Lupin III/Recap/S4/E7

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    Three months ago: Fujiko is in prison being interrogated with a whip. Her press pass was fake, and the guards are trying to find who controls her when someone breaks in and guns them down.

    Fujiko narrates background information about the Cold War and the Doomsday Clock. A revolutionary named Fiadel Kestro has taken over a small Central American state named Carib with capital at Nahava. Fiadel will soon be making an appearance at the UN, declaring Carib an independent Communist state. Oh, and Fiadel, who looks like a cross between Che and Fidel, is the one who saved her three months ago.

    Two weeks ago: Goemon is in Carib, meeting up with someone who wants to hire him as an assassin. He learns that Fujiko is now passing herself off as a journalist and has gotten close to Fiadel. Fujiko arrives and greets Goeman as "boyfriend-san." Meanwhile, in the Kremzal, the Roniania Union leaders are plotting to control Fiadel by funding the remnants of the old regime to keep pressure on him. And in Great House Office of the United States of Yamericana, a president who looks like lovechild of Nixon and Kennedy orders troops into Central America, and the Doomsday Clock ticks a minute closer to midnight.

    Fujiko joins Fiadel on the plane to the UN. In her role as reporter, she interviews Fiadel, who likens himself samurai who fight for revolutions in order to live up to ideals. However, they are taken hostage by supporters of the old regime, who think neutralizing Fiadel will reverse the revolution. They demand political asylum in exchange for Fiadel, and from him they want the location of the oil fields. He says there is no oil, but there are missile bases. Meanwhile, the Roniania Union and Yamericana are ready to start World War III.

    Both sides are debating whether to launch a preemptive nuclear strike, and the regime remnants don't like being caught in between. While they are distracted, Fujiko frees Fiadel and herself. He tells her the secret of the oil fields and that he's known she wasn't a reporter all this time, but she was too beautiful. The Roniania Union decides to act first and fires missiles at transport carrying Fiadel, but Goemon destroys them in midair. He then slices a way out for Fujiko and Fiadel to escape from their captors.

    Fiadel announces at the UN, in hopes that both superpowers will leave the country alone, that the old regime lied about the existence of oil fields. An actuality, that is the lie; the oil is under the beaches he fell in love with when he first came to the island, and he believes what the country needs right now is not oil. Goemon asks Fujiko why she didn't assassinate Fiadel, and she replies she was only after the location of the oil fields. He says she did it for justice, but she said what she wants will remain a secret.