Let My Puppets Come

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Ned, Fred, Red, and Gramps, of the Creative Concepts Systems and Procedures Brothers Unlimited Inc., are in big trouble. Their get rich quick scheme, Big League Bocce, has become a financial disaster and their only options now are to pay back their debts or get out of town... fast! Overhearing their plight, their barely literate delivery boy, Jimmy, makes a novel suggestion: produce a skin flick. With no other way to recoup their losses, they decide to give it a shot, hiring the only smut peddler they know, Lash, who operates a fetish store, along with auteur Geppetto, to add some class to the proceedings. But with their creditors closing in, can the boys get their sleaze in the can before it's too late?

Let My Puppets Come (also called Let My Puppets Go) is a 1976 pornographic film written and directed by Gerard Damiano and starring Al Goldstein, Lynette Sheldon, Penny Nichols, and Gerard Damiano. All the sex scenes in the film are between puppets or puppet-on-human.

Tropes used in Let My Puppets Come include:

Red: Everyone's been in a hospital and had those fantasies, thinking of the nurses, whacking off in bed.
Fred: I never whack off in bed. I think it's depraved!
Ned: Ah, fuck you.