders if that was partially why he didn't bother to touch her for so long. This turns out to be untrue, since in reality, Lute knew she was a double-agent working for Argent and was plotting against him, which is the REAL reason he didn't touch her for so long. Fair reason to be honest.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me Like pretty much every girl before her, she starts to fall for Lute for this reason.
  • Belly Dancer Her outfit kind of reminds one of this.
  • Break the Badass She's quite loyal to those in Lingobard, despite how they mistreat her. Eventually though, Lute gets her to convert to his side, and although it's a slow process, by the end of the story she's happy to be considered a part of his harem.
  • Corrupt the Cutie She was a virgin when she met Lute, and aside from knowing how to have a Date With Rosie Palms, is overall inexperienced. And then... When Lute finally has her perform "milk maid" duty, she feels so much pleasure from it that she actually admits (to herself at least) that she wanted more, Lute even comes to talk to her later and she seemingly was about to ask him, but chickens out and later still the feelings of lust and desire start to swell within her.
  • Date With Rosie Palms After she acts as Lute's Milk Maid the first time, she felt so much pleasure that she could hardly walk afterward. She goes back to her room and ruminates over what had just happened and she admits to herself that she craved more. Her hands start wandering, and she was riiiight about to go this route, but stops when she remembers her mission.
  • Easily Forgiven Lute pardons and forgives her several times for her crimes and conspiracies against him. It partially has to do with the fact that she is very honest, and smart enough to Know When to Fold'Em. She knew that she and Argent were being used by Bazalt and he in turn was being used by Marquis Cuvier, so when Lute kept calling them out on their crimes, she was the first to wisely fess up and ask for mercy. Technically speaking, she was actually only directly involved in 2 crimes: the golem and the wraith incidents. Other than that, she was mostly just trying to clean up and cover for Argent's stupid crap.
  • Fortune Teller Go figure. She has magical powers, summoning abilities, AND she can predict the future using Tarot Cards?! She's not very accurate about it though (thankfully).
  • Good Advice She tries to warn Bazalt and Argent that trusting Marquis Cuvier and trying to go after Lute were both bad ideas. Unfortunately, they didn't listen.
  • Good All Along Sure she was doing the bidding of Bazalt and Argent, but she personally isn't a bad person, and was constantly trying to keep things peaceful and painless (per say).
  • Good and Evil For Your Convenience She's a good person, but Argent is a rotten apple. It was pretty obvious to everyone right off the bat.
  • Good People Have Good Sex She starts out very weary of Lute (as he does of her, and honestly for good reason), so when she first performs her duty as "Milk Maid", she's caught completely off-guard with how good he is. So much so that she later admits to herself that she craved more. Eventually in Boan, she and Lute have sex for the first time (her loss of her virginity), and after they finish, she is left feeling so pleasured and worn out that she is unable to even stand up on her own for a while.
  • Good Powers, Bad People More like "Good Powers, Good Person, bad masters". She has all sorts of magical powers, but is used, abused, and treated as a tool by Argent and King Bazalt. Eventually she severs ties with them and chooses to happily stay with Lute instead, acting as his personal court magician/magical adviser and milk maid. All of which she enjoys doing for him.
  • Happiness in Slavery Zigzagged. She starts out in a pretty poor situation: She's a magician for the kingdom of Lingobard. She serves directly under Prince Argent. However, the King of Lingobard verbally chastises her if she ever says anything negative about his plans or ideas. Argent defends her, but he admits he feels no attraction to her as a woman, so she is ignored in that sense. Then, she gets handed over to Lute as a gift to be his "milk maid". Which is basically a sex slave. Of course it was part of a plan in order to have her infiltrate Lute's group, but Lute saw through this and instead treated her so well that she started to doubt serving Lingobard's stupid ambitions. By the end of the story, she is now living happily with Lute as a member of his harem and the personal magician/magical expert in his court.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Unfortunately, neither Bazalt or Argent are willing to listen or treat her properly, and no matter how good she is, there's no fixing her masters' stupidity.
  • I Just Want My Beloved to Be Happy It's kind of a hard subject to discuss with her. In that, she's very protective and supportive of Argent and does a great deal risking her life and freedom for him to try and accomplish his goals, but once the story ends, she chooses to stay with Lute rather than him.
  • Immodest Orgasm Supposedly Lingobard women are reputed for not making much noise in bed... Then she met Lute... ... ... She was quiet for maybe the first 2 seconds, after that? This. SO MUCH THIS!!!
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold Her working for Argent and by extent Bazalt and by extent Marquis Cuvier has her do many terrible things to the people of Edelland such as summoning a golem that goes after Lute and injures several guards and also summoning a wraith in Boan that drives several men to commit suicide. In truth, she is actually a caring person as evidence by the fact that she tried repeatedly to convince Bazalt and Argent to quit before it was too late.
  • Kick the Dog Bazalt beats her and verbally lashes out at her simply for disagreeing with his plans to go after Lute.
  • Likable Villain Not a pure villain, but she does do some things to support some of the villains during the first half of the story. Even then, Lute treated her nicely, because he figured no one else had before (and he was right).
  • My Country, Right or Wrong She serves Argent, and therefore Bazalt, and thus Lingobard, despite her wanting not to do much of what she does, she thought it was her duty to those she served.
  • Nerves of Steel A few times in the story, Shamsiel is sent to spy on her and Argent. During said times, she is able to sense Shamsiel's presence and warns Argent as subtly as possible so that they can keep from exposing themselves or that they are aware of Shamsiel and see her presence. Each time this happens, she is able to hold together and keep from giving even the slightest indication that she could see Shamsiel, because if she so much as twitched or glanced a certain way, Shamsiel would have had proof that she was a magician and was therefore responsible for the recent attempts on Lute's life.
  • Only Sane Woman Only one out of the whole treacherous bunch from Lingobard who has any real sense. Sense enough to take Duke Cuvier's warnings about Lute Hende I not being the dumbass upstart nobodies ever even heard of until today. Nellis even had enough competence to deal with any lingering tagline to their plot against the Edelland Throne, while constantly reminding her idiot charge not to look down on their suspect target. Whom of which she predicted had pieced together whose behind all the assassination attempts.
  • Put on a Bus After the first half of the story with the fake succubus and fake Shamsiel incidents are resolved, she and Argent are imprisoned for most of the 2nd half of the story, although they occasionally get a scene in their cell.
  • She's Got Legs You can clearly see them through that transparent skirt she wears.
  • Stripperiffic Her attire is very much this. Although, one might argue it as justified since she is secretly a magician, so the more she is able to divert someone's attention is probably all the better for her.
  • Tarot Troubles She uses tarot cards to look into the future. According to the cards "A king will die". The results? Debunked. The prediction doesn't come true. At least not for Lute or Aphrodia. The only possible way would have been if it was meant about King Bazalt I who was executed (but that was supposedly prior to when she made the prediction).
  • The Bus Came Back Toward the very end of the story, Lute pardons her and Argent. She is made Lute's milk maid once again as well as his court magician/magical expert, and as for Argent, he gets sent back to what used to be the former capitol of Lingobard.
  • Their First Time Following Lute's defeat of the Wraith, while there is a massive celebration going on, Lute takes her out to an adjacent hallway, and then Coitus Ensues. Once all is said and done, Lute made her orgasm so much and so hard that she faints and Lute has to carry her back to her room. She wakes up barely able to stand, much less walk, and much less cast a curse using the semen she acquired from him, so she gives up and goes to sleep.
    • Something to think about is that she had previously been basically a slave/servant to Lingobard's royalty (given how poorly she was treated it's hard to tell which), BUT despite that, it IS confirmed that her first time with Lute actually WAS in fact her first time. It's nice to know that at least they didn't abuse her in THAT way in Lingobard.
  • To Win Without Fighting She's a magician, but she never uses her magic directly in or for combat situations outside of summoning golems or other entities to do it for her.
  • Trojan Horse She was given to Lute as a "gift" from Lingobard. Her mission was to help assassinate Lute, and she does make numerous attempts, but she is thwarted each time and Lute himself convinces her that it was time to fold 'em or else. Eventually she actually pulls a Heel Face Turn and stays with Lute rather than her abusive, incompetent, and neglectful former associates.
  • Underboobs Her top consists of basically a single bit of cloth that only lays over her breasts and honestly barely covers her nipples.
  • Victim Falls For Rapist She was "given" to Lute as a gift from Lingobard to be his personal "milk maid", so it's a little unclear as to what applies or not. Lute didn't get her to fall for him by raping her. Instead, he made sure he treated her well enough to where she eventually pulls a Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal on her Lingobard masters. That said, Their First Time did contribute a bit to the decision.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene Her "top" is basically a single piece of cloth that just barely covers across her nipples, but this might be intentional since her mission is to be a sort of bait for Lute, so an outfit that utilizes or emphasizes her rack is a smart move.
  • You're Drinking Breast Milk She was given to Lute as a "gift" from Lingobard, to act as his "Milk Maid". It's exactly how it sounds. What's odd though, is that she apparently was lactating BEFORE she met Lute, which could possibly mean that she has a condition similar to Roxanne, and yet Nellis' breasts are still the smallest of all the women around Lute, and it IS confirmed that she had never had a child nor been pregnant before, because Lute ends up being the one to pop her cherry in story, and that was AFTER he had already drank from her twice before.

Queen Aphrodia

God Save the QUEEN! Queen saves herself!

The Queen of Fronce, a kingdom that borders Lingobard, and was once THE major power in the continent. Supposedly, her body and especially breasts are considered "Fronce's greatest treasure".

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • Absolute Cleavage And how! Her breasts are said by some to be a National Treasure of Fronce.
  • All Men Are Perverts When she first meets Lute, she thinks this of him, and while she isn't entirely wrong in Lute's case, she didn't realize he's actually a Chivalrous Pervert, and that he would actually make sure she felt good when she allows him to grope her boobs. It was the first time she had ever met a man who not only outlasted her, but made her orgasm repeatedly just by handling her breasts. There's also the fact that Lute didn't take advantage of her when she fainted.
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes Somewhat inverted. When Lute travels to Fronce to negotiate the removal of the ban and tariffs on bra imports from Edelland to Fronce, he presents Aphrodia with a gift of numerous high quality bras tailored specially for her. She claims that said gift was the best she had ever received, and as a (sort of) reward, she forces Cuvier to immediately remove the ban and tariffs.
  • Aren't You Going to Ravish Me? Toward the end of her first meeting with Lute, she had lost consciousness from orgasming so hard and so many times. She awakens while Lute is fixing her armor for her... And yes, that's all he was doing... Honestly. Of course, she immediately jumps to the same conclusion anyone probably would, but Lute tells her that they had had a deal that if he won their duel he was only allowed to touch her boobs, which he honored. She asked him why he didn't do more (as if she thought he didn't want to). Lute admits that of course he would want to, but a deal is a deal, so maybe next time. This in turn convinces her that he hadn't.
    • Later, she would think to herself that she secretly wished he HAD gone all the way with her.
  • Badass in Charge Some of what she says and does almost reminds one of Lute in terms of how wise she is and willing to take charge and do things personally.
  • Badass in Distress During the hunt after settling the import dispute over bras from Edelland, she invites Lute and his group to hunt boars the next day. During said hunt, they inadvertently trespass in a Cyclops' territory and the Cyclops starts hurling trees around. Supposedly Cyclops are attracted to fear and thus, everyone tried to remain still and as calm as possible, including the Queen. However, she struggled to keep her emotions in check, and the Cyclops started to approach her. Again, this is a creature big and strong enough to rip full-grown trees (roots and all) out of the ground and toss them as though its nothing. So naturally, the closer it got to her, the more she panicked, until finally the Cyclops raised its arm and was right about to crush her like a bug, but then Lute intervenes and manages to calm the Cyclops and save Aphrodia's (and all others present's) life.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness She is widely adored by her subjects as a fair and wise ruler, and yes, she's also very beautiful. So much so that her body is thought of by some to be a national treasure to Fronce.
  • Berserk Button NEVER try to get between her and her lingerie, specifically a bra. She needs them to support her queenly rack, so when Cuvier has a ban and tariffs placed on them, she gets more and more frustrated due to her bras wearing out one by one, until Lute arrives to give her new bras as a gift. After which, she immediately yells at Cuvier to remove the ban and sanctions immediately, and if he refused, there would be hell to pay!
    • As a matter of fact, when the ban is first enacted, she is already trying to get new bras and tells Cuvier to lift it immediately, but he convinces her that it must stay as is... Much to her frustration.
  • Big Bra to Fill It actually has plot relevance. Her size is somewhere between Luceria and Roxanne's, and due to this, she has a definite need for bras for support, and when she is unable to get new ones, her old ones tend to wear out.
  • Big Breasts, Big Deal Apparently her bust is so perfect that many call it a national treasure of Fronce. It actually DOES affect the plot at one point.
  • Brutal Honesty Not initially, but after she falls for Lute, she doesn't exactly mince words anymore in front of him.
  • The Empress: What she says, goes. Cuvier and Roche can negotiate or try to sway her, but when she declares something specific, they all listen.
  • Even the Girls Want Her It's stated repeatedly that she's considered so beautiful by her people that her body is considered "Fronce's Greatest National Treasure". Gladys at one point remarks that compared to Aphrodia, she's almost ashamed to call herself a woman (then again, this could be taken as simple flattery since they were former acquaintances). There's also one very clear instance where Aristera and Droit are performing their duties as her personal maids, and as they are helping her get dressed, the two are seemingly in awe of her gorgeous (exposed) breasts.
    • SHE even has a reverse moment of this, when Lute is presenting her with a gift of new, specially-made bras, he has Shamsiel model them for her, and once the presentation is over, supposedly all the women in the room including Queen Aphrodia herself is seen with a visibly flushed look on her face.
  • Expy: Of two French Bourbon Monarchs. Louis XIV, where she gets her assertiveness and her nigh totally revered status as the one in charge, and Louis XV, who was known to be rather amorous and under whom France had started to decline in influence after the numerous wars of his predecessor.
  • Fixed Encounters She personally arranges 2 secret meetings with only herself and Lute. 3, if you count after the cyclops incident, but then again... That time it wasn't exactly a secret... Nor was it any kind of secret what she wanted to meet him for.
  • "Glad to Be Alive" Sex Happens at least twice with her (on-screen at least). First is after Lute saves her life from the Cyclops. This also marks the first time she willing gives him a boobjob, which up to that point she said she would only ever do for the man she loved. The next time was at the very end, after Cuvier's final plot is thwarted. She spends a week or so "serving" Lute "as penance" supposedly.
  • Good All Along Despite there being some tension between Edelland and Fronce, she is in no way villainous. Except technically in one way: She knowingly allowed Cuvier to instigate tension between the two nations in order to lure Lute to have to come to Fronce where Cuvier would attempt to have Lute assassinated. That said, after Lute saves her from the Cyclops, she orders Cuvier to cease any hostile action or schemes toward him (even threatening Cuvier with severe consequences if he tried anything else).
  • Good People Have Good Sex She's a good ruler and cares for the safety of her kingdom and her people, just as Lute does for his. And when she and Lute make love it's heavenly, she tells him that it was the greatest and most pleasure she had ever felt. To the point where she wished she could experience it every day if she could. Lute concurred. She also mentions that when she was with him, she was free to bask in pleasure while forgetting about her status and work as queen.
  • Humble Hero Unlike her (apparent) predecessors who flaunted and spent the wealth of Fronce into decline, she tries to keep things simple and modest in an effort to try and help her kingdom grow in the right ways. As for Aphrodia herself, she's humble enough to admit she isn't as wise a ruler as people boast of her (which is the wise and humble answer), and although she speaks using things like The Royal We, that's mostly when she's being ceremonious or talking to subordinates.
  • I Just Want My Beloved to Be Happy In the sense of both Lute AND her kingdom. By the end of the story, she wants nothing more than to marry Lute and even have his children, but she also knows that if they did that, it would mean that instead of their kingdoms forming an alliance, one of their kingdoms would become part of the other (most likely Edelland becoming a part of Fronce), which would also probably cause problems for their descendants. Hence she settles on being his mistress (which is to say, she semi-secretly becomes a part of his harem too).
  • If You EVER Do Anything to Hurt Him... Aphrodia makes this kind of a proclamation twice. First time was after Lute saved her from the Cyclops, she tells Cuvier that he was forbidden from making anymore assassination attempts toward Lute, lest he incur her wrath (You kill him, I KILL YOU! Basically). The second time is right before Lute and the others are departing from Fronce, she publicly declares that as long as she reigned as Queen of Fronce, no one shall harm Lute or his kingdom (at least no one under her jurisdiction that is) as their two kingdoms were now allies, and must preserve bonds of loyalty "as though they are lovers". Lute of course reciprocates this toward her.
  • Inside Joke Lute first met her in secret on a hill outside of Boan. Lute introduces himself as "Rumpelstiltskin" and she introduces herself as "Swordswoman Aphrodia". Later in the story, Lute responds to an invitation to go to Fronce, and in the letter he writes "To the Queen atop the Hill" much to her amusement. Also, when they formally meet for the "first time" in Fronce, he tells her he is also known as "Rumpelstiltskin". Again, to her amusement.
  • I Surrender, Suckers She both falls for and employs this.
    • When she falls for it: The first time she meets Lute, they are just outside of Boan, and she challenged him to a duel. Lute initially didn't want to fight, but agrees when he has her make a bet with him to where, if he won, she had to let him grope her breasts. The duel begins and Lute immediately tosses his sword away saying he didn't feel up to fighting anymore. She gets angry and moves to attack him, but her horse gets spooked which causes her to drop her guard, so Lute takes this opening and pounces on her. He successfully disarms her, and thus is victorious. He then receives his prize.
    • When she employs it: She and Lute were meeting in secret once again (this time in Fronce, in Count Roche's room alone). She wanted to thank Lute for his gift of bras which she had been needing, and to express how impressed she was. She remarks that him besting her the first time was just a fluke, so Lute asks if she wanted to test that theory. She allows him to grope and suck her breasts once more, and eventually orgasms so much that she loses her strength. She questions if boobs were all Lute cared about, Lute understands what she was referring to, and of course was interested. She tells him that she wouldn't let him have his way however, but she orgasms once more, loses the strength to stand, drops to her hands and knees, and guess what happens next. As it turns out however, she was planning/secretly hoping Lute would do it, because she is actually 3/4 demon and therefore figured she could overwhelm him. Too bad for her, it backfires, because Lute is actually half-human half-incubus which makes him King of ALL Demons (though he isn't aware of this fact). So he once more overwhelms her in sex.
    • When she employs it again: In the epilogue, after Cuvier's failed attempt to force Lute to sign a bad treaty, she declares to the public that not only would Cuvier be sent back and executed in Fronce, but to further apologize to Lute and Edelland, she would remain in the capitol for a while and act as his personal servant for the duration... Right... In actuality, it was exactly what you're thinking: An excuse she used to be able to stay in Edelland, and be with her beloved Lute as much as she wanted. As a matter of fact, in a metaphoric sense, she employs this when she makes love to Lute, in the way that: by offering herself to Lute, it was as though she was offering him Fronce itself, so when he makes love to her... It's as though he is making love to the entirety and the embodiment of Fronce itself. Which is EXACTLY how SHE herself describes it to him.
  • King Incognito The first time she meets Lute, she isn't wearing her queenly attire and she doesn't reveal her true identity. Instead, she is dressed as a knight, but even then Lute had a pretty good guess as to who she likely was, and he turned out to be right when they "officially" meet later in Fronce. She also dons the armor for a secret "meeting" with Lute in Count Roche's room to "thank" him for the gifts he gave her.
  • Living Aphrodisiac She is 3/4 demonic. Her father was half-demon and her mother was a fairy, so it makes sense considering a common trait of demon species in their world is that they're apparently great in bed. Lute admits she has an amazing and beautiful body, and yes, he compliments her for making him feel terrific when they make love too.
  • Noticeable Nipples See her image? No matter what she wears, they're noticeable.
  • Old Friend She and Gladys knew each other from back when they were younger.
  • Properly Paranoid She has it to where, even Cuvier and Count Roche are required to undergo inspections before seeing her in person in her throne room. Such is the life of a queen of a former continental super power. (Not to mention, considering she knows Cuvier is a scheming prick, it makes even more sense.)
  • Quirky Household Her kingdom has a bizarre setup. Formerly the dominant power of the continent, a series of incompetent or lazy rulers prior to her squandered the wealth of her nation, now she is doing what she can to try and fix things, all while dealing with a Prime Minister who keeps urging her to implement a new political system, which while probably GOOD for the country, can very well lead to civil war if not handled properly. There's also her archduke, who is a scheming bastard (and everyone knows it, but can prove nothing) that wants her to go to war with surrounding nations to try and reclaim the glory of Fronce as the former dominant power, but in doing so would actually bankrupt the kingdom and make everything worse. She apparently has 3 nephews who COULD potentially inherit the throne, but even Cuvier is wise enough to know that all 3 of them are incompetent morons who would be as good in power as Bobon was in the first game.
  • Ready for Lovemaking There's at least 3 instances:
    • The first time is less obvious, because she was trying to hide it. It was after Lute had given her a gift of bras and they had settled the trade issues between Fronce and Edelland. She met him in secret and although she didn't admit it out loud, she was secretly hoping to go all the way. They do.
    • The second time was immediately after Lute had finished playing with the cyclops (and also after saving her life from it). She invited Lute to dine privately with her. It was so obvious that Motaire, Shamsiel, and Gladys started cracking up about it. As they dine, she keeps getting closer and closer to Lute and giving signals of this. Of course it happens next.
    • The third time is in the epilogue it's first thing in the morning, Lute is just opening his eyes and what does he see? Aphrodia (fully nude) hovering her tits over him. GEE... I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?!
  • Rescue Romance A fairly sizable factor as to why she falls for Lute is because he saved her life from the Cyclops that was seconds away from smashing her like a bug.
  • Sex as Rite-of-Passage Of sorts. After she falls in love with Lute and they make love, she tells Lute that he "made her a woman". According to her, this means that when they are together, she is able to forget all her troubles, status, and work and freely indulge in pleasure.
  • Sexier Alter Ego She meets Lute disguised as a swordmaiden/knight and then when they are formally introduced, she is revealed to be the Queen of Fronce. Therefore, which is the sexier alter ego is up to the viewer's preference.
  • Silk Hiding Steel See her image? She usually wears that dress of hers, but a couple times she meets with Lute wearing the armor, and when she does so, it usually means she's about to fight someone. Which is to say, she can probably whoop some ass on her own.
  • Sleep Cute When she meets Lute for the very first time, she loses a "duel" with him and thus allows him to fondle and suck her breasts. He of course does this, but to her surprise, it feels so good that she orgasms repeatedly to the point where she faints in his arms. She awakens a few minutes later lying on the ground as Lute is fixing her armor for her. He tells her she has a gorgeous body.
  • So Beautiful It's a Curse See that rack of hers? Yes. Is it nice? Yes. Is it a problem for her? Also yes. Why? Because gravity is a bitch and she has problems with wearing out bras. So much so that when Marquis Cuvier places a ban on bra imports and has tariffs in place for them, she is absolutely MISERABLE, because she winds up wearing out her bras one by one. That is until Lute arrives with gifts of close to 100 bras made specifically for her. A gift she considers to be the best she's ever gotten.
  • Their First Time This one's hard to figure out. Aphrodia makes numerous claims that her body is basically a national treasure for the Kingdom of Fronce, and yet when she and Lute have actual sex for the first time, she makes statements that make you wonder if she actually WAS a virgin or not. At the very least, she says that Lute was the first man to ever make her orgasm from her breasts alone AND the only man to outlast her.
  • The Royal We: Tends to address herself as this a LOT. Makes sense, she is the queen and in that role she IS Fronce, hence the formality.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare Probably one of the VERY few positive examples of this trope: At one point she arranges a secret meeting with Lute in Fronce, to "thank" him for giving her new, specially made, bras. She allowed him to once again grope and suck on her boobs, and eventually she has such an intense orgasm that she's left in a daze with this look on her face for a minute or so, until Lute snaps her out of it by groping her some more.
  • To Win Without Fighting She isn't as eager to engage in wars as Cuvier is, and tries to find better ways to get things done. That being said, she meets Lute in Boan secretly, and although the two eventually agree to a duel, Lute manages to best her in this exact manner by catching her while she's distracted and forces her to admit defeat (which she does). This strategy unintentionally flips back on her again when she tells Cuvier that if he wanted to try and get rid of Lute/conquer Edelland for Fronce, he would have to do so without starting a pointless and costly war by somehow luring Lute to Fronce and then trying to assassinate him. Cuvier accepts these terms and decides the best way to do this would be to hurt Edelland's trade/export of bras... A move that outrages Aphrodia who needed bras and was made more and more miserable because of it, until Lute finally comes to Fronce and they settle the matter of removing the trade ban and tariffs without fighting.
  • Victim Falls For Rapist Sex isn't why she falls in love with Lute, but it sure helped bring them closer together. The first time they met, Lute bests her in combat and fondles and sucks her boobs causing her to orgasm repeatedly to the point that she faints. Later on, she and Lute meet secretly during his trip to Fronce, and he once again fondles and sucks her boobs causing her to orgasm repeatedly once more to the point where she drops to her hands and knees... You can guess what comes next. At first, she claims that she didn't exactly give him permission to do so with her, but secretly she had actually been hoping he would, so it's open to interpretation.
    • Later events throw this trope into extremely doubtful territory: Aphrodia reveals she's nearly 3/4 of demonic blood, and she almost succeeds in overwhelming Lute when they actually have sexual intercourse the first time, and she implies that she had been counting on using that trait to force Lute into submission if she needed to, and she makes it clear she expected she would have had to. That all being said, it's not really sure where she was willing to draw a line between consent and rape, and it eventually become a moot point.
  • Wacky Marriage Proposal The morning after having spent the night making love to Lute, SHE actually proposes to him, and emphasizes that she was serious about it. Lute's answers? Unfortunately they wouldn't be able to, because while they do have feelings of love toward each other, the problem is their positions as rulers of separate kingdoms. Were they to officially marry, it would mean that upon their deaths, Edelland would likely become a part of Fronce, which they both didn't exactly want for their kingdoms, because they wanted an alliance of peaceful relations so they wouldn't give up their nations' independence. They both agree on it, but at the same time, she tells him she wants to maintain they at least be lovers. See The Mistress.
    • The Mistress Due to politics, Aphrodia is unable to actually marry Lute, despite telling him she truly wanted to. Instead, she becomes this to him. Which is the same as saying she basically becomes another member of Lute's harem of wives/lovers, but only in secret, so the public doesn't know about it.
  • Wise Beyond Her Years Though the previous king was considered very laid-back, she is considered far more active and clever, even by Cuvier, hence he feels she is a valuable/worthy person to rule Fronce. Also, she once states that she personally doesn't see herself as wise, but this seems to have just been her being modest, because she definitely demonstrates wisdom on a number of occasions.
    • Examples include, but aren't limited to: Appointing Aristera and Droit to be her personal maids (simply because she knew they had information/experience in Edelland (including information about Lute), her willingness to agree with Count Roche's plan to instate the Knighted Bureaucracy in Fronce, and despite having given Marquis Cuvier permission to try and assassinate Lute when he came to Fronce, she arranged to meet Lute face-to-face in secret beforehand to actually see for herself what kind of man he really was.
  • Happiness in Slavery Don't misunderstand. She's the queen of one of the major powers of the entire continent. She never actually becomes this... Per say: The reason this trope applies to her, has to do with the very end of the story. After Marquis Cuvier's failed attempt to force Lute to sign an alliance paper that would force them to pledge military support to Fronce, unfairly, it's publicly announced that Queen Aphrodia would serve time as an actual servant to Lute in atonement. In reality, it was just an excuse for her to stay in Edelland with her beloved Lute longer and make love to Lute all she wanted. So for all intents and purposes, it counts.

Edelland Allies

General Felzen

Did I stutter?

The General of Edelland's military. Youngest of the "3 Old Bastards" as Bernstein called him, Zant and Schlamm. Of the 3, he is also the most skilled in direct combat, he had been trained in martial arts and has never lost a fist fight or unarmed duel, on top that, he is also a brilliant strategist, and was second only to Wackenheim in terms of being a prolific general.


Voiced by: Yukimitsu Koshi (JP)

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Actually Pretty Funny These days, he laughs right alongside others at Lute's jokes. Such as after Lute returns from a long trip and spends the night with Luceria, Roxanne, Isis, and Gladys making up for lost time. The next morning Felzen asks if Lute slept well, Lute responds that he felt as though he hadn't slept at all. Felzen starts laughing heartily knowing what he meant.
  • Benevolent Boss He's tough, he's crude, he doesn't hesitate, and the soldiers he commands have great respect for him because of it.
  • Brutal Honesty He has always been known for being this, hence he used to clash with some of the others in political matters. To this day, he still speaks his mind whenever he sees something he does or doesn't agree with.
  • Berserk Button He has a temper and a number of these.
  • Cool Old Guy He enjoys his job, supports Lute completely, and is probably the 2nd best knight in the kingdom aside from Gladys.
  • Does Not Compute He, like most men (especially older ones), doesn't necessarily understand women's obsessions/needs with bras. As such, he doesn't see sanctions or tariffs against them as as much of a big deal aside from it hurting trade.
  • Fiery Redhead You better believe that if you make him mad, there WILL be consequences.
  • Mercy Mode He's a hothead, brash, and straight-forward Commander of the Royal Guards, but unexpectedly, after Lute and his group return from their trip to Fronce, Felzen suggests Lute grant Amnesty to someone since that kind of thing is done around the time when friendship pacts are being made. Lute agrees, and pardons Nellis and Argent.
  • Papa Wolf Apparently, after Aristera and Droit left him, Motaire started seeing Felzen's niece. As you can imagine, Felzen isn't exactly thrilled about this given Motaire's previous reputation.
  • Spit Take When Roxanne mentions Motaire dating his niece, he has one of these and chokes on the beer she had poured him. He tries to be clear "They are not dating. They just... See each other now and then."

General Zant

Did I forget something?

A General of Edelland's military and Prefect of Bustenhalter. He formerly used to ridicule Lute back when he was in the Royal Knight's Academy, but since the events of the first game, he now pledges his full allegiance to him.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Actually Pretty Funny When Lute and co are first introduced to Cardinal Canossa and Fango, Canossa makes some rather blatantly insulting comments toward Shamsiel, Emeralia, and even Lute himself, but then Lute calls him out on it and throws it all back in his face, even using examples from scripture to prove the Cardinal wrong. After the Cardinals leave the room, Schlamm and he start laughing and congratulating Lute for not taking any crap from Canossa.
  • Badass Teacher He's one of the 3 best generals in Edelland's military and is able to teach others about the Knighted Bureaucracy.
  • Brutal Honesty
  • Berserk Button He isn't very keen on people mocking his king (Lute).
  • Cool Old Guy He enjoys his job.
  • Properly Paranoid Inverted somewhat. When they first hear that Lute is coming to visit them, Zant and Schlamm work hard to make preparations for when he arrives, and of the two of them, Zant was the more frantic and worried about doing everything he could to make Lute feel welcome. Then when Lute finally DOES arrive, everything goes fine and he's greatly relieved.

General Schlamm

I'm not dead yet y'know.

A General of Edelland's military and Adjutant of the Royal Guards of Edelland. He was also from the first class of graduates to come from the Royal Knight's academy.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Actually Pretty Funny When Lute and co are first introduced to Cardinal Canossa and Fango, Canossa makes some rather blatantly insulting comments toward Shamsiel, Emeralia, and even Lute himself, but then Lute calls him out on it and throws it all back in his face, even using examples from scripture to prove the Cardinal wrong. After the Cardinals leave the room, he and Zant start laughing and congratulating Lute for not taking any crap from Canossa.
  • Aw, Look -- They Really Do Love Each Other Discussed by him. When Shamsiel is accused once more of murdering 10 men in Bustenhalter, she is in tears as she claims her innocence to Lute. Lute believes her. She talks to him about whether they should just divorce so that she won't cause him anymore problems. Lute holds her close and tells her than no matter what anyone says, she'd always be his queen. They embrace even harder and she quietly sheds tears in appreciation. Meanwhile, Motaire, Emeralia, Zant, and Schlamm were watching this and Schlamm says "A devil who can cry is not a devil at all" which is a way of showing that he finally understood Shamsiel and Lute's relationship.
  • Brutal Honesty
  • Berserk Button He has a temper, he doesn't like when people bring up his age, and he also doesn't like it when people disrespect those he is supportive of such as when people speak ill of Lute.
  • Cool Old Guy He enjoys his job.
  • Only Sane Man While Zant gets worked up more easily, Schlamm tends to keep a level head in most situations, no doubt thanks to years of experience and veterancy.
  • Wise Beyond His Years Amusingly, he gives this compliment to Lute saying he's "an old mind in a young body" and is therefore a great ruler in Schlamm's eyes.

Motaire De Platine


Former classmate of Lute's from the Royal Knight's Academy. His father's name is Sexiere De Platine (you read right, that's his real name), and his family invented the bra in their world. These days, he's captain of the Royal Knights and is one of Lute's personal bodyguards (though not in the same way as Isis, his ex-fiance).

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Actually Pretty Funny He used to not get along with Lute, but these days, he's right there laughing along with him as a friend.
  • Asshole Victim No, not like how he was in the first game. In this game he's actually a better man, but this trope applies to his one major screw up: He and Isis had just thwarted Assassins attempting to kill Lute while posing as foreign dignitaries (yet still in their assassin outfits). The assassins had called Isis "Ms Shy Nipples" referring to the fact that she has inverted nipples. Motaire actually asks her if this was true, which as you would expect pisses her off, so she clobbers him. She tries to apologize for beating him so badly, but he makes it worse by asking to see her inverted nipples... Yeah... No... Isis once again gets mad, tells him that her boobs are only for Lute to see and touch, and then kicks Motaire's ass once more. It's all played for laughs, and if he was going to ask something so stupid, it's kind of hard to feel sorry for him.
  • Berserk Button Now that he and Lute are friends, he acknowledges him as his king and a hero. As such, when people start to slander, disrespect, insult, speak ill of, or act inappropriately toward Lute or any of Lute's wives/lovers, Motaire is one of the first to get upset and ready to dish out some punishment.
  • Brutal Honesty He actually asks Isis, if she would show him her breasts, because he found out she had inverted nipples. He immediately regretted this, because she got pissed and beat the crap out of him.
  • Butt Monkey He's far more competent now, but he still has one or two moments where he slips up and says something he quickly regrets. Like asking his ex-fiance to show him her inverted nipples, which she of course refuses and reflexively kicks his ass.
  • Happily Divorced Though they were never married, since the first game, he and Isis broke off their engagement. This allowed Isis to freely be with Lute, whom she had fallen in love with, and he stuck to his groupies: Aristera and Droit. However, at some point (perhaps 6 months or a year) prior to this game's beginning, they once more left him and moved back to Fronce. Oddly enough, Motaire actually travels to Fronce, but never sees them, nor does he know that they are actually there when he's there. Same goes for them.
  • Not So Above It All Since the last game, he has become good friends with Lute, even joining in on some of his jokes. Such as when Lute asks him whether he liked boobs or butts more in front of Argent, without missing a beat, Motaire goes "Boobs".
  • Not So Different Discussed by him. In one of the alternate endings, he tells Argent that he reminds him of how he used to be, before Lute became his friend and King (a self-absorbed, pipe-dream-driven, asshole).
    • Another thing he and Argent have in common is they both (at one point) have/had a huge crush on Gladys. Though the reasons are: Motaire had been trained by her when he was a boy. Argent on the other hand has a thing for "brown women". Course none of that matters since the next thing they both have in common is... Gladys straight out and bluntly rejects BOTH of them in favor of Lute.
  • Undying Loyalty It seems like he has become one of Lute's biggest supporters outside of his harem. That includes him standing up for Lute and Queen Shamsiel in Vunderbalt when Canossa was insulting them. There was also the instance when they returned to Bustenhalter and the soldiers wanted to kill Shamsiel for her supposed attack the night before on their comrades. Motaire is the first to try and tell them they were mistaken, and that if they raised their swords against Shamsiel, it'd be like doing so against Lute, whom they definitely trusted.
  • "Well Done, Son" Guy He does quite a bit to help his father, but in doing so, he's also helping the kingdom itself, so it's not as pathetic as most examples of this trope.

Kingdom of Lingobard

King Bazalt I


The king of Lingobard. After the ending of the last game, he declared war on Edelland, but he ended up getting captured and his troops had to surrender in return for his freedom. He's pretty pissed about his failure and seeks revenge on the kingdom that humiliated him.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Asshole Victim You can tell this idiot is related to Bobon. He has tantrums when he doesn't get his way, he hates anyone who disagrees with him, and he's abusive toward women. When you hear he was either executed or deposed for repeated plots against Lute, and his kingdom is annexed by Edelland or his cash given away to his subjects... Nobody cares.
  • Berserk Button Nearly everything sets him off. If you disagree with him, he screams, if you say his plans are flawed, he beats you. If you tell him NOT to do something, he'll try to have you executed, and do what he said anyway.
  • Bad Boss Suffice to say, nobody cared when he lost his position or his head.
  • Blatant Lies When all of the schemes he arranged with Nellis and Argent are thwarted, this idiot thought he could say they did it all on their own? Yeah. His word means as much as Bobon's ever did.
  • Costume Porn He has one of the most detailed outfits in the game.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him His first act that we know of, was him getting captured and defeated by Gladys prior to the story. In the Normal ending, his kingship title were stripped from him and all of his wealth was donated to charity while he himself simply fell into ambiguity. Once his later conspiracies that happen IN-story are exposed, he gets arrested and executed, his nephew is imprisoned, and his kingdom is annexed by Edelland. History likely won't remember him all that much.
  • Fate Worse Than Death: In the Normal ending while Bazalt wasn't executed for his crimes and his country was never annexed, he was still deposed as king for his warmongering and underhanded schemes. Not only was the Bastard King forced to abdicate his throne but every last cent he owned went to all the families of his soldiers who lost their lives fighting his conflict of personal gain.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: It's easier to keep track of when he's not mad. You can count it on your fingers... On one hand.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard Everyone around him (except for Argent, because Argent was just as much of an idiot) could tell that his plans of revenge against Edelland and Lute were doomed to crash and burn, and in some of their cases, they were hoping for it. Others, it was just like watching a train wreck in slow motion. ALL of his plans fail. In the end, his nephew and "servant" are imprisoned, his kingdom is annexed by those who wanted to kill, and to top it all off? He gets taken back to Edelland, and his top is chopped off.
  • Jerkass: To a ridiculous extreme.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk This guy is a jackass through and through. He even sought aid from the Church of Holy Rood, but was rejected, because they figured he wanted to get them to unleash some sort of divine power for him to win... Yeah... Churches don't work like that, dumbass.
  • Know When to Fold'Em He doesn't know when to stop with the stupidly self-destructive schemes of revenge. At least not until his kingdom is taken from him and an ax is swinging toward his neck.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal He's part of the reason for why Nellis eventually joins Lute's side (physically beating and verbally lashing at someone for their opinions tends to not make one popular). He's also partially responsible for why his own subjects in Lingobard didn't care when he was removed from his position, executed, and then Lingobard was annexed by Edelland, because by comparison, Lute wasn't nearly as demanding nor as much of a jackass to them as Bazalt was.
  • No Intelligent Life Here No wonder Bobon was such a moronic asshole, apparently everyone else in the Lingobard royalty were/are the same way.
  • Orcus on His Throne All the while Bazalt acts and complains like he does all the work in his kingdom. Often the royal ass employs the help of lackeys and envoys either infinitely more incompetent or intelligent than he is, was or ever will be.
  • Pet the Dog Played with and ultimately Subverted; he both complemented and insulted his relative Bobon in post mortem. Calling him a good nephew and a idiot at the same time.
  • Speak Ill of the Dead Bazalt, being the Jerkass blame shifting incompetent he is, would often spite the postmortem Rubin Von Bernstein from his high horse, on account of the latter's failed plan to put Bobon on the throne.
    • From his own words he didn't hold much respect for his nephew either. Saying while he was family he was still a fool through and through, given the family whom said butthead happens to descend from. The good bad king really doesn't have much room to talk, Does He?
  • Thousand-Yard Stare When his plans are thwarted and exposed in either ending, his kingdom or parts of it are annexed into the very nation he sought revenge upon and to overthrow, his nephew is imprisoned, and he is to be taken back to Edelland and executed for his crimes. Else-wise he's simply dethroned and all his money is given to the families of his soldiers. In both endings he doesn't struggle nor resist when they restrain him or confiscate his goods, and as they take him away or Lute and Gladys walk away, he has this BIGTIME.
  • Unfortunate Implications Initially, one might think Nellis is a court magician or perhaps a personal servant to Argent and the Lingobard royalty. But then, Bazalt says "Sell her to some bawdy house for all I care!" Then, she is "given" as a "milk maid" to Lute. A "gift" they say. Basically meaning...
  • Weird Beard If you can call it that. He has what seems like 2 giant long and pointed nose hairs sticking from his nostrils and the devil's pointy beard on his chin.
  • What an Idiot! This guy just doesn't know when to quit while he's ahead. His thirst for revenge on Edelland after his humiliating defeat in the war a year or so prior to this stories' events blinds him from making any sensible decisions to preserve whatever dignity he or his kingdom had left, and of course it all comes back to bite him in the ass eventually.
    • In fact, pretty much everybody (aside from Argent who was just as big of a blinded idiot) could tell he was going to fail from the start, but he never listened to any of them.
  • What Happened to the Mouse? In a couple of endings, good old Bazalt is never seen nor heard from again. In the Normal Ending after losing his power, his money and any real respect he had from anybody; the guy just fades away into the scenery.

Prince Argent De Bonn

Oh I just can't wait to be king! (Is 3rd in line.)

Prince Bobon's cousin, and heir in line for the throne of Lingobard. He's been told that helping his uncle, Bazalt I get revenge on Edelland will ensure him getting crowned king. His mother's name is Lady Zanebia, who is the younger sister of Bobon's mother who was King Hagel I's first wife.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Asshole Victim He basically inherits Motaire's character arc from last game of growing to be a better man after starting out as an ass. And like Motaire, this means he gets beaten up a lot after sticking his neck out.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness He's not as cartoonishly-drawn as his uncle, and he has redeeming qualities his uncle does not possess.
  • Berserk Button He hates it when people mispronounce his name, he also doesn't like it when he gets rejected by dark-skinned women (who in his opinion are THE best), and he also doesn't like having his nose ground into the long odds on his ever becoming king.
  • Butt Monkey For most of the first act, if something's gonna go wrong for someone, it's gonna go wrong for Argent.
  • Costume Porn His outfit (and hair) are quite detailed, since he's royalty.
  • Driven by Envy He despises Lute for, in his own mind, being a superficial idiot who has acquired everything Argent desires by pure dumb luck: the throne of a country after not being the King's proper heir, the respect of the court's ministers and generals, and the love of a woman who fits all his fetishes. He admits this to himself in the endings where he grows into a better person, especially as he realizes that Lute wasn't the fool he thought him to be, though he still does attempt a petty, spiteful little trick at the end that accidentally saves the day.
  • Easily Forgiven Considering the nature of his crimes, and how many people lost their lives in the process, Lute's ultimate pardon to him is very lenient, and comes with few strings attached. Subverted when, after he ends up trying to pull a childish prank, he is warned the next time he'll really be in for it, but downplayed because he accidentally saves the day in the process.
  • Easily Overheard Conversation His and Nellis' cover chat when Shamsiel spies on them after the Golem incident. But when Nellis alters him, he quickly changes the subject.
  • Entitled Bastard While one could probably see how his distaste for Lute comes from an understandable place, his belief that he deserves all the things Lute has is just egotism.
  • Fatal Flaw His ambition to become king, despite his own low standing, repeatedly drives him to play the long shot instead of folding. Shortsightedness may also show how he really IS a relative of Bobon's. And the expert chessmaster using him as a somewhat-knowing pawn knows how to play on these flaws.
  • Fetish He has a preoccupation with dark-skinned women, unfortunately for Nellis, who it's implied might be his Hopeless Suitor as a result.
  • For All the Marbles After a few failed schemes, Lute tells Nellis to warn him that if they tried anything else, he would invoke a condition of the prior treaty and Edelland would (by right) annex Lingobard. Which means any shot for Argent to sit on a throne would be dashed. At first it seemed like he was going to comply, but then Canossa hands him a jar with a familiar in it. It goes as you expect, and the end result is exactly as he had been warned.
  • Heterosexual Life Partners Although he doesn't always listen to her, he keeps Nellis around as a friend (of sorts), despite him making it very clear that he is more attracted to Gladys than her (even though both end up being a lost cause for him to pursue by the end). Even after the game ends, they're still friends. It's implied that Nellis was attracted to him, but he never cottons to it and never shows signs of reciprocating.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard To such a degree that he himself says this very trope word for word about himself when he looks back on his misdeeds and realizes he deserves what's happened to him thanks to his attempts to kill Lute in his blind pursuit of the throne.
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Him... In one of the alternate endings, Gladys makes it clear that although Argent would be spared and allowed to study the Knighted Bureaucracy under her, if he made any more attempts against Lute OR if he tried anything funny with her, she would personally chop him to pieces.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch When he's the villain of the first act, and he tries hitting on Gladys, she goes out of her way to grind her relationship with another man in his face after taking offense.
  • Know When to Fold'Em: Zig Zagged. He DID have the brains to do this after having his plans scuttled more than a few times, but he immediately went back to his old ways when the men using him as a pawn play on his ambitions and Fatal Flaw. Nellis tries many times to deter him from his self-destructive path, but he usually either doesn't listen or plays the long-shot anyway.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain The very final thing he does in the story as a slight toward Lute is when Queen Aphrodia, Count Roche, and Marquis Cuvier are visiting Edelland to have Lute sign a friendship pact to form an alliance between the two nations. The Fronce guests come bringing a huge load of barrels of Fronce wine as a gift/tribute to Lute and Edelland. So much so that there wasn't enough room in the warehouse to hold all the barrels. Lute had said to move whatever was leftover into the dungeon for storage, but later on as Argent was helping move the barrels, he lies and says that Lute wanted ALL the barrels put in the dungeon. The idea being that if the guests found out their gifts were being stored in such a place, they might take it as an insult and it would cause trouble for Lute. INSTEAD, it actually ends up saving everyone's asses, because it turns out the Marquis Cuvier had been smuggling soldiers in the barrels using magic, and when he tried to summon them forth to attack and take over the castle to force Lute to sign the unfair treaty he had tampered with, the soldiers emerged from the barrels... Inside the cell(s). So they weren't able to actually DO anything. This actually exposes Marquis Cuvier as committing treason, so he is imprisoned and later taken back to Fronce for execution. As for Argent? Lute meets with him in private, because he figured out that Argent had been behind the barrels being moved. He forgave him one last time, and warned him to NEVER do anything against him (Lute) or his kingdom again. He apologizes in tears and agrees.
  • Not So Different Discussed. He and Motaire have a lot in common, they both started out thinking very lowly of Lute, and let their pipe-dreams of pride and status get in the way. Hell, their standard poses look almost the same. And, indeed, by the end of the game, both have recognized Lute's intelligence and qualities as a man and become his friends, despite their attraction to his women.
    • Another thing he and Motaire have in common is they both (at one point) have/had a huge crush on Gladys. Though the reasons are: Motaire had been trained by her when he was a boy. Argent on the other hand has a thing for "brown women". Course none of that matters since the next thing they both have in common is... Gladys straight out and bluntly rejects BOTH of them in favor of Lute.
  • Oblivious to Hints Nellis tries time and again to convince him (and his uncle) to stop their foolish attempts to go after Lute, but neither of them listen to her until it is far too late. There were even some seeming hints that perhaps Nellis had had feelings for Argent, but he continuously ignores and (unwittingly) rejects her, so it's no surprise that she eventually picks Lute over him.
  • Pet the Dog Unlike his uncle, he does care about Nellis to an extent, even if he really should listen to her more. Once all of his plans end up being thwarted, it was Nellis who finally convinces him to cooperate and surrender peacefully, which very likely saved his life. A feat which he DOES thank her for later on.
  • Smarter Than You Look There are some implications that he is aware that his uncle's plans are foolish and have a low chance of success, but he's going along with them anyway because he'd rather swing for glory with a low chance of success then willingly fail into mediocrity. And, unlike his uncle, he's aware Curvier and the bishops are using him as a pawn, but goes along with it anyway for the same reasons.
  • Spanner in the Works His goal of trying to assassinate Lute for his uncle, is the trigger to the rest of the story's events, because his actions lead to Lingobard being (by right and legally) annexed into Edelland, which makes Edelland neighbor to Fronce (which was all a massive plan of Cuvier's). And, of course, his last-minute ploy to embarrass Lute in front of the Queen of Fronce ends up saving the Lute's nation and his life, by scuppering Curvier's last gambit.
  • Speak Ill of the Dead Averted. He does, but his cousin was the villain of the last title, his uncle is the Starter Villain here, and judgement isn't passed on him for telling it like it is with regard to their faults as people.
  • Spell My Name with an "S" When he first meets Lute officially, Lute mispronounces his name several times mostly to deliberately mess with him, because he actually KNEW that Argent wasn't there to do what he had said he was, so he figured he'd have some fun with him. Argent gets riled up pretty easily.
  • Too Dumb to Live: After a certain point, he could have just pledged support to Lute and gotten everything he wanted, but he just can't quite overcome his grudge. That stunt with the wine barrels was past the point of reason, as he himself admits.
  • Unfit for Greatness At the end of the day... he just doesn't have what it takes to be a good king, as he himself ultimately admits.
  • Ungrateful Bastard This idiot gets caught conspiring against Lute and the others time and again, yet Lute shows him mercy time and again, but to the very end this bastard STILL can't help himself and continues to try and cause trouble for Lute one last time. At the very end, Lute forgives him one final time, but also has him sent back to what used to be the former capital of Lingobard which was now a part of Edelland, so if that was as a free man or as some sort of punishment is up to one's own interpretation.
  • "Well Done, Son" Guy or rather "Well Done, Nephew" Guy The whole reason he's trying to take out Lute is because his uncle Bazalt I told him that if he managed to do so, he would consider (not definitely, but simply CONSIDER) appointing him as his successor as the future king of Lingobard.
  • What Does She See in Him? Part of his hatred for Lute is seeing him as a lazy, foolish king obsessed with trivialities, and yet also seeing that the woman of his dreams, Gladys, is madly in love with him for reasons he can't discern at all.
  • What Happened to the Mouse? At the very end of the story, Lingobard is officially annexed by Edelland, his uncle had been executed, Nellis opts to stay with Lute rather than him, and he is sent back to what used to be Lingobard. What this actually means for him is anyone's guess... Basically the one thing it DOES mean is that he will NEVER be king of anything.

Church of Holy Rood

And thus we pray!

The organization in general is basically their world's equivalent of the Catholic Church.

Tropes exhibited by this organization in general include:
  • Fire and Brimstone Hell Or as Saint Reaper calls it the "Valley of Hinnom".
  • Sacrificial Lamb One of the younger Cardinals tries opening Pandora's Box toward the beginning of the story to test his holiness. It serves as Saint Reaper's first appearance... And the poor bastard is deemed unworthy, and thus Saint Reaper kills him and devours his soul. Agatha walks over to pick up the box after he's done, and murmurs that he was a fool: from the moment he had the pride in his soul to think of himself that way, he was already doomed.
  • Saintly Church Clearly the Catholic Church of their world.
  • Corrupt Church A few of the Cardinals are under the payroll of Marquis Cuvier.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can Not exactly "evil", but Saint Reaper resides in Pandora's Box, and if anyone he deems unworthy opens the box, their soul is devoured and sent to hell.
  • Well Intentioned Extremist Some of the Cardinals tend to go a bit overboard with the idea of restoring the Church to being the dominant authority on the continent. There are also some who aren't very keen on the idea of a demon officially marrying into royalty of a kingdom.
  • Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe They all talk like this.
  • You All Look Familiar Aside from the colors of their outfits (and maybe some slight skin tone variations), all of the cardinals look exactly the same regardless of age or nationality/race.

Cardinal Agatha

Let not thy arrogance blind thee!

The Chairman of the Council of Cardinals of the Church of Holy Rood.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Big Good He's a fair man and the head of the Council of Cardinals. He was one of the ones who had no problem with Lute marrying Shamsiel from the beginning. In fact, even before/without having met Shamsiel or Lute in person, he still refers to Shamsiel as just that: a person. Not a "devil" like some of the other Cardinals had.
  • Cool Old Guy When he meets Lute and Shamsiel in person, even when they make jokes and talk somewhat crudely, he doesn't get upset or insulted and actually finds them amusing.
  • Easily Forgiven When he first meets Lute and Shamsiel, he apologizes to her on behalf of the council for any prior affronts to them from events earlier in the story. Lute forgives them, and according to Shamsiel, if Lute was fine with it then it was fine with her. Then again... Agatha wasn't one of those behind any of the trouble caused by the cardinals that was Canossa and indirectly Nigolinov.
  • Genre Savvy He knows that opening Pandora's Box is suicide to most people (probably himself included). Hence he doesn't allow it to leave his possession, and when it does, he gets quite upset, because it is too dangerous to just let handled freely.
  • Properly Paranoid The way he sees it, anyone who would open Pandora's Box to test themselves is already corrupted by arrogance and vanity for trying to "test" the Lord. Thus even he admits to being afraid to open Pandora's Box.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: One of the few of his colleagues who actually is one consistently.
  • Saintly Church: He at least tries to live up to this standard, and isn't arrogant enough to think himself without flaw.
  • What the Hell Hero He knows Nigolinov is corrupt, and yet he lets him stay in the council. Why?
  • You All Look Familiar Aside from the colors of his outfit being the fanciest and his skin being slightly paler than the rest, all of the cardinals look exactly the same as him.

Cardinal Canossa


One of the Council of Cardinals of the Church of Holy Rood sent to evaluate Lute and especially Shamsiel's qualifications to ruling as queen.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Ass in Ambassador He's supposed to be a representative of the Church of Holy Rood, yet right out of the gate he starts hurling insults toward Lute, Emeralia, and especially Shamsiel. Cardinal Fango thought he was going a bit overboard.
  • Ass in a Lion Skin He's a Cardinal of the Church of Holy Rood, but he's also a colossal Jerk Ass.
    • As a matter of fact, he and Lute have a slight argument about this topic: Canossa said that all the bad things that were happening (people being attacked by demons and wraiths and such) was all because Lute married Shamsiel, Lute says that if that was true then why would God have waited 2 years before delving out the divine retribution? Canossa responds that the Lord decides as thus and his ways are inscrutable, which prompts Lute to question how he (or anyone) could honestly know exactly what God's thinking is? Canossa asks if he dares question God. Lute responds that he questions HIM (Canossa) as an individual person, and references an oriental saying where a fox borrows a tiger's authority, and points out how Canossa was acting like a fox borrowing God's name/authority for his own benefit. This immediately shuts Canossa up. Cardinal Fango agrees with Lute's words and says he speaks the truth.
  • Asshole Victim For all the crap he does and says, for nearly wrecking Shamsiel's life, finding out that he doesn't die or get thrown in jail for what he did is kind of disappointing, but then Lute meets him in secret, and after calling him out on EVERY SINGLE CRIME he committed, humiliates him by making him get on his hands and knees to act as well as bark like a dog to apologize to Shamsiel, which gives her enough of a laugh to forgive him.
  • Berserk Button He's not fond of having his insults thrown right back in his face. He can dish it, but he can't take it.
  • Blasphemous Boast See Ass in a Lion Skin above.
  • Blatant Lies When he first actually meets Shamsiel, Lute, and Emeralia, he says some rather rude comments about them, and when Shamsiel gets angered by it, he pretends like he had thought/meant to only say those things so that ONLY he could hear them. Sure... Lute would later use this same method to take a shot at Canossa in return.
  • Brutal Honesty Don't misunderstand it. He IS a lying, scheming, prick, but at the same time, he's also very blunt about it. The very first time he meets Shamsiel face to face, the first words out of his mouth are "Dear Lord am I dreaming? I see the devil's spawn." He then immediately starts taking shots at Emeralia for her past betrayal. Not even subtle when he's insulting people of status, huh?
  • Corrupt Church He took orders from Cardinal Nigolinov who took orders from Marquis Cuvier to try and discredit Shamsiel and Lute. Eventually Lute calls him out on all of this, and threatens to expose his crimes and humiliation unless he turned over a new leaf. He complies.
  • Dirty Old Man/Dirty Old Monk He's a cardinal of the Church of Holy Rood, and claims to be a representative of God's will, and yet... When Shamsiel puts on her "queen dress", Lute notices that even Canossa is awestruck by her and is staring at her boobs.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight At one point, Canossa's string of insults toward Lute and Shamsiel almost gets his ass kicked when the soldiers in Vunderbalt get angered by his comments. Lute tells everyone to relax and be nice to the "runt", because the "runt of a litter always BARKS loudest. Cut to a day or so later: Lute meets with Canossa, threatens to expose all the crimes he has done, and punishes him by having him get on the ground and barking and acting like a dog.
  • Hypocrite: To such an extreme that Lute easily calls him on his shit several times.
    • For instance: He was sent to evaluate Shamsiel's worthiness of being queen, and yet from the start he was against her. Also, the fact that he supposedly hates demons, and yet uses magic jars to summon a fake succubus which he then has KILL innocent bystanders and soldiers simply to try and discredit Shamsiel who hasn't attacked a single person (that wasn't evil) since she fell for Lute.
  • Kick the Dog More like "Rub the dog's nose in it". After all the attempts to discredit Shamsiel are thwarted and he is about to head back to the Vactin to deliver his report, Lute meets him privately, points out EVERY SINGLE CRIME he had committed against him, and points out how he was just a pawn to Marquis Cuvier. Then, he calls in Shamsiel and forces Canossa to apologize to her for all the trouble, and just to rub it in further, Canossa had to get on his hands and knees and act (including barking) like a dog, before she forgave him. Lute also made it clear that if Canossa reported anything negative about him or Shamsiel, OR if he refused to compensate the families of any of those soldiers his actions cost their lives of, Lute was going to tell EVERYONE about his "dog incident". Canossa concedes.
  • Noodle Incident That whole thing where Lute humiliates him by forcing him to get down and act like a dog while barking in order to apologize to Shamsiel. Apparently it would eventually be brought to light and become a historic event known as the "Humiliation of Canossa".
  • Sarcasm Mode "Oh did you hear that? I thought that I was only speaking/thinking to myself."
    • Sarcasm Failure It becomes this when Lute throws his little sarcastic comment right back at him.
  • Took a Level In Kindness It takes... Getting rescued from nearly being ripped apart by berserk ghouls as well as spared from his soul being devoured by Saint Reaper, and being humiliated by Lute who forces him to get on his hands and knees and act like a dog to apologize to Shamsiel... But he comes to respect Lute eventually. He goes right back to being a jerkass in the following game.
  • What an Idiot! Lute manages to outsmart him even in knowledge of scripture!
  • You All Look Familiar Aside from the colors of his outfit being shades of black, all of the cardinals look exactly the same as him.

Cardinal Fango

He has a point

One of the Council of Cardinals of the Church of Holy Rood sent to evaluate Lute and Shamsiel's qualifications as queen. He's actually FOR Shamsiel and Lute's marriage.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Actually Pretty Funny Some of the jokes Lute and the others make even get him to snicker once or twice.
  • Big Good He's actually a fair man and supports Lute and Shamsiel's marriage from the start.
    • When Lute outplays Canossa by quoting scripture and pointing out Canossa's hypocrisy, Fango is quite impressed with him, and even takes his side in the argument.
  • Cool Old Guy He is one of the cardinals who from the start had no problem with Shamsiel, a succubus, marrying Lute.
  • Dirty Old Man In a sense. When Shamsiel puts on her queenly white dress, Lute noticed that both Cardinals were enchanted by her elegance and beauty.
  • Jerkass Has a Point When Canossa and Lute clash a few times, Lute is able to prove his point of view even quoting scripture. It gets to where even Fango says Lute (whom Canossa thought was being a disrespectful jerkass) had a point.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure He was sent with Canossa to evaluate Shamsiel, because he is this.
  • Saintly Church He seems closer to this than Canossa or Nigolinov ever will be.
  • You All Look Familiar Aside from the colors of his outfit being mainly green, all of the cardinals look exactly the same as him.

Cardinal Nigolinov

There are no saints in this word...

A member of the Council of Cardinals of the Church of Holy Rood. He was formerly a bishop in Fronce and a friend of Marquis Cuvier.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Asshole Victim He is the one responsible for both times Lute opened Pandora's Box. The first time, he was the one who gave it to Canossa in the first place, and the 2nd time, he had goaded Lute into opening it in his presence... A move he would come to regret, when Saint Reaper saw right through him trying to use him to kill Lute, and instead Saint Reaper devours HIS soul instead. Even his fellow cardinals think he had it coming, especially since Saint Reaper revealed Nigolinov's motives to them all.
  • Big Bad Of the Cardinals of the Church, he's the most corrupt of the bunch. He's taking bribes/orders from Marquis Cuvier.
  • Be as Unhelpful as Possible His orders from Marquis Cuvier and then TO Canossa.
  • Crapsack World For being a Cardinal of the Church of Holy Rood, he has this bleak outlook on the rest of the world. Such as believing there are no saints in their world.
  • Dirty Old Monk Not in the perverted way like Canossa. He's a cardinal, but he also takes bribes and orders from Marquis Cuvier. Saint Reaper picks up on this quality and devours his soul because of it.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him He thought he'd be able to manipulate Lute into opening Pandora's Box, which would lead to his death. Saint Reaper saw right through him, and exposed this to everyone else. Saint Reaper then devours his soul, killing him and sending him to hell.
  • Dragon with an Agenda Sure he took orders from Cuvier, but he thought he was just doing it because he wanted to restore the Church of Holy Rood to the dominant authority in the continent... Plus the bribe money was a perk for him.
  • Dragged Off to Hell When Saint Reaper deems his soul corrupt and wins a bet with Lute allowing him to take it, Saint Reaper takes Nigolinov with him into Pandora's Box and presumably to Hell as well.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good He can't fathom the notion of their being actual saints or people of pure souls in their world.
  • Fantastic Racism Invoked. Marquis Cuvier bribes him and gives him orders to have him send someone to evaluate Shamsiel's worthiness to be queen in Edelland, but from the beginning he was one of the ones against her.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard He wanted to have Saint Reaper devour Lute's soul, and instigated him to open Pandora's Box in front of himself and all the other Cardinals. Lute does, but Saint Reaper immediately calls Nigolinov out on his plotting and devours HIS soul instead.
  • Karma He thought he was being cute by goading someone else into opening Pandora's Box (as though it was a mere trick) in the hopes that Saint Reaper would kill ONLY the one who opens it? See Hoist By His Own Petard above.
  • Killed Off For Real See Dropped a Bridge on Him above.
  • Know When to Fold'Em He could have stopped just when Canossa failed his mission, but instead he goaded Lute to open Pandora's Box again, in front of him. Saint Reaper comes out, takes one look at Nigolinov... Bye bye Nigolinov!
  • Mood Whiplash He snidely goads Lute into opening Pandora's Box, and right up until the box opens, he's snickering to himself. The second Saint Reaper emerges, cue him and nearly everyone else crapping their pants.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain Thanks to him coercing Lute to open Pandora's Box again in the presence of the entire Council of Cardinals, Nigolinov ends up getting his soul devoured by Saint Reaper, and as for Lute? He goes from being considered a saint to them, to being seen as some sort of super-saint. Cardinal Agatha, the head of the Church of Holy Rood, even gives his official blessings upon Edelland, which would be like declaring it Holy ground, so the kingdom's status basically shot through the roof! Thanks Nigolinov. Hope it was worth it for you!
  • Tempting Fate Opening Pandora's Box is this. As is being in the same room when someone opens Pandora's Box. As Nigolinov comes to find out and immediately regret.
  • What an Idiot! Nigolinov knew that Pandora's Box could only be opened by a saintly person, and he also heard that Lute had successfully opened it before and lived. Yet, for some dumbass reason, he thought if Lute were to open the box a second time it would end with Lute dead. Not only that, but he also thought he could stay in the room and watch when Lute opened the box... Surely THAT won't backfire in any way.
  • You All Look Familiar Aside from the colors of his outfit being shades of purple, all of the cardinals look exactly the same as him.

Cardinal Conservati

What do you mean I stick out? Why?

A member of the Council of Cardinals of the Church of Holy Rood.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Are We Getting This? He seems like just a yes-man of the bunch.
  • Chekov's Gun Pandora's Box. He assists Nigolinov pass it to Canossa.
  • Even Evil Has Standards Though he wasn't fond of the idea of Shamsiel being allowed to be queen, he thought Nigolinov having Canossa bring Pandora's Box along to possibly use on Lute was a bit excessive.
  • The Bus Came Back He only appears like twice in the whole story.
  • What Happened To The Mouse? He plays a very little role compared to the other Cardinals named.
  • Light Is Good Of all the Cardinals, he wears the lightest clothing, but we learn almost nothing about him, so his actual status of good or bad is hard to gauge. At the very least, we know that he is initially one of those who was critical of Shamsiel.
  • You All Look Familiar Aside from the colors of his outfit being the only one that's not a dark color, all of the cardinals look exactly the same as him.

Saint Reaper

I shall devour your corrupt soul!

The embodiment of death and judgement. He seemingly resides within Pandora's Box.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Actually Pretty Funny Lute manages to make even HIM crack a chuckle once or twice.
  • Big Good He's actually a fair man. If you open Pandora's Box, but aren't worthy, he kills you. If you open his box, but ARE worthy, he spares you. If you open the box, but someone who isn't worthy is nearby? He kills them.
  • Brutal Honesty He never lies, and you can't lie to him. He can see straight into your soul, and if you're evil/corrupt. Simply put: You're screwed.
  • Cool Old Guy He enjoys his job, and is probably thousands of years old.
  • Corrupt Church Doesn't matter who you are or how faithful you claim to be. If he looks at your soul and deems it corrupt, he WILL end you. He devours the soul of at least 2 cardinals during the story, and almost added a 3rd.
  • Death Glare Literally. He's basically the grim reaper of their world, and when he glares at someone, he's literally seeing straight through their very soul and determining whether they are corrupt or not.
  • Divine Assistance He doesn't obey the whims of a mortal freely. He spared Lute's life, because despite being a bit pervy, he was a good man, but when Lute asked him to deal with the ghouls and Fake Shamsiel, he only did so after Lute gambled his own soul over a game of rock-paper-scissors. Reaper lost, and thus he did the job.
  • Drag Me to Hell Part of what ends up happening when he devours a soul is he seemingly drags them to hell, kicking and screaming.
  • Even Bigger Bad No, not HIM. When he first appears to Lute, he tells him that one of his jobs is to transport wicked souls to the netherworld. As he says that, his attention shifts to Cardinal Canossa. Realize, there was an entire cathedral full of berserk ghouls that were out for blood and a psychopathic familiar that killed 10 people the night before. Yet Cardinal Canossa was seen as more corrupt than THAT!?
  • Even Angels Have Scars His skull and bones are full of cracks and holes. Whether those are scars or natural decay is unknown.
  • Even a Chance Meeting He is actually glad to have met Lute, because he's the first person to have opened Pandora's Box and have a soul worth sparing in such a long time.
  • Everybody Hates Hades More like, everybody is afraid of him, despite his job being a necessary one: to transport souls to the afterlife. Lute however, doesn't fear him. In fact, when Saint Reaper first appears to Lute, he asks him if he was afraid of him. Lute responds, "Is there a reason I should be?". Saint Reaper contemplates and tells him that's a good question and the two have a seemingly casual conversation after that. Saint Reaper also deals judgement on those who have corrupt souls and spares those who have saintly ones, and HE doesn't go out of his way to find trouble. People open Pandora's Box on their own, and thus THEY seek HIM out, not the other way around.
  • Face Death with Dignity One could say this might be partially why he liked Lute, was because unlike anyone else who opened the box either trying to prove something, use him for something, or were just plain afraid of him (he IS the Grim Reaper of their world), Lute has a rational and calm conversation with him. Even when Lute gambles his very soul on a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors in exchange for Saint Reaper's help, he doesn't flinch, doesn't show fear, and later admits that had he lost, he figured he'd have gone to see the sights in Hell (but in a casual manner).
  • Fire and Brimstone Hell Implied to be where he sends evil souls.
  • Good Angel, Bad Angel He is seen as a figure of judgement and guidance simultaneously. Those who have pure souls are acknowledged by him (which could be seen as a form of blessing), and those who are impure and trying to use him are dealt punishment. Supposedly however, legends say that he got his job as either atonement or as punishment for having once killed a Saintly person in the past.
  • Grim Reaper His entire persona is this.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain According to legend, Saint Reaper became a holy being to the Church of Holy Rood after being personally reproached by God himself after Saint Reaper had killed a saint, at which point he swore Undying Loyalty to the Lord as atonement. There was also a story about him sending a false saint to hell for spreading blasphemy against the early church.
  • Oh Crap Whenever he emerges from Pandora's Box, it is treated as a VERY big deal, everyone generally panics, the lights dim, the very air changes because of it, and when he finally emerges there is a mist/haze/smoke that bellows forth and orbs of light that float around the room. There's also a deep choir vocalizing in the background.
  • Sealed Badass in a Can His appearance alone is enough to make even berserk ghouls and elder cardinals crap their pants. Even Shamsiel is weary of him, and for good reason. Anyone who disturbs him or is in his presence, if he deems them corrupt or to have an impure soul will be devoured by him and sent to hell.
    • Sealed Good in a Can: He wasn't this to begin with, but he agreed to serve the cause of good in the backstory and became this ever since, as the only people or beings who now die by his hands are those who are deemed "corrupt or wicked".
    • Sealed Evil in a Can: He's not "evil" but his judgement is absolute. If you're anything less than a saint in his eyes, and you open Pandora's Box... You. are. Screwed!
  • Reasonable Authority Figure Most of his time is spent doing his job of escorting souls of the dead to their afterlife. It's only when someone disturbs him by opening Pandora's Box that he must invoke his judgement upon them by gazing into their soul and determining whether they or anyone else present are saintly (and therefore worthy of his mercy) or corrupt (and thus need to be punished by having their soul devoured). YOU are the ones who open the box. Not him.
  • Reasoning with God Once he passes judgement on one's soul, there's no going back. Either you have the pure soul of a saint (in his eyes) in which case, he'll spare your life and acknowledge you as saintly (which is a pretty big deal coming from practically the Grim Reaper of their world) or your soul is deemed corrupt, and thus he will devour your soul and send you to hell.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning If those are his eyes, he has 7 glowing red orbs in the left side of his skull. 3 in his eye socket and 4 spread out in cracked holes in his decaying skull.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge His backstory is shrouded in mystery, mixing myth and legend. Supposedly, he was given his job as reaper, because he mistakenly killed a saint and thus was given this job for him to achieve atonement. Now, anyone with a corrupt soul that opens Pandora's Box, faces this from him.
  • Sex Is Evil and I Am Horny Inverted according to him, Lute has a pure soul (even when Lute admits all he thinks about is boobs) and carnal desires do not obstruct one's holiness, because he lacks rancor and enmity toward others.
  • Shout-Out/Animation "Who disturbs my slumber..." Gee, where does THAT sound familiar?
  • The Atoner Apparently the aforementioned shinigami only came to exist due to crimes committed in his past. Doling out punishment to sinners in the eyes of his and that of his lord as penance for a mysterious misdeed committed regarding a saint. One story says he'd killed a truly most holy individual while others profess he'd used a false one to condemn a church he didn't like.
  • Too Dumb to Live If you open Pandora's Box, you definitely are this, because Saint Reaper will look into your soul and if it is impure, he will devour it.

Kingdom of Fronce

Count Roche

You have a good system.

The Prime Minister of Fronce. He was good friends with Gladys' father, and had known Gladys herself, since she was a child. He hopes to someday introduce the Knighted Bureaucracy system in Fronce.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Big Good He's actually a reasonable man. Except that his first impression of Lute leaves him quite disappointed, but eventually Lute demonstrates his true character and he sees Lute as a worthy and capable man/king.
  • Brutal Honesty Does telling a foreign monarch they should abdicate their throne to someone else... TO THEIR FACE... Qualify as this? Yes? Seems right, then.
  • Calling the Old Man Out All around good guy Lute gives a rather scathing comment to his eminence. In regards to his constant goings on about lute being unworthy of kingship and constantly demanding he relinquish his throne, later in the story; after Lute saved the liegelord the count himself could not. Said failure retorted some scant scenes later, that those who preach of others as scumbags beneath or unworthy of notice are bigger scumbags than the accused. Needless to say, that really shut the old windbag up.
  • Cool Old Guy He is actually quite nice toward those he respects. He is also a big supporter of the Knighted Bureaucracy system being implemented in Fronce. He also knew Gladys and her father for a long time, so when they first reunite in-story, they almost seem like family with them joking around and laughing together... At least until the subject of her beloved Lute came up.
  • Dragon with an Agenda Probably one of the few good examples of this trope, in that his "agenda" would actually be beneficial to Fronce: Implementing the Knighted Bureaucracy in Fronce.
  • Expy Think General Iroh from Avatar the Last Airbender.
  • Foil He and Cuvier are this to each other. Cuvier wants to expand Fronce in terms of territory through conquest. Roche wants to consolidate power in the territory they already have in order to better Fronce from within by implementing the Knighted Bureaucracy. Thus they tend to bicker in front of the Queen on such matters.
  • Horrible Judge of Character Downplayed. A recurring trope in Kyonyuu Fantasy games when in regards to initial impressions of Lute, given the good Count's highhanded opinion of people he tends to lean into this category with the King of Edelland. While at the same time, though partly not his fault given the former's duplicity, was too late to realize just how baleful Duke Cuvier's true intentions were for both Fronce and Edelland. Especially considering his queen had taken such a shine to their neighboring country's king.
  • Not So Above It All Zigzagged. When he first reunites with Gladys, the two go back and forth playfully teasing and throwing insults at each other as though they were family reuniting after years. However, when it came to Lute, that led to a bit of friction for a while, but eventually he comes to understand Lute's true grandness and then it goes right back to this with both Gladys, him, AND Lute.
  • Old Friend He was once a very good friend of Duke Wackenheim (Gladys' father), and knew both of them long before the events of the first story. In fact, he was among the first to seek out the Duke after the rebellion against the King enacting the Knighted Bureacracy took place, because he didn't understand why his friend (who actually DID support the system would lead the rebels). By the time of this game starting, when he reunites with Gladys, they act almost like family... At least until the subject of Lute came up. Good news is, eventually Roche DOES come to see Lute's true character and not only do they become friends, but his friendship with Gladys is also restored.
  • Poor Communication Kills His first impression of Lute is a negative one. It leads to him actually telling Lute to his face that he should abdicate the throne to Gladys instead of continuing to rule, which even SHE gets upset about in addition to how poorly he judged Lute. He eventually comes around though after Lute finally demonstrates his true abilities in kingship.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure Despite his initial dislike for Lute, he DOES see the potential for the Knighted Bureaucracy and works hard to see it implemented in Fronce. Later on, he comes to realize his mistakes with thinking Lute was a fool and becomes friendlier toward him.
  • Sinister Minister He's the Prime Minister of Fronce, although he isn't evil like Bernstein, he's quite critical of Lute for most of the story. Perhaps "Cynical Minister" is more fitting.
  • What the Hell Hero When he greets Lute and Gladys in Fronce, he tells Lute to his face, that he should abdicate his throne to Gladys. She has this reaction and gets pissed that he would be so rude to her man!


We're higher class.

One of Motaire's former groupies. After they left him, they went back to Fronce, and even became personal maids to Queen Aphrodia.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Actually Pretty Funny
  • Ambiguous Allegiance In the first game, they were pretty adamant about trying to hook up with men of high status or wealth in Edelland. In this one? Seems they once more ditched Motaire, went back to Fronce, and became personal maids to Queen Aphrodia. When they see or discuss those from Edelland? They get a serious case of Blue Blood.
  • Ambiguously Bi At one point, she and Droit and a few other maids are attending to Queen Aphrodia amidst her formal reception of the visitors from Edelland. Lute requests that all other men apart from himself leave the room, because he wished to show the Queen some specially made bras he had had made for her, and Shamsiel was going to model them for her. When the presentation is over, all other women in the room besides Shamsiel and Gladys are blushing and flustered.
  • Brutal Honesty She and Droit are still pretty direct, even when serving the Queen herself. Such as telling her that people had supposedly heard "animal sounds" coming from Lute's room, but they knew it was likely (and it was) the sound of Lute having sex with Gladys and Shamsiel. There's also the way they directly address King Lute as "Your Lewdness" when they see him face to face for the first time in this game.
  • Foreign Correspondent She and Droit were born in Fronce, but lived in Edelland for a while. Eventually they came back to Fronce, and Queen Aphrodia decided to make them her personal maids. Why? They thought it was just because they were worthy of it. In reality, it was because Queen Aphrodia knew they had information on Edelland that could have proven useful.
  • Gold Digger She and Droit may have dumped Motaire and moved to Fronce, but they're still a couple of these. They now serve the Queen as her personal maids, which is seemingly a step up for them.
  • Informed Ability She and Droit had told Queen Aphrodia that Lute was good in bed and with handling breasts.


We're better than you think.

One of Motaire's former groupie. After they left him, they went back to Fronce, and even became personal maids to Queen Aphrodia.

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • Actually Pretty Funny
  • Ambiguous Allegiance In the first game, they were pretty adamant about trying to hook up with men of high status or wealth in Edelland. In this one? Seems they once more ditched Motaire, went back to Fronce, and became personal maids to Queen Aphrodia. When they see or discuss those from Edelland? They get a serious case of Blue Blood.
  • Ambiguously Bi At one point, she and Aristera and a few other maids are attending to Queen Aphrodia amidst her formal reception of the visitors from Edelland. Lute requests that all other men apart from himself leave the room, because he wished to show the Queen some specially made bras he had had made for her, and Shamsiel was going to model them for her. When the presentation is over, all other women in the room besides Shamsiel and Gladys are blushing and flustered.
  • Brutal Honesty She and Aristera are still pretty direct, even when serving the Queen herself. Such as telling her that people had supposedly heard "animal sounds" coming from Lute's room, but they knew it was likely (and it was) the sound of Lute having sex with Gladys and Shamsiel. There's also the way they directly address King Lute as "Your Lewdness" when they see him face to face for the first time in this game.
  • Foreign Correspondent She and Aristera were born in Fronce, but lived in Edelland for a while. Eventually they came back to Fronce, and Queen Aphrodia decided to make them her personal maids. Why? They thought it was just because they were worthy of it. In reality, it was because Queen Aphrodia knew they had information on Edelland that could have proven useful.
  • Informed Ability She and Aristera had told Queen Aphrodia that Lute was good in bed and with handling breasts.
  • She's Got Legs She and Aristera were Motaire's groupies. There's a reason.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair Her hair is green.

Sir Vital

Whatever you say. Whatever. you. say.

Marquis Cuvier's top lackey.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Animal Motifs Do you think it was intentional that he kind of resembles a chicken?
  • My Country, Right or Wrong He follows Cuvier's schemes, because he feels that they are what's best for Fronce.
  • The Dragon He's this to Cuvier.
  • Undying Loyalty Cuvier probably couldn't ask for a more loyal lackey.
  • Well Intentioned Extremist He follows Cuvier loyally and believes that Cuvier's actions ARE what's best for Fronce.
  • What Happened to the Mouse? In the climax of the true ending, Cuvier tries to have Fronce soldiers take over the capital of Edelland from the inside. It backfires spectacularly and Cuvier is arrested and later executed in Fronce BY Fronce troops answering to the Queen and Count Roche. What becomes of this guy is anybody's guess.

Duke Marquis Cuvier

For Fronce, I will do anything.

The Archduke and Grand Chamberlain of the kingdom of Fronce.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Animal Motifs Think Pepe Le Pew aka a skunk.
  • Asshole Victim For all of the crap that his actions influenced, which is pretty much everything bad that happens in this game, he gets no sympathy from anybody when his plans finally blow up in his face and he's taken back to Fronce and executed for treason.
  • Batman Gambit He likes to use these a lot. From the very beginning, he knew manipulating both Lingobard and the Church of Holy Rood to go after Lute and Edelland would likely fail, which is what he wanted, because it would mean that Edelland would eventually annex Lingobard, which would in turn justify Fronce to possibly take steps against Edelland, and were Fronce to have declared war and won (unlikely), Fronce would have easily taken over Lingobard AND Edelland's territories with minimal effort.
  • Big Bad He's to this game what Prime Minister Bernstein was to the first one.
  • Bigger Bad Pretty much all villains of this game can have their actions traced back to his influence over them.
    • Based on some commentary regarding Bernstein from the first game, it's hinted he had some knowledge of Bernstein's actions and may have indirectly encouraged them for his own benefit, and this would mean if so, all the prior game interactions with Lingobard (which Cuiver is revealed to have connections with for his own goals early in the second game) may have been part of his own gambits to weaken Edelland even then.
  • Contrasting Sequel Character He's a Foil to his counterpart, Bernstein, in every way. Where Bernstein was a man of ruthless ambition, scheming to seize power for himself at the expense of his king and his nation, Curvier is a patriot, deeply loyal to his nation and his monarch, even when he feels he needs to disobey them for their own good. Where Bernstein wore his emotions on his sleeve, gloating every time he put a plan into motion and throwing a screaming tantrum every time Lute overcame one of his schemes, Curvier is cool-headed, and moves on to the next plan whenever one of his machinations is defeated. And, while Bernstein is ultimately defeated by the protagonist's cultivation of positive relationships, Curvier loses entirely due to a random factor he could not have foreseen: one of his own pawns deciding to play a spiteful prank to embarrass Lute at the last moment, undoing his final plot in one fell swoop.
  • Corrupt Bureaucrat He's the grand chamberlain and archduke of Fronce, and he is connected to pretty much every single bad thing that happens in this game, except he covers his tracks so well that no one can actually prove it.
  • Dangerously Genre Savvy He's arguably more of a threat than Bernstein ever was, because he recognizes Lute as an opponent NOT to be underestimated from the start. He's also a master manipulator, and EVEN IF everyone knows he's up to something evil, he covers his tracks so well that they can never prove nor directly link him to any of it. Until the very end that is.
  • Devil in Plain Sight: We barely get through the first subplot of the game before fingers are pointed (correctly) in his direction as being the Big Bad. Regardless, he's so adept at Plausible Deniability this means nothing without anything resembling proof. Further, he's well aware of this handicap and thus compensates by using so many cutouts and surrogates to maintain his deniability until so many plans get scuttled he's forced to act directly eventually, and even then he tries to clothe it in ways that make him look like the Big Good.
  • Does Not Compute When a number of his plans fail, he IS prepared for some of them, but others kind of backfire in ways he didn't expect. Perhaps among the biggest examples is his plan involving the ban on Fronce's bra imports. He knew Lute would have to come personally to negotiate, but he didn't expect his Queen to be so eager to restore trade even though she knew it was part of a plan. What confused Cuvier most about this? He didn't understand why bras mattered so much, ESPECIALLY to the Queen (who uses them for both fashion AND practicality given her bust size).
  • Expy: He's a fictional parallel to the powerful ministers of France like Cardinal Richeliu.
  • Even Evil Has Standards He is all for getting rid of Lute and anyone else that would get in the way of restoring Fronce to its former glory. However, he never does anything to go after or against his fellow Froncemen or women. Which is to say, he actually DOES worry about Queen Aphrodia's safety, and although they clash, he never makes any moves directly aimed at Aphrodia or Count Roche (apart from trying to block the knighted bureaucracy from being established in Fronce). And when one of his schemes accidentally puts the queen in mortal peril, he is mortified and shaken.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good He knows that Lute is more dangerous than most would suspect at a glance, but doesn't fully know why.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser When Lute and company travel to Fronce, they meet Cuvier and it goes kind of like this, because they know he's plotting against them, he knows that they know, but neither is willing/able to fully act toward the other due to lack of evidence.
    • This gets a bit more applicable after the negotiations are completed. Lute and co. are invited to participate in a boar hunt with Queen Aphrodia, Count Roche, and yes Marquis Cuvier. It goes as you'd expect: There are attempts to assassinate Lute, frame him, and a trap involving disturbing a Cyclops known to be living in the forest. Thankfully none of these are successful.
  • Know When to Fold'Em: In a few of the early endings, he realizes any move on his part will do more harm than good and elects to do this.
    • Such as when Lute visits the Vacatin and opens Pandora's Box a second time, and thus he is made a definite Saint by the church, and Edelland is given official support and blessings of the Church of Holy Rood (which is similar to declaring it holy ground), and thus is untouchable without risking the wrath of the church.
  • Magnificent Bastard He sees Lute as a very dangerous obstacle, so he doesn't underestimate him. Even when they first meet, he reacts to Lute as though he's thinking "This guy knows how to play the game."
  • My Country, Right or Wrong He rationalizes and justifies all of his actions as acts for the betterment of Fronce.
  • My God What Have I Done? What his attempt at using the Cyclops to do away with Lute boils down too. Since his own liege was caught in the crossfire as a result of his scheming, an eventuality he'd not at all intended.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain Thanks to his schemes and actions, by the end of the story... Shamsiel is a hero to the people of Edelland, Gladys officially marries Lute and becomes a Queen Consort, Lingobard is annexed by Edelland and this is acknowledged by the other national powers, Lute is declared a "Saint" by the Church of Holy Rood, Queen Aphrodia has fallen in love with Lute, Fronce and Edelland become allies, oh and to top it all off? He is executed for committing treason. Great job Cuvier.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: His open machinations to achieve his goals while still trying to remain above suspicion take this cast, such as his attempt at imposing a lingerie embargo on Edelland to punish their trade with punitive tariffs should they attempt to overturn it. He cloaks the plan in attempting to create a trade imbalance in his country's favor, so he doesn't look outright malicious for doing so, merely this trope.
  • Out Gambitted Lute manages to out-gambit this guy, and he (Cuvier) had had plans in the works that he was prepared to wait 20 years to cash in on.
  • Playing Both Sides He's far better at it than Bernstein ever was. He wanted Lingobard and Edelland to go to war with each other in order to exhaust themselves, so that Fronce could easily swoop in and conquer them both afterward. He "helps" Bazalt, Argent, and Nellis by sending them jars with golems sealed inside, and then has Cardinal Nigolinov send Canossa in with jars of familiars (to pose as Shamsiel) in order to discredit Shamsiel and Lute in the eyes of the continent's leaders, and Pandora's Box to try and kill Lute as well. When this fails, he also takes measures to hurt Edelland's trade industry with Fronce, along with trying to instigate a riot in Vunderbalt, and spread rumors in order to try and cause a fallout between Gladys and Lute. When ALL of this fails or backfires, he tries to have soldiers kill Lute during a hunt, possibly frame him, and even attempt to have Lute die when encountering a giant cyclops. This backfires SPECTACULARLY, so he's forced to do one more big scheme for all the cards: He knew Queen Aphrodia was going to seek an alliance between Fronce and Edelland, so he suggests a certain line in their friendship pact that would require Edelland to send support in times of war. The idea being that Fronce could go to war and use the agreement to force Edelland to send aid until it was exhausted, again leaving it vulnerable to be annexed by Fronce, even if it took 20 years. When it looked like they weren't going to sign the treaty due to that line, he tries to use his magic to unleash a surprise force of Fronce soldiers he smuggled into Edelland to force Lute to sign. THAT backfires, and all of his plans go up in smoke, leaving him arrested and executed in Fronce for treason and all of his wealth and assets given to Edelland as relief funding for those he was by extension responsible for hurting or killing.
  • Undying Loyalty On the one hand, all that he does, as far as he is concerned, he is doing for the benefit of Fronce, so that it will return to the glorious status of being THE major power of the continent. Problem is, he goes to many extremes and does many evil deeds to further this tunnel-view goal of his. He is also personally loyal to his queen, and never plots against her or attempts to overthrow her.
  • Ungrateful Bastard When Lute stops the Cyclops, he saves the lives of everyone there. Including Cuvier AND Queen Aphrodia (who even Cuvier was worried about losing since she's a worthy queen of Fronce). How does he express his gratitude? By plotting to have Lute sign a tweaked friendship pact that would force Edelland to allow Fronce military forces into their borders AND to force Edelland to send support whenever Fronce went to war... Which he planned to do in order to expend Edelland's resources until it was finally weak enough for Fronce to conquer. Thankfully, he gets his comeuppance this time.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Cuvier attempted to force Lute to sign a bogus pact with Fronce at sword point, bragging how he has the advantage since by now, the castle will be soon taken over by the hundred Fronce soldiers he magically smuggled in the wine barrels. However, when he realized said barrels had been put in the dungeon for storage which resulted in said soldiers getting all trapped, Cuvier goes into a panic and denial.
  • Well Intentioned Extremist: While Bernstein thought he was this but was obviously a power hungry prick concerning Edelland, Cuvier genuinely DOES give a damn about Fronce as a whole, not just his own standing, it's just his tunnel vision and ambition to secure this goal makes him little better.
  • Zero Effort Boss His ultimate defeat: He attempted to get Lute to sign a friendship pact with Fronce, but the pact had a line in it that he was going to use to force Edelland to go to war with other nations until it would have been exhausted enough for Fronce to easily annex it. Lute and the others realize the scheme and tell him they won't sign it. He therefore is forced to unleash his secret weapon: Soldiers he had smuggled into the capital in wine barrels using magic. What he didn't realize, was that all the barrels containing the soldiers had been sent and stored in the dungeon (purely for storage purposes), but when he has them materialize, the soldiers are all trapped in the dungeon and cramped in the cell like sardines. Thus, this act of attempted treason ends with him failing, actual proof of a crime he commits being presented, and he is therefore taken back and executed in Fronce. Lute personally had nothing to do with any of that, because it was actually Argent who had had all the wine barrels moved to the dungeon (out of spite, but still).

Other Characters

Assassin ABCDE

Now color-coded for convenience!

A group of assassins that will take pretty much any job for a little cash.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Actually Pretty Funny They suck at their job so much that even Lute whom they try multiple times to kill, just starts laughing at them.
  • Butt Monkey These guys went from being somewhat of a threat in the first story. To being as much of a threat as a plastic bag in this one. You'd have to be REALLY stupid to manage to die by their hands.
  • Calling Your Attacks They call out a move that is literally called "Secret Art: Super Jet Attack!" Too bad it makes them too fast and dizzy to actually do anything with it.
  • Even Evil Has Standards Inverted. The reason why they're hired so much is because they're the only assassins dumb enough to take on practically any job for a little money including attempting to kill a foreign king, even with Gladys and a succubus around him, so basically as far as assassins go, you get what you pay for with them. Pay cheap? Get cheap.
  • Expy: Their appearance makes them look like humanoid Doms.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom If the glowing orb in the center of their helmets IS their eye that is.
  • Killed Off for Real Supposedly a few of them die during the story A,B, and C get "eaten" by Shamsiel after the first failed attempt to kill Lute in Boan, and yet they show up again later, so whether that was someone new taking on the mantle of those that died or if it really WAS the same original ones is unclear.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall When all 5 of them appear together, they brag that the previous installment had a 4:3 aspect ratio, but this time it's in widescreen and thus has enough room for all of them to be there at once.
  • Nicknaming the Enemy How they got the information is unclear, but somehow they found out that Isis has inverted nipples, so when they later encounter her, they call her "Ms. Shy Nipples". She of course, gets upset by this and proceeds to kick their asses.
  • Red Shirt Army There's a lot of them it seems, and considering we never see their faces, there's no way to tell if when one of them supposedly dies, if it's a new one taking their place or the old one actually survived after all.
    • They even break the 4th wall by claiming that they are NOT red shirts.
  • Unfortunate Names At one point, they attempt to kill Lute by pretending to be foreign envoys. Their disguise names? Stoopidskiy, Dimwitov, and Sleepshodov. How does Lute expose them? He pulls the roll call trick and THEY ACTUALLY RESPOND TO THE NAMES "Assassin A, B, and C".
  • What an Idiot! Their attempts to assassinate get sillier and more funny with each attempt:
    • For starters, their first attempt was to try and give Lute poisoned beer in Boan. Lute recognizes them by their attire, calls them out on it, Shamsiel shows up, and they're forced to turn tail and run.
    • Later on, they pose as foreign diplomats (while wearing the same outfits as always), and actually try to get Lute to "come closer and look at something". See Unfortunate Names for more details on this failure.
    • At one point they gather 5 of them and attempt to use their "ultimate move" on Lute outside of Boan, but the move winds up making them dizzy and Gladys beats them in a single blow.
  • You All Look Familiar Lute recognizes them as assassins from the first game. Even saying this trope when he encounters them, and it helps him easily know they're assassins who are trying to kill him.
  • You Again He encounters them a number of times in the game, and it's always the same funny results with them failing to kill him or anyone.
  • Zero Effort Boss In this story, defeating them takes almost no effort at all.


Boobs feel good! Wait... AUUGH!

A type of magic entity that is created from magic sand. It can only be destroyed using the secret phrase.

Tropes exhibited by it include:
  • Actually Pretty Funny How it's destroyed.
  • Gentle Giant They normally function as guardians, unless commanded to attack.
  • Nigh Invulnerability They can regenerate seemingly infinitely unless a secret phrase is spoken which causes them to disperse.
  • Oh Crap The guards that are present when it first appears in the capital scream and run off to sound the alarm when they see it. Later in Bustenhalter, nearly everyone has this reaction when another one appears amidst an ambush by berserk ghouls. The good news is, this time it was summoned by Nellis to help protect everyone from the ghouls.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can Golems are summoned via magic-infused sand, which had been kept in a jar.
  • Sealed Army in a Can With enough sand, one can summon more than one Golem at a time.
  • Roaring Rampage of Rescue Nellis summons one to save them from the Ghouls and Fake Shamsiel when they go berserk. It sort of works.
  • Zero Effort Boss Motaire, Gladys, Shamsiel, and all the soldiers sent to stop it are unable to put it down for good. Lute by chance says what happens to be the secret phrase that causes the spell to be undone and it dies for good. What did Lute actually do? Emeralia and Isis' boobs were pressed on him as they tried to get him to safety and he said "Boobs feel good".


Life sucks.

An evil spiritual entity that causes people to go into depression and commit suicide if they make eye contact with it.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Actually Pretty Funny How it's defeated is somewhat played for laughs.
  • Asshole Victim Partially. The whole reason why it drives people to suicide is because unless it does it HAS to kill itself.
  • Defeat by Modesty The Wraith attacks a person's pride and other reasons for living. Lute on the other hand is very modest and humble, and is fully aware that much of his achievements really were dumb luck or thanks to the friends he has surrounding him. This is partially how he is able to overcome the Wraith's magic.
  • Despair Event Horizon It invokes this on several people in Boan to cause them to kill themselves.
  • Despair Speech When it attacks a victim, it uses a combination of magic/curse and this to break the victim's will and drive them to suicide. It doesn't work on Lute or Shamsiel however.
  • Despair Spot The whole incident is the start of quite a dark spot in the story, but thankfully it is defeated by positivity, which means its defeat is played for laughs.
  • Driven to Suicide When you look it in the eyes, it does this to you. If it fails? It kills itself.
  • Disney Acid Sequence When Lute meets it, the whole screen starts wiggling and waving from time to time as glowing orbs drift around. The Wraith itself has a seemingly shapeless and ever-shifting appearance as well.
  • Eldritch Abomination What the hell even IS this thing? It's like a living puff of evil smoke.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain Thanks to its defeat, Lute, Shamsiel, and Emeralia are seen as even more heroic and worthy of respect to the people of Boan than they already were. In essence, this could be seen as when the people of Boan finally forgive Shamsiel for what she had done a few years ago to some of the civilians.
  • Zero Effort Boss When you think about it, it actually didn't take any effort on Lute's part whatsoever to get rid of it. Unlike normal humans, Demons (like Shamsiel) and those with partial demon bloodlines (like Lute) are immune to its magic, so basically, Lute could have just sat there doing nothing, not even speaking to it, and the Wraith would have eventually realized it couldn't complete its mission on its own and died on its own. It almost happens EXACTLY like that, except Lute spoke to it.


Hand over your jizz!

Fake Succubus

A familiar summoned to impersonate Shamsiel and ruin her reputation. She had originally been summoned by Prince Argent and given the mission: "Kill Lute Hende I"

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • A-Cup Angst Big time. When she tries to attack the soldiers at Vunderbalt, they immediately know she's fake just by the fact that her boobs are tiny. The real Shamsiel meets her and points this out to her, which she (the Fake Succubus) thought was a low blow.
  • Actually Pretty Funny She attempts to kill Lute in his sleep, but is thwarted when Lute reflexively kicks and hits her while still asleep. He even gets her hard in the nose, which causes her to cry. Meanwhile, the real Shamsiel was watching from the shadows and cracking up the entire time.
  • Ax Crazy She lives to kill. That's all she does. Even when she goes berserk, her only thought is to kill Lute.
  • Berserk Button She doesn't like it when people gang up on her, nor does she like it when they mock and call her names or point out that she has small titties. She also isn't fond of being hit in the face by someone she's trying to kill in their sleep.
  • Blatant Lies Her entire mission is to impersonate Shamsiel, refers to herself as Shamsiel, claims herself to be descendant of Succubi (which is actually kind of wrong also in the sense that the real Shamsiel IS a succubus not just a descendant of them), and tries to mimic how Shamsiel speaks and acts. Anyone who is actually familiar with the real Shamsiel can easily tell the differences (Lute, the real Shamsiel, the others in the harem, the citizens of Boan, and the ex-rebels in Vunderbalt could tell immediately she was an impostor).
  • Bully Hunter In the sense that, when she fails to scare the soldiers in Vunderbalt, they start to berate her for trying to pretend to be the real Shamsiel: saying she was less pretty, that her boobs were tiny, that her legs weren't as good as the real Shamsiel. She then threatens even further to kill them, but they start to attack and proceed to drive her off.
  • Butt Monkey Poor thing. She goes through quite a bit of trouble only to fail her missions. She tried to kill Lute in his sleep, and he sleep-hits her, including a particularly hard punch in the nose that made her cry.
  • Cursed with Awesome She can't be captured by conventional means, but in the event she IS captured, she turns to dust. We never see her again after that...
  • Cute Little Fangs One of the few things she and the real Shamsiel have in common.
  • Cute and Psycho She's supposed to be mimicking Shamsiel after all, so this comes naturally.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu? The soldiers in Vunderbalt and Shamsiel each have times when they encounter her, insult her, and drive her off, which they later tell Lute about.
  • Disney Death See Killed Off for Real and What Happened to the Mouse? below.
  • Erotic Eating In the dark sense. She primarily kills people in the same way as Shamsiel.
  • Family-Unfriendly Death Although the visual novel isn't as elaborate as a straight-up anime, the screen flashes red and blood-curdling sounds are heard whenever she kills someone, to the point you'd think she was ripping them apart. In reality, she's eating them, and when she is done, all that's left is a shriveled up pile of skin and bones. Yeesh!
  • Kick the Dog It's not like she was ever Lute's subordinate or anything, but while on her missions she gets into a lot of trouble and fails a few times, including a more literal occasion of this where she moves to kill Lute in his sleep, only for him to reflexively kick and punch her several times, including one particularly painful punch in the nose that caused her to start crying. Top it all off by having the real Shamsiel confront and attack her verbally AND physically, and you almost feel sorry for her.
  • Killed Off for Real Possibly. Her final fate is left ambiguous and unclear, unlike the Fake Shasmiel, who we know what happens to in the end.
  • Nothing but Skin and Bones This is what's left of her victims after she "eats" them.
  • Oh Crap Her first appearance invoked this in some fans.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge Her whole mission is to kill Lute, initially it was on behalf of Argent, but after the first few failures, it becomes personal for her to want to kill Lute herself. So much so that she breaks out from her summoning jar and went on this to try and kill Lute... Unfortunately, she fails once again.
  • Spanner in the Works It is unclear if her disappearance the last time we see her really means that she's gone for good.
  • Undying Loyalty Say what you will about her, but one thing she DID have was loyalty to her mission. She made numerous attempts, despite setbacks and confrontations. Even when she escapes her jar on her own and goes on a berserk rampage, she heads straight after Lute. Then, when Shamsiel and the soldiers of Vunderbalt capture her, she reveals that if a familiar is captured, they turn to dust, which she does, and when Shamsiel tries to have her reveal who her master was, she keeps silent and fades away.
  • What Happened to the Mouse? When she "disappears" after being captured in Bustenhalter, we never see her again after that, and we never know if this means she is gone for good or not.
  • Walking Spoiler Though you've probably figured that out by now.


I smell blood!

Fake Shamsiel

Another familiar summoned to cause trouble and ruin Shamsiel's reputation. She originally looked like the other fake succubus and had been summoned by Cardinal Canossa with her mission being to kill people in Bustenhalter and then Vunderbalt.

Tropes exhibited by her include:
  • A-Cup Angst Even moreso than the other Fake Succubus, which she originally looked identical to. She got so angry and fed up with her failures that she altered her appearance to look EXACTLY like the real Shamsiel, except for having Red Eyes, Take Warning.
  • Always a Bigger Fish She's pretty scary huh? She kills people the same way as Shamsiel, she takes on her appearance to frame her, sounds almost exactly like her (except even more bloodthirsty), and when she goes berserk, she is implied to be Nigh Invincible. Then Saint Reaper appears and even SHE is terrified of him. Then, when Lute gets him to take care of her and the ghouls, she starts screaming as Saint Reaper claims her soul.
  • Asshole Victim She's partially responsible for Shamsiel's reputation and life being almost ruined, AND she also killed at least 10 men in Vunderbalt. Her fate? Reaper devours her and the ghouls. She dies the same way as her victims... Screaming.
  • Ax Crazy She enjoys killing people far more than the other fake succubus did.
  • Big Eater Of the grim sort. She kills victims just like the real Shamsiel, but when she goes on a rampage in Bustenhalter, she kills 10 men in a single night.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing Invoked deliberately. She takes on the appearance of Shamsiel and kills many men to ruin the real Shamsiel's reputation. Only her eyes are what makes them distinguishable.
  • Cute and Psycho She looks EXACTLY like Shamsiel, except for her eyes, and the fact that she's far more bloodthirsty than the real Shamsiel.
  • Cute Little Fangs What part of Shamsiel lookalike...?
  • Erotic Eating In the dark sense. She kills people in the same way as Shamsiel, and in one night is known to have killed 10 men this way.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom They're red too. You better start running.
  • Nothing but Skin and Bones All that remains of her victims after she attacks them.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning It's pretty much the only genuine difference between her and the real Shamsiel.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge When she and the other fake Succubus go berserk, she takes on the form to look exactly like the real Shamsiel to get revenge on her and the humans for thwarting her prior attempts.
  • Villainous Glutton She enjoys "eating" her victims quite a bit. She even kills 10 soldiers in a single night on a murderous rampage in Bustenhalter.
  • Walking Spoiler Pretty obvious by now.


Play with us!

A type of familiar that was set loose to kill Lute.

Tropes exhibited by them include:
  • Always a Bigger Fish At first you think THEY are the most evil in the room, but then Saint Reaper turns his attention toward Cardinal Canossa, which implies that even these bloodthirsty ghouls aren't as corrupt as Canossa.
  • Asshole Victim They are only created to kill, and their primary target is Lute, his friends, and his subjects, so when Saint Reaper devours their souls and sends them to hell. It's kind of hard to feel sorry for them.
  • Ax Crazy They use their claws and fangs to attack victims, and clearly enjoy it. Given that they're supposedly berserk when we first see them, it makes sense.
  • Butt Monkey These guys went from being a major threat in the beginning. To being killed in one shot by Shamsiel and Gladys toward the end of the story.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him The ones that broke loose and go berserk in the cathedral get their souls devoured by Saint Reaper, even though it was implied that they weren't even the most corrupt souls in the room. Meanwhile, 2 were summoned to try to kill Lute on his first night in Fronce. One was immediately sliced in half by Gladys and the other was "eaten" by Shamsiel and collapsed into a pile of skin and bones.
  • Drag Me to Hell What Saint Reaper basically does to them.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom Regardless of color, ALL of their eyes glow brightly.
  • Horny Devils Even their tongues look like devil tails.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight Truth be told, "ghouls" are actually a type of female ghost/spirit. So their appearance in this game is quite different from what you would expect. Unless...
  • Overly Long Tongue They basically have a devil tail coming out of their mouth.
  • Sealed Army in a Can They were originally meant to be summoned from a jar to do the bidding of whoever opened it, but they went berserk and broke out on their own. How many of them there actually were in the jar is unknown, but there were lots of them, and with the jar destroyed, they could have respawned practically infinitely, supposedly.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can They were originally contained within a special jar in spirit form, but they escaped on their own and tried to go on a killing spree.


I see you...

A demonic creature living in a forest in Fronce.

Tropes exhibited by him include:
  • Actually Pretty Funny He and Lute play Rock-Paper-Scissors and then Tic Tac Toe. It's EVERY bit as funny as it sounds for a creature that looks like him.
  • Badass Adorable Lute says and treats him like he's this. The fact that general commander Gladys, an undisputed bladesmen in a class all her own knew full well she couldn't stand up to a Cyclops's raw brute force is proof of this.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me He tells Lute where the boars were hiding, because Lute was friendly toward him. The same could also apply to the fact that he didn't kill Lute or anyone else present, because Lute was playing with him.
  • Berserk Button It is attracted to fear, but it doesn't like when people disturb it and try to enter its territory. It also isn't fond of people trying to shoot it. Go figure!
  • Cowardly Lion He's supposedly just as scared of humans as they are of him. Hence he puts on a monster act to drive them off, but that's not to say that he isn't tough enough to crush enemies with a swing of his fists if needed.
  • Dark Is Not Evil He's huge, he has a big glowing red eye, razor claws, horns, black fur (like a bear), can rip trees out of the ground and throw them like a football, and can only speak in loud groaning roars, but he isn't actually evil. He just wants to keep humans out of his territory in the forest and away from him.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin It has no name. People refer to it as what it is. IT even tells Lute that it doesn't have a name.
  • Fluffy the Terrible Lute remarks on how bushy and warm his fur actually is... Moments after he was roaring, tossing trees around, and had killed a few soldiers (although to be fair he WAS trying to scare the humans away from him and his territory, but when someone starts shooting...)
  • Gentle Giant Despite how he looks, he's actually as afraid of others as they are of him, so he puts on a big act to try to scare or drive people off. Lute however sees through this, and exposes this side of him, and the 2 become unlikely friends even going as far as playing games together for several hours.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom "Eye".
  • Good All Along It's kind of a matter of perspective. Lute was able to tell that he was putting up a tough front, because he was just as scared of humans coming into his territory. Lute manages to get through to him and communicate (to an extent) with him, and they even play games together for a few hours. However, it's not entirely clear what it was that made him trust Lute. Likely the fact that he's half-incubus and is therefore king of all demons (though he doesn't know that). Or perhaps that Lute was calm and actually polite toward him, rather than terrified and hostile like the rest.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight Several times are there instances that foreshadow Lute encountering the Cyclops, we see it kill 2 Fronce soldiers who were scouting the forest, we hear Cuvier trying to arrange a hunt KNOWING the Cyclops was there, Nellis uses tarot cards to glimpse the future and sees something bad happening, and then Count Roche himself has a nightmare the night before the hunt that foreshadows something bad. The funny thing? Nothing happens. Lute has no problems dealing with the Cyclops, in fact, he and the Cyclops seemingly become friends by the time they part ways.
  • Horny Devil See those HUGE horns sticking out of his shoulders?
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold Well... He IS known to have killed a number of soldiers, but he was actually just trying to keep humans away from him or his turf. When he meets Lute, the two play games together and he even helps show the humans where the boars had gone.
  • Not So Harmless He acts the way he does to try and keep people away from him and where he lives, but make no mistake to think you can actually take him on. Even Gladys (said to be the best knight in their world) was unable to get so much as close enough to strike him. She was too busy dodging full-grown trees he had ripped straight from the ground (roots and all) and tossing them at her and the soldiers.
  • Lovable Coward As it turns out, he's actually a nice creature. He just gets so spooked by intruders in his territory that he puts on a big act and uses his brute strength to scare people away. If they aren't smart enough to run? He can throw full-sized trees at them.
  • Red Eye, Take Warning He has one BIG RED EYE, and it glows too.
  • Spanner in the Works Cuvier's plan to assassinate or frame Lute for attempted assassination of the Queen in the forests were completely thrown awry by his appearance.
  • Unfortunate Name It tells Lute that it apparently doesn't have a name. So all they can call it is what it is: Cyclops.
  • Villain by Default Everyone assumes this based solely by its giant demonic appearance, but he's actually just trying to keep to himself.
  • Zero Effort Boss He was Marquis Cuvier's last major idea to try and assassinate Lute while in Fronce, but the plan not only fails, but had Lute not been there, it is entirely possible that Queen Aphrodia or perhaps even Cuvier himself could have died at the Cyclops' giant hands. HOW did Lute defeat the cyclops you may ask? By calmly talking to it and getting it to play games like rock paper scissors with him (which he even LOSES).

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