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A Sub-Trope of Unusual Weapon Mounting and sister to the Arm Cannon, the Leg Cannon is a cannon mounted on a leg, hidden in a leg, or IS the leg.

See also Armed Legs and Anatomy Arsenal.

Examples of Leg Cannon include:

Anime and Manga

  • Pictured above: Cyborg 009, where Albert/Cyborg 004 has a rocket launcher installed in both of his legs. In a certain scene, he leaps in the air and swiftly fires both rockets at the same time.
  • The Big O: Big Duo has them.
  • Daitarn3 has the DAITARN LEG CANNON!
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: the pickpocket Paninya has rather unique automail legs, one of which is a 1.5" carbine housed in her left knee.
  • Gundam Wing: all incarnations of the Heavyarms Gundam have leg mounted missile launchers, among other things.
  • Post One-Year War variants of the Zaku II produced by the Zeon, and its successor, the Titans-produced Hizack, feature leg mounted missile launchers. Note that the Federation Zaku II's are not included, since most of them were Zeon Zakus captured during the end of said war and re-commissioned as Federation-use units
  • In season 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, the Seravee Gundam has beam cannons which fold out from its knees.
  • In one City Hunter arc, a bad guy who was humiliated by Ryo Saeba turns himself into a weapon, using an assault rifle for an arm and a Grenade Launcher for a leg. Neither weapon does him much good against Saeba in the end, even dying because of his leg bazooka, as Saeba shot a bullet in the barrel as he was about to launch his grenade.
  • The villainous Bonnie in Gunsmith Cats first encounter went badly for her: Rally shot her thumb off and one of May's grenades blew off her legs below the knee. When she returned for revenge her new prosthetic replacements included a shotgun in one leg (with a bomb in that foot) and a thumb that included a garrot.
  • One Piece has Buggy the Clown, who somehow manages to hide a functioning gun in his foot with the proportional power of a giant cannonball that can be used to level cities. It's not clear whether it's actually in his foot or his shoe, however, but seeing as his super power is the ability to harmlessly separate individual parts of his body, there's a lot of wiggle room.

Film - Animation

  • In Treasure Planet, Silver's cybernetic leg holds a cannon modification for his arm.

Film - Live Action

  • Cherry Darling (Rose McGowan) of Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror had her leg, which got eaten by zombies, replaced with an M-4 assault rifle, which she used to kick much ass. And then later, she had that replaced with a full-on minigun.
  • In Darkman, Durant and his men are stripped of their weapons when they go to have a meeting with a rival crime boss. During the weapon search, it is noted that one of Durant's men has a fake leg below the knee. He later makes good use of said prosthetic to begin a surprise attack on the rival gangsters, using the submachine gun built into it.
  • Sergeant Markov in The Last Remake Of Beau Geste has an entire closet of prosthetic legs. His regular one is an actual cannon. Another one has a built in rapier.
  • In the trailer for Piranha 3D, Deputy Fallon returns with SHOTGUNS replacing the legs that the piranha took from him in the first film.


  • Johnny Moreau from Timothy Zahn's Cobra series has a laser that runs all the way through his leg.
  • Juan Cabrillo, from Clive Cussler's The Oregon Files series, has a prosthetic leg below the knee. This has, of course, concealed many a weapon, including the notable example of a .50 Hand Cannon embedded in his false shin.

Live Action TV

  • In the Get Smart episode "Ship of Spies", the evil captain had a gun concealed in his wooden leg.
  • In The A-Team, Mexican river pirate El Cahon has a shotgun in his fake leg. When cornered, he likes to nonchalantly rest it on the table, and then sucker-blast people. He tries it on Hannibal, but the paper shells were waterlogged from an earlier wade in the drink.
  • Kamen Rider Fourze's Launcher switch attaches a missile launcher to his right leg, while his Gatling switch attaches a Gatling gun to his left leg.
  • Tokusou Robo Janperson mounts at least one Kneekick Missile in his right leg, more or less identical to Albert/004.

Tabletop Games

  • Occasionally, in BattleTech, some 'Mechs carry weapons in their legs. In spite of the importance of their legs to the 'Mech's effectiveness, the limited space and aiming restrictions for the leg locations means most 'Mechs don't mount weapons there, and heat sinks or jump jets are far more common alternatives. Notable examples of 'Mechs with leg weapons included the light Wasp and the heavy Crusader, both of which carry leg-mounted short range missile launchers. One particular piece of equipment called the A-Pod (antipersonnel-pod) is unusual in that its only allowed mounting points are in the legs. As it is essentially a leg-carried claymore mine, this is justified—infantry making focused attacks on 'Mechs have to scale them first, and these mines easily shred conventional infantry.

Video Games

Web Original

  • Mercury Black of RWBY has cyberlegs that are also both some variety of large-caliber gun.

Western Animation