Let's Meow Meow!

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An eroge about a Japanese college student named Ibuki who has a thing for cats. After being approached by the Cat God for helping so many cats, he is granted a wish... to which he responds, "I want a Catgirl!"

The next day he finds, much to his enjoyment, the cat girl Mikan in a cardboard box outside his house... And it turns out she's addicted to sex!

Early on you meet the rest of the cast of characters: Hanabi, the slutty bunny girl thief; Shinju, a dog girl policewoman; Koboshi, a cat robot (who, surprise surprise, is also addicted to sex like the rest of the cast); Nanami, your landlord's daughter and other potential love interest, and Kohaku, a Shrine Maiden from the Cat Kingdom.

This game, like most other eroge that aren't of the Plot With Porn persuasion, is crammed full of sex, innuendo and other forms of sexual hilarity.

A live playthrough of the intro and multiple endings by Spoony and Benzaie can be seen here (Not Safe for Work, obviously).

Tropes used in Let's Meow Meow! include: