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Elizabeth Egan Gillies, commonly known as Liz, is an American actress and singer. Born on July 26, 1993, she's best known for her roles of Lucy in 13 and Jade in Victorious. Despite what these roles may suggest, she's really quite nice. In case you'd want to follow her, she has a Twitter feed and now, a Youtube channel. Oh, and she's awesome.

Compare Ariana Grande.

Liz Gillies provides examples of the following tropes:
  • Fan Service: And how.
  • Joisey
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor
  • One of Us: In this interview, she admits to having a troper's mindset.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: As Jade, until she got a tan over the summer and dyed her hair black to better complement it.
  • Playing Against Type: In her appearance on Big Time Rush and again on White Collar.
  • Self-Deprecation: Oh yeah.
  • Typecasting: Her two biggest roles were mean characters. With Lucy, it went to the point of the Alpha Bitch.
    • She said in the above linked interview that she's always the mean character.
  • Woman Of A Thousand Voices: The number of voices she does on Victorious alone is quite impressive, she did a very convincing "man voice" during one of Sikowitz's drive-by acting exercises, and of course there's this compilation of Jade's impression of Tori, which is actually Liz's impression of Judy Garland. She played Daphne on Winx Club, in a voice that sounds totally different from her normal voice, and during a scene in Victorious in which Tori attempted to imitate Jade's mocking of her, Elizabeth Gillies actually dubbed that line. In other words, Liz voiced Victoria Justice attempting to imitate Liz's imitation of Judy Garland. Yeah.