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  • In the first episode, a fae tries to Mind Rape Bo into committing suicide, doing the usual "You are worthless, nobody cares about you..." type speech. Then Kenzi calls out to Bo and begs her to wake up, giving Bo the strength to go Shut UP, Hannibal
  • Dyson's sacrifice for Bo in the final episode of season one. Crosses over into something else.
  • Bo and Lauren's first time together, in which Bo rips off Lauren's necklace that marks her as the The Ash's property.

Bo: "Nobody owns you."

    • Becomes a Tear Jerker when Bo suddenly realizes that Lauren was distracting her on The Ash's orders.
  • The lengths to which Dyson and Trick go to keep Kenzi stable when she's been poisoned by the basilisk, including Trick trading a VERY valuable artifact in order to stabilize her a little longer.
  • Dyson's speech to Kenzi after being in her body during 'Original Skin'. Never has calling someone weak been so sweet.
  • Baku eat people's nightmares allowing them to sleep soundly. How do they do this? Hugging. D'aww.

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