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Because the extremely Troperiffic nature of the series, it has metric tons of Lampshade Hanging moments. The page is currently under construction and will appreciate Wiki Magic.

Organize in the order of appearance. Citation(s) would be appreciated.

In the manga:

Chisame: You can't just throw stuff like this into the story out of nowhere. Where's the foreshadowing? I-I mean, okay, so Zazie has been the most suspicious member of our class since god-know-when but still...

  • Chisame has been doing so since her introduction chapter, lampshading the oddities in her class.

Chisame:This class is just too weird. What the hell is up with that robot?! Why does no one else find it strange? And that kid teacher! He's ten years old! What happened to my normal school life?!

  • One memorable occurence was done during the Kyoto trip, in the fight between Negi and Kotaro.

Chamo: He tranformed into a beast?!
Asuna: Eh?! What the heck is that?! It's like he's from some other manga!

  • Just before Rakan's demonstration of the Zanmaken: Ni no Tachi, he removes his shirt.

Konoka: Why did he strip?
Setsuna: Who knows?

In the anime:

  • The remade series (Negima!?) does this also pretty often.

Setsuna: Something's going on.
Kaede: Or he's just in the bathroom.
Haruna: Anime kids don't go to the bathroom.

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