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Lampshades hung in web animation.

  • This happens a lot in Homestar Runner. For example, Strong Bad has referred to Homestar as a no-armed whitey with a speech impediment, and seems to be the only character aware that everyone (except him) is walking around with no pants on.

Homestar: What awe you talking about, Stwong Bad? I weaw wong pants.
Strong Bad: Umm, no. From what I can tell, you wear no pants, and have blue soles glued to the bottoms of your feet.

    • Perhaps most present in the "Compy Catalog" short; the catalog contains several examples of Videlectrix's poor communication skills, which are immediately lampshaded by Strong Bad. One involves an attempt to turn "Same" into a color.

Catalog: The Roomy-Vac is a real powerHOUSE... get it? Oh, you don't? Well, because it's the size of a... Oh, you were kidding? You do get it? Pretty good, huh? No?
Strong Bad: Why would they print that whole exchange?

  • Red vs. Blue loves its lampshades, many of the FPS genre and Halo specifically, such as the following quote from Church while pinned down behind a rock by fire from a chaingun mounted on a Warthog: "Don't worry, that thing's got to run out of ammo sometime." It never, ever does.
    • Of course, they're not above lampshading themselves either. A good example is Church noticing the episode timing:

"How is it that something dramatic happens every five minutes? Come on, I can´t be the only one who noticed that!"

  • A Final Fantasy parody lampshades what is a phoenix down, and during that time, there was no ingame description what it looks like.

(After Zidane is KO'ed by Diabolos)
Squall: "Quick! we need a Phoenix Down!"
Cloud: "Nobody even knows what is a Phoenix Down actually is!"

    • Another sect of the parody shades on FF7's Dialogue.

Tidus: "Excuse me, Cloud, we aren't in 90. We can speak now"

Penny: It sure is windy today.