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A name format based on the fairytale "Cinderella", where the eponymous character is given a Portmanteau nickname of "Cinder+Ella". Recently[when?] "X+Ella" has been a popular way to name some characters. This seems to be even more common for comic books, but it's not particular to them.

You will most likely see this trope in stories that draw influence from, rewrite, or pay homage to the original "Cinderella".

It should be noted the the suffix "-ella" is one form of a Latin diminutive ending; coincidentally, another form is found in another name you might find on this wiki: Caligula.

Examples of Ladyella include:

Comic Books

  • Vampirella with both the original and revival comic.


  • Barbarella does this for the French erotic comic book adaptation.


  • Again, name comes from "Cinderella", although it was meant to be something cruel and demeaning, to remark on how she would get covered in ashes as a servant.
  • In Once Upon a Con series, Elle gains the nickname Geekerella from BuzzFeed after attending a masquerade ball at Starfleet Con, wearing a vintage costume that belonged to her father to win tickets to the ExcelsiCon Cosplay Ball. While in her debut book of the same name she decides to go with it, the sequels show that she finds the nickname embarrassing.
  • Emberella from Witches Abroad is a direct parody. In a twist, the witches find out that she's actually the rightful heir and ruler to the kingdom, but Lilith put her in the "Cinderella" fairy tale to make sure no one realized that.

Puppet Shows

  • In Fraggle Rock, Doc's friend Ned Schimmelfinney's cat (and Sprocket's nemesis) is named "Fluffenella."
  • The Sesame Street special that puts Elmo in a Cinderella role is fittingly titled CinderElmo. No one besides the stepmother and the princess are complying with the narrative anyway; "evil" stepbrothers Telly and Baby Bear beg their mother to let Elmo go with them to the ball, the house dog is changed into a human so he can also go with Elmo and marries the princess when Fred the fairy godfather decides to make the transformation permanent, and the princess agrees that Elmo is too young to marry her since he's only three. The story ends with the royal family inviting everyone in the household to live in the palace, and the stepmother in her only Pet the Dog moment gives her blessing for her children and stepson to leave.

Web Comics

Western Animation

  • An early Donald Duck short said that the triplets' mother was named Dumbella. Her name in the European comics became Della. DuckTales in the 2017 split the difference: Della Duck is her real name, but when she and Donald were kids, he would call her "Dumbella" when she got on his nerves. Della hates the nickname so much she sets up a giant prank to make her twin brother apologize.
  • When Leela gets superpowers in Futurama, she calls herself "Clobberella".

Clobberella beats you up, Clobberella beats you up. Who does she beat up? You!