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  • In Island of Assassins, Goemon sheds Manly Tears when he finally gets Japanese food after two weeks of eating nothing but beans. Amusing in and of itself, but it sets up something funnier when he and his friends are later faced with a classic Red or Blue Wire Dilemma:

Jigen: Okay, now how the hell did you know it was red?
Goemon: It reminded me of...pickled plums.

(Jigen groans, Fujiko faints.)

  • The Shin Lupin III episode "ZenigataCon": Lupin impersonating Zenigata? Amusing. Lupin's entire gang impersonating Zenigata? Priceless.
  • An early manga chapter features Jigen riding in a car with a mob boss and his driver. The following exchange occurs:

Driver: Hey boss, do you have a detachable steering wheel?
Jigen: There's no such thing.
Driver: Then we've got a problem.
Boss: Stop the car!
Driver: No can do, boss.
Jigen: What's stopping you?
Driver(looking out the window of the car, which is now falling from a cliff): Gravity.