Mahou Sensei Negima/Memes

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  1. Explanation Nodoka's character defining Covert Pervert moment, in which she discovers her solution to the Love Triangle in which she finds herself between herself, Negi and Yue is a One True Threesome.
  2. Explanation In this series Pactio is a magical Pact between a mage and his guardian that allows him to empower the guardian and sometimes creates a powerful artifact. Naturally this is done by having the two kiss, and so far over half of Negi's class had Pactio'd.
  3. Explanation Negi has a potential harem to rival Tenchi Muyo!, nearly everyone falls in love with him in one way or another (including two of his mortal enemies), and he is only ten years old.
  4. Explanation The series is a stunning example of Shown Their Work, and writer Ken Akamatsu instigates a lot of hiatus to perform research. Fans have another theory, however.
  5. Explanation As stated above, the series is a stunning example of Shown Their Work, prompting this response from fans.