La Dolce Vita

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A highly acclaimed film of Federico Fellini about some days in the life of gossip journalist Marcello Rubini, who has to deal with apparitions of the Madonna, a friend’s existential anguish, problems with his girlfriend, a lot of lovers and a highly annoying photographer friend.

The movie is famous for being considered “immoral” for its presentation of the Roman lifestyle and the obvious Fan Service Fellini provides with the women (though if you were to look at it, you’d probably raise an eyebrow about it), for its scene of the actress Anita Ekberg bathing in a public fountain, for being the Trope Namer for the term Paparazzi, and for being the first film that Roger Ebert ever reviewed.

La Dolce Vita is the Trope Namer for:
Tropes used in La Dolce Vita include: