Lesbian Vampire Killers/YMMV

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  • Cliché Storm: The introduction, if nothing else.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Not really "Unfortunate Implications" because the whole film is obviously full of this stuff intentionally, but...
    • How about the fact that there wasn't a single positive male character in the entire movie? Fletch was an immature, cowardly pervert and Jimmy was a whiny doormat. Paul McGann's character was the closest thing to a positive male character and he was pushing it, as a vicar who swore heavily. Let's not forget the all-male group of villagers who sent the boys and girls to be sacrificed either. Do any of these men come off well compared to Action Girl Lotte?
    • Jimmy has some positive elements (he's not a Jerkass and is at least somewhat mature, unlike Fletch), however he spends most of the movie bewildered by what' going on around him. Fletch on the other hand is a bit of a cowardly Jerkass who, complaining all the way, is at least able to deal with the situation at hand.