Lords of the Sky

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Lords of the Sky is a fantasy novel written by Angus Wells. The story is about Daviot, a Storyman who wanders the countryside sharing the history of his land with the people, and the characters he meets and befriends in his life. His country, Dharbek, has been at continuous war with the Ahn, known as the Sky Lords. However, along his journey Daviot sees the darker side of his country...

Tropes used in Lords of the Sky include:
  • Badass Normal: Daviot, Urt and Tezdal. At least, they appear to be Badass Normal, then they all turn out to be Dragon Masters.
  • Disability Superpower: Rowan, despite being blind, sees the world around her thanks to her innate magical abilities. She is also a Dragon Master, meaning she has an affinity with dragons.
  • Tear Jerker: Oh, a few here and there. Notable examples hidden below as spoilers.
    • The fact that Daviot is the last of his original group to still live after a thousand years, being a Widower.
    • Also, Tezdal's ritualistic suicide because he lost honor in the Sky Lord's eyes.