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  • MAR has Alviss and the Phantom which also overlaps with Foe Yay. And Rolan towards the Phantom. There's also many more instances of Ho Yay. So much so that you'd think the anime was made by Yaoi Fangirls.
    • Like Alviss with Ginta and Nanashi. Up to eleven in the anime where he gets rather touchy with the both of them (more so Ginta than Nanashi though.) This is apparent in the Tokyo filler arc where Ginta goes on his own to save him.
      • In the Ghost Chess arc, Ginta goes to extreme lengths to save him and is worried sick about what Phantom might be doing to him. It’s also to be noted that when he almost submitted to Phantom, he heard Ginta’s voice and gained the will to fight again…and then he truly lost it.
      • Also, at the end of the manga he cries when Ginta has to leave. Instead of telling him whatever he was going to say, he forces himself to smile and then tells him that he “Won the bet”.
    • Nanashi with Galian before he left Luberia.
    • Up to eleven in the anime fillers where Ginta constantly goes to save Alviss by himself.
    • In the Tokyo filler arc when Alviss lost his memory, Ginta went to bring Alviss back to his senses by himself when the other episodes, he needed someone else to snap his other friends out of it. Additionally, whereas everyone got a serious hit to them before coming back to their senses, Ginta just lightly knocked the earring off his ear instead of just punching him in the gut like he did with Jack. The two then fall on top of each other in a rather awkward position.
    • Also, it’s to be noted that Ginta is rather protective of Alviss when it concerns Phantom especially during the Ghost Chess arc. Also had the his dream at the beginning of season 3, he pictures Phantom kicking everyone’s ass at the beginning but ONLY with Alviss does he pull him close and tries to kiss him which is supposed to imply what Ginta thinks of the situation and how he'd react to it.
    • And then there's Loco and Chaton.

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