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General Trivia:

  • Misa Kakizaki's light-brown-turned-violet-hair was the only case in the series of an Adaptation Dye Job getting it right. Akamatsu originally intended her hair to be that colour, but wasn't able to portray it with the tankobon's limited colour palette.
  • Negi's pactio card number is 496, which is the sum of the numbers 1 through 31. It is also the third perfect number (it is equal to the sum of its factors).
  • Kurt Gödel was an Austrian-American mathmetician and philosopher. Similarly, "Jack Rakan" is really "Jacques Lacan," with the spelling mangled by round-trip translation.
  • Chigusa Amagasaki, Big Bad of the Kyoto arc is named after one of Akamatsu's assistants.
    • As is the case with Keiichi Yamashita, the "3D-jujitsu" practitioner from the Mahora Budokai who Evangeline handily defeated.
  • The Kiyo-mizu temple seen in chapter 29 is a real temple in Kyoto which is famous for having a mixture of Buddhistic and Shintoistic styles. From the drawings it is very clear that Akamatsu has been there as the drawings are faithful to the real temple and its surroundings.
    • It was in Love Hina as well, complete with "Jumping off Kiyomizu stage" saying.
    • Akamatsu likes incorporating famous architecture into his art; check Negima's entry under Real Place Background for more examples.
  • Many of the Web sites in the series are completely fictional, and several others are Bland-Name Product versions of real sites (e.g. 2channel). The domain of these sites is, Ken Akamatsu's personal site. However, several real sites have been featured at their actual URLs. For instance, Chisame used the Perseus Digital Library in Chapter 121 to look up information on mages.

Specific Tropes: