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Lampshades hung in web original works.

  • The TV Tropes logo!
  • In the Lonelygirl15 video "Truth Or Dare", the "random girl" asks, "Do you guys film everything?"
    • Then there's Bree in "New Girl": "You know, you'd think that maybe, just, just, just maybe, the Order would crack down on webcams. Idiots."
  • This exchange from the Kate Modern mid-season 2 episode "Who Killed Kate?":

Alice: Yeah, it's a bit far-fetched, isn't it?
Sophie: Well, no more than life-extending blood drinking rituals and secret world-controlling societies!

Jonathan: Wait, that makes him a supervillain.
Travis: ... Actually, that's true. Which is pretty cool -- I hadn't thought of that. I guess that makes us superheroes.

Shelton: This simulation is a little unrealistic, isn?t it?
Tinner: What do you mean?
Shelton: Some enemy army invades the base? There's no way that would ever happen.
That last quote basically sums up Darwin's Soldiers.

Ask That Guy: They can't all be funny.

    • Also, one of this troper's favorite NC jokes. In his Snick review, he criticizes an All That skit for assuming that, if the lines are shouted, then they must be funny:

Nostalgia Critic: Can you believe those silly writers for thinking something is funny just because you scream it? SCREAMING IN EVERY OTHER SENTENCE IS NOT! FUNNY! It is LOUD and ANNOYING. And ANYBODY WHO DOES IT SHOULD BE SHOT- *Gets shot in the head* Unshot! *Gunshot woud disappears* And given a bag of money! *Money appears in lap* ...How 'bout some lounge music? *Music plays* Yeah, that's nice.

Melina Frost: (leader of a group called the "Poison Angels") Go on then... show him why we're called the Poison Angles. [sic]
Jeff Marontate: (a character facing the group) Poison Angles, huh? Oh, I'll give you a whole new set of angles in a minute, my darling.

"he spread his arms wide WOMP-CRACK!, and I really couldn't let you rush in and pull a Deus Ex, how lame would that be?"
Sara glared as the boy leant against a tree, standing on a branch ten feet in the air, "This isn't some stupid story. Someone could be killed out there!"

"Oh, again with the alleyways! I'm getting sick of them!"

  • The punchline for this video.
  • The Defrosters have a bunch. The fourth wall may as well not exist.
    • "This is the worst dialogue ever."
    • "Our creator knows about as much about World of Warcraft as Pixel Girl."
  • This parody Real Trailer, Fake Movie by the folks at, in which the Tropes used in every Academy Award-winning film ever (particularly those of the 80s-90s) are mercilessly lampshaded. A lot.
  • The Nostalgia Chick will lampshade her Distaff Counterpart status from time to time:

"Who's going to be interested in a female character who's pretty shamelessly a knock-off of her already male counterpart? ...heh." (pouting)