Legend of Dragoon/Awesome

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  • Doel's' last words
  • Kongol lifting and tossing aside a gigantic statue with his bare hands
  • Lloyd cutting the Divine Dragoon Spirits out of the Divine Dragon's' eye
  • The various ways you can kill Zachwell, such as one-shotting him with the White Silver Dragon if you decided to keep Shana/Miranda in your party.
  • Lavitz's genre savvy calling out of Rose on knowledge she should not have. if she weren't immortal, that is
  • How could you not mention Dart's first transformation in the legendary Dragoon? That epic Crowning Music of Awesome helps a lot.
  • Haschel gets one in the Giant's Lair he utterly destroys the giant stone slab blocking the way with a single punch.
  • Also, the Moon Trials. All our heroes gets one here.