Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing/YMMV

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    • Alternative Character Interpretation: Fam, driven Plucky Girl who would go to any length to keep her promises and contracts, or insensitive Glory Hound that takes her best friend and navigator for granted?
      • Luscinia, Visionary Villain, or a short-sighted, deluded and ultimately revenge-driven bitter man?
    • Ass Pull: Some viewers are viewing Sorush's survival, and subsequent return with his fleet for the final battle to be this. Really, did Ades conveniently forget where the 4th Fleet went all this time?
      • Sorush nothing: how did KAYVAN survive his fleet being practically vaporized?
      • Then there's Giselle's Hyper Awareness at the climax, where she conveniently realizes that the Grand Exile shares the same basic layout of the Ades battleship Impetus. This is especially bad, as it pretty much renders Alvis' presence during the Battleship Raid entirely moot.
    • Base Breaker: Fam, herself. Some viewers find her unwavering optimism to be charming while others opine that she's selfish and obnoxious. The latter group basically considers her a Creator's Pet.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Fam Fan Fan's name, unlike most of the rest of the characters, isn't clearly from any real-world language (it looks vaguely Cantonese at best). Characters' nationalities and social groupings are indicated by having names in the same source language, and since Fam doesn't really know where she comes from, it's appropriate that her name doesn't fit in anywhere.
    • Fridge Logic: Oddly, Glacians don't have Russian names despite speaking Russian. Glacies is not even a Russian word; it's Italian.
    • Les Yay: Mainly with Fam, Giselle, and Millia.
      • Expected due to the primarily-female main cast, but it's hard not to invoke this, especially after episode 4. This scene link from the same episode does not help.
      • Here's a line from Fam to Millia and Giselle at the end of episode 9.5 (a Recap Episode):

    "Is there a secret between you two?"

    • Memetic Mutation: In Soviet Anatoray, ship steals YOU! (Fam's attempt to steal the Silvius got her captured and forced to work for them. The Silvius' captain also happens to have a Russian name.)
    • Unfortunate Implications:
      • The Sky Pirate's method of stealing ships is very reminiscent of how whalers operate. They even call their targets "skyfish" and their specialized missiles "harpoons". Now consider that Japan is the only developed nation that still hunts whales...
      • In the Japanese version, they actually use the word kujira (whale) to refer to the ships; the English subtitles translate kujira as "skyfish" rather than using the literal translation.
    • Tear Jerker: Fam receiving the locket of Sadri, who is revealed to be her now-late grandfather. She breaks down in tears, knowing that she and he will never get to know each other and talk about her late parents.
    • Viewer Gender Confusion: Viewers who haven't watched the first series would most likely mistake Dio for a girl. Not that he has a more feminine look now or the fact that his seiyuu has always been a woman helps.
    • Villain Sue: Some people are beginning to see Ades as this.