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The fountain of youth is real, and it's in the blood of dozens of girls across the world. Their secret is known by few, yet desired by all. They are pawns in the most dangerous of games. We are the Resistance. Our mission is to find these girls, and protect them from those who want to use them and destroy them, and we document what happens to them, so that their stories live on. This is the story of one of those girls. We are the Resistance. We will not be stopped.


LG15: the resistance is a Web Original Vlog Series and a From the Ashes Spin-Off of Lonelygirl15. It features the efforts of the mysterious Hymn of None as they attempt to fight against the sinister LifesBlood Labs.

Stylistically, it is quite different from lonelygirl15, both in the way it is presented - each "Chapter" is posted in the form of a weekly mini-episode, similar to a regular TV show - and in the overall tone of the program, which is somewhat darker and more action-based.

the resistance may be watched on its official website, beginning with Chapter 1. A list of blogs in the series with links, including some not available on the official website, may be found here.

The series proper ran from September 20th, 2008 to December 12, 2008. Prior to that the series existed in the form of various prologue videos and an Alternate Reality Game. The series concluded on December 12th, 2008. Due to the economy, the second season has been suspended until further notice. To compensate, EQAL launched a contest to integrate a fan series into canon, which produced LG15: The Last.

Tropes used in LG15: the resistance include: