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This is a disambiguation page. M*A*S*H could refer to:

  • MASH (novel), more properly called MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors, the 1968 novel by Richard Hooker which launched everything else.
    • Any of the novel's sequels, published between 1972 and 1977, which relate the continuing post-Korea adventures of the cast:
      • M*A*S*H Goes to Maine (1972)
      • M*A*S*H Goes to New Orleans (1974)
      • M*A*S*H Goes to Paris (1974)
      • M*A*S*H Goes to London (1975)
      • M*A*S*H Goes to Vienna (1976)
      • M*A*S*H Goes to San Francisco (1976)
      • M*A*S*H Goes to Morocco (1976)
      • M*A*S*H Goes to Miami (1976)
      • M*A*S*H Goes to Las Vegas (1976)
      • M*A*S*H Goes to Hollywood (1976)
      • M*A*S*H Goes to Texas (1977)
      • M*A*S*H Goes to Moscow (1977)
      • M*A*S*H Goes to Montreal (1977)
      • M*A*S*H Mania (1977)
  • M*A*S*H (film), the 1970 Robert Altman film based on the novel.
  • M*A*S*H (television), the award-winning television series based on the film, which ran on CBS from 1972 to 1983.
    • AfterMASH, the sequel series to M*A*S*H (television), which ran on CBS from 1983 to 1985.
    • W*A*L*T*E*R, a failed 1984 Pilot for a Spin-Off centered around the character of Radar O'Reilly.
    • Trapper John, M.D., 1979-1986 series which is officially not a Spin-Off despite the title character and scenes in the first episode clearly linking it to M*A*S*H.