Land of the Giants

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Land of the Giants is a late 1960s Irwin Allen science fiction TV series that can be summarized as the inverse of both Gulliver's Travels[1] and The Incredible Shrinking Man. A commercial spaceship gets into a freak storm and is transported to a world where the people on that world are all forty feet tall, a skyscraper is two miles high, and when they're found out, the government wants them for scientific research.

You have the pilot, the co-pilot, the pretty but serious stewardess, the pretty but serious junior stewardess, the Con Man, the little boy and his dog.

This crew must make their way in a world where fatal hazards abound; a tarantula is the size of a wolf, a kitchen table requires mountain climbing gear (string and a giant safety pin) and making a phone call means using a phone the size of a wardrobe closet.

Not only that, the equivalent of Inspector Norse to them as six Richard Kimbles, with the government offering a substantial reward for the capture of any of the little people as they are called. They end up on a series of adventures, often helping people out of jams that they get into.

Tropes used in Land of the Giants include:
  1. Gulliver did travel to a land of giants called Brobdingnag in his second voyage; however, Popcultural Osmosis rarely mentions any parts of the book other than Lilliput.